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Asylum City (2018–2019)

40 min | Crime, Drama

Anat is a young police investigator who receives a murder investigation. While trying to find the killer she untangles the ties and becomes a real threat to forces which are bigger and stronger then her.

Stars: Hani Furstenberg, Dvir Benedek, Doron Ben-David, Ori Yaniv

Votes: 52

The Great Green Wall (2019)

90 min | Documentary

Academy Award®-nominee Fernando Meirelles (City of God) and Malian musician Inna Modja take us on an epic journey to the frontline of the climate crisis along Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall.

Director: Jared P. Scott | Stars: Inna Modja, Songhoy Blues, Didier Awadi, Betty G.

Votes: 46

Johan Falk: De 107 patrioterna (2012 Video)

92 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

A firefight between two rival gangs breaks out in a Gothenburg city park, and when the conflict escalates the GSI group is called into it. A new gang is about to make its way in the Swedish... See full summary »

Director: Anders Nilsson | Stars: Jakob Eklund, Joel Kinnaman, Jens Hultén, Anastasios Soulis

Votes: 2,001

It Will be Chaos (2018)

TV-PG | 93 min | Documentary

Part road-movie and part intimate portrait of lives in transit, IT WILL BE CHAOS unfolds between Italy and the Balkan corridor, intercutting two unforgettable refugees stories of human strength and resilience.

Directors: Lorena Luciano, Filippo Piscopo

Votes: 131

Sud (1993)

86 min | Drama

A bunch of hopeless unemployed occupy a polling place during general election in Italy to protest and report the mafia affairs of Mr. Cannavacciuolo. He is candidate and is setting up a ... See full summary »

Director: Gabriele Salvatores | Stars: Silvio Orlando, Claudio Bisio, Francesca Neri, Gigio Alberti

Votes: 636

Death in the Terminal (2016)

52 min | Documentary

A thrilling reconstruction in so-called Rashomon style, with several eyewitnesses offering their own perspectives on a single tragic event.

Directors: Tali Shemesh, Asaf Sudri, Dorit Inbar

Votes: 80

The Jerusalem Dream (2016)

54 min | Documentary

After thousands of years of praying for Jerusalem, Ethiopia's Jews began arriving in Israel in the late 1970s.

Director: Meni Elias

Harestay (2020)

10 min | Documentary, Short

Haile Meharena, a hard working Eritrean farmer, won't let life's difficulties affect his children's happiness. When he finds himself in a challenging circumstance, he must decide if his struggles will dictate his life path.

Director: Sam Gebremiche | Star: Haile Meharena

Heart of Fire (2008)

92 min | Biography, Drama, War

The true story of a young female soldier who comes of age during the Eritrean civil war.

Director: Luigi Falorni | Stars: Letekidan Micael, Solomie Micael, Seble Tilahun, Daniel Seyoum

Votes: 200

Those Who Feel the Fire Burning (2014)

Not Rated | 74 min | Documentary, Drama

A story, told by the wandering ghost of a dead man, about the hopeless existence of refugees stuck at the edge of Europe.

Director: Morgan Knibbe

Votes: 254

Sound of Torture (2013)

58 min | Documentary, Crime, War

Swedish-Eritrean radio host Meron Estefanos produces her weekly program at home in Stockholm where she broadcast, devoted entirely to the hundreds of Eritrean refugees held hostage in the ... See full summary »

Director: Keren Shayo

Votes: 58

Tigisti (2012)

Not Rated | 118 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A malicious business partner, Mr. Fissehaye plots to remove his partner Amanual. Fissehaye sees an opportunity through his new employee Tigisti, an orphans and desperately in need of a job.... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Tesfamariam | Stars: Amlesom Abraha, Saron Bereket, Filmon Berhane, Mereb Estifanos

Votes: 6

In Our Country (2016)

30 min | Short, Drama

Nineteen year old Eritrean refugee Teklebrhan survived his journey through the Libyan desert. In Germany he has a hard time adapting to his new life. Because of him his family is in ... See full summary »

Director: Louisa Wagener | Stars: Alexes Feelmo, Toto Knoblauch, Nick Romeo Reimann, Michael Altinger

Votes: 16

Shipwreck (2014)

Not Rated | 15 min | Documentary, Short, News

360 Eritrean refugees drown off the coast of Lampedusa. Chaos breaks loose at the harbor, whilst hundreds of coffins are being loaded onto a military ship.

Director: Morgan Knibbe

Votes: 48

Sister (I) (2012)

Not Rated | 92 min | Documentary, Drama

On the ground with maternal health care workers in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Haiti, where there are no white talking heads, no policy makers, no four-wheel drive vehicles and no blood banks.

Director: Brenda Davis

Votes: 11

Zeyregefet Embaba (2016)

107 min | Drama, Romance

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Director: Zerisennay Tesfay | Stars: Tedros Berhane, Mereb Estifanos, Sidona Redie, Feven Sahle

Mare chiuso (2012)

TV-14 | 60 min | Documentary

In 2009 Berlusconi and Gaddafi signed an agreement to control migration flows between Italy and Libya. Since then, all migrants intercepted at sea by the Italian navy were forcibly pushed ... See full summary »

Directors: Andrea Segre, Stefano Liberti

Votes: 44

Dangerous Crossings, the Making of a Campaign (2017)

20 min | Short, Music

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Directors: Ismail Elmokadem, Amr Salama | Stars: Aarmaanta, Yeshie Demelash, Adel Hany, Maryam Mursal

Life is Fare (2018)

57 min | Fantasy, History, Musical

An experimental musical movie about Eritrea

Director: Sephora Woldu | Stars: Getu Mehari, Almaz Negash, Sephora Woldu

The Wild Frontier (2017)

219 min | Documentary

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Directors: Nicolas Klotz, Elisabeth Perceval

Votes: 57

Shigara (2005)

5 min | Short, Comedy, Family

A young man learns a valuable lesson when he succumbs to peer pressure and attempts to smoke his first and last cigarette.

Director: Ambessa Jir Berhe | Stars: Ambessa Jir Berhe, Filmon Mebrahtom, Senait Meketa

Votes: 15

Hager Alatni (2017)

G | 84 min | Adventure, Family

Eritrean Movie - A young Boy and a Girl go on a nationwide adventure to experience the wonderful landscapes, animals and people of Eritrea.

Director: Yonas Mihretab | Stars: Yonas Mihretab, Niftalem Yohannes, Solihem Yohannes

Between Fences (2016)

Not Rated | 85 min | Documentary

Holot is a detention centre in the Israeli desert near the Egyptian border. It houses asylum-seekers from Eritrea & Sudan who can't be sent back to their own countries. Enter Chen Alon and ... See full summary »

Director: Avi Mograbi

Votes: 66

An Ordinary Life (2019)

55 min | Documentary

Fadhumo and Helen are two refugees seeking sanctuary, one in Tel Aviv and one in Berlin, each coping with discrimination, otherness and a life away from home. The two close friends become ... See full summary »

Directors: Efrat Shalom Danon, Gili A. Danon

The Ambassador's Wife (2016)

40 min | Short, Drama

YERUSALEM (30) is a beautiful Eritrean woman who was the wife of the Eritrean ambassador in Paris. After his assassination by radical nationalists, she was forced to flee and now finds ... See full summary »

Director: Dina Zvi-Riklis | Stars: Ester Rada, Ornella Bess, Shai Fredo, Osher Gibli

Nabrana (2017– )


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Stars: Segen Kidane, Filmon Rezene, Simon Russom, Maebel Ghezae

Looking for Kadija (2014)

60 min | Documentary, Biography

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Director: Francesco G. Raganato

Votes: 10

My Future (2008)

50 min | Documentary

Follows an eighteen year old Ethiopian girl, Tsega, during the most important period of life: she just finished her national exam and is now waiting for the results, on which her future will depend.

Director: Lieven Corthouts | Star: Tsega Kiros Zebreabruk

Votes: 7

American Heart: The Medicine Box Project (2010)

54 min | Documentary

When two political refugees from opposite corners of the world each face life-threatening cardiac events, their paths intersect in one remarkable Minnesota clinic.

Director: Chris Newberry

Yirga (2019)

8 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Before she can leave town for a fresh start, Yirga must get one problem out of her head.

Director: B.B. Araya | Stars: Rekik Neway, Evelyn Ngugi, Filmon Yohannes

Come un uomo sulla terra (2008)

60 min | Documentary

Since 2003 Italy and Europe have asked Libya to stop the African migrants. What are the Libyan police really doing? What do thousands of African men and women suffer? And why does everybody pretend they do not know about it?

Directors: Andrea Segre, Dagmawi Yimer | Stars: Damallash Amtataw, Negga Demitse, Johannes Eyob, Fikirte Inghida

Votes: 16

TiLMi (2020– )


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Stars: Saif Butrus, Awet Mehari, Danaite Tesfay, Robel Tesfay

Street Shadows (2015)

50 min | Documentary

One street in southern Tel Aviv - doomed to be a home for refugees ever since it was planned - brings forth a mosaic of characters living in a hallucinatory reality of a cityscape that has its charms, but is not always kind and merciful.

Director: David Fisher

Mensch (2016 Video)

1 min | Short

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Director: Franco Zilli | Stars: Carina Ferrante, Franca Basoli, Nancy Holten

Where I Lay My Head (2010)

10 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Dylan Rhys Howard | Stars: Deborah Lee McCormick Herman, Stevie Jackson, Baddy Kahsay, Dayleigh Nelson

Sophie (II) (2018)

5 min | Short, Drama

A family of Eritrean refugees gets a confirmation for their asylum request. A few minutes before their flight to Canada, the airport clerk tells them they can't get on the plane because ... See full summary »

Director: Ziv Mamon | Stars: Esmit Rada, Michael Tesfahans-Aforki

Nel mare dove sono nata io (2012)

10 min | Short, Drama

Sina, a seven year old Eritrean girl, tells her sister Muna, still in her mother's womb, the adventure of her arrival in Italy. In a style between a fairy tale and an intimate diary, Sina ... See full summary »

Directors: Isabel Achaval, Chiara Bondì | Stars: Sina Debas, Betlehem Gidon

Stranger of the Dunes (2017)

22 min | Short, Drama

An Eritrean refugee emerges from the desert to a small rural community in southern Israel,. He yearns to belong but holds on to the memory of the lover he left behind.

Director: Tamar Baruch | Stars: Michael Tesfahans-Aforki, Ester Rada, Benny Avni, Sharon Tal

Europium (2018)


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Director: Lou Rambert Preiss | Stars: Sead Saad, Abudella Salih

Fyiori (2017)

9 min | Documentary, Short

Fiyori had to flee Erytrea by herself at the age of 13. She has not seen her father for more than 6 years.

Director: Victor Ridley

Len(n)y (2018)

7 min | Short, Drama

A girl struggles to bury her dead hamster while ignoring insistent phone calls from her overbearing African mother.

Director: Sylvia Ray | Star: Lowam Eyasu

Minister (2002)


An epic-like story of a young Eritrean soldier who deserts the British army in order to protect his village from a marauding bandit.

Director: Temesghen Zehaie Abraha

Votes: 6

Revival (2003)

96 min | Action

Revolutionaries plan and execute a prison break. The authorities ruthlessly pursue them.

Director: Makonnen Woldeab | Stars: Tesfalem Misghina, Yamane Hagos, Yonas Weldu, Mihret Habtemariam

Votes: 6

Depot Asmara (2019)

Documentary, Short | Post-production

Eritrea, a small country in the Horn of Africa. The former Italian colony has been through a thirty-year war of liberation that has left its marks - on the people and their landscape. In ... See full summary »

Director: Beatrice Möller

Godmorgon mammor och pappor (2003)

21 min | Short

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Directors: Erik Bergendal, Rebecka Brick, Therese Nilsson

Music on the Run (2016 TV Movie)

55 min | Documentary, Musical

In the refugee camp at Calais, a clear man's voice resounds. Full of melancholy, he sings: 'I'm here, but my soul is across the sea'. It is a striking description of the mood the thousands ... See full summary »

Directors: Frans Bromet, Silvia Bromet