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Pelle the Conqueror (1987)

PG-13 | 157 min | Drama

The end of the 19th century. A boat filled with Swedish emigrants comes to the Danish island of Bornholm. Among them are Lasse and his son Pelle who move to Denmark to find work. They find ... See full summary »

Director: Bille August | Stars: Pelle Hvenegaard, Max von Sydow, Erik Paaske, Björn Granath

Votes: 9,453 | Gross: $2.05M

The Simple-Minded Murderer (1982)

108 min | Drama

A mentally challenged man escapes from his tyrannical master and finds happiness when a poor family takes him in.

Director: Hans Alfredson | Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Maria Johansson, Hans Alfredson, Per Myrberg

Votes: 2,710

Feed the light (2014)

78 min | Horror

Sara takes a job as a cleaner to find her missing daughter and strikes an uneasy alliance with the sinister janitor. They venture with a small group into the abyss underneath Malmö and the heart of darkness.

Director: Henrik Möller | Stars: Lina Sundén, Martin Jirhamn, Jenny Lampa, Patrik Karlson

Votes: 111

Savage (2011)

90 min | Drama, Thriller

Kim has grown up outside of the city in a criminal family. After a prison sentence he makes up his mind to move on. Now he wants a job, a house and a girl.

Directors: Martin Jern, Emil Larsson | Stars: Magnus Skog, Emelie Sundelin, Stefan Söderberg, Sofie Karlsson

Votes: 336

Skåningar (1944)

85 min | Romance

The meaning of life is to get married, that's the point of our existence. Farmer Mårten Esbjörnsson has three adult sons who all want to find a wife to marry. However, all the young women ... See full summary »

Director: Benkt-Åke Benktsson | Stars: Benkt-Åke Benktsson, Alfhild Degerberg, Arne Nyberg, Åke Engfeldt

Votes: 15

Plötsligt i Vinslöv (2001 TV Movie)

49 min | Documentary

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Directors: Jenny Bergman, Malin Skjöld | Stars: Holger Nilsson, Kjell Fredriksson, Anders Svensson, Peter Björnsson

Votes: 646

Mañana (I) (2008)

84 min | Comedy

Marcos has never had a girlfriend. Mattias has been with the same girl for way too long. That's the upbeat of Swedish-Chilean director Manuel Conchas first feature, where two child hood ... See full summary »

Director: Manuel Concha | Stars: Helena Af Sandeberg, Alexandra Dahlström, Rosa Inzunza, Julius Kronberg

Votes: 148

The Cellar (2003)

73 min | Horror, Thriller

Four college students majoring in art have rented a remote summerhouse for the weekend to get some peace and quiet while working on their latest projects. Their stay quickly becomes ... See full summary »

Directors: Martin Kjellberg, Nils Wåhlin | Stars: Mattias Ohlsson, Sandra Tordardottir, Henrik Danielsson, David Clausson

Votes: 256

The Booze Fest (2014 Video)

8 min | Animation, Short

There is a party at Dalaplan in Malmö.

Director: Henrik Möller | Star: Henrik Möller

Votes: 11

Kung Jöns (1981 TV Movie)


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Director: Jan Hemmel | Stars: Marvin Yxner, Rune Ek, Nils Ahlroth, Ingvar Andersson

They Wanted to Be Newshunter (2008)

Short, Comedy

The story of a man who believes he is God and the boy looking for a God to believe in. Wanting to go in the footsteps of the infamous "Newshunter" two friends set out to look for crime to film.

Directors: Claes Lejonhufvud, Henrik Möller | Stars: Osten Östberg, Frank, Jenny Grönberg Hernandez, Martin Jirhamn

Almtorget Crew (2017 Video)

Short, Comedy

A magician tricks a washed up punk rocker to join a crew of lumbering drunks.

Director: Claes Lejonhufvud | Stars: Jonny Blomkvist, Britt-Louise Ek, Ilse Hviid, Niklas Jönsson

Ungdomsprojektet (2014 Video)

38 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

The old socialist Göran is sent to Malmö to coach some unemployed youths. The black hole that is Malmö drags him in.

Director: Claes Lejonhufvud | Stars: Claes Lejonhufvud, Henrik Möller, Frank, Martin Jirhamn

Ostens slav (2018 Video)

34 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

After 8 years in an institution, Frank becomes the slave of Malmö's best grogg-mixer.

Directors: Henrik Möller, Frank | Stars: Frank, Osten Östberg, Martin Jirhamn, Martzy Nilsson

The Film about Rove Låtstål (2006 Video)

7 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: Henrik Möller | Stars: Paul Andersson, Fredrik Heurlin, Patrik Karlson

Pojkarna 2 (2010 Video)

11 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

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Director: Henrik Möller | Stars: Martin Jirhamn, Henrik Möller, Ola Persson, Osten Östberg

MALMÖ=Ratshit (2007 Video)

36 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A washed up and mentally ill musician is threatened to be killed by a couple of thugs from Stockholm if he can't repay his debt. He goes to his brother for help.

Directors: Frank, Henrik Möller | Stars: Håkan Elliot, Frank, Martin Jirhamn, David Lindh

Votes: 7


Drama, Sci-Fi | Announced

In a future Scandinavia without electricity and emptied of population, a man must struggle to make peace with his past as well as find harmony between nature and civilization while surviving in the wilderness of Northern Jutland.

Star: Karim Theilgaard

Men Who Hate Homosexuals (2012 Video)

7 min | Short, Horror

Malmö - early 90's. In the basement of VÄS there lives a couple of men who hates homosexuals.

Director: Henrik Möller | Star: Henrik Möller

Votes: 10

Nobellvägen (2004 Video)

32 min | Short, Comedy

A young, eager filmmaker gets stuck with a mad bunch of Malmöites as he tries to make a film.

Directors: Claes Lejonhufvud, Henrik Möller | Stars: Henrik Möller, Frank, Martin Jirhamn, Andreas Arvidsson

Votes: 9

Olle Blom: Reporter (1977– )

180 min

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Stars: Nils Ahlroth, Bo G. Andersson, Ingvar Andersson, Ole Blegel

Carl Anton (2006 Video)

6 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Henrik Möller | Star: Henrik Möller