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Singham (2011)

Not Rated | 143 min | Action, Drama

A truly honest police officer is transferred to a town controlled by a gangster he has humiliated. The gangster believes he can use good power to bring down this officer who made him look foolish and weak.

Director: Rohit Shetty | Stars: Ajay Devgn, Kajal Aggarwal, Prakash Raj, Sonali Kulkarni

Votes: 13,129 | Gross: $0.35M

Girgit (2019)

155 min | Comedy

The film is a laughter and roller coaster ride, where a young man falls in love with a Girl of his dream, and eventually the Girl also falls in love with him. But, the young man has to face... See full summary »

Directors: Rakesh Kadri, Roopesh Shetty | Stars: Roopesh Shetty, Shilpa Shetty, Aravind Bolar, Naveen D. Padil

Votes: 19

Ulidavaru Kandanthe (2014)

Not Rated | 154 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

A journalist sets out to uncover the truth behind an incident, through the perspectives of different people, unraveling how they and their lives are intertwined with it.

Director: Rakshit Shetty | Stars: Kishore Kumar G., Rakshit Shetty, Thara, Achyuth Kumar

Votes: 5,930

Singam (2010)

Not Rated | 160 min | Action, Thriller

Honest police officer Durai Singam locks horns with big-time extortionist Mayil Vaaganam.

Director: Hari | Stars: Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Prakash Raj, Vivek

Votes: 4,773

Pathis Gang (2018)

121 min | Comedy, Drama

The story revolves around three Men namely Guru, Jolly and Dr.Ajay, who con people by creating fake schemes and Business prepositions to trap people and runaway with their money. But, one ... See full summary »

Director: Sooraj Bolar | Stars: Vismaya Vinayak, Mohan Sheni, Aravind Bolar, Navyatha Rai

Appe Teacher (2018)


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Director: Kishore Moodbidiri | Stars: Satish Bandale, Usha Bhandary, Gopinath Bhat, Aravind Bolar

Votes: 11

Kataka (2017)

Not Rated | 107 min | Horror, Thriller

Kumar who works in a city as school teacher is fed up of the city life and plans to come back to his native and fulfill his dream of starting a school which will offer a stress less ... See full summary »

Director: Ravi Basrur | Stars: Ashok Raj, Spandana Prasad, Shlagha Saligrama, Madhava Karkada

Votes: 157

Paddayi (2018)

100 min | Crime, Drama, Family

PADDAYI is the story of Madhava and Sugandhi. They are a newly married couple from the fishing community in India. Driven by ambition, they bring upon them selves an epic tragedy.

Director: Abhaya Simha | Stars: Srinidhi Achar, Gopinath Bhat, Ravi Bhat, Mallika Jyotigudde

Votes: 11

Are Marler (2017)

139 min | Romance

The Hero walks out of job which his father recommended. He Falls in love with his friend,who is just acting as his lover. Hero Father is all set to arrange marriage for him and later realizes his son is in love with other girl.

Director: Devadas Kapikad | Stars: Arjun Kapikad, Devadas Kapikad

Votes: 6

Edegarike (2012)

105 min | Crime, Drama

Contract killer Sona decides to leave his past behind. This unnerves his powerful don who orders him killed before he can surrender but things don't go according to plan.

Director: D. Sumana Kittur | Stars: Aditya, Atul Kulkarni, Akanksha, Achyuth Kumar

Votes: 190

Ekka Saka (2015)

The hero Prashant (Hitesh Naik) who has been looking after his fatherâEUR(TM)s money lending business falls in love at first site in the college campus with the heroine Divya (Sonal ... See full summary »

Director: K. Suraj | Stars: Hithesh, Sonal Padil, Navin Padil, Bhojaraj Vamanjuru

Votes: 28

Chaali Polilu (2014)

Not Rated

It tells the story of three best friends named Pandu, Damu and Manju. All three of them are up to no good as they never showed interest in studies, and are now jobless. In order to make a ... See full summary »

Director: Veerendra Shetty | Stars: Aravind Bolar, Divyashree, Arjun Kapikad, Devadas Kapikad

Votes: 16

#73, Shaanthi Nivaasa (2007)

157 min | Drama, Family, Musical

#73, Shanthi Nivasa - the littlest things in life that give peace and happiness in a home. Although #73, Shanthi Nivasa seems to have everything on the surface, it lacks the depth of peace.... See full summary »

Director: Sudeep | Stars: Sudeep, Anu Prabhakar, Deepa Bhaskar, Master Hirannayya

Votes: 167

Yesa (2017)


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Director: M.N. Jayanth | Stars: Rahul Amin, Radhika Rao, Naveen D. Padil, Aravind Bolar

Votes: 18

Oriyardori Asal (2011)


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Director: H.S. Rajashekar | Stars: Likith Shetty, Ramya Barna, Naveen D. Padil, Aravind Bolar

Votes: 7

Rickshaw Driver (2013)

Action, Romance

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Director: H.S. Rajashekar | Stars: Avinash, Satish Bandale, Kartik Banjan, Aravind Bolar

Sompa (2012)

130 min | Comedy

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Director: Rajan Lyallpuri | Stars: Aravind Bolar, Namratha Hegde, Ajathashatru, Sadashiv Amrapurkar

Kudla Cafe (2016)

Comedy, Drama

Three friends in their forties reunite in Mangalore, Karnataka after twenty years at the funeral of their Kabbadi coach who also used to own their favorite cafe, only to discover that the ... See full summary »

Director: Surya Menon | Stars: Aahana Kumra, Rumana Molla, Naveen D. Padil

The Cleansing Rites (2005)

105 min | Drama

The winner of the best Indian film at the Osean Cinefan's Festival of Asian Films, New Delhi, 2006, SUDDHA depicts the story of a joint family in rural South India which realizes that it is... See full summary »

Director: Ramchandra P.N. | Stars: Sharada Devi, Bharathi Jain, Jagatpal Jain, Saikrishna Kudla

Votes: 11

Rang (I) (2014)

Two friends join an engineering college in Mangalore. One friend has a dark past, which troubles him.

Directors: Suhan Prasad, Vismaya Vinayak | Stars: Arjun Kapikad, Deekshitha Acharya, Johnny Lever, Devadas Kapikad

Votes: 11

Shutterdulai (2016)

133 min | Thriller

Raajeeva, gets trapped along with Bangari a sex worker, within an empty shop owned by him. The shutter of the shop is locked by his Auto Rikshaw driver friend Damu . Damu doesn't return.

Director: Shashikanth Gatti | Stars: Anita Bhat, Shashikanth Gatti, Jai Jagdeesh, Mitra

Guddeda Bhootha (2016)


A tulu horror movie with an international message for religious integrity.

Director: Sandeep Paniyur | Stars: Ashwitha, Dinesh Attavar, Dinesh Attavar, Sandeep Bhaktha

Oriyan Thoonda Oriyagapuji (2015)


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Director: H.S. Rajashekar | Stars: Aravind Bolar, Arjun Kapikad, Prajwal Poovaiah, Rekhadas

Pili (II) (2017)

Short, Comedy

This story revolves around how a small misunderstanding creates lot of mess between others and surroundings. This story basically starts with a common man doing his regular morning job and ... See full summary »

Directors: Rayan Fernandes, Joel Rodrigues | Stars: Rayan Fernandes, Bharath Raj, Joel Rodrigues, Rohith Rodrigues

Votes: 7

Aamait Asal Eemait Kusal (2012)

106 min | Comedy

A modern day adaptation of Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors"

Director: Ranjan Shetty | Stars: Saikrishna Kudla, Akshatha Marla, Naveen D. Padil, Sukanya Rai

Dhand (2015)

Action, Comedy

There is always a "Hero" hidden within every person. Friends, Fun, Love etc. keep the "Hero" within him busy throughout his normal life. But when he sees injustice to his loved ones, then ... See full summary »

Director: Ranjith Bajpe | Stars: Ranjan Boloor, Arjun Kapikad, Nidhi Maroli, Umesh Mijar

Votes: 10

Nirel (2014)

The film deals about how the trio are linked, what happens when ambition, passions, likes, dislikes, over reactive nature comes ahead of relationships and other things. Told with a comical ... See full summary »

Director: Ranjith Bajpe | Stars: Ramesh Aravind, Rai D'Souza, Anoop Sagar, Varuna Shetty

Votes: 9

Ice Cream (IV) (2015)


Egged by his friends, a drunk Vishal agrees to spend a night in a spooky graveyard, unaware that this petty bet would soon turn into his worst nightmare. Can Vishal survive the horrific ... See full summary »

Despite Distortions (2008)

4 min | Documentary

Letting go of his distorted past, a semi educated rag picker etches out a living of subsistence in the city of Mumbai. But will it let him?

Director: Ramchandra P.N.


62 min | Crime | Post-production

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Director: Rajesh Perdoor | Stars: Vinay Kulal, Seema Shetty, GuruPrasad Pakkal, Nithil Bhandary

Super Marmaye (2015)

Comedy, Drama

Autorickshaw driver who marries the daughter of a bank manager but is out of favour with his father-in-law.

Director: Raam Shetty | Stars: Divyashree Bhat, Gopinath Bhat, Aravind Bolar, Naveen D. Padil

Pettkammi (2018)


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Director: Keerthi Bl | Stars: Anvitha Sagar, Shreeraam