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Life in a Day (2011)
58 metascore

Life in a Day (2011)

PG-13 | 95 min | Documentary, Drama

A documentary shot by film-makers all over the world that serves as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the twenty-fourth of July, 2010.

Directors: Loressa Clisby, Kevin Macdonald, Hiroaki Aikawa, Natalia Andreadis, Jack Attridge, Cristina Bocchialini, Zillah Bowes, Ferran Brooks, Andrea Dalla Costa, Lisa Cottrell-Bentley, Alejo Crisóstomo, Sócrates Cuadri, Ayman El Gazwy, Shawn Gadberry, Seth Grant, Jane Haubrich, Soma Helmi, Jennifer M. Howd, Clementine Isaac, Aditya Kolli, Gabor Kukucska, Francesco La Regina, Frederic Lumiere, Marek Mackovic, Zuqy Cruz Marquez, Linda Matarasso, Kevin McMahon, Joseph Michael, Joaquin Montalvan, Lilit Movsisyan, Emmanuelle Pickett, Christopher Redmond, Alejandro Romeo, Alaa Sheikh Hassan, Marcus Tedenryd | Stars: Hiroaki Aikawa, Cindy Baer, Teagan Bentley, Ester Brym

Votes: 14,656 | Gross: $0.25M

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life (2000 TV Movie)

94 min | Adventure, Family

On safari in British East Africa in September 1910, ten year old Indiana Jones befriends a Massai boy named Meto who helps him in his search for the little seen Fringe-Eared Oryx for former... See full summary »

Directors: René Manzor, Carl Schultz | Stars: Corey Carrier, Margaret Tyzack, Ruth de Sosa, Lloyd Owen

Votes: 319

The Bushbaby (1969)

G | 100 min | Adventure, Drama, History

The young daughter of a park ranger in Tanzania is distressed to learn that she and her father must permanently return to England, thus separating her from the one thing she loves most, a ... See full summary »

Director: John Trent | Stars: Margaret Leclere, Louis Gossett Jr., Donald Houston, Laurence Naismith

Votes: 50

Soa (2017)

22 min | Short, Drama

The story follows a man who lives in an isolated farm with his wife. In the rugged mountainous area they live usual tedious rural life. Autumn is long and in such an environment he prepares atrocious crime.

Director: Dusan Kasalica

Votes: 5

Kenya Wildlife Diaries (2016– )

TV-G | 52 min | Documentary

A behind-the-scenes look at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy's conservation work in Northern Kenya.

Stars: Batian Craig, Ian Craig, Zeke Davidson, Matthew Mutinda

Tanzania Transit (2018)

75 min | Documentary

On a train crossing Tanzania, a riding microcosm of East African society, we follow three main characters, reflecting on the strength to survive.

Director: Jeroen Van Velzen

Votes: 56

A Place Without People (2010)

55 min | Documentary

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Director: Andreas Apostolidis

Votes: 12

Milking the Rhino (2009)

PG | 85 min | Documentary

The clichés of nature documentaries ignore a key landscape feature: villagers just off-camera, who navigate the dangers and costs of living with wildlife. The Maasai of Kenya and Namibia's ... See full summary »

Director: David E. Simpson

Votes: 48

Girls from Earth (2017)


Girls from Earth is a road movie documentary that focuses on a young European girl, 16, who builds a friendship with a young Kenyan girl with the same age and her friends who have suffered excision and early marriage.

Director: Eterio Ortega | Stars: Jentix Achitsa, Sirga Drouet, Rebecca Kamunyo, Loise Parmisa

Warriors (2015)

Not Rated | 87 min | Documentary

Under the shadow of Mount Kenya, young Maasai Warriors have remarkably formed a cricket team. In a community deep with tradition, where female genital mutilation (FGM) is still a rite of ... See full summary »

Director: Barney Douglas

Votes: 42

Masai on the Move (2010)


At once sharp and poetic, this film explores issues such as globalization, development, wealth and love in the Masai culture. Leaving stereotypes behind, the documentary shows us a people ... See full synopsis »

Director: Morten Vest

Run (IV) (2014)

68 min | Documentary

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Director: Johnny Howorth

Africa Representa (2004)

76 min | Documentary

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Director: Harald Friedl | Stars: Herbert Föttinger, Dennis J. Kozeluh, Sidede Onyulo

Threatened World of Indigenous Peoples (2015)

12 min | Documentary, Short

Left to protect the world, they have no complain about it. After all they need natural resources to survive. But even though they are the real conservators, indigenous peoples are victims under the name of climate change interventions.

Director: Elie Chansa

Oloimugi (2015)

18 min | Documentary, Short

The film portraits a day in the life of the small Maasai village of Oloimugi, in the Laipika-Isiolo county - Central Kenya.

Director: Michele Cadei

Nomads (2016)

12 min | Short

The Nomads Series transports you across the Earth into the intimate reality of several nomadic cultures. Experience the way of life of Yak Herders in the Mongolian steppes, Maasai in Kenya,... See full summary »

Directors: Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992–1993)

TV-G | Action, Adventure, Family

Professor Indiana Jones visits the Metropolitan Foundation for Educational Quality where the Annual Celebrity tennis shoe auction and dinner is being held. He begins to entertain the snobby... See full summary »

Directors: Carl Schultz, Ellery Ryan | Stars: Corey Carrier, Margaret Tyzack, Ruth de Sosa, Lloyd Owen

Votes: 106