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Loveless (2017)
86 metascore

Loveless (2017)

R | 127 min | Drama

A couple going through a divorce must team up to find their son who has disappeared during one of their bitter arguments.

Director: Andrey Zvyagintsev | Stars: Maryana Spivak, Aleksey Rozin, Matvey Novikov, Marina Vasileva

Votes: 29,692 | Gross: $0.57M

The Silence (1998)

Not Rated | 76 min | Drama, Music

Everyday, 10-year old Khorsid takes the bus to his work at an instrument maker's shop and everyday something unexpected happens.

Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf | Stars: Tahmineh Normatova, Nadereh Abdelahyeva, Goibibi Ziadolahyeva, Araz M. Shirmohamadi

Votes: 1,417 | Gross: $0.03M

Luna Papa (1999)

107 min | Comedy, Drama

The unborn child of Mamlakat (Khamatova) is telling her story. She is 17, beautiful and vivacious, and dreaming secretly of becoming an actress. She lives with her father and brother (... See full summary »

Director: Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov | Stars: Chulpan Khamatova, Moritz Bleibtreu, Ato Mukhamedzhanov, Merab Ninidze

Votes: 3,081

Sex & Philosophy (2005)

105 min | Drama, Romance

On his fortieth birthday, a man engineers a revolt against himself. He telephones his lovers -- all four of them -- and arranges to meet them at his dance school that afternoon. The women ... See full summary »

Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf | Stars: Daler Nazarov, Mariam Gaibova, Farzona Beknazarova, Tahmineh Ebrahimova

Votes: 687

Abdullah: The Final Witness (2015)

Action, Crime, Drama

The film is about the incident where five Russian citizens alleged to be suicide bombers were killed in Frontier Constabulary (FC), at the Kharotabad check post.

Director: Hashim Nadeem | Stars: Hameed Sheikh, Imran Abbas, Abdullah Jan Ghaznavi, Sajid Hasan

Votes: 70

Student (2012)
63 metascore

Student (2012)

90 min | Drama

A solitary philosophy student steers his directionless life toward a violent crime, spurred on by a post-Soviet order characterized by growing inequality, institutional corruption and a ... See full summary »

Director: Darezhan Omirbayev | Stars: Ermek Ahmetov, Erkebulan Almanov, Amangeldy Aytaly, Nurlan Bajtasov

Votes: 189

Tasfiya (2017)


More than 50 years back in a stony set of a remote mountainous village somewhere in Tajikistan the lovers called Shams and Mekhri traveled. Mekhri pulled by a transient eclipse broke an ... See full summary »

Director: Sharofat Arabova | Stars: Sherali Abdulkaysov, Iso Abdurashidov, Vakhob Dustov, Rudoba Makhmudova

To Get to Heaven First You Have to Die (2006)

92 min | Crime, Drama

Kamal, 20 years old, can't have sexual intercourse with women although he is married. He goes to the big city and notices beautiful Vera, whom he follows round town. Will his partnership ... See full summary »

Director: Jamshed Usmonov | Stars: Khurshed Golibekov, Dinara Drukarova, Maruf Pulodzoda, Djonibek Mourodov

Votes: 247

The Flight of the Bee (1998)

90 min | Drama

In a small village in Tajikistan, a wealthy bully erects an outhouse at the edge of his property, right next to the window of his neighbor, a struggling educator. Revolted by the continual ... See full summary »

Directors: Byung-hun Min, Jamshed Usmonov | Stars: Muhammadjon Shodi, Mastura Ortik, Taghoymurod Rozik, Beknazar Kabirov

Votes: 70

Angel on the Right (2002)

89 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Set in the Tadjik village of Asht, this film draws on the Muslim notion that we are born with an angel on each shoulder, and that the angel on the right records the good that we do ... See full summary »

Director: Jamshed Usmonov | Stars: Uktamoi Miyasarova, Maruf Pulodzoda, Kova Tilavpur, Mardonkul Kulbobo

Votes: 401

Odds and Evens (1993)

90 min | Drama, War

A grown daughter arrives to visit her father but her safety is endangered when her father's acquaintances attempt to collect a gaming debt he owes. Rescued by one of them, will she develop feelings for her savior?

Director: Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov | Stars: Paulina Gálvez, Daler Madzhidov, Alisher Kasimov, Bakhodur Dzhurabayev

Votes: 119

Buzkashi! (2012)

82 min | Documentary

Surrounded by change, Azam, a traditional herder and Buzkashi player, tries to find his place in the new Tajikistan.

Director: Najeeb Mirza

Votes: 27

Shimkent hôtel (2003)

90 min | Comedy

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Director: Charles de Meaux | Stars: Romain Duris, Caroline Ducey, Melvil Poupaud, Yann Collette

Votes: 33

Mirror Without Reflection (2014)


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Director: Nosir Saidov | Stars: Mahmodov Muhammad-ali, Saidov Parviz

Votes: 5

True Noon (2009)

83 min | Drama

Nilufar, a girl living downtown, is about to marry a man living uptown. But one day, soldiers come and plant barbed wire to separate the two towns. The life of the people, who have thus far... See full summary »

Director: Nosir Saidov | Stars: Yuriy Nazarov, Nasiba Sharipova, Nasriddin Nuriddinov, Shodi Soleh

Votes: 71

Safarnoma: Notes on a Heritage Path (2019)

52 min | Documentary

Being shot as an observational film, the video-letter becomes a meditation on the sources of Tajik spiritual culture.

Director: Sharofat Arabova

Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin (2001)
80 metascore

Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin (2001)

114 min | Documentary, War

A film about a group of compassionate doctors who struggle to start and operate basic hospital facilities in wartorn Afghanistan.

Directors: Fabrizio Lazzaretti, Alberto Vendemmiati

Votes: 74

Crudely Written Communal Fiction

Action, Comedy, Horror | Filming

On its 80th anniversary the oldest "communal flat" in Donetsk and a bunch of its unpredictable and unstable residents and their guests encounter misadventures of any imaginable kind...

Director: Nikolay Yeriomin | Stars: Yaroslav Kozak, Mikhail Bondarev, Artur Naumenko, Alan Smithee

Thedi Vandha Raasa (1995)

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Votes: 5

The Telegram (2012)

87 min | Drama

In a remote village from Tajikistan, an old woman is obsessed with only one thing: to be buried in the village old cemetery Her neighbor is an old widow living alone with her dog and ... See full summary »

Director: Iskandar Usmonov | Stars: Alisher Soliev, Gavkhar Tajibaeva, Zulfiya Rajabova

Votes: 11

Statue of Love (2004)

70 min | Drama

The story of a village boy's first love.

Director: Umed Mirzoshirinov | Stars: Nekruzia Mamadshoev, Ubaidulla Radzhabov, Savrigul Kurbanova, Maisara Mamadzhanova

The Teacher (2014)

Short, Drama

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Directors: Nosir Saidov, Baran Gunduzalp | Stars: Mahnaz Afshar, Abdukarim Mashrabov, Marat Oripov, Faridunsho Rakhmatulloyev

Votes: 6

Nisso (1966)

Short, Drama

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Director: Marat Aripov | Stars: Galia Pulatova, Yuriy Nazarov, Kurban Kholov, Boris Seredin

White Road (2017)

Short, Drama

A young man's journey through self to discover true love.

Director: Trent Falco | Stars: Trent Falco, Laura Piccirillo, Azamat Nematov, Miah Kane

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev (2016)

74 min | Documentary, Music

A modern-day Shakespearean tale about a famous Tajik musical family, controlled by the charismatic, funny yet overbearing patriarch, Papa Alaev, who at the age of 80 is starting to lose his... See full summary »

Directors: Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas

Votes: 25

The Tulip Stories (a.k.a. Sayri Guli Lola) (2020)

22 min | Short, Musical

Film starts with a stylized radio show about the origins of the Tulip festival in Tajikistan, later unfolding into a sequence of love encounters between Layla and Majnun in the tulip field, narrated via the Tajik folk songs.

Director: Sharofat Arabova | Stars: Asilgul Bizhravdezhova, Qurbon Idiev, Ubaidullo Karomat, Ravshan Kasirov

The Illusion Seller (2017)

22 min | Short

Zukhro, a little Tajik girl befriends an Indian emigrant Kabir who is called 'Khayolfurush' by everybody in the village. There is someone else who connects both of them invisibly and her ... See full summary »

Director: Sharofat Arabova | Stars: Zukhrobonui Musozoda, Maftunai Odiljon, Pushpendra Singh

Adonis XIV (1977)

10 min | Short

Allegory about the star animal in a farm, a beautiful white goat who is destined to be taken from his idyllic pastoral life to the slaughterhouse and the destruction of his herd.

Director: Bako Sadykov

Votes: 23

The Brown heart of Asia

Documentary | Completed

The Brown Heart of Asia is a triptych that brings us human stories, from three countries with three different religions, three different cultures but one common drug: heroin. Tajikistan, Bam (Iran) and Italy.

Director: Cinzia Puggioni

The Wandering (2005)

80 min | Drama

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Directors: Gulandom Muhabbatova, Daler Rahmatov | Stars: Fotima Ghulamova, Abdukholik Sufiev

Eda, ya lyublyu tebya! (2015– )

53 min | Reality-TV

Three food experts travel the world, with each one randomly taking either expensive restaurants, street food or family dinners as their study.

Stars: Vladimir Dantes, Nikolay Kamka, Eduard Matsaberidze

Il leone del Panshir (1997 Video)

24 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Giancarlo Bocchi

Votes: 6

Kumir (1988)

76 min | Crime, Drama, Music

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Director: Yermakhmad Aralev | Stars: Daler Nazarov, Larisa Belogurova, Akhmadsho Ulfatshoyev, Yunus Yusupov

Votes: 9

Taqvimi intizori (2005)

71 min | Drama

A day in the life of a small village in the mountains, with all its difficulties, joy, amenities and beauties, from dawn to late at night. The echo of the collapse of the Soviet rule, civil... See full summary »

Director: Safarbek Soliev | Stars: Nurullo Abdullayev, Nasriddin Nuriddinov, Aslansho Rahmatulloev, Shodi Soliev

Pamir Winter (2019)

35 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Robert Miller

If You Eat Garlic, You Get Full (2011)

10 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Mohammad Tamim Abdullah | Stars: Hakim, Gulbeddin, Gulam

Votes: 10

Voltchii pokhorony (1989)

Short, Drama

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Director: Farkhot Abdullaev

Perestroika (1991)

70 min | Comedy

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Director: Rustam Shoazimov | Star: Hojiboy Tojiboev

The President Versus David Hicks (2004)

52 min | Documentary

A documentary about the "Australian Taliban", David Hicks. The film follows the struggles of David's father, Terry Hicks, as he tries to free his son from the U.S. military prison at ... See full summary »

Directors: Curtis Levy, Bentley Dean | Stars: David Hicks, Terry Hicks, Luke Crowe

Votes: 40

Returning (2000)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Farkhot Abdullaev

The Traveler (2019)

54 min | Drama

After 15 years Khosabek returns to his childhood home, fulfilling his family obligation to care for his aging parents. Reminded of the shames from his past, he must win the heart of his ... See full summary »

Directors: James Meyer, Sara Meyer | Stars: Suhrob Shakarmahmadovich Khojaev, Shakarmahmad Chorshanbeivich Khojaev, Zebiniso Davlatshoevna Mirabonova, Sa'dullo Fayzulloevich Nematulloev

Gilding (2014)

82 min | Drama

Nur is 13 years old. When his mother falls ill, Nur goes to the other end of country to a gold mine in the hope of earning money for her treatment. On the road, he meets Asso, who promises ... See full summary »

Directors: Ulugbek Sadykov, Muhabbat Sattori | Stars: Umed Mirzoev, Nasriddin Nuriddinov, Barohad Shukurova, Gaffor Karimov

Chuzhaya rabota (2015)

70 min | Documentary

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Director: Denis Shabaev

Votes: 10

Moya lubov-revolutsiya (1981)

120 min | Action, Romance

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Director: Oleg Tulayev | Stars: Marat Aripov, Aleksandr Demyanenko, Aleksandr Galibin, Saido Kurbanov

Druzey ne predayut (1984)

65 min | Drama

A boy lives on the outskirts of the big city Dushambe and is friends with his grandfather and a white horse. Adventures ensue.

Director: Abdurakhim Kudusov | Stars: Khamza Umarov, Manuchekhr Nasrullayev

Osada (1978)

84 min | Drama

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Director: Marat Aripov | Stars: Saido Kurbanov, Yuri Dedovich, Aleksandr Movchan, Zytora Aliyeva

Arusi Zamonavi (2016)


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Stars: Max Kosimov, Nabijon Pirmatov, Sabina Shohimardonova, Mohpkar Yorova

Dad: In memory of Mamatkul Arabov (2019)

46 min | Documentary

The biography of Mamatkul Arabov, a classic of Tajik documentary cinema, a VGIK graduate, a combat cameraman who shot the Great Patriotic War, a member of the International Association of ... See full summary »

Director: Sharofat Arabova | Stars: Mamatkul Arabov, Sharofat Arabova

Bol lyubvi (1989)

85 min | Drama, Romance

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Director: Anvar Turaev | Stars: Tago Razykov, Madina Makhmudova, Nurullo Abdullayev, Dilbar Umarova