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The War of the Worlds 

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In London during the Edwardian era, George and Amy's attempt to start a life together is interrupted by a Martian invasion of Earth.

Stars: Eleanor Tomlinson, Rafe Spall, Jonathan Aris

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Evil (TV Series 2019)

TV-14 | Crime | Drama | Horror

A skeptical female clinical psychologist joins a priest-in-training and a blue-collar contractor as they investigate supposed miracles, demonic possession, and other extraordinary occurrences to see if there's a scientific explanation or if something truly supernatural is at work.

| Stars: Katja Herbers, Mike Colter, Aasif Mandvi

Treadstone (TV Series 2019)


The Treadstone project, having created super spy Jason Bourne, turns its attention on a new protocol to develop unstoppable superhuman assassins.

| Stars: Gabrielle Scharnitzky, Jeremy Irvine, Hyo-Joo Han

Emergence (TV Series 2019)

Drama | Mystery | Sci-Fi

A police chief investigates a case involving a young child found near the site of a mysterious accident.

| Stars: Allison Tolman, Alexa Swinton, Owain Yeoman

Batwoman (TV Series 2019)

Action | Adventure | Crime

Kate Kane seeks justice for Gotham City as Batwoman.

| Stars: Ruby Rose, Elizabeth Anweis, Rachel Skarsten

Prodigal Son (TV Series 2019)

TV-14 | Crime | Drama | Mystery

Malcolm Bright, one of the best criminal psychologists around, uses his twisted genius to help the NYPD solve crimes.

| Stars: Tom Payne, Lou Diamond Phillips, Halston Sage

Dublin Murders (TV Series 2019)

Crime | Drama

Crime series based on the novels by Tana French.

| Stars: Killian Scott, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Sarah Greene

Godfather of Harlem (TV Series 2019)

Crime | Drama

A gangster named Bumpy Johnson makes his way in Harlem during the 1960s. A TV prequel to the 2007 film, 'American Gangster', which centered on the criminal enterprise of Frank Lucas.

| Stars: Lucy Fry, Forest Whitaker, Demi Singleton

Nancy Drew (TV Series 2019)


Young Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college after high school graduation, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder mystery.

| Stars: Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis, Maddison Jaizani

Carnival Row (TV Series 2019)

TV-MA | Crime | Drama | Fantasy

A human detective and a fairy rekindle a dangerous affair in a Victorian fantasy world, where the city's uneasy peace collapses when a string of murders reveals an unimaginable monster.

| Stars: Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne, Simon McBurney

World on Fire (TV Series 2019)

Drama | War

WWII drama centered on the lives of ordinary people affected by the war.

| Stars: Jonah Hauer-King, Julia Brown, Zofia Wichlacz

Raising Dion (TV Series 2019)

Drama | Sci-Fi

A widowed single mom discovers that her son has super powers and tries to figure out how to raise him safely and responsibly.

| Stars: Jason Ritter, Alisha Wainwright, Ja'Siah Young

Pennyworth (TV Series 2019)

TV-MA | Action | Crime | Drama

The origin story of Alfred Pennyworth, a former special-forces soldier living in London and how he came to work for Bruce Wayne's father.

| Stars: Jack Bannon, Ben Aldridge, Hainsley Lloyd Bennett