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The Legend of Tarzan (2016)
44 metascore

The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

PG-13 | 110 min | Action, Adventure, Drama

Tarzan, having acclimated to life in London, is called back to his former home in the jungle to investigate the activities at a mining encampment.

Director: David Yates | Stars: Alexander Skarsgård, Rory J. Saper, Christian Stevens, Christoph Waltz

Votes: 150,363 | Gross: $126.64M

The Good Shepherd (2006)
61 metascore

The Good Shepherd (2006)

R | 167 min | Drama, History, Thriller

The tumultuous early history of the Central Intelligence Agency is viewed through the prism of one man's life.

Director: Robert De Niro | Stars: Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin

Votes: 94,347 | Gross: $59.95M

Roads (2019)

99 min | Comedy, Drama

Two lost teenage boys, from Congo and Britain, meet in Morocco and take a road trip in a stolen RV to France, encountering poverty and refugees on the way.

Director: Sebastian Schipper | Stars: Fionn Whitehead, Stéphane Bak, Ben Chaplin, Moritz Bleibtreu

Votes: 126

War Witch (2012)
84 metascore

War Witch (2012)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama, War

Somewhere in Sub-Saharan Africa, Komona, a 14-year-old girl, tells her unborn child growing inside her the story of her life since she has been at war. Everything started when she was abducted by the rebel army at the age of 12.

Director: Kim Nguyen | Stars: Rachel Mwanza, Alain Lino Mic Eli Bastien, Serge Kanyinda, Ralph Prosper

Votes: 6,654 | Gross: $0.07M

The African Doctor (2016)

96 min | Biography, Comedy, Drama

The story of Seyolo Zantoko, who as a freshly graduated doctor of Congolese descent in France, struggled with his family to integrate in a small rural village, and ended up being considered as one of the most respected doctors in the area.

Director: Julien Rambaldi | Stars: Marc Zinga, Aïssa Maïga, Bayron Lebli, Médina Diarra

Votes: 6,030

Black (III) (2015)
74 metascore

Black (III) (2015)

95 min | Action, Crime, Drama

A 15-year-old girl in a black gang in Brussels must choose between loyalty and love when she falls for a Moroccan boy from a rival gang. The city of Brussels, plagued by high rates of youth... See full summary »

Directors: Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah | Stars: Sanâa Alaoui, Martha Canga Antonio, Aboubakr Bensaihi, Sanaa Bourrasse

Votes: 3,551

Lumumba (2000)
78 metascore

Lumumba (2000)

Not Rated | 115 min | Biography, Drama, History

The true story of controversial leader of independent Congo, Patrice Lumumba.

Director: Raoul Peck | Stars: Eriq Ebouaney, Alex Descas, Théophile Sowié, Maka Kotto

Votes: 1,677 | Gross: $0.68M

Félicité (2017)
75 metascore

Félicité (2017)

129 min | Drama, Music

Félicité sings in a bar in Kinshasa. When her 14-year-old son has a motorcycle accident, she goes on a frantic search through the streets of Kinshasa, a world of music and dreams. And her path crosses that of Tabu.

Director: Alain Gomis | Stars: Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu, Gaetan Claudia, Papi Mpaka, Nadine Ndebo

Votes: 764 | Gross: $0.01M

The Cambridge Squatter (2016)

99 min | Drama

Shows the unusual situation of homeless Brazilians movement and refugees that squat together an abandoned building in downtown Sao Paulo. The daily tension caused by the treat of eviction reveals the dramas and joys.

Director: Eliane Caffé | Stars: Isam Ahmad Issa, Paulo Américo, Juliane Arguello, Thais Carvalho

Votes: 371

Viva Riva! (2010)
65 metascore

Viva Riva! (2010)

R | 98 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Riva is an operator, a man with charm and ambition in equal measure. Kinshasa is an inviting place. With petrol in short supply in DRC's capital, he and his sidekick pursue a plot to get ... See full summary »

Director: Djo Munga | Stars: Patsha Bay, Manie Malone, Diplome Amekindra, Hoji Fortuna

Votes: 1,054 | Gross: $0.06M

Son of the Congo (2015)

54 min | Documentary

Professional basketball player, Serge Ibaka, returns to his home country of the Congo with the hope of helping a community rattled by violence.

Director: Adam Hootnick | Star: Serge Ibaka

Votes: 53

Episode 3: 'Enjoy Poverty' (2009)

90 min | Documentary

Dutch artist Renzo Martens spent three years traveling throughout the Democratic Republic of the Congo asking the question: "Who owns poverty?"

Director: Renzo Martens

Votes: 288

Benda Bilili! (2010)
77 metascore

Benda Bilili! (2010)

PG-13 | 85 min | Documentary, Music

Summer 2009. Five paraplegics and a young able-bodied teenager light up the stage in front of an entranced audience of 8000 people. "Benda Bilili" - in English "See Beyond", is the name of ... See full summary »

Directors: Renaud Barret, Florent de La Tullaye | Stars: Leon Likabu, Roger Landu, Coco Ngambali, Cubain Kabeya

Votes: 732

I'm New Here (2017)

92 min | Documentary

Guangzhou, China. A building erected in the communist style of the eighties: Tian Xiu. Since many years this is the Eldorado for African migrants who massively try their luck in this city. ... See full summary »

Director: Bram Van Paesschen | Star: Zhu Yang Lie

Votes: 14

35 Cows and a Kalashnikov (2014)

83 min | Documentary

35 COWS AND A KALASHNIKOV is a film about African pride. Directed by Oswald von Richthofen and produced by Roland Emmerich, two old film school friends. It is not a classical documentary ... See full summary »

Directors: Oswald von Richthofen, Gernot Aschoff | Stars: Bar Jala, Kuwedo, Regole, Tanga

Votes: 58

The Congo Tribunal (2017)

100 min | Documentary

20 years of atrocities due to greed claimed the lives of over 6 million people in Congo. Milo Rau collects details from survivors and perpetrators. 3 trials were heard exposing one of the most horrific cases of inhumanity in world history.

Director: Milo Rau

Votes: 67

Kinshasa Makambo (2018)

75 min | Documentary

Documentary about the Democratic Republic of Congo when Joseph Kabila sought a constitutional amendment that would allow him to be elected president for a third term. The film follows three protagonists of the resistance.

Director: Dieudo Hamadi

Votes: 30

Kinshasa Kids (2012)

85 min | Drama

A film crew follow a group of children that live rough on Kinshasa's streets. The children are thought of as shegues, or witches, by many adults including their families. The kids' desire is to make money and music.

Director: Marc-Henri Wajnberg | Stars: Gabi Bolenge, Bebson Elemba, Joël Eziegue, Emmanuel Fakoko

Votes: 118

The Forgotten Colours of Dreams (2018)

129 min | Drama, Fantasy

An experimental film shot on VHS. The personification of death traverses through separate stories discussing love, life, religion and beauty as she tries to help an assortment of characters through their final stop.

Director: Johnny Clyde | Stars: Nina Viola, Magloire Bilal Button, Viveka Frost, Pawel Skrzek

Votes: 6

When the Light Burns Out (2019)


EVERYBODY HAS A STORY. The Danish Girl Andrea is living an empty and restless life. After following along with other peoples desires for too long, she suddenly finds herself lost in life, ... See full summary »

Director: William Findinge | Stars: Viola Ellehammer Dasseville, Daniel Mbala, Sabine Thun, Man Israel Ebaba

Mama Colonel (2017)

72 min | Documentary

Colonel Honorine worked in Bukavu's police force for years as part of the Child Protection and Anti-Sexual Violence Unit, highly regarded for its effectiveness and the confidence it has ... See full summary »

Director: Dieudo Hamadi

Votes: 55

Heart of Africa

Drama | Announced

Kandu, a former Congolese revolutionary, is trying to understand his new religion. Price, a new missionary from Idaho, is his first Anglo companion. Together, they will confront their own prejudices and the realities of the Congo.

Director: Tshoper Kabambi | Stars: Brandon Ray Olive, Moyindo Mpongo

Un pays plus beau qu'avant

70 min | Documentary | Announced

Un pays plus beau qu'avant is a film about the Congo made in Brussels. The wanderings of Jean-Simon, a small-time business man, reveal the outlines of a microcosm of informal commerce ... See full summary »

Director: Hannes Verhoustraete


Adventure, Drama, Romance | Announced

1924. Gaston Deveaux, the new Governor General of French Congo arrives in Brazzaville. His mission: clear the name of France after reported atrocities committed in her name during the ... See full summary »

Director: Laszlo Papas

Undrafted (2018)

95 min | Drama

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Director: Prince Steven Obeni Bottan | Stars: Bibi Nshimba, Caroline Degraeve, Tarnue Massaquoi, Tony Gracia

Traumland (III) (2013)

61 min | Drama

On a houseboat called Traumland an unusual meeting takes place. Dominique, a hermit-like editor is working on a documentary about Congolese child witches as he is disturbed by a noise ... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Lambo | Stars: Yoann Blanc, François Brice, Laetitia Chambon, Eva-Tshiela Gysel

Back to Africa (2008)

97 min | Documentary

Follows five successful African artists for a year, through rehearsals, shows, and visits to their respective hometowns.

Director: Othmar Schmiderer | Stars: Makaya Dimbelolo, Ebraima Tata Dindin, Georges Momboye, Dickson Oppong

Kinshasa Symphony (2010)

Unrated | 95 min | Documentary

The Film "Kinshasa Symphony" shows how people living in one of the most chaotic cities in the world have managed to forge one of the most complex systems of human cooperation ever invented:... See full summary »

Directors: Claus Wischmann, Martin Baer | Stars: Joseph Masunda Lutete, Albert Nlanzu Matubanza, Nathalie Angwanguilo Bahati, Armand Wabasolele Diangienda

Votes: 148

Heart of the Matter (2017)

25 min | Documentary, Short

The Heart of the Matter looks at key issues in global health through the prism of Yambuku, DRC. It is also the story of how Dr Peter Piot, former head of UNAIDS and current director of ... See full summary »

Directors: Janet Tobias, Rogger Lopez | Stars: Heidi Larson, Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Peter Piot, Carlos Rimmel

Les derniers survivants (2015)

85 min | Drama, Mystery

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Director: Arnaud Toussaint | Stars: Lola Bonnard, Tristan Bonnard, Loïc Brabant, Angelique Friant

Maki'la (2018)

78 min

Maki'la has been living on the streets of the Congolese capital for a long time. She spends most of her time with a group of young criminals, who use the street as a stage to display their ... See full summary »

Director: Machérie Ekwa Bahango | Star: Amour Lombi

Votes: 14

Peer Gynt (2017)

23 min | Short

Loosely inspired by Henrik Ibsen's famous theatre character Peer Gynt, this film tells the story of a young man living in a small village in the Congolese tropical rainforest. Absorbed by ... See full summary »

Director: Michiel Robberecht | Stars: Salomé Azoba Pele, Guylain Itambi Ibambe, Lipanda Ngulube Anceleme, Charlotte Woazu Goya

Nevers (2013)

70 min | Drama

Justin & Almina leave Paris and hitch-hike to Nevers.

Director: Émilie Lamoine | Stars: Alvie Bitemo, Jean-Christophe Folly, Roch Amédet Banzouzi, Eve Bitoun

Atalaku (2013)

62 min | Documentary, Drama, History

In the cemetery of Kinshasa, some young people get into position in the most unstable democratic process that could be : the presidential poll in Congo.

Director: Dieudo Hamadi

Jupiter's Dance (2006)

Unrated | 73 min | Documentary

The ghettos of Kinshasa - the devastated capital of a country politically and economically adrift - are filled with many gifted; yet impoverished musicians.

Directors: Renaud Barret, Florent de La Tullaye | Star: Jupiter Bokondji

Votes: 16

Debout Kinshasa! (2016)

20 min | Short, Comedy

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Director: Sébastien Maître | Stars: Bryan Mbuangi Maloji, Merlin Dianda, Starlette Mathata, Jupiter

Votes: 13

Forest of the Dancing Spirits (2013)

Not Rated | 104 min | Documentary

"In the beginning, women lived apart, unaware of the existence of men. Until one day, when the first woman, Toli, who was brave and adventurous traveled deep into the forest. Toli ... See full summary »

Director: Linda Västrik

Votes: 142

10 Guds siffror (2013)

30 min | Short, Drama

A gripping portrait of two sisters from the Congo who find themselves in Sweden without residence permits. We follow the joys and sadness of their everyday lives, lived under the constant threat of extradition back to a certain death.

Director: Ivica Zubak | Stars: Kidd Duckström, Daisy Dolo Goma, Charlie Gustafsson, Claude Kampakol

Votes: 12

The Importance of Being Elegant (2004 TV Movie)

70 min | Documentary

Set to the soundtrack of Papa Wemba's extraordinary music, this outrageous, funny and eye-opening film depicts the underground world of a flamboyant African cult.

Directors: George Amponsah, Cosima Spender | Stars: Papa Wemba, Anti-Gigolo, Archibishop of La Sape, Mere Malou

Votes: 18

Bush League Rebels (2012 TV Movie)

55 min | Documentary

Documentary about the ravages of war in the eastern Congo, involving such disparate groups as the Lords Resistance Army, the M23 militia, the Congolese Army and various militia groups, and ... See full summary »

Stars: Caesar Acellam, Bolobo, George W. Bush, Chief Claude

Ghetto Millionaires (2010 Video)

54 min | Documentary, Drama

'The world escapes me, I can't find my place but in my dreams, I'm it belongs to me', seem to say. Congolese media and their audiences in the choir. A socio- economic portrait of the 'Jet ... See full summary »

Director: Gilles Remiche

Votes: 6

Pygmée Blues (2013)


Wengi and its wife Soyi are two Pygmies. The couple has lived in Kinshasa for 35 years. Losing heart from the hardships of urban life and the discrimination they're subjected to, they want ... See full summary »

Directors: Renaud Barret, Florent de La Tullaye | Stars: Wengi Loponia Bilongi, Soyi Sele, Botomba Nzele Ifulu, Diawara Loponia Bilongi

Congo river, au-delà des ténèbres (2005)

116 min | Documentary

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Director: Thierry Michel | Stars: Olivier Cheysson, Thierry Michel, Lye Mudaba

Votes: 172

Dr. Denis Mukwege (2017)

Documentary, Short

An obstetrician turned gynecological surgeon who is providing physical, psychological and legal support to more than 50,000 survivors of sexual violence in the war-torn country while ... See full summary »

Director: Andrei Loshak

From This Day to Where (2011)

18 min | Short, Drama

An average day in the life of a woman whose existence is far from average. In the war-torn territories of the eastern Congo, she navigates through a maze of suffering in search for dignity.

Directors: Mathias Nordli Eriksen, Matias Rygh | Stars: Chantal Amina, Madirisha Gaspard, Berthila Kabingwa, Sarah Mirali

Votes: 5

Kadogo (2018)

Short, Drama

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Director: Pacifique Aganze Tabaro | Star: Plotin Dianani

Le chant des Walés (2016)

52 min | Documentary

In the middle of the Rainforest, some young pygmy mothers - dubbed "Walés" - live a secluded life with their newborns. A photographer tries to unravel the mystery of this longstanding tradition.

Director: Florent de La Tullaye | Star: Destin Lenord

Nous irons vivre ailleurs (2013)

67 min | Drama

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Director: Nicolas Karolszyk | Stars: Christian Mupondo, Léticia Belliccini, Abdou Ndende, Kapita Ambe

Votes: 9

Elikia (2018)


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Directors: Hélène Estèves, Michael Kalamo

The Voice of Lightness (2016)

6 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

As long as God will give him strength musician Modero Mekanisi will fight to preserve the music and legacy of his friend and former band leader Tabu Ley Rochereau 'the Elvis of Africa'.

Director: Kent Colony

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