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Four Sheets to the Wind (2007)

R | 81 min | Drama, Romance

After his father's untimely suicide, Cufe leaves his home in a Native American reservation in search of a more fulfilling life.

Director: Sterlin Harjo | Stars: Wes Allen, Jeri Arredondo, Laura Bailey, Nando Betancur

Votes: 532

Age of Empires III (2005 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, War

Age of Empires III portrays the European colonization of the Americas, between approximately 1492 and 1876 AD. Command one of eight mighty European powers and colonize vast, uncharted territory.

Director: Kris Zimmerman | Stars: Rosalind Ayres, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger, Bettina Bush

Votes: 2,384

A Journey of a Thousand Miles: Peacekeepers (2015)

95 min | Documentary

A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES: PEACEKEEPERS follows three women in an all female, predominantly Muslim unit of police officers sent to post-earthquake Haiti as UN Peacekeepers for one year.... See full summary »

Directors: Geeta Gandbhir, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Votes: 21

Hamam (2020)

20 min | Short, History

Two families from 1843, at the beginning of the creation of the New Greek state, till 1973, are separated and united over the years, passing intrigues, deaths, troubled times, just like the... See full summary »

Director: Barbara Dukas | Stars: Lena Argiris, Nicos Arvanitis, Kostas Athanassiou, Dina Avagianou

Sto Kentro (2013)

25 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

K, a vain young man, far from following the morals of his scientist father has fallen into drugs. One day a colleague of his father offers him rehabilitation in the form of a revolutionary new medicine. Will it be his way out or a trap?

Director: Konstantinos Stragalinos | Stars: Giorgos Giannopoulos, Christos Kapenis, Sofia Manoli, Kostas Triantafyllopoulos

The Zoo Story (2016 TV Movie)

60 min | Drama

This one-act Edward Albee's first play concerns two characters, Peter and Jerry, who meet on a park bench in New York City's Central Park in 1958. Peter is a wealthy publishing executive ... See full summary »

Director: Vassilis Oikonomou | Stars: Panos Zournatzidis, Michalis Tamboukas, Vassilis Oikonomou, Christina Toumba

Deception Game (2013)

Short, Action

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Directors: Besis Panos, Christos Megarchiotis | Stars: Giannis Agapitidis, Papadatos Andreas, Panos Besis, Giorgos Gianopoulos

Beloved Days (2015)

75 min | Documentary

It is more than a film, it is about ife...

Director: Constandinos Patsalidis | Stars: Patrick Curtis, Thanasis Drakopoulos, Charis Evrypidou, Marcello Gatti

Votes: 18

Elevator to Insanity (2018)

72 min | Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

A young Greek photographer boards and an elevator of a very very very very tall building and goes up.

Director: Nick Box | Stars: Bryonny, Gus Capucci, Kurt Dirt

Votes: 16

One Size (2015)

4 min | Short

It is very easy nowadays to become a fashion victim.

Director: Eli Katsaouni | Stars: Orestis Dikaios, Marilena Kontou, Laura Perez Ortega

Votes: 8

Blackrose (2010)

28 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Theofylaktos Argyrou | Stars: Melina Kirtata, Theofylaktos Argyrou, Maro Pantazi, Vasilis Logios

Votes: 10

Amygdaliá (2019)

77 min | Documentary

A non-fictional poem on belonging, estrangement and home, narrated by five women who are perceived as "foreigners" in Greece.

Director: Christina Phoebe | Stars: Lauretta Macauley, Zandile Ngubane, Christina Phoebe, Elena Stephanopoulou

Votes: 12

Days and Nights with Dimitra K

Documentary | Filming

The life of Dimitra K, a sex worker and a sindicalist in Greece. We see episodes from her life at the brothel she runs and her life with her 17 dogs

Director: Eva Stefani

Sara and Mara (2013– )


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Star: Katerina Moutsatsou

Four Seasons (2021 Video)


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Director: Sofia Pashou | Stars: Theodosis Konstas, Katerina Mavrogiorgi, Stefi Poulopoulou, Apostolos Psychramis

Don't be on distance (2017)

Short, Thriller

A four-person group of boys in Karditsa decides to visit Dafnospilia, a village with a large part of the top of a mountain where 20 years ago disappears happended and a corpse was found. ... See full summary »

Director: Vaios Tsimitras | Star: Vaios Tsimitras

Votes: 27

I dreamed of a white christmas (2019)

16 min | Short, Drama

An injured girl, living in a poverty camp will be the reason two social volunteers will experience a different New Year's Eve.

Director: Dimitris Giamloglou | Stars: Anastassia Chioti, Lampros Georgopoulos, Tasos Gerakinis, Despoina Giannopoulou

Spirits (Poyvfeckv)

Short, Drama | Post-production

Spirits is a short narrative film about a young Creek boy who is conflicted about making the difficult choice of leaving his only family and home behind for a future playing college basketball.

Director: Kyle Bell

Strain Roulette (2020)

7 min | Short, Thriller

A year after the COVID-19 pandemic first spread, most of the world still lives in isolation. New forms of entertainment start appearing on line, some more dangerous than others.

Director: Andreas Kyriacou | Stars: Penny Foiniri, Panayiotis Kyriakou, Christodoulos Martas, Maria Papakosta

My Own Son (2016)

7 min | Short, Drama

Spiros takes an old lady who has walking difficulties for a walk in a park. The old lady starts talking about her son. Later on, when she wishes to call her son she discovers that her cell phone was stolen by Spiro.

Director: Haris Karaoulanis | Stars: Varveraki Alexandra, Kiriakos Christos, Eleana Grigoriou

Arhaion drama (2016– )


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Stars: Michael Dukakis, Evi Koroni, Stefanos Nousiadis, Nektarios Papalexiou

Ntaxaou (2015)

24 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Giorgos Kafetzopoulos | Stars: Giorgos Kafetzopoulos, Manos Stefanakis

Land of Arcadia

Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery | Pre-production

The story is set in the mythical world of Arcadia - an utopian continent inspired by old world mythologies, and it revolves around several main characters.

Director: Jan Thüring | Stars: Vjekoslav Katusin, Angelo Borer, Claudiu Raymond, Nina Stern

Evripidou 14 (2016)

16 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Michael Demetrius

Votes: 5

The Brother (2015)

9 min | Short, Drama, History | Completed

Struggling with hunger, war and the loss of the older child, a family is about to lose one more member.

Director: Dimitra Mitsaki | Stars: Spyros Markopoulos, Despina Bibika, Despina Bibika, Christos Anastasopoulos

Greektown (2011– )


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Stars: Ted Manousakis, Eugene Rossides, Evangelos Alexiou, Michael Angelakos

Cry (2017)

Short, Drama

A woman deprived of tears.

Director: Nikos Mathios | Stars: Anna Kalaitzidou, Babis Loukopoulos, Michelle Sepulveda

Votes: 7

Sxoliki Melodia (2014)

Short, Comedy

A student discovers a new, amusing way to learn about music.

Director: Aris Lechouritis | Star: Omiros Poulakis

The Dawes Commission (2014)

39 min | Short, Drama

After several years of the removal of the Mvskokee Creek (with other Native Nations form the east coast) The US government tries to settle giving land to each member of the tribal member. This story focuses on one family, The Harjo's.

Director: Bob Hicks | Stars: Jackson Barnett, Sammy Lee Bass, Randy Belford, Myrtle Denney

Nixtwse apopse nwris

Short, Drama | Post-production

A tale of seven characters of different social and racial standards and their attempt to break the stereotypes that affect them and the world we live in.

Director: Aleksandros Vogiatzakis | Stars: Giannis Kostaras, Dora Pantazopoulou, Vlotina Noulleli, Thodoris Smeros

The River (II) (2012)

9 min | Short, Drama

The story displays the antiwar message that the writer, Anthony Samarakis wanted to express.

Director: Michael Felanis | Stars: Gerasimos Pavlou, George Rapakousios

Votes: 7

Smash Hit Feat. Jkone and Obnoksious Kas: Erase (2012 Video)

Short, Music

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Directors: Theofylaktos Argyrou, Spiros Steriotis | Star: Barry Mitchell Jr.

XNL Independencia (2010 Video)

Action, Sci-Fi, Sport

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XNL Show de Verano (2011)

Action, Sci-Fi, Sport

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Jinxed in a Day (2012)

Short, Comedy

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Director: Aggelos Ledakis | Stars: Kostas Mastrantonakis, Marianna Ledaki, Nikolaos Katzakis, Sofia Moisiadou

Student Occupation (2009)

17 min | Short

There comes a day when Yannis, a 12th-grader, is ready to tell Anna, a fellow student, how much he likes her. His plans will turn upside down when, that very day, he'll find the school ... See full summary »

Director: Alexandros Chantzis | Stars: Tzortzia Andrianaki, Kostas Berikopoulos, Nikolaos Brahimllari, Christos Dionisopoulos

Votes: 7

New Route: Boem (2012 Video)

Short, Music

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Directors: Theofylaktos Argyrou, Spiros Steriotis | Star: Stella Hermes

1550: Na kaigomouna (2014 Video)

Short, Music

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Director: Myra Stylianou

Modern Spartan Warriors: In the Same River Twice? (2010)

6 min | Short

A group of Greek men wants to re-create the ancient Spartan Phalanx and become modern Spartan Warriors. Their goal is 'to revive and spread the Ancient Spartan Ideals and the Ancient Greek ... See full summary »

Director: Kimon Tsakiris

Eyes of Terror (2002)

18 min | Short, Action, Mystery

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Director: Manos Schetto | Stars: Philip Barazin, Manos Schetto

A Band out of Tune (2013)

2 min | Short

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Director: Kimon Tsakiris

The End of the Wold 2

8 min | Short | Completed

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Orthio Xylo (2008)

22 min | Short

A conjectural educational documentary about a rare engraving wood technique of 16th century, performed by artist Giannis Gourzis.

Director: Yeoryios K. Tantos | Star: Yiannis Gourzis

XNL Desastre Tota (2010 Video)

Action, Sci-Fi, Sport

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Honor Crimes (2019)

Short, Drama

A film accessible to people with hearing problems, which depicts the harsh and violent reality of women in some eastern countries and condemns the abuse of women and all forms of violence.

Director: Haris Georgiadis | Stars: Haris Georgiadis, Katerina Kastani, Marilena Meli

Broadcasting (2009)

Short, Drama

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Director: Andreas Antonopoulos | Stars: Periklis Albanis, Kostas Antalopoulos, Afroditi Georgousi

Halkidona: I elliniki koinotita tis asiatikis Polis (2014)


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Director: Grigoris Oikonomidis

Smash Hit: Flashback (2011 Video)

Short, Music

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Directors: Theofylaktos Argyrou, Spiros Steriotis | Star: Barry Mitchell Jr.

Mothers (III) (2020)


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Director: Yiannis Kostavaras | Stars: Electra Gennata, Nektaria Giannoudaki, Theodora Siarkou

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