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Elsewhere (2001)

240 min | Documentary

During the year 2000 Geyrhalter and his teams travelled to a different destination each month, looking for places untouched by the millennium hysteria. Locations include Niger, Finland, ... See full summary »

Director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Votes: 124

Milking the Rhino (2009)

PG | 85 min | Documentary

The clichés of nature documentaries ignore a key landscape feature: villagers just off-camera, who navigate the dangers and costs of living with wildlife. The Maasai of Kenya and Namibia's ... See full summary »

Director: David E. Simpson

Votes: 48

El cielo escondido (2016)

Hermes is an Argentine anthropologist who is living with the villagers of the Damara ethnic group in Namibia. Researching about the possible origins of mankind and specialized in the ... See full summary »

Director: Pablo César | Stars: Patricio Bedoya, Whilzahn Gelderbloem, Ludwig Karl-Heinz, Joe Murangi

Weisse Geister (2004)

72 min | Documentary

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Director: Martin Baer | Star: Israel Kaunatjike

The Future Behind You (2014)

25 min | Documentary, Short

Himba chief Hyndere is concerned about the consequences of the construction of a hydro-electric dam in the Kunene river. He fears the dam will harm their traditions and that it will be a threat for the existence of the Himba tribe.

Director: Frank Dorren

Wiping the Tears (2012)

75 min | Documentary

The passion between a woman, her husband and her friend. A court case ensues, the consequences of which are dramatic for them, their families and their community.

Director: Rina Sherman

Far Away Future (2008)

34 min | Documentary, Short

Teenage girls, Nana and Gaja of the Himba tribe, both have to make choices about their future. These choices will have a big impact on the rest of their lives.

Director: Frank Dorren