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Apocalypto (2006)
68 metascore

Apocalypto (2006)

R | 139 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, a young man is taken on a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression.

Director: Mel Gibson | Stars: Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Max Trujillo, Dalia Hernández, Rudy Youngblood

Votes: 284,151 | Gross: $50.87M

The Fountain (2006)
51 metascore

The Fountain (2006)

PG-13 | 97 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

As a modern-day scientist, Tommy is struggling with mortality, desperately searching for the medical breakthrough that will save the life of his cancer-stricken wife, Izzi.

Director: Darren Aronofsky | Stars: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Sean Patrick Thomas, Ellen Burstyn

Votes: 224,066 | Gross: $10.14M

The Ruins (2008)
44 metascore

The Ruins (2008)

R | 90 min | Fantasy, Horror, Thriller

A group of friends whose leisurely Mexican holiday takes a turn for the worse when they, along with a fellow tourist, embark on a remote archaeological dig in the jungle where something evil lives among the ruins.

Director: Carter Smith | Stars: Shawn Ashmore, Jena Malone, Jonathan Tucker, Laura Ramsey

Votes: 68,608 | Gross: $17.43M

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (2013 Video Game)

M | Action, Adventure, Crime

A video game where you play as sailor, privateer and assassin Edward Kenway exploring on and around the islands in the Caribbean Sea during the early 17th century.

Director: Ashraf Ismail | Stars: Sarah Greene, Nolan North, Ralph Ineson, Matt Ryan

Votes: 13,566

Transpecos (2016)
73 metascore

Transpecos (2016)

86 min | Thriller

For three Border Patrol agents working a remote desert checkpoint, the contents of one car will reveal an insidious plot within their own ranks. The next 24 hours will take them on a treacherous journey that could cost them their lives.

Director: Greg Kwedar | Stars: Johnny Simmons, Gabriel Luna, Clifton Collins Jr., David Acord

Votes: 2,423

Hernán (2019– )

Biography, Drama, History

The Spanish "Conquistador" Hernán Cortés arrives in the shores of what today is México and faces both local demons and those who've sailed with him.

Stars: Almagro San Miguel, Ishbel Bautista, Michel Brown, Víctor Clavijo

Votes: 691

El Norte (1983)
67 metascore

El Norte (1983)

R | 141 min | Drama

Peasants escaping mindless labor and a murderous Guatemalan government head to America in hopes for something better.

Director: Gregory Nava | Stars: Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez, David Villalpando, Ernesto Gómez Cruz, Alicia del Lago

Votes: 4,658

Men with Guns (II) (1997)

R | 127 min | Adventure, Drama

Humberto Fuentes is a wealthy doctor whose wife has recently died. In spite of the advice of his children, he takes a trip to visit his former students who now work in impoverished villages... See full summary »

Director: John Sayles | Stars: Federico Luppi, Damián Delgado, Dan Rivera González, Tania Cruz

Votes: 2,566 | Gross: $0.74M

Ixcanul (2015)
83 metascore

Ixcanul (2015)

Not Rated | 93 min | Drama

On the slopes of an active volcano in Guatemala, a marriage is arranged for seventeen-year-old María by her Kaqchikel parents.

Director: Jayro Bustamante | Stars: María Mercedes Coroy, María Telón, Manuel Antún, Justo Lorenzo

Votes: 2,577 | Gross: $0.29M

Malinche (2018– )


The story of Marina, Malintzin or Malinche - as she came to be known - the native interpreter of conquistador Hernán Cortés.

Stars: Alberto Barahona, Daniel Villar, Frida Tavera, Luis Arrieta

Votes: 20

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (1999 Video Game)

T | Action, Adventure, History

The Age of Kings is set in the Middle Ages and contains thirteen playable civilizations.

Director: Paul DeNigris | Stars: Gary Moody, Spencer Prokop, Ric Spiegel, Cliff Stephens

Votes: 2,920

Age of Empires III (2005 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, War

Age of Empires III portrays the European colonization of the Americas, between approximately 1492 and 1876 AD. Command one of eight mighty European powers and colonize vast, uncharted territory.

Director: Kris Zimmerman | Stars: Rosalind Ayres, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger, Bettina Bush

Votes: 2,291

Chiapas the Heart of Coffee (2012)

100 min | Drama, Romance

Amidst the hostile beauty of the jungle surges the love story of how coffee first made its way to Chiapas in 1800s.

Director: Alejandro González Padilla | Stars: Juan Ignacio Aranda, Carmen Aub, Manuel Balbi, Alexandré Barceló

Votes: 102

Los gigantes no existen (2017)

82 min | Drama

Guatemala, in the 80s. The worst days of the Civil war. Andrés is 9 years old. He lives with Pedro González, one of the men who massacred all the women and children in his village. Andrés ... See full summary »

Director: Chema Rodríguez | Stars: Rafael Rojas, Luis Carlos Pineda, Andrés Toz, Jesús Tecú

Votes: 45

Be Brave

Documentary, Adventure, Biography | Post-production

Real footage captures this haunting and inspiring story of filmmaker Daniel Northcott's travels over 9 years, through 42 countries and into the darkness of a Mayan burial chamber where his ... See full summary »

Directors: Daniel Northcott, Mikki Willis | Stars: Saurabh Khanna, Storma, Daniel Northcott, Bousse Ershadi

Vera (2003)

86 min | Drama, Mystery

The story of an android that raises alive in the deepest caves of the mayan zone in México and meets and old dying man. They will stablish a spiritual bond than enlightens the old mayan and... See full summary »

Director: Francisco Athié | Stars: Urara Kusanagi, Marco Antonio Arzate

Votes: 103

MYTH (2016)

Short, Fantasy

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Directors: Iker Iturria, Manfre Iturria | Stars: Tokala Black Elk, Johanna Constantine, Andrea Carrazco, Barbara Turan

Yai Wanonabalewa: The Enemy God (2008)

100 min | Drama

Shake is a powerful shaman of the Yanomami people. He wields his power to heal and to protect his people against their enemies in this world and beyond. Tracing his life and the life of his... See full summary »

Director: Christopher M. Bessette | Stars: Martie Ashworth, Denielle Broer, Matthew Castagna, Mateo Coc

Votes: 31

A Man Called Nereus (2012)

Not Rated | 98 min | Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi

A Man Called Nereus is a film that smashes together the genres of Science fiction, Crime-Action Drama and Comedy.

Director: Nathan Hill | Stars: Seth Gandrud, David C. Hayes, Orchid Tao, Joe Ricci

Votes: 49

The Return of Lencho (2010)


LENCHO, a 30-year-old artist and graffiti writer, is back in Guatemala after living a decade in New York. Eager to bring artistic expression to his home country silenced by over 30 years of... See full summary »

Director: Mario Rosales | Stars: Mario Lanz, Miriam Arenas, Tatiana Palomo, Emanuel Loarca

Votes: 9

Chac (1975)

Not Rated | 95 min | Adventure, Drama

Unique story of a village's attempts to solve drought by appealing to the powers of a mysterious mountain-dwelling diviner.

Director: Rolando Klein | Stars: Pablo Canche Balam, Alonzo Mendez Ton, Sebastian Santis, Pedro Tiez

Votes: 162

Licenciado Cantinas the movie (2012)

25 min | Short, Musical

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Director: Alexis Morante | Stars: Seth Adams, Enrique Bunbury, Mishka Calderon, Nelly Castillo

Votes: 21

Heart of Sky, Heart of Earth (2011)

98 min | Documentary

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Directors: Eric Black, Frauke Sandig | Stars: Josefa 'Chepita' Hernández Pérez, Floridalma Pérez Gonzalez, Carlos Chan Chanuk, Kajkan Felipe Mejía Sepet

Votes: 42

Dónde Nace El Sol (2013)

85 min | History

Where the Sun is Born tells the story of the Maya People through four stories which allude to important moments in the in its history over the course of the last half millenium. The central... See full summary »

Director: Elías Jiménez | Stars: Felipe Gómez, Candelaria Hernández, Walter Paz Joj, Ajpú Nicho

The Greatest House in the World (2015)

76 min | Drama

Rocio, a Maya Mam girl, lives in the mountains with her mother, who is pregnant and her granny. Due to an early delivery from her mother, Rocio is stuck with caring for a herd of sheep, the... See full summary »

Directors: Ana V. Bojórquez, Lucía Carreras | Stars: Gloria López, María López, Elder Escobedo, Myriam Bravo

Votes: 37

Chuj Boys of Summer (2020)

Short, Drama | Post-production

Speaking neither Spanish nor English, an ingenuous Guatemalan teenager begins his new life in a small Rocky Mountain town. A story of friendship, hope, and home.

Director: Max Walker-Silverman | Stars: Danilo Ordoñez, Felipe Jorge, Juan Marcos Gómez, Yack Alux

Jats'uts Meyah (2020)

77 min | Documentary

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Director: Amanda Strickland

Pleiades (2011)

Short, Sci-Fi

A young Mayan Warrior is faced against a reptilian soldier from the pleiades.

Director: Angel M. Huerta | Stars: Barbara de la Rosa, Rodrigo Oviedo

Votes: 7

La Extramigrante (2012)


An immigrant from Venus comes to Earth in search of opportunities. She is full of excitement and hope. However, as reality settles in, things turn out to be nothing like she expected.

Director: Randy Machado Donéstevez | Stars: Filli Infante, Csr Bandera, Aniez, Anabel Riquelme

Votes: 7

The Hammock (2004)

8 min | Documentary, Short

At 80 years of age, Emilo Choco claims to be the last living practitioner of the ancient Maya art of hammock making in the tiny Central American nation of Belize. He reflects on his culture... See full summary »

Director: Brent Toombs | Star: Emilio Choco

El perro de cera (2012)

Animation, Short

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Directors: Adriana Otero Puerto, Alberto Eugenio Palomo Torres | Star: Luis Antonio Koyoc

Distance (2012)

84 min | Drama

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Director: Sergio Ramírez | Stars: Carlos Escalante, Sak Nicte, Julian Zacarias, Roberto Díaz Gomar

Votes: 10

Remedios (2014)

10 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Omer Shamir

Huipil (2018)

Short, Drama

Yatziri, a city woman, decides to visit her grandmother, who has not seen in many years. The trip and the reunion lead her to learn from her ancestors and the ancestral techniques of huipil... See full summary »

Director: Denis Montes | Stars: Manuel Can, Mary Coba, Denis Montes, Gabriela Ruiz

Profecías (2011– )

47 min | History, News, Sci-Fi

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Star: Omar Gonzalez Frau

Yaxche (2008)

Animation, Short

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Director: Savannah Winchester

The Angry God (1948)

Approved | 57 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance

The god Colima tries to win the love of a beautiful young Indian maiden, who won't betray the man she loves.

Director: Van Campen Heilner | Stars: Alice Parla, Casimiro Ortega, Mario Forastieri

Quetzal (2016)

24 min | Short, Adventure, Drama | Completed

Quetzal is a coming of age film about a young boy who is sent into the jungle to catch the bird that represents the essence of his tribe and step into adulthood. Fearfully, he sets himself ... See full summary »

Director: Irene Marco | Stars: Ricardo Diaz Mendoza, Antonio Monroi, Gabo Anguiano, Gabriela Montiel

El Tikin Xiic Asado (2018)

Short, Comedy

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Director: Miguel Ángel Ventura | Stars: Miguel Coello, Asunción Haas, Ilsee Morfin, Alfredo Pascual

Balancing the Cosmos (2009)

130 min | Documentary

An intimate portrait of a modern indigenous Maya city and its people, traditions and ritual. Filmed over the course of eight years in the highlands of Guatemala. In Tz'utujil and Spanish ... See full summary »

Director: Andrew Weeks

Zazil Ha, 'Agua clara' (2003)

11 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Olimpia Corona

TEDxTulum (2015 TV Special)


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Director: Chris Dabbs

Tales of the Maya Skies (2009)

34 min | Documentary, Animation, Short

Tales of the Maya Skies is a bilingual (English/Spanish) 34 minute digital full-dome show that immerses the audience into the Maya astronomy, art and culture through a custom score and ... See full summary »

Director: Arnie Wong | Star: Lila Downs

Votes: 7

Healers of the Maya (2008 Video)

28 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary that takes the audience inside a community that most of the Western world believes to have vanished a millennium ago. Featuring footage of healing ceremonies, and interviews ... See full summary »

Directors: Jamie Cost, José Gutiérrez | Stars: Doña Berta, Don Candido, Don Chano, Don Diego

Huajil Kool (2003)

12 min | Documentary, Short

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Directors: Andres Be Poot, Antonia Caamal Mena, Karina Chin Yama

El faisán y el venado (2016)

Short, Adventure, Drama

Pheasant legend is an iconic piece o Maya oral tradition. And this story tells us about two brothers and a bond that transcends borders and it becomes something deeper, hard to understand even after death.

Director: Dario Caballero | Stars: Amel Pech Morfin, Armando Montero, Rubén Abel Balán Baeza, María Llamá

El venado y la niebla (2010)

35 min | Short

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Director: Miguel Ángel Ventura | Stars: José Antonio Aguilar, José Fernando Cámara Chi, Rebeca Dzul Vaz, Antonia Pool Bolivar

La verdad bajo la tierra: Guatemala, el genocidio silenciado (2014)

60 min | Documentary, History

In Guatemala, the systematic repression of indigenous people led to a bloody armed conflict from 1960 to 1996 that left behind more than 200,000 dead, the majority of whom were Mayas. In an... See full summary »

Director: Eva Vilamala

Maiz (2007)

5 min | Short

Maiz is a surrealistic science fiction film that tells the consequences of the consumption of GMO corn in the Mayan immigrant communities in San Francisco, CA.

Director: Carlos Isael | Star: Josue Chan

Mayan Revelations & Hollywood Lies


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Stars: Francisco Perez Aceituno, Alberto Acetum, Ignacio Amrrabi, Agustin Anaya

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