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Camille (I) (2019)

90 min | Biography, Drama

The story of Camille Lepage, a French photojournalist who was killed at age 26 in the Central African Republic.

Director: Boris Lojkine | Stars: Nina Meurisse, Fiacre Bindala, Bruno Todeschini, Grégoire Colin

Votes: 205

Herdsmen of the Sun (1989 TV Movie)

52 min | Documentary

Herzog's documentary of the Wodaabe people of the Sahara/Sahel region. Particular attention is given to the tribe's spectacular courtship rituals and 'beauty pageants', where eligible young... See full summary »

Director: Werner Herzog | Star: Werner Herzog

Votes: 648

Sarraounia (1986)

120 min | Drama, History, War

On January 2 1899, starting from the French Soudan, a french column under the commandment of the captains Voulet and Chanoine is send against the black Sultan Rabah in what is now the ... See full summary »

Director: Med Hondo | Stars: Aï Keïta, Jean-Roger Milo, Féodor Atkine, Didier Sauvegrain

Votes: 129

Guimba the Tyrant (1995)

93 min | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Documents the rise and fall of a cruel and despotic village chief Guimba, and his son Jangine in a fictional village in the Sahel of Mali.

Director: Cheick Oumar Sissoko | Stars: Fatoumata Coulibaly, Habib Dembélé, Lamine Diallo, Maimouna Hélène Diarra

Votes: 200

Maffé Tiga (2012)

Short, Drama, Romance

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Director: Momo Dione | Stars: Marie Zoumanigui, Momo Dione, Stephanie Williams, Pamela Holt

Votes: 6

Reewo Daande Maayo (1979)

60 min | Documentary

A semi-fictional and semi-documentary study of the effects of irrigation on a pastoral people in Southern Mauritania and Northern Senegal commissioned by SONADER, a public agency run by Mauritania's Ministry of Rural Development.

Director: N'Gaido Ba

Une bouteille à la mer (2018)

65 min | Documentary

Sent to the forest to give remedial lessons to the Pygmee children, a teacher from the city of Yaounde decides to use music to bring the students back to school.

Directors: Alexandre Brecher, Sammy Hossenny

Messages Musicaux - Le Sénégal en transformation (2013)

76 min | Documentary, Music

Rapper/Pan-Africanist Awadi and R&B-singer Facoly are juxtaposed with three griots. This provides an insight into contemporary Senegalese culture oscillating between tradition and modernity.

Director: Cornelia Strasser | Stars: Awadi, Didier Awadi, Fatou Coudiaby, Facoly

Bakoroman (2011)

62 min | Documentary

Leaving your family at the age of seven, twelve, sixteen: a leap into the unknown. Taking up residence in front of a shop, in a video store, nearby a bus station. Learning how to take drugs... See full summary »

Director: Simplice Ganou

Bakary Diallo, mémoires peules (2016)

72 min | Documentary

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Directors: Mélanie Bourlet, Franck Guillemain | Stars: Mélanie Bourlet, Cira Malic Diallo, Don Aziz Diallo, Don Minelphe Diallo

Sans Commentaire (1996)

33 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Valérie Osouf

Eurotop (2006–2009)


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Star: Natalia Jakula

Dance with the Wodaabes (2010)

90 min | Documentary, History, Musical

In the heart of the Nigerien Sahel, far off the beaten 'asphalt' track, thousands of Fulbe Wodaabe nomads gather every year for a gigantic ceremony named the geerewol. For seven full days ... See full summary »

Director: Sandrine Loncke | Star: Ouba Bi Hassane

Silence on arrive: Déportés oubliés (2006)

26 min | Documentary, Short

In 1989, 120,000 Mauritanians who are mostly Haalpulaar (Peul) were forced to seek asylum in Senegal. They share they journey, hope and disappointment..

Director: Cheikh Tidiane Sy

The River Where We Live (2006)

92 min | Documentary

Far from the murderous fighting that ravages many African countries, people from diverse ethnic groups live together peacefully along the Niger river.

Director: Sylvain L'Espérance

Hier encore, je t'espérais toujours (2008)

70 min | Documentary

The story of a woman whose husband is missing and presumed dead - of her fight, and her enduring love for him and for his country.

Director: Catherine Veaux-Logeat | Star: Nadine Bari

Votes: 15

The Merchants of Death (1962)

100 min

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Director: Naser Malek Motiee | Stars: Victoria, Fima, Naser Malek Motiee, Fereydoon Nariman

Votes: 8

Le rêve plus fort que la mort (2002)

89 min | Documentary

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Directors: Jean Rouch, Bernard Surugue | Stars: Philippe Brunet, Lam Ibrahim Dia, Diouldé Laya, Tallou Mouzourane