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Hotel Rwanda (2004)
79 metascore

Hotel Rwanda (2004)

PG-13 | 121 min | Biography, Drama, History

Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager, houses over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda, Africa.

Director: Terry George | Stars: Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo, Joaquin Phoenix, Xolani Mali

Votes: 347,738 | Gross: $23.53M

Ngày Ấy Tháng Tư (2005 TV Movie)

TV-MA | 140 min | Drama, History, War

When the Hutu nationalists raised arms against their Tutsi countrymen in Rwanda in April 1994, the violent uprising marked the beginning of one of the darkest times in African history which resulted in the deaths of almost 800,000 people.

Director: Raoul Peck | Stars: Idris Elba, Carole Karemera, Pamela Nomvete, Oris Erhuero

Votes: 5,431

Neptune Frost (2021)
74 metascore

Neptune Frost (2021)

105 min | Musical, Sci-Fi

An intersex African hacker, a coltan miner and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union.

Directors: Anisia Uzeyman, Saul Williams | Stars: Cheryl Isheja, Bertrand Ninteretse, Eliane Umuhire, Elvis Ngabo

Votes: 55

Munyurangabo (2007)
78 metascore

Munyurangabo (2007)

Not Rated | 97 min | Drama

From opposing ethnicities, Ngabo and Sangwa are tested when old-timers warn, "Hutus and Tutsis should not be friends." An intense and inspiring portrait of youth in Rwanda, 'Munyurangabo' ... See full summary »

Director: Lee Isaac Chung | Stars: Jeff Rutagengwa, Eric Ndorunkundiye, Jean Marie Vianney Nkurikiyinka, Jean Pierre Harerimana

Votes: 702 | Gross: $0.01M

I Have Seen My Last Born (2015)

PG | 79 min | Documentary, Biography

'I Have Seen My Last Born' is about Rwanda in transition from its difficult and violent past towards development, seen through the life of a man who juggles the roles of father and a son, between the city and the village.

Directors: Samuel Gray Anderson, Lee Isaac Chung | Star: John Kwezi

Votes: 12

91 Nights a Left to Tell story (2019)

90 min | Biography, Drama

Immaculee grew up in a country she loved but in 1994 Rwanda descended into a bloody genocide. For 91 days, she and seven Tusti women hid in the bathroom of a Hutu pastor while her family was brutally murdered along with a million Rwandans.

Director: Ricardo Del Río | Stars: Josephine Tumukunde, Benny Paul Akayezu, Marie Paul Kayirebwa, Daniella Turikumwenayo

Sacred Water (2016)

56 min | Documentary

Kunyaza is the name for the technique through which Rwandese women manage to ejaculate. In this tiny African country female orgasm is a matter of honor for men. This documentary, led by a ... See full summary »

Director: Olivier Jourdain | Star: Dusabe Vestine

Votes: 84

Our Lady of the Nile (2019)

93 min | Drama

A coming-of-age story about of a group of Rwandan schoolgirls at a Belgian-run Catholic boarding school.

Director: Atiq Rahimi | Stars: Amanda Mugabezaki, Albina Kirenga, Malaika Uwamahoro, Clariella Bizimana

Votes: 537

Rising from Ashes (2012)
58 metascore

Rising from Ashes (2012)

82 min | Documentary, Sport

The impossible triumph of Team Rwanda.

Director: T.C. Johnstone | Stars: Jonathan 'Jock' Boyer, Adrien Niyonshuti, Tom Ritchey, Nathan Byukusenge

Votes: 256 | Gross: $0.04M

Life After Death (2014)

76 min | Documentary, Biography, Comedy

Kwasa and Fils are two Rwandan 20-somethings, born into the hell of a post-genocide nation. The film follows their victories and struggles as they try to find work, fall in love, and deal with the deep wounds of their past.

Director: Joe Callander

Votes: 11

Kinyarwanda (2011)
69 metascore

Kinyarwanda (2011)

Not Rated | 100 min | Drama, History, Romance

A young Tutsi woman and a young Hutu man fall in love amidst chaos; a soldier struggles to foster a greater good while absent from her family; and a priest grapples with his faith in the face of unspeakable horror.

Director: Alrick Brown | Stars: Cleophas Kabasita, Hadidja Zaninka, Marc Gwamaka, Cassandra Freeman

Votes: 476

The Uncondemned (2015)
80 metascore

The Uncondemned (2015)

Not Rated | 81 min | Documentary

In 1997, a group of lawyers and activists prosecuted rape as a crime against humanity. This is the story of their fight for the first conviction.

Directors: Nick Louvel, Michele Mitchell | Stars: Pierre-Richard Prosper, Sara Darehshori, Thierry Cruvellier, Mukasarasi Godelieve

Votes: 46 | Gross: $0.01M

Grey Matter (2011)

110 min | Drama

Balthazar is a young African filmmaker on the brink of directing his first project, The Cycle of the Cockroach, a fictional story about a young woman who survived unspeakable atrocities ... See full summary »

Director: Kivu Ruhorahoza | Stars: Ramadhan Bizimana, Tamim Hakizimana, Kennedy Jones Mazimpaka, Jean Pierre Kalonda

Votes: 47

Unforgivable (2018 TV Movie)

29 min | Documentary

Imperdonabile is the story of Alice and Emmanuel, two people on opposing sides during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. It reveals what happens when the person who nearly destroyed your life confronts you and asks for forgiveness.

Director: Giosue Petrone

'94 Terror (2018)

106 min | Drama, War

Keza, a survivor of the Tutsi and Hutu slaughter that happened in the 1994 Rwanda genocide tells the struggle and loss of her beloved family that she went through until the river Kagera that enabled her to cross to Uganda.

Director: Richard Mulindwa | Stars: Joan Agaba, Doreen Nabbanja, Muyimbwa Phiona, Nalubega Rashida

Votes: 7

Opération Turquoise (2007 TV Movie)

115 min | Drama, War

This film describes the first days of the "Opération Turquoise" that will last 2 months from June 22nd to August 21rst 1994. About 150 soldiers of the French special Forces will discover the crazy hate in Rwanda.

Director: Alain Tasma | Stars: Bruno Todeschini, Aurélien Recoing, Frédéric Pierrot, Marc Ruchmann

Votes: 46

Birds Are Singing in Kigali (2017)

113 min | Drama

In 1994 Rwanda, a Polish woman ornithologist saves a Tutsi girl from certain death. After a few years they both revisit Africa on an emotional journey full of painful memories.

Directors: Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze | Stars: Jowita Budnik, Eliane Umuhire, Witold Wielinski, Ciza Remy Muhirwa

Votes: 319

Rwanda: Beyond the Deadly Pit (2009)

96 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

A survivor of the Rwandan genocide resurfaces to confront his parents' murderers, and provides himself and his beloved ones peace.

Director: Gilbert Ndahayo | Stars: Ki-moon Ban, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Celine Murengezi

Eleven (2022)

150 min | Documentary | Post-production

The story of eleven, eleven-year-old children from eleven different countries as they together prepare for the game of their lives.

Directors: Mihalis Monemvasiotis, Theodore Ishimwe, Ahmed Rasheed, Lauren Anders Brown, Cid César Augusto, Eddie Edwards, Miguel Gago Caamaño, Christian Lampe, Juliette McCawley, Alexander Nally, Hikaru Okita

Kiruna-Kigali (2012)

15 min | Short, Drama

A young woman in Rwanda is about to give birth. The baby is turned the wrong way and her life is in danger. At the same time the water breaks for a woman in Sweden. She decides that she ... See full summary »

Director: Goran Kapetanovic | Stars: Malin Crépin, Mukundente Fiona, Assad Kasasa, Marie Francoise Mukayiranga

Votes: 40

The 600: The Soldiers' Story (2019)

114 min | Documentary

The little known story of a surrounded battalion of 600 men and women that started the counterattack to end the Rwandan Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994.

Directors: Laurent Basset, Richard Hall | Stars: Lathifa Bantegeye, Ntakirutimana Brahim, Muniru Habiyakare, Aisha Igihozo

Votes: 17

My Neighbor, My Killer (2009)

80 min | Documentary

The people of Rwanda attempt to reconcile after the genocide through an open process of admission and forgiveness.

Director: Anne Aghion

Votes: 90

Volunteers, a Rwandan Comedy (2018 TV Movie)

Adventure, Comedy

A comedy pilot created by Matthew Leutwyler, Erik Palladino (ER, SUITS), and Vincent Ventresca (THE INVISIBLE MAN, "Fun Bobby" on FRIENDS), loosely based on their own lives - If they took ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew Leutwyler | Stars: Erik Palladino, Vincent Ventresca, Mark Kelly, Arthur Nkusi

Rwanda, Life Goes On (2014)

72 min | Documentary, Crime, War

Six Tutsi women, raped in April 1994 by genocidal Hutus, tell their ordeal: rape, pregnancy, childbirth, a life of wandering in which they have been sentenced to live with a creature born ... See full summary »

Directors: Benoît Dervaux, André Versaille

Votes: 8

Inkotanyi (2017)

126 min | Documentary, War

For the first time, light is shed on the Inkotanyi politico-military movement that ended the genocide of the Rwandan Tutsi in 1994 and is led by Paul Kagame, currently President of Rwanda.

Director: Christophe Cotteret

Votes: 15

Sweet Dreams (V) (2012)
83 metascore

Sweet Dreams (V) (2012)

89 min | Documentary, Drama, History

A remarkable group of Rwandan women defies the devastation of the genocide to form the country's first all-female drumming troupe and open the country's first ice cream shop.

Directors: Lisa Fruchtman, Rob Fruchtman

Votes: 39

In the Tall Grass (2006)

57 min | Documentary

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Director: Coll Metcalf | Stars: Anastase Butera, Joanita Mukarusanga, Margaret Travolta

Votes: 13

The Diggers (2021)

71 min | Documentary

The Diggers is an observation journey into various artisanal mining sites in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Director: Mathieu Roy

Paru n'inshuti ze (2021– )


PARU is a guy who work in restaurant with minimum income but still wants to satisfy his girlfriend and show her that he's worthy but his two mooch friends are not making it easy for him, to... See full summary »

Stars: Mukantaganzwa Ange, Akayesu Aquilla, Umutoni Blandine, Murenzi David

Mama Rwanda (2016)

35 min | Documentary, Short

MAMA RWANDA is the story of two women mixing the wit of motherhood with the spirit of entrepreneurship to overcome extreme poverty. Drocella, a village wife, and Christine, a city widow, ... See full summary »

Director: Laura Waters Hinson

Votes: 14

Project One Love

Drama | Post-production

Gatera Rudasingwa was born into a hardscrabble life deep in Rwanda's lush-green countryside. His family's home had no electricity, not even a proper bathroom. He attended no schools because... See full synopsis »

Director: Alexandre Sibomana | Stars: Gatera Rudasingwa, Mami Rudasingwa

Home (2021)

12 min | Short

A young woman goes back to her native village fleeing from an abusive marriage and looking for emotional support. However, she will find herself facing the hostile attitude of her family and social norms ruling what a real woman should be.

Director: Myriam Uwiragiye Birara | Stars: Mickal Uwihirwe, Yves Kijyana, Cecile Kakuze, Ibrahim Ntakirutimana

The 100 Days That Didn't Shake the World (2009)

55 min | Documentary

Rwanda, a small country in the heart of Africa, was the scene in 1994 of the last genocide of the 20th century: in only 100 days, almost 1 million people were killed. By the end of that ... See full summary »

Director: Vanessa Ragone | Stars: Inés Weinberg de Roca, Silvana Arbia, Simon Bikindi, José María Cantilo

Votes: 14

A Mother's Love: Rosamond Carr and a Lifetime in Rwanda (2010)


The extraordinary story of Rosamond Carr.

Director: Eamonn Gearon | Stars: Rosamund Carr, Kenneth Carr, Zachary Dusingizimana, Cathy Emmerson

Ace of Hearts: Bwana Y'umutima (2017)

120 min | Action, Drama, Mystery

Manzi David, a man whose sister's days are numbered with heart disease. Heartbroken and determined as ever to rally money for her treatment, Manzi David sets himself on a path of no return ... See full summary »

Director: Pacifique Cyusa Nzeyimana | Stars: Lysa Gasirabo, Ganza Prince, Isimbi Sonia, Polisi Muhirwa Yves

Votes: 9

The Faces We Lost (2017)

61 min | Documentary

A documentary about how Rwandans use personal and family photographs to remember and commemorate the loved ones they lost in the 1994 genocide.

Director: Piotr Cieplak

Circus Rwanda (2018)

80 min | Documentary

Eliseé survived the Rwandan genocide as a child. Today he leads an orphan acrobat group in a country, which heavily relies on foreign aid. He cares for the orphaned children and wants them ... See full summary »

Director: Michal Varga | Stars: Rostislav Novák Jr., Elisée Niyonsenga

Votes: 18

Uncertain Future (2018)

69 min | Documentary

June 2015, Burundi, thousands gather in the streets of Bujumbura to manifest against Pierre Nkurunziza's third mandate. As I film the first acts of violence and the victims therefrom ... See full summary »

Director: Eddy Munyaneza

Votes: 6

Congo, My Precious (I) (2017)

52 min | Documentary

The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the world's most resource-rich countries. A wide range of rare minerals can be found here in abundance, all commanding high prices in world ... See full summary »

Director: Anastasia Trofimova

Votes: 12

Bazigaga (2022)

25 min | Short, History | Post-production

1994, Rwanda. As the genocide rages on, a pastor and his young daughter take shelter in the hut of a feared shaman : Bazigaga. Hunted by the militias and trapped with the strange woman sorcerer, Karembe seeks a way out.

Director: Jo Ingabire Moys | Stars: Eliane Umuhire, Ery Nzaramba, Roger Ineza

Standup in Rwanda: Its Not So Different (2021)


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Director: James Manzello | Stars: Giulio Gallarotti, Babu Joe

The Rwandan Night (2013)

107 min | Documentary, Biography, Family

The Rwandan Night is a feature ethno-documentary that is centered around the haunting memories of one of the oldest survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. One night, in the ... See full summary »

Director: Gilbert Ndahayo | Stars: Ki-moon Ban, Mosupyoe Boatamo, Alexandre Dauge-Roth, Andrea Grieder

Flower in the Gun Barrel (2008)

86 min | Documentary

Explores the process of reconciliation and forgiveness in post genocide Rwanda. Through interviews and days of following 4 Rwandans, the story of what led up to the genocide and how the citizens are coping unfolds.

Director: Gabriel Cowan | Star: Martin Sheen

Votes: 116

FC Rwanda (2013)

57 min | Documentary

Sport brings people together, but did the people of Rwanda really find peace with each other 20 years after the genocide? FC Rwanda is a film about the soccer pitch as stage for Rwanda's political reality.

Director: Joris Postema

Votes: 17

6954 Kilometres to Home (2013)

56 min | Documentary, Drama

A single mother of three children lives in a refugee camp in Rwanda. One day she receives a permission to be relocated to Finland. 6954 Kilometers to Home is an hour documentary, which ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Reina | Stars: Mukamusoni Nyiratunga, Hogoza Uwamahoro, Frank Niyonzima, Yvite Mukabekazi

Votes: 12

Mu Buzima (2014)

120 min | Drama, Musical

Mu Buzima (In Life) Vicky (Gakiza Victoire) lives with his mother, Mama Vicky (Mukarukundo Monique), Vicky is a young man who has a dream of developing his singing talent and becoming an ... See full summary »

Director: Andrew Kayongo | Stars: Sambela Bernadette, Mzaliwa Jean Bosco, Ntakirutimana Danny, Victoire Gakiza

Votes: 12

Terug naar Rwanda (2019)


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A Place for Everyone (2014)

60 min | Documentary, Drama, War

'A Place for Everyone' explores the human geography of a Rwandan village two decades after the genocide. Survivors and killers still live next to each other and a new generation of young ... See full summary »

Directors: Hans Ulrich Goessl, Angelos Rallis

Votes: 7

Hinga Kawa (2018)

18 min | Documentary, Short | Completed

Hinga Kawa tells the story of women who, after the most divisive period of Rwanda's history, made the choice to rise above and choose forgiveness.

Director: Luanne Dietz

Legend of Saruhara (2014– )

80 min | History

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Stars: Murihano Ben, Museveni Callixte, Nyirabashongore Celine, Rukinga Ernest

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