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The Amorous Indies (2018)

5 min | Short

Krump dance over Rameau.

Director: Clément Cogitore

Votes: 37

Phulmania (2019)

120 min | Drama

Phulmania, a heart touching emotional tale from Jharkhand India, based on true incidents, "Phulmania" shows the evils of witch hunting which still exists as a blot on our society.

Director: Lal Vijay Shahdeo | Stars: Ravi Bhatia, Pranab Chaudhary, Ashok Gope, Hansraj Jagtap

Mor Sapna (2019)

140 min | Action | Post-production

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Director: Ranjit Kujur | Stars: Jinat Dhanowar, Divya Kalar, Ranjit Kujur

Hai Pase (2018)


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Director: Razik Khan | Stars: Fabiana Hembrom, Sibnath Munda, Sanjay Sharma, Paray Tuti

Juri Hijua (2012)


This movie is based on girl trafficking issue which is happening in tribal areas of Jharkhand, West Bangal, Orissa and Chattisgarh. Juri Hujia means- "My love will come" Sajan is a police ... See full summary »

Director: Raj

Tor Bina (2017)

Drama, Romance

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Director: Dipen Toppo | Stars: Joy Bose, Binod Mahalee, Kajal Singh, Neeraj Vats

Votes: 42

Doomsdate (2016)

3 min | Animation, Short

Planets want love. When Kepler, a lonely planet sees his great love in a blue planetary lady, he is looking forward to her first date. It quickly becomes clear that the inhabitants of the ... See full summary »

Director: Justin Braun