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Trùm Huong Cang (2017)

C18 | 128 min | Action, Biography, Crime

An illegal immigrant from Mainland China sneaks into corrupt British-colonized Hong Kong in 1963, transforming himself into a ruthless and emerging drug lord.

Directors: Jason Kwan, Jing Wong, Aman Chang | Stars: Donnie Yen, Andy Lau, Philip Keung, Wilfred Lau

Votes: 3,074 | Gross: $0.46M

Ms J Contemplates Her Choice (2014)

TV-MA | 88 min | Drama

Jo Yang, a celebrity radio guest, receives a phone call while on air and sets in motion a series of events that threaten her life and her family. Forced to choose between saving a ... See full summary »

Director: Jason Lai | Stars: Kit Chan, Yun Xiang, Bobby Tonelli, Shane Pow

Votes: 96

The Maid (2005)

Not Rated | 93 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

"Every year, for thirty days during the lunar seventh month, the Chinese believe that the gates of hell are thrown open. Vengeful spirits or hungry ghosts wander among the living, seeking ... See full summary »

Director: Kelvin Tong | Stars: Alessandra de Rossi, Huifang Hong, Benny Soh, Zhenwei Guan

Votes: 1,121

It's a Great, Great World (2011)

100 min | Comedy, Family

Welcome to 'Great World', Singapore's legendary amusement park. Where lovers cavorted in the 60s. Where Hollywood stars and cabaret girls partied in the 50s. Where bombs fell in the 40s. ... See full summary »

Director: Kelvin Tong | Stars: Justin Ang, Xing Ang, Teresa of Babes In The City, Tracy of Babes In The City

Votes: 65

1965 (2015)

130 min | Crime, Drama, History

A dramatic look back at the Geylang Riots and the days of Konfrontasi when Singapore split from Malaya in 1965.

Director: Randy Ang | Stars: Yuwu Qi, Deanna Yusoff, Joanne Peh, James Seah

Votes: 40

Ci lang zhou (1976)

91 min | Drama, Musical

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Director: Yuen Chor | Stars: Nan-ying Hsiao, Min Ting, Feng Yeh, Kuei-feng Lo

When Hainan Meets Teochew (2010)

81 min | Comedy, Romance

A romantic comedy usually involves a handsome man and a pretty lady. But what happens when it's a 'manly' woman, and a 'womanly' man? One day, a brassiere drops on Teochew. He immediately ... See full summary »

Director: Yew Kwang Han | Stars: Alaric, Yew Kwang Han, Yi Kai Ho, Soundrarajan J.

Votes: 33

667 (2017)

80 min | Drama

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Directors: Jun Chong, Shuming He, Jiekai Liao, Kirsten Tan, Eva Tang | Stars: Junfeng Boo, Alvin Chiam, Ee Fang Chua, Jalyn Han

Votes: 5

Waterfront Talent (2019)

Drama, Music, Romance | Pre-production

Paragon Senior High School is an intercultural school in Pontianak, Indonesia where 4 of its students form cover dance group TwicePINK. The name "Twice" comes from name of multinational ... See full summary »

Stars: Teresa Enjelita, Kanghua Fu, Jayhan, Astro Liecharlie

Bo ming hua (1958)


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Director: Kit Wong | Stars: Hua Chi, Tzu Fung, Sheng Geng, Fan Hsia

Li Zi Chang huo hua (1963)


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Director: Li Kao | Stars: Ying-Yan Chang, Chu-hui Chen, Han-ban Fang, Shao-yang Fang

Wenti bu da (1999)


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Director: J.P. Tan | Stars: Edmund Chen, Kay Siu Lim, Swee Lin Neo, Sherry Tan

Oh Mommy! (Me Oi!) (2007)

5 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Jenni Trang Le | Stars: Uyen Huynh, Hannah Lee, Mona Nahm, Anthomas Tran

Tuo lian (2012)

86 min | Drama, Romance

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Director: Zhimin Zheng | Stars: Yang Jie, Wu Qilei, Haibin Zhu, Zhang Chuzhi

Breaking the Ice (2014)

55 min | Drama

"You believe that you can capture reality. But it is impossible. You can always go further." With Kiarostami's thesis on the nature of cinema and reality as inspiration and starting point, ... See full summary »

Director: Abdul Nizam | Stars: Jeremy Hiah, Ilyas Hiah, Myra Hiah, Patricia Toh

Gong Gong (2001)

22 min | Drama, Short

An old man sneaks out of an old folks' home to bring a present to his 5-year old granddaughter on her birthday.

Director: Chee Nien Lau | Stars: Raeann Heng, Roseann Heng, Allen Lim, Chiong Ngian Lim

Old Woman (2005)

17 min | Short, Drama

An old woman is about to commit suicide when she finds a baby abandoned outside her home.

Director: Chee Nien Lau | Stars: Siew-Leng Wong, Sheena Hor, Siok Mui Seow, Yong Ming Tan

Nu fu ma (1963)


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Director: Yi-Ching Chen | Stars: Lan-Fang Chang, Yi-Chi Chen, Chiu Chien, Chiao-Yu Fang

Innocent (2004)

27 min | Documentary, Short

At the funeral, one of the directors discovers that her aunt's death was a suicide. Together, the directors visit the site of her death-a cold concrete building-with the aunt's husband and ... See full summary »

Directors: Li San Gek, Choon Hiong Ho

Liu yu niang (1963)


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Director: Chi-Hung Law | Stars: Chor-Kiow Ting, Ying-Yan Chang, Wen-Chang Chen, Chu-Shiang Cheng

Lao Ye Bao He: The Sisyphus (2014)


Can an imperfect God be God when the twist of fate makes it impossible for him to grant himself a wish that can never be granted?

Director: Gongming Chan