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Primeval (2007)
35 metascore

Primeval (2007)

R | 93 min | Action, Adventure, Crime

A news team is sent to Burundi to capture and bring home a legendary 25-foot crocodile. Their difficult task turns potentially deadly when a warlord targets them for death.

Director: Michael Katleman | Stars: Dominic Purcell, Orlando Jones, Brooke Langton, Jürgen Prochnow

Votes: 12,782 | Gross: $10.60M

Small Country: An African Childhood (2020)

111 min | Drama

A touching childhood set during the conflict in Rwanda between ethnicities Hutu and Tutsi - adapted from the book of Gaël Faye.

Director: Eric Barbier | Stars: Jean-Paul Rouve, Isabelle Kabano, Djibril Vancoppenolle, Dayla De Medina

Votes: 134

Under the Same Roof (2020)

25 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

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Director: Simeon Tsonchev | Stars: Emelyne Bukeyeneza, Panagiotis Chronis, Nikola Dodov, Alexander Goncharov

Suzana (2011)

91 min | Romance

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Director: Mpawenimana Juma Jabibu | Stars: Mpawenimana Juma Jabibu, Munezero Shemsa

Voices of Freedom (2010 Video)

7 min | Documentary, Short

A short documentary detailing how a group of Twa refugees from the central African country of Burundi are keeping their community and musical culture alive in their new home - Perth, Australia.

Director: David Meadows

Suzana 2 (2014)

97 min | Romance

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Director: Mpawenimana Juma Jabibu | Stars: Nibigira Bethy, Mpawenimana Juma Jabibu, Munezero Shemsa

Mogadishu Soldier (2016)

84 min | Documentary, War

A camera in the hands of African Union soldiers in Mogadishu, Somalia, captures the war on the jihadist militants in Al-Shabaab.

Director: Torstein Grude

Votes: 32

Kivumvu: Basket Boy (2008)

12 min | Short

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Director: Pacifique Nzitonda

Votes: 5

In Another Life (I) (2019)

77 min | Documentary

Thirty years ago, filmmaker Philippe de Pierpont met six children who were living on the streets in Burundi and promised to film them until they died. Today, he is meeting them again for ... See full summary »

Director: Philippe de Pierpont | Stars: Assouman, Etu, Innocent, Jean-Marie

Nzokira Ntevye, Umuhungu Wizuba N'Ukwezi (2007)

70 min | Drama

A village is assaulted by rebels. Everybody flees except for little Fabrice. He is first taken care of by the government army but subsequently dressed in uniform. With other children he is ... See full summary »

Directors: Jean-Pierre Aimé Harerimana, Evode Nduwimana

Le métis (1996)

28 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Joseph Bitamba

Votes: 6

Kukunja Carton (2013)

66 min | Drama

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Director: Guillaume Roussel-Garneau | Stars: Raissa Musanintore, Evode Nduwimana, Marguerite Pitcholo, Marie-Michel Pitcholo

Bigger Plans (2008)

11 min | Short

Moma is a young man who dreams of being an architect to build a better life for him and his family.

Director: Cynthia Niyonsaba

La vie est un jeu de cartes

Documentary | Announced

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Director: Philippe de Pierpont

Africa on Your Screens (2012 Video)

78 min | Biography, Crime, Drama

Shorts from five African nations. In Burundi, a young woman faces wedding jitters in the worst way in "Nothing is The Same". Fall in love under the rain in Egypt with "Atef". A young woman ... See full summary »

Directors: Nicola Barbour, Rahal Eks, Imraan Ismail, Emad Maher | Stars: Miriam A., Sara Elhawary, Luke Heaney, Richard Lunkhunku

Abuse (2008)

7 min | Short

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Director: Didier Armand Ruyuku | Star: Lydia Rusake

Home Free (2009)

22 min | Documentary, Short

In 1972, civil war and ethnic massacres forced hundreds of thousands of Burundians from their homes. Most fled to Tanzania, where they would live as refugees for generations. Thirty ... See full summary »

Directors: Christopher Redmond, Raymond Kalisa, Jessie Thomson

King Hubert Feat. Kidum: Iwaku Niheza (2017 Video)

Short, Music

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Director: Christian Kennedy

Students Activities in Mahama Camp (2017)

6 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Joseph Bitamba | Stars: Emery Emerimana, Alexis Irakoze, Moise Iteriteka, Mélissa Ndayishimiye

Mu Ruhongore (1990)


Tells the story of a young orphan, Deo Gratias, who is rescued by Rosa, an old woman always looking after abandoned children in the Republic of Burundi, a country where reconciliation is now predominant.

Director: Constantin Kimoshori Nahayo | Stars: Deo Gratias, Rosa

Ishure Y'Ubuzima (2005)

25 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Don-Fleury Ndimurukundo | Stars: Jean-Daniel Gerero, Théodosie Girukwishaka, Pamela Kazekare, Nicole Kigoma

Inkingi Z'Ubuntu - The Search for a Common Ground Studio Ijambio (2004)

Documentary, Short

Describes the work of a radio station (Studio Ijambo) in Burundi which brings together Hutu and Tutsi reporters and demonstrates the role of communications media in promoting tribal peace.

Directors: Jean-Pierre Aimé Harerimana, Pascal Nyabubu, Lena Slachmuijlder | Stars: Charles Ndayisenga, Christophe Nkurunziza, Tite Rwasa, Adrien Sindayigaya

Le meilleur choix (2001)


Covers peace and reconciliation processes in the Republic of Burundi.

Director: Evode Nduwimana

Gezaho (2000)

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