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Fire in the Blood (2013)
68 metascore

Fire in the Blood (2013)

87 min | Documentary, History

An intricate tale of "medicine, monopoly and malice", FIRE IN THE BLOOD tells the story of how Western pharmaceutical companies and governments blocked access to low-cost AIDS drugs for the... See full summary »

Director: Dylan Mohan Gray | Stars: Zackie Achmat, Peter Mugyenyi, Bill Clinton, William Hurt

Votes: 605 | Gross: $0.03M

III Smoking Barrels (2017)

127 min | Drama

An anthology of three stories; each exploring a different stage in life - A CHILD involved in armed conflicts, a BOY in drug peddling and a MAN entangled in elephant poaching.

Director: Sanjib Dey | Stars: Subrat Dutta, Indraneil Sengupta, Mandakini Goswami, Amrita Chattopadhyay

Votes: 106

Lady of the Lake (2016)

91 min | Drama

A fishing community living on floating biomass in Loktak Lake in Manipur, North Eastern state in India. They were ousted from their houses by government intervention in 2011. Their houses ... See full summary »

Director: Haobam Paban Kumar | Star: Ningthoujam Sanatomba

Votes: 47

Ishanou (1990)

94 min

The harmony in a family in the Manipur Valley, is disrupted by the sudden transformation of a gentle, young wife into a violent woman prone to fits of wild visions. She then goes in search ... See full summary »

Director: Aribam Syam Sharma | Stars: Kiranmala, Kangabam, Tomba, Manbi

Votes: 27

Speedbreaker Keidoure (2017)

105 min | Comedy

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Director: Bobby Haobam | Stars: Bonny Gurumayum, Jena Khumanthem, Ratan Lai, Nandakumar

Fireflies 2018 (2018)

6 min | Documentary, Short

In 1980s, when Manipur was inflicted with insurgency and armed violence, a group of women came out to the streets to uphold peace in the valley. Meira Paibis are loosely structured groups ... See full summary »

Director: Johnson Rajkumar

Votes: 8

Resurrection Amamba Sayon (2013)

120 min | Horror, Romance, Thriller

Hundred of years ago, a girl Leima lost her lover Angou Laishram in a fight against some smugglers. She learned witchcraft from an unknown lady who saved her life to take revenge but ... See full summary »

Director: Johnson Mayanglambam | Stars: Bonny Gurumayum, Soma Laishram, Tonthoingambi Leishangthem, Johnson Mayanglambam

Matamgi Manipur (1972)

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Director: Deb Kumar Bose | Stars: Yengkhom Roma, Aribam Syam Sharma

Votes: 22

Tomthin Shija (It's about My Mom & Me) (2016)


A young lad, Tomthin Rajkumar, is an aspiring model who has been living with her divorcee mother Dr. Ayingbi Shija, who is an Archaeologist, and his grandparents at her Grandparent's house.... See full summary »

Director: Bobby Haobam | Stars: Maya Choudhuri, Dhanamajuri, Edhou, Indu

Pandam Amada (2019)

99 min | Drama

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Director: Oinam Gautam Singh | Stars: Archana Konsam, Bonney Takhelmayum

My Japanese Niece

War | Announced

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Director: Mohen Naorem | Stars: Bijou Thaangjam, Junichi Kajioka, Tomoko Hayakawa, Randy Brown

Imagi Ningthem (1981)

110 min | Drama

A teacher comes to a village and an old man asks her to tutor his grand son who is sickly all the time. The teacher becomes curious to know about the old man and the boy. She finds out from... See full summary »

Director: Aribam Syam Sharma | Stars: Master Lelkhandra Singh, Leikhendro, Ksh Rashi, Rashid

Votes: 24

Phijigee Mani (2011)


This movie is about Sanajaoba who struggles to live up to his family's hopes and dreams and a mother who is over-concerned about her loved ones.

Director: Oinam Gautam Singh | Stars: Gurumayum Bonny Sharma, Abenao Elangbam, Tonthoi Leishangthem

Mitlu (2017)


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Director: Gyaneshwor Konj | Stars: Gokul, Hemabati, Bala Hijam, Kheda

Epaaktuda the Lake (2011)

139 min | Adventure, Horror, Thriller

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Director: Johnson | Stars: Bidyananda, BomBom, Kumar Elangbam, Geeta

Votes: 6

The Grey Mare (1994)

Not Rated | 88 min | Drama

Sakhi is a divorced woman who is a dancer at the State Dance Academy. One day, a thief falls in love with her after seeing her performance and in order to gain her attention he steals her horse.

Director: Aribam Syam Sharma | Stars: Devan, Dhiren, Kiranmala, J. Sushila

Votes: 11

Nongphadok Lakpa Atithi (2019)

74 min | Drama

Tamubi had determined not to visit her estranged husband. Not even once in their twelve years of separation. But one day, all against herself, she visits to attend her daughter's wedding. ... See full summary »

Director: Aribam Syam Sharma | Stars: Ningthoujam Rina, Lairenjam Olen, Kangabam Tomba, Yengkhom Roma

The Return of Sangai (2017)

10 min | Documentary, Short

The dear story of a deer saved from extinction at the only floating national park in the world. Keibul Lamjao National Park Manipur, India.

Director: George Thengummoottil

AFSPA, 1958 (2006)

52 min | Documentary

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Director: Haobam Paban Kumar | Star: Haobam Paban Kumar

Votes: 17

Lamja Parshuram (1974)

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Director: Aribam Syam Sharma

Votes: 10

Leipaklei (2013)

75 min | Drama

The film Leipaklei tells the story of Leipaklei, a woman named after a Manipuri flower. Like the flower whose habitat is the hard ground, she is surrounded by hard trials and ironies of ... See full summary »

Director: Aribam Syam Sharma | Stars: Gurumayum Kalpana, Tonthoi Leishangthem, Lairenjam Olen, Thingom Pritam

Chow Chow Momo Na Haobra Singju Bora Na Oinambra (2013)

Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Director: R.K. Jiten | Stars: Bonny Gurumayum, Bala Hijam, Sushmita

Enakta Leiringei (2017)


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Director: Longjam Manoranjan | Stars: Kaiku, Soma Laishram, Soma

Tamna Tamna (Solace Her) (2019 Video)

Short, Music

The story takes place in 1990s, in the small town of Manipur, India. Tamna Tamna depicts the event of the devastating serial terror attacks in Manipur by an international terrorist group ... See full summary »

Director: Edwin Haorokcham | Stars: Shrikant Chingangbam, Niranjoy Luwangcha, Texas, Prinalini Thingom

Pallepfam (2015)

120 min | Drama

A man starts questioning reality as he starts living two, extremely different but parallel lives.

Director: Wanglen Khundongbam | Stars: Apsara Anoubam, Tonthoi Leishangthem, Redy Yumnam

Iriguchi (2019)

15 min | Short, Mystery, Sci-Fi

A young man found an old box while digging his backyard which leads him to uncovered a highly confidential secret experiment conducted by Japanese soldiers during WWII at Imphal.

Director: Edwin Haorokcham | Stars: Gibson, Niranjoy Luwangcha, Prinda Maibam, Aks Romie

Alternative Dancer (2013)

20 min | Documentary, Short

Alternative Dancer centres round a passionate yearning of some young enthusiasts about a new style of dancing. Their inspirations drew mainly from YouTube and Movies which were their sole ... See full summary »

Director: Akee Sorokhaibam

Votes: 7

The Forgotten War: Voices from Manipur (2019)

Documentary, Short, History

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Director: Junichi Kajioka

Aliyah (2018)

120 min | Drama

A boy and girl from different religion fall in love after their mothers met an accident together and hospitalized.

Director: Yoimayai Mongsaba | Stars: Dhanamajuri, Edhou, Bonny Gurumayum, Tayenjam Memma

Saaphabee (1976)

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Director: Aribam Syam Sharma

Koro Kosii (1988)


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Director: Aribam Syam Sharma

Some Roots Grow Upwards (2003)

52 min | Documentary

What is the relevance of theatre (or all art, for that matter) to the crisis of our times? The film explores the creative canvas & politics of Ratan Thiyam, celebrated Manipuri theatre director, against the backdrop of this query.

Director: Kavita Joshi

Olangthagee Wangmadasoo (1980)

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Director: Aribam Syam Sharma

Votes: 8

Sanakeithel (1983)

131 min | Drama, Crime

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Director: M.A. Singh | Stars: A. Memi, Master Tony

Votes: 9

Songs of Mashangva (2010)

62 min | Documentary, Music

In the deep hills of northeast India, Christianity and pop culture have taken over the lifestyle and imagination of the Tangkhul tribes. Rewben Mashangva from Choithar travels through the ... See full summary »

Director: Oinam Doren | Stars: Rewben Mashangva, Saka Mashangva

The Living God: Medicine and the Ancient Meetei Civilization (2015)

29 min | Documentary, Short

In the ever flowing river of this ancient civilization, the medicine of lai (ancestor God) revive again to heal and cure diseases and sickness of our human society

Director: Prakas Aheibam

Paokhum Ama (1983)

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Director: Aribam Syam Sharma

Mayophy Gee Macha (1994)

92 min | Drama

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Director: Oken Amakcham

Sangai (1986)

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Director: Aribam Syam Sharma

Tales from the Margins (2006)

23 min | Documentary, Short

12 women disrobe publicly - in protest. For 8 years, a young woman has been on a fast to death demanding justice. Why are these women using their bodies as their last weapon? The film looks... See full summary »

Director: Kavita Joshi

The Doubt (1995)


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Director: Pan Nalin