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Gamak Ghar (2019)

91 min | Drama

In a north Indian village, a family reunites at their ancestral house to celebrate a new birth in the family. It's a joyous, carefree occasion. Over the next two decades, through festivals ... See full summary »

Director: Achal Mishra | Stars: Abhinav Jha, Mira Jha, Satyam Jha, Satyendra Jha

Votes: 113

Mithila Makhaan (2019)

131 min | Drama

An emotional and thrilling journey of Kranti Prakash who works in Toronto, for establishing his grandfather's company which was closed down 35 years ago in a small village in Bihar, India. ... See full summary »

Director: Nitin Chandra | Stars: Anurita Jha, Kranti Prakash Jha, Pankaj Jha

Votes: 53

Sasta Jingi Mahag Senur (1999)


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Director: Murlidhar | Stars: Lalitesh Jha, Murlidhar, Lallan Singh, Swati Singh

Votes: 5

Kakhan Harab Dukh Mor (2005)


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Director: Santosh Badal | Stars: Awadhesh Mishra, Mamta Raje, Phool Singh, Deepak Sinha

Votes: 6

Senurak Laaj (2004)

150 min | Family

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Director: Vineet Yadav | Stars: Dharini, Sanjay Jha, Sanjay Mishra, Monika

Votes: 5

The Suspect (2017 Video)

30 min | Short, Thriller

The suspect is story of 26 year old Abdul Rahim Ansari, who has arrived in Mumbai from Darbhanga (Bihar) to work as Production Assistant trainee in one of the film Units of Mumbai. Sanjay, ... See full summary »

Director: Nitin Chandra | Stars: Pankaj Jha, Durgesh Kumar, Gopal K. Singh, Sanjay Kumar Sonu

Kanyadaan (1965)

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Director: Phani Majumdar

Rakhi Ke Laaj (2020)


Maithili Future Film based on Dowry System. This film is directed by N. Mandal. This film is targeted to cater Maithli region. The family drama and social messages are the key elements of this Film.

Director: N. Mandal | Stars: Akshara Dubey, Jay Krishna Dutta, Manish Nandan Jha, Mohan Jha

Bhauji Maay (1985)

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Director: Mehul Kumar

Made in Mithila (2019–2020)


Made in Mithila a talk show about culture of Mithila.

Beyond Myth, Man and Mind (2019)

Short, Fantasy

A woman is immensely devoted to worshipping baby Krishna's idol while a man whispers a forgotten tale of a celestial place.

Director: Navneet Mishra | Star: Lalita Mishra

Ephemeral Oblivion (2018 Video)


A married couple becomes indistinguishable when thoughts disappear in their Sadhnas.

Director: Navneet Mishra | Stars: Lalita Mishra, Radha Binod Mishra

Mamta Gave Geet (1981)


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Director: C. Parmanand | Stars: Azara, Tridip Kumar, Pyare Mohan Sahay, Kamal Nath Singh Thakur