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Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)
23 metascore

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

R | 91 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Vampire death dealer Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.

Director: Anna Foerster | Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver

Votes: 71,001 | Gross: $30.35M

Klaus (2019)
65 metascore

Klaus (2019)

PG | 96 min | Animation, Adventure, Comedy

A simple act of kindness always sparks another, even in a frozen, faraway place. When Smeerensburg's new postman, Jesper, befriends toymaker Klaus, their gifts melt an age-old feud and deliver a sleigh full of holiday traditions.

Directors: Sergio Pablos, Carlos Martínez López | Stars: Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, Rashida Jones, Will Sasso

Votes: 112,224

The 12th Man (2017)
70 metascore

The 12th Man (2017)

Unrated | 135 min | Drama, History, Thriller

They were 12 saboteurs. The Nazis killed 11 of them. This is the true story of the one that got away.

Director: Harald Zwart | Stars: Thomas Gullestad, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Marie Blokhus, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen

Votes: 22,064

Midnight Sun (2016)

440 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

The brutal murder of a French citizen sees French homicide investigator Kahina Zadi (Leïla Bekhti) go to Kiruna, Sweden. Together with Rutger Burlin (Peter Stormare) she begins an investigation that soon takes on staggering proportions.

Stars: Leïla Bekhti, Gustaf Hammarsten, Albin Grenholm, Jakob Hultcrantz Hansson

Votes: 4,654

Sami Blood (2016)
79 metascore

Sami Blood (2016)

Not Rated | 110 min | Drama, History

A reindeer-breeding Sámi girl who is exposed to the racism of the 1930's at her boarding school, starts dreaming of another life. But to achieve it, she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture.

Director: Amanda Kernell | Stars: Maj-Doris Rimpi, Olle Sarri, Ánne Biret Somby, Bo Lundmark

Votes: 6,879

Outlier (2020– )

360 min | Thriller

A young girl is found killed at a camping resort and criminal psychologist Maja Angell believes that the police have arrested the wrong man. She's not able to convince the police of that. Can she find the murderer before he strikes again?

Stars: Benjamin Noble, Anethe Alfsvåg, Adrian Aresønn Norwich, Eila Ballovara Varsi

Votes: 394

Pathfinder (1987)

86 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

A Warband intent on slaughter terrorizes northern Scandinavian villages in 1000 AD.

Director: Nils Gaup | Stars: Mikkel Gaup, Ingvald Guttorm, Nils Utsi, Henrik H. Buljo

Votes: 4,946

A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010)
68 metascore

A Somewhat Gentle Man (2010)

Not Rated | 113 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Ulrik's released from prison after 12 years for murder. Will he go straight? He gets a room and a job as mechanic. He hooks up with his old gang. His son introduces him as uncle to his pregnant fiancée.

Director: Hans Petter Moland | Stars: Stellan Skarsgård, Bjørn Floberg, Jorunn Kjellsby, Gard B. Eidsvold

Votes: 6,696 | Gross: $0.04M

Invasion of the Animal People (1959)

55 min | Horror, Sci-Fi

Aliens release a furry critter in the wilds of Lapland where it takes a woman captive and threatens a group of scientists.

Director: Virgil W. Vogel | Stars: Barbara Wilson, Sten Gester, Robert Burton, Bengt Blomgren

Votes: 926

Svidd neger (2003)

87 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

Anna lives with her father Karl someplace in the outskirts of northern Norway. Karl killed his ex-wife and threw her newborn colored child into the sea when he discovered that she obviously... See full summary »

Director: Erik Smith Meyer | Stars: Kingsford Siayor, Eirik Junge Eliassen, Björn Granath, Kjersti Lid Gullvåg

Votes: 1,897

The Earth Is a Sinful Song (1973)

R | 108 min | Drama

An earthy, naturalistically erotic and blood-soaked tale of young Martta's ill-fated affair with Oula, a womanizing reindeer herdsman in the Finnish Lapland of the late 1940s. When the 19-... See full summary »

Director: Rauni Mollberg | Stars: Maritta Viitamäki, Pauli Jauhojärvi, Aimo Saukko, Milja Hiltunen

Votes: 790

The Cuckoo (2002)
69 metascore

The Cuckoo (2002)

PG-13 | 99 min | Comedy, Drama, War

In WWII, a Finnish sniper is left chained to a rock by German soldiers, while a captain of the Red Army, en route to his court martial, is almost blown up by Russian planes. A Lapp woman gives a shelter to both of them at her farm.

Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin | Stars: Anni-Kristiina Juuso, Ville Haapasalo, Viktor Bychkov, Mikhail Korobochkin

Votes: 7,359 | Gross: $0.24M

Void (2018)

97 min | Comedy, Drama

The story of the tumultuous relationship between a successful actress and a struggling writer.

Director: Aleksi Salmenperä | Stars: Laura Birn, Tommi Korpela, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Matleena Kuusniemi

Votes: 654

Wolf (2008)

95 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

An examination of how the traditions of the Sami villagers in northern Sweden is confronted with modern day society.

Director: Daniel Alfredson | Stars: Peter Stormare, Robin Lundberg, Rolf Degerlund, Marie Delleskog

Votes: 1,205

The Kautokeino Rebellion (2008)

96 min | Drama, History

Religious and cultural reawakening inspires rebellion in a 19th century Norwegian village.

Director: Nils Gaup | Stars: Mikkel Gaup, Anni-Kristiina Juuso, Aslat Mahtte Gaup, Nils Peder Gaup

Votes: 2,688

North (2009)

79 min | Comedy, Drama

NORTH Following a nervous breakdown, ski athlete Jomar has isolated himself in a lonely existence as the guard of a ski park. When he learns that he might be the father of a child way up ... See full summary »

Director: Rune Denstad Langlo | Stars: Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Kyrre Hellum, Marte Aunemo, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen

Votes: 2,997


Horror | Post-production

A priest has been tasked with deciding the location of a new church for the local mining company, which reveals itself to be on top of an old Sami burial ground. After removing the remains, the dead come alive and haunt the settlers.

Director: Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken | Stars: Jan Sælid, Eva Nergård, Tarjei Sandvik Moe, Anna Filippa Hjarne

Bimbo Bambino (2018)

Action, Comedy, Drama

The story revolves around a group of teenage boys. When one of them suddenly gets a chance to make a pact with the devil things shift quickly in their lives.

Director: Alexi Carpentieri | Stars: Victor Poturaj, Byron Reimer Ward, Frej Wells, Musa Malik

Votes: 13

Glass Dolls (2014)

92 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

A mother reports her student daughter Lisa missing, but detective Aslak Eira is getting too little information, and she is found in a lake. The more they investigate, the less they seem to understand. Then Lisa's best friend goes missing.

Director: Nils Gaup | Stars: Stig Henrik Hoff, Lena Kristin Ellingsen, Anders Dahlberg, Henrik Mestad

Votes: 209

Eatnameamet - Hiljainen taistelumme (2021)

74 min | Documentary

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Director: Suvi West | Stars: Anni-Kristiina Juuso, Petra Laiti, Tiina Sanila-Aikio

Northern Great Mountain (2015)

15 min | Short, Drama

Elle, 78, doesn't like indigenous Sami people - though her first language was South Sami. Under pressure from her son, she reluctantly returns to Lapland and the Great Northern Mountain for... See full summary »

Director: Amanda Kernell | Stars: Maj-Doris Rimpi, Olle Sarri, Anne Biret Somby, Jonar Thomasson

Votes: 92

The Last Border (1993)

105 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

One man's quest for revenge in a post-apocalyptic world

Director: Mika Kaurismäki | Stars: Jolyon Baker, Jürgen Prochnow, Fanny Bastien, Kari Väänänen

Votes: 337

The Tongues (2019)

15 min | Short, Drama

During a blizzard on the tundra, a Sami woman is herding her reindeer when she is brutally raped by a man. Her sister senses that something is wrong and starts looking for her. Wrapped in ... See full summary »

Director: Marja Bål Nango

Votes: 6

Kiruna - A Brand New World (2019)

87 min | Documentary

What if you got the chance to build a new society from scratch, what would it look like? Located more than 200 km above the polar circle, the Swedish mining town Kiruna is built on the ... See full summary »

Director: Greta Stocklassová

Votes: 24

The Storm in My Heart (2009)

92 min | Drama

Jernanger is a tale about the tempered Eivind who isn't scared of anything- except love. Eivind, lives aboard a boat in the South of Norway. The boat lies low and lopsided in the water. ... See full summary »

Director: Pål Jackman | Stars: Ailo Gaup, Pål Sverre Hagen, Hans Petter Hansen, Magne Høyland

Votes: 579

A Shout Into the Wind (2007)

56 min | Documentary

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Director: Katja Gauriloff | Stars: Natalia Sanila, Veikko Feodoroff, Esko Seppänen, Esko-Juhani Tennilä

Votes: 5

Hay Road (2012)

90 min | Adventure, Drama, Western

This is the story of a man who after living over ten years isolated away from his country, returns to avenge His brother's death. Inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau, he is ... See full summary »

Director: Rodrigo Areias | Stars: Vítor Correia, Nuno Melo, Inês Mariana Moitas, Ângelo Torres

Votes: 182

24H Europe: The Next Generation (2019 TV Movie)

1,440 min | Documentary

60 youngsters from 25 nations between the ages of 15 and 30 share their everyday lives, dreams and visions for the European Union at this challenging times.

Directors: Nathalie Biancheri, Susanne Binninger, Kim Brand, Daniel Cattier, François Chilowicz, Hanna Doose, Jan Gassmann, Marco Gastine, Uli Gaulke, Uljana Havemann, Per-Josef Idivuoma, Magda Jaroszewicz, Yves Jeuland, Karin Jurschick, Lukás Kokes, Dane Komljen, Kimmo Koskela, Eliza Kubarska, Rémi Lainé, Martin Langner, Marcus Lenz, Madis Ligema, Matthias Luthardt, Pia Marais, Antonio Martino, Helga Rakel Rafnsdottir, Thomas Riedelsheimer, Alexandru Solomon, Guillaume Terver, Mila Turajlic, Alfred Turner, Florian Vallée, Anne van Campenhout, Andreas Voigt, Natalija Yefimkina, Rosa Hannah Ziegler, Britt Beyer, Vassili Silovic

Votes: 14

The Embargo Project (2015)

73 min | Drama

Five Indigenous women filmmakers from across Canada challenge one another to make a film under a set of restrictions tailored to each filmmaker. Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, Nunavut/ ... See full summary »

Directors: Alethea Arnaquq-Baril, Zoe Leigh Hopkins, Lisa Jackson, Caroline Monnet, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers | Stars: Marie Brassard, Julien Morin, Tammy Hill, Santee Smith

A Home Truth (2021)

7 min | Short, Drama

A young Sámi woman faces conflicting emotions of having found a home far away from her family in Sápmi.

Director: Rebecca King | Stars: Benjamin Alalouff, Fayez Bakhsh, Raghad Chaar, Ánne Mággá Wigelius

The Boy from Lapland (1976)

86 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

A year in the Sami boy Ante's life. His dream is to become a reindeer owner like his dad, but in the autumn he has to attend school, where he struggles to adapt.

Director: Arvid Skauge | Stars: Sverre Porsanger, Rasmus Somby, Nils Utsi, Odd Astrup

Votes: 38

Elsewhere (2001)

240 min | Documentary

During the year 2000 Geyrhalter and his teams travelled to a different destination each month, looking for places untouched by the millennium hysteria. Locations include Niger, Finland, ... See full summary »

Director: Nikolaus Geyrhalter

Votes: 128

Me and My Little Sister (2016)

69 min | Documentary

Me and my Little Sister is a personal film about sisterhood, homosexuality and the search for acceptance.

Director: Suvi West | Stars: Kaisa West, Suvi West, Linnea, Anssi Kömi

Votes: 41

The Miracle of the Little Prince (2018)

89 min | Documentary

A documentary about the passionate translators of the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who fight for the preservation of their endangered languages.

Director: Marjoleine Boonstra

Votes: 86 | Gross: $0.01M

My Dear Mother (2020)

87 min | Documentary

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Director: Paul-Anders Simma | Stars: Dasha Matrekhina, Alyonna Sovkina, Irina Matveeva, Natescha Panova

Votes: 12

Umur (2002)

102 min | Drama, Romance

A young border guard falls in love with a beautiful but mysterious Lappish woman, unaware of her dark past.

Director: Kai Lehtinen | Stars: Heikki Rantanen, Minna Turunen, Juhani Niemelä, Rea Mauranen

Votes: 261

Rebel (II) (2014)

14 min | Documentary, Short, Comedy

This film is an unconventional documentary that explores the complex relationship between a father and daughter. Through animation, re-enactments, and archival photos, writer/director E. ... See full summary »

Director: Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers | Stars: Maret Aile Gaup Beaska, Mariel Belanger, Máret Áile Gaup Beaska, Duncan Ollerenshaw

Votes: 9

Melodi Grand Prix 2021 (2021)


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Stars: Kåre Magnus Bergh, Ronny Brede Aase, Ingrid Gjessing Linhave, Silje Nordnes

All Aboard! The Great Reindeer Migration (2018 TV Movie)

119 min | Documentary

Each year, Sami reindeer herders help their animals reach the far north pastures to give birth and feed. Pop up text gives information about the Sami and the reindeer throughout. Part of BBC4 Slow TV's "All Aboard!" Christmas franchise.

Stars: Aslak Ante Sara, Josef Mikkel Sara, Ravdna Sara

Votes: 10

Kaisa's Enchanted Forest (2016)

82 min | Documentary

A magical story about the lifelong friendship, the age-old legend of Aurora Borealis and a culture that was almost destroyed by the Second World War.

Director: Katja Gauriloff | Stars: Kaisa Gauriloff, Robert Crottet, Mohandas K. Gandhi, Jaakko Sverloff

Votes: 91

The Killing of Cahceravga (2019)

30 min | Short

The universe of the Miracle Workers Collective shifts, cuts and jumps across space-time and exists across numerous weather systems, landscapes, and spiritual realms simultaneously. The ... See full summary »

Directors: Maryan Abdulkarim, Khadar Ahmed, Hassan Blasim, Sonya Lindfors, Leena Pukki, Martta Tuomaala, Suvi West | Stars: Aile Kirste Lokki, Pirita Näkkäläjärvi, Noora Dadu, Simon Al-Bazoon

Hvem ringer? (2020)

4 min | Drama, Short

An abandoned cellphone is ringing. A passerby picks up the phone and responds it, but starts a chain reaction across the country.

Stars: Miriam Sunde, Egil Keskitalo, Karianna Sommerro, Tarun Agnihotri

Anerca, elämän hengitys (2020)

87 min | Documentary

Indigenous cultures in the Arctic Circle .

Directors: Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio

Votes: 19

Beaivvi nieida (2018)

Short, Drama

When Anne attends a writing workshop she faces racism from her Norwegian classmates. Her treatment triggers dark memories from her childhood.

Director: Sara Margrethe Oskal | Stars: Berit Ánne Oskal Kemi, Neda Margrethe Labba, Nils Johnson, William Bache-Wiig

Votes: 8

Hjerterått (2013– )

25 min | Drama

Against Anneli's wishes, she and her family moves from big city Oslo to rural Kautokeino, up far North in Norway. There she meets Isak, and together with him she discovers something fishy is going on. They can't trust the grown ups.

Stars: Bjørn Alexander, Nils Eira, Gard Elvenes, Anne Katja Gaup

Votes: 22

Ealát (2021)

32 min | Documentary, Short

"As long as the reindeer exist here, so do we". Through filmmaker Elle Márjá Eira's eyes we follow her family in different seasons with their reindeer herd. Ealát is a story about living ... See full summary »

Director: Elle Márjá Eira | Stars: Elle Márjá Eira, Per Henrik Eira, Piera Joavnna Eira

Hant Quij Cöipaxi Hac (2019)

10 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Antonio Coello | Stars: Manuel Monroy, Darleen Quiim Romero Torres, Kevin Estrella, Kenia Estrella

Boom Boom (2018)

17 min | Short, Drama

1944. Norway is under Nazi occupation. Two sámi help the norwegian resistance on a sabotagemission, but the bridge they're about to blow up is guarded by a man i nazi uniform. A fellow sámi in nazi uniform.

Director: Per-Josef Idivuoma | Stars: Jens-William Aronsen, Ingá Elisá Påve Idivuoma, Lars Henrik Idivuoma, Pavva Pittja

Näkkälä (2005)

88 min | Documentary

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Director: Peter Ramseier | Stars: Hans Ulrich Schwaar, Iisakki-Mathias Syväjärvi

Votes: 11

Skáidi (1995– )

30 min | Action

About a bunch of young people revealing scams with reindeer.

Stars: Aslat Mahtte Gaup, Petter Guttorm-Gaup, Marit Eira Meløy, Anne Lajla V. Kalstad

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