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Nase Maalo (2002– )

26 min | Family

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Stars: Damjan Krsteski, Teuta Ajdini, Blagoja Spirkovski-Dzumerko, Vladimir Petrovic

Votes: 73

Switzerlanders (2020)

82 min | Documentary

A cinematic time capsule with over 1,400 hours of submitted material from all regions of Switzerland gives unknown insights about the life of Swiss people in the politically and socially turbulent summer of 2019.

Director: Michael Steiner | Stars: Larissa Aemisegger, Gaby Bachofen, Thomas Baechler, Sara Barberis

Votes: 27

I Was a Swiss Banker (2007)

75 min | Romance

Roger is a young, dashing banker full of boyish self-confidence. He has a highly successful business, smuggling black money across the border for reinvestment. But then a split second reaction changes his entire life.

Director: Thomas Imbach | Stars: Beat Marti, Laura Drasbæk, Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis, Sandra Medina

Votes: 148

Under Blue Skies (2020)

70 min | Documentary

In the 1980s, the Upper Engadine region was the setting of a social tragedy that remained unmentionable. Opposed to the traditional way of life of Swiss mountain society, the local youth started doing drugs through a desire to escape.

Director: Ivo Zen | Stars: Men Bisaz, Nicole Buchmeier, Andrea Clavadetscher, Stefan Giano

Votes: 17

Metta Da Fein (2020–2021)


In the most beautiful village in the world, every day seems the same - until peace is shattered by a series of mysterious animal killings.

Stars: Tina Bundi, Curdin Caviezel, Ursin Derungs, Rene Schnoz

NOT ME - A Journey with Not Vital (2020)

78 min | Documentary

"NOT ME - A Journey with Not Vital" takes us on an intriguing foray into the eventful life and creative artistic expressions of contemporary Swiss artist Not Vital. This film essay sheds ... See full summary »

Director: Pascal Hofmann | Stars: Annatina Miescher, Not Vital

Votes: 13

Hide and Seek (2018)

91 min | Comedy

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Director: Christoph Schaub | Stars: Rebecca Indermaur, Bruno Cathomas, Tonia Maria Zindel, Rene Schnoz

Votes: 83

The Treasure of Las Clevs (2022)

Adventure | Announced

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Pizzet - Forsa l'ultim on (2004)

52 min | Documentary

Tumasch and Antonetta spent their whole life in the mountains with their animals. When asked whether this was going to be the last year, they hesitate, as if the other should know the answer. Have they ever dreamed of a different life?

Director: Ivo Zen

Eurovision Song Contest 1989 (1989 TV Special)


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Stars: Jaques Descenaux, Lolita Morena, Nina Agustí, Joaquim Andrade

Votes: 59

Marmorera (2007)

107 min | Mystery, Thriller

In the early 1950s the Alpine village of Marmorera and the surrounding valley was flooded because of a local dam project. Even today the sunken village hasn't been lain to rest. Then an ... See full summary »

Director: Markus Fischer | Stars: Anatole Taubman, Mavie Hörbiger, Eva Dewaele, Urs Hefti

Votes: 248

Gesichter der Schweiz (1991)

94 min | Documentary

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Directors: Urs Odermatt, Matteo Bellinelli, Simon Edelstein, Nicolas Gessner, Kurt Gloor, Claude Goretta, Thomas Koerfer, Pierre Koralnik, François Reichenbach, Francis Reusser, Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf, Victor J. Tognola, Jacqueline Veuve | Stars: Stefan Guyer, Georg Winzeler, Nicole Niquille, Mario Botta

Nossa chasa (2020)

29 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Manuela Steiner

Levzas petras (1994 TV Movie)

79 min

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Director: Mic Feuerstein | Stars: Elisabeth Bass, Nicolaus Caduff, Bruno Cathomas, Pia Solèr

Unerhört Jenisch (2017)

92 min | Documentary, Music

Stephan Eicher and many folk musicians are connected by their Yenish roots and the secret of a special sound. A musical journey into the Grison mountains.

Directors: Karoline Arn, Martina Rieder | Stars: Goran Bregovic, Erich Eicher, Stephan Eicher, Jon Kollegger

Votes: 31

La rusna pearsa (1993)

78 min | Drama

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Director: Dino Simonett | Stars: Gian Battista von Tscharner, Claudia Carigiet, Tonia Maria Zindel, Lena Garigiet

Giuventetgna dultsch utschi (2002)

48 min | Documentary

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Director: Christian Schocher | Stars: Janis Albin, Flurina Degonda, Jasmin Eicher, Teolinda Wenzin

Schweizer Geist (2013)

88 min | Documentary

Der Schweizer Geist was ist das? Mit dieser Frage macht sich Dokumentarfilmer Severin Frei auf, um das Wesen seiner Heimat zu erkunden und seinen Landsleuten den Puls zu fühlen. Er besucht ... See full synopsis »

Director: Severin Frei | Stars: Regina Steiner, Fredy Tscherrig, Dionys Frei, Davide Tiraboschi

Votes: 12

Telesguard - Da piz a chantun (2009– )

25 min | Documentary, News

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Stars: Flurina Badel, Sandra Bianchi-Schocher, Ulrica Morell, Otmar Seiler

Heldin der Lüfte (2008 TV Movie)

89 min | Drama

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Director: Michael C. Huber | Stars: Melanie Winiger, Esther Gemsch, Beat Marti, Peter Jecklin

Votes: 39

Lüzzas Walkman (1989)

105 min | Drama, Fantasy

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Director: Christian Schocher | Stars: Thomas Pfister, Bice, Hannes R. Bossert, Roger H.

Votes: 6

In'experientscha musicala (2014)

25 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Ivo Zen | Stars: Martina Berther, Ursina Giger, Niculin Janett, Andi Schnoz

Resuns (2014)

52 min | Documentary

It is estimated there are still approximately 60'000 people speaking Romansch, but the language is on the decline. Filmed in the exceptional landscapes of the remote region of the Grisons, we learn about this language.

Directors: Céline Carridroit, Aline Suter

My world is upside down (2016)

74 min | Documentary, Music

Music documentary based on a multihyphenate artist with severe brain damage called intellect.

Director: Petra Seliskar | Stars: Fran Milcnski Jezek, Frane Milcinski

Votes: 26

Maurus, Nadia, Flurina (2012)

70 min | Documentary

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Director: Ivo Zen

Telesguard (1980– )

10 min | News

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Star: Isabella Wieland

Staila crudanta (2005)

20 min | Short, Drama

Staila Crudanta (Falling Star) tells about two moments in Curdins and Leas life: Encounter and separation. Lea visits her grandparents who celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary in a ... See full synopsis »

Director: Pascal Bergamin | Stars: Tobias Durband, Annina Sedlacek, Mirjam Zbinden, Emil Simeon

Votes: 22

Films d'amaturs - Amaturs da films (2012)

24 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Ivo Zen

Mangipasko Horo (2012)

8 min | Short, Drama

Suad (Sebastijan Zumberi), Edin (Elvir Zumberi, Manuel (Saban Jasari) and Nermina (Sabina Alijevic) were the best childhood friends but life circumstances made them apart. Now, years passed... See full summary »

Directors: Vuk Savic, Milan Smiljanic | Stars: Sebastijan Zumberi, Elvir Zumberi, Saban Jasari, Sabina Alijevic

Cuntrasts 2003 (2003)

26 min | Documentary, History, News

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Stars: Isabella Wieland, Ernst Denoth, Arnold Rauch, Mariano Tschuor

Des Strahlers Glück - Kristallsuche in den Bündner Alpen (2006 TV Movie)

50 min | Documentary

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Director: Gieri Venzin

Canorta (2013 TV Movie)

27 min | Documentary

Aline Suter, of Romantsch origin meets with a few interesting people, to hear the way they speak Romantsch and discuss with them the future of this minority language many believe to be on it's way to extinction.

Directors: Céline Carridroit, Aline Suter

Piz Jazz - 10 Jahre Jazzfestival St. Moritz (2017 TV Movie)

25 min | Documentary

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Director: Felice Zenoni

Nilou (2010)

24 min | Short

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Director: Amir Hamz | Stars: Elmira Rafizadeh, Aki Allahgholi, Hassan Amiri, Jale Azam Azmoon

Votes: 5

Ciao Babylon (2017)

52 min | Documentary

«Ciao Babylon» takes us to New York where Dan Kaufman is committed to preserve endangered languages. The film also follows Giancarlo Malchiodi from Brooklyn to the Swiss Alps on his way to ... See full summary »

Directors: Kurt Reinhard, Christoph Schreiber | Stars: Amalia Malchiodi, Giancarlo Malchiodi

Onna Maria - Cronica d'in mazzament (2001 TV Movie)

24 min | Documentary

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Director: Gieri Venzin

Favola zingara (2008)


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Director: Davide Del Degan | Stars: Urska Bradaskja, Claudio Castrogiovanni

Canzun alpina (2008 TV Movie)


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Director: Sören Senn | Stars: Ursina Lardi, Beat Marti, Ueli Jäggi, Bruno Cathomas

Votes: 18

Revoluziun (2005)

25 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Urs Frey | Stars: Niculin Gianotti, Andrea Hämmerle, Anna Ratti, Not Vital

SwissLove (2002)

Comedy, Romance

The film consists of four stories with three episodes each, and a shared end. In the same span of time and action, and with the tones and pace of madcap comedy, each story tells the tale of... See full summary »

Director: Fulvio Bernasconi | Stars: Soraya Sala, Marino Campanaro, Noemi Steuer, Hans-Joachim Frick

Votes: 11

Die Hochzeitsmusiker (1997 TV Movie)

60 min | Music

The Bulgarian band "Trustenik" featuring virtuoso Gypsy clarinetist Philip "Fekata" Simeonov plays wedding music on the occasion of two big Gypsy weddings at Northern Bulgarian villages.

Director: Joachim Kreck | Stars: Aliosha Assenov, Milen Assenov, Hari Iankov, Kozi Marinov

Amalia e Giancarlo (2017)

25 min | Documentary, Short

«Amalia e Giancarlo» tells the touching emigration history of eighty-six-year-old Amalia Malchiodi-Cadieli. Sixty years ago, the Surselva native travelled to the United States with a ... See full summary »

Directors: Kurt Reinhard, Christoph Schreiber

Die Schweizer (2013– )

Biography, Drama, History

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Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard | Stars: Michael Neuenschwander, Sandra Utzinger, Jonathan Loosli, Evelyn Gugolz

Die Schweizer (2013– )

Biography, Drama, History

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Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard | Stars: Daniel Rohr, Markus Amrein, Peter Jecklin, Jonas Rüegg

Die Schweizer (2013– )

Biography, Drama, History

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Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard | Stars: Samuel Weiss, Roberto Turri, Manuel Kühne, Peter Hottinger

Die Schweizer (2013– )

Biography, Drama, History

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Director: Dominique Othenin-Girard | Stars: Michel Voïta, Gilles Tschudi, Samuel Streiff, Matthias Fankhauser

Archer (2009– )

TV-MA | 19 min | Animation, Action, Comedy

The Isis crew heads to the Vatican to stop an assassination attempt on the Pope. Archer attempts to use Woodhouse as a decoy, while Archer and Pam pose as a priest and a nun.

Directors: Bryan Fordney, Adam Reed | Stars: H. Jon Benjamin, Judy Greer, Amber Nash, Chris Parnell

Votes: 1,358

Ondes de choc (2018– )

60 min | Crime, Drama

June 1986. Mathieu, 17, miraculously survives a serial killer who has never let anyone escape. Wounded, traumatized, he tries to rebuild himself with his family. Superintendent Jotterand ... See full summary »

Director: Lionel Baier | Stars: Maxime Gorbatchevsky, Michel Vuillermoz, Ursina Lardi, Pierre-Isaïe Duc

Votes: 72