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Shadow of the Vampire (2000)
71 metascore

Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

R | 92 min | Drama, Horror

The filming of Nosferatu (1922) is hampered by the fact that its star Max Schreck is taking the role of a vampire far more seriously than seems humanly possible.

Director: E. Elias Merhige | Stars: John Malkovich, Willem Dafoe, Udo Kier, Cary Elwes

Votes: 39,371 | Gross: $8.29M

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (1995)

PG | 95 min | Adventure, Drama, Family

Teenager Jesse becomes reunited with Willy two years after the whale's jump to freedom as the teenager tries to rescue the killer whale and other orcas from an oil spill.

Director: Dwight H. Little | Stars: Jason James Richter, Michael Madsen, Francis Capra, Mary Kate Schellhardt

Votes: 16,702 | Gross: $30.08M

House of Boys (2009)
40 metascore

House of Boys (2009)

Unrated | 117 min | Drama, Music, Romance

Two young soul mates find each other while working at an all-male performance club/brothel. Eventually, one contracts AIDS.

Director: Jean-Claude Schlim | Stars: Loïc Peckels, Layke Anderson, Harry Ferrier, Michael N. Kuehl

Votes: 1,048

Sawah (2019)

86 min | Comedy, Drama

He was ready to battle the best in the world. But this DJ didn't expect a bus stop to spin his entire life sideways.

Director: Adolf El Assal | Stars: Karim Kassem, Eric Kabongo, Jean-Luc Couchard, Sarrah Abdelrahman

Votes: 567

Gutland (2017)

107 min | Drama, Horror, Mystery

A surrealist rural noir about a German thief who flees to a small Luxembourg village only to discover that the locals have secrets of their own.

Director: Govinda Van Maele | Stars: Vicky Krieps, Frederick Lau, Pit Bukowski, Gerdy Zint

Votes: 924

Visions of Europe (2004)

140 min | Comedy, Drama

An anthology film is a collection of short film projects by different directors for a common aim. Usually they are unified by a common theme - in this case, the European Union.

Directors: Aki Kaurismäki, Fatih Akin, Barbara Albert, Sharunas Bartas, Andy Bausch, Christoffer Boe, Francesca Comencini, Stijn Coninx, Tony Gatlif, Sasa Gedeon, Christos Georgiou, Constantine Giannaris, Peter Greenaway, Miguel Hermoso, Arvo Iho, Damjan Kozole, Laila Pakalnina, Kenneth Scicluna, Martin Sulík, Malgorzata Szumowska, Béla Tarr, Jan Troell, Theo van Gogh, Teresa Villaverde, Aisling Walsh, Ágnes Hranitzky | Stars: Johanna Troell, Johan Arnesson, Magnus Mårtenson, Sonny Nilsson

Votes: 825

Peitruss (2019)

93 min | Crime, Drama

Since she's started a passionate new relationship with the handsome and mysterious Joakim, life is smiling back at Lara again. Her marriage to detective Toni is but a distant memory. But ... See full summary »

Director: Max Jacoby | Stars: Peri Baumeister, Maarten Heijmans, Jules Werner, Anouk Wagener

Votes: 11

Capitani (2019–2020)

312 min | Crime

The body of a teenage girl is found in the forest near the rural village of Manscheid, deep in the North of Luxembourg. Luc Capitani, a gruff detective from the South of the country, is put... See full summary »

Stars: Raoul Albonetti, Éric Gigout, Loïc Pavant, Nassim Rachi

Votes: 48

The Clearstream Affair (2014)

Not Rated | 106 min | Thriller

Journalist Denis Robert sparked a storm in the world of European finance by denouncing the murky operations of banking firm Clearstream. His quest to reveal the truth behind a secret world ... See full summary »

Director: Vincent Garenq | Stars: Gilles Lellouche, Charles Berling, Laurent Capelluto, Florence Loiret Caille

Votes: 814

Perl oder Pica (2006)

90 min | Drama

The story beginns on 24 October 1962, at the height of the Cuban missile crisis. The Second World War with its hardships and bombs, the Nazi occupation and the collaborators, is still on ... See full synopsis »

Director: Pol Cruchten | Stars: Ben Hoscheit, André Jung, Nicole Max, Anouk Wagener

Votes: 142

Baby(a)lone (2015)

90 min | Drama

Two troubled teens in Luxembourg act out their frustrations on the world, and slowly grow closer.

Director: Donato Rotunno | Stars: Joshua Defays, Charlotte Elsen, Etienne Halsdorf, Gintare Parulyte

Votes: 50

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (2015)

45 min | Drama

A dramatic story about a boy named Chris who fell in love with Julia. Things get more complex and difficult to handle as the drug LSD gets involved.

Directors: Ken D'Antonio, Daniel Di Vincenzo | Stars: Max Gindorff, Cathérine Kemmer, Timo Wagner, Betty W. Morettoni

Votes: 15

Superchamp Returns (2018)

100 min | Comedy

In order to save tiny Luxembourg from a cosmic catastrophe, a civil servant in a midlife crisis has to find back his lost superpowers and face his biggest fear: his family.

Director: Félix Koch | Stars: André Jung, Désirée Nosbusch, Etienne Halsdorf, Jules Werner

Votes: 91

Serena (II) (2014)

16 min | Short, Drama

Jules, Felix and Matthieu are affluent teenagers who only care about one thing : having fun. And that is why Jules, the leader of the group, decides to take Joe on a night out with them...

Director: Eric Lamhene | Stars: Jules Waringo, Etienne Halsdorf, Mathieu Reding, Hadrien Friob

Votes: 8

Io Sto Bene (2020)

Drama | Post-production

Antonio has spent his whole life away from Italy, his home country. He crosses paths with Leo, a young Italian artist who is trying to make it abroad. The old man and the young woman's ... See full summary »

Director: Donato Rotunno | Stars: Renato Carpentieri, Alessio Lapice, Sara Serraiocco, Marie Jung

Blind Spot (2012)

PG | 96 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

The intrigue kicks off with a cop being murdered and develops as a complex and smart game of manipulation where nothing and no one are what they seem.

Director: Christophe Wagner | Stars: Jules Werner, André Jung, Brigitte Urhausen, Gilles Soeder

Votes: 126

Tour of Duty (2009)

85 min | Documentary, Biography, Family

On the 25th June 1950, North Korea's invasion of the South triggers the Korean War. The United Nations appeal for support on behalf of South Korea. Sixteen countries deploy troops. Among ... See full summary »

Director: Fränk Grotz

Heemwéi (2014)

99 min | Drama, History, War

France, September 1944: the end of WWII seems imminent as the Allied troops are closing in on Berlin. In the light of these events, the two Luxembourgish conscripts Jos and Frenz decide to ... See full summary »

Director: Sacha Bachim | Stars: Steve Hoegener, Janine Horsburgh, Luc Lamesch, Nilton Martins

Votes: 27

Nameless: Blood and Chains (2013– )

Action, Drama, Thriller

NAMELESS: Blood and Chains is an intricate, twisting tale, of world weary mercenaries, who converge on an old safe house, to piece together their roles in the bloody war to come.

Stars: Anthony Darvall, Victoria Ferrara, Kate Laxton, Kylie Riddle

Votes: 97

Zëmmer Ze Verlounen (2018)


The sitcom follows the young actor Max in his "adventures" with roommates, whom he has to find in order to share the rent after Sophie left him. There will be students, attractive actresses, criminals, housewives, and even a corpse.

Stars: Tommy Schlesser, Fabienne Elaine Hollwege, Hana Sofia Lopes, Al Ginter

The Unemployment Club (2003)

98 min

"The Unemployment Club" is a social comedy whose backdrop is the decline of the steel industry in the south of Luxembourg. Somewhat in the style of Ken Loach, it has been described as a Luxembourg "Full Monty".

Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Kim Anthony, Claude Breda, Gilles Duprel, Véronique Fauconnet

Votes: 129

Schatzritter (2012)

93 min | Adventure, Family

Four children free a mermaid, and in so doing must face an enemy and their fears.

Director: Laura Schroeder | Stars: Anton Glas, Lana Welter, Thierry Koob, Tun Schon

Votes: 102

Troublemaker (1988)

98 min | Crime

With the American Dream set in their minds, two pathetic gangsters, one Luxembourgish, the other German, go through various trials and tribulation in the South of Luxembourg.

Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Thierry van Werveke, Ender Frings, Nicole Max, Conrad Scheel

Votes: 103

Räuberinnen (2009)

80 min | Action, Adventure, Comedy

Emily is sent to work and live in the Sovereign's castle. She manages to escape into the woods, where she meets some lively hookers. Together they become «Robber Girls» taking a stand and fighting the patriarchy.

Director: Carla Lia Monti | Stars: Nina Bühlmann, Myriam Muller, Mathis Künzler, Sabine Timoteo

Votes: 77

Comedians for Worldpeace: Do They Know It's Europe? (2019 Video)

5 min | Short, Comedy, Music

In this spoof of 1984 charity single Band Aid: Do They Know It's Christmas? (1984), 20 political satirists from 16 European countries, unite as 'Comedians for Worldpeace' to create a new European anthem for the 2019 European Parliament election.

Stars: Jan Böhmermann, Jure Godler, Jeroen Woe, Niels van der Laan

Votes: 5

Rusty Boys (2017)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

Four elderly men (Fons, Lull, Nuckes and Jängi) are fed up with being walked all over and treated like children. Together with their friends, they plan a future without old people's homes. But that's easier said than done.

Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: André Jung, Marco Lorenzini, Paul Greisch, Fernand Fox

Votes: 55

W. (2020)

Crime, Mystery

A woman has been found by the Luxembourgish police. She doesn't know who she is or what she is doing there but, strangely, she knows everything else. Who is this woman, main suspect in an investigation about the disappearance of children?

Stars: Jerome Burelbach, Catherine Elsen, Fränk Grotz, Claude Faber

Votes: 8

Naked Opera (2013)

Not Rated | 81 min | Documentary

Marc is talented, intelligent, eloquent and wealthy but has suffered from an incurable illness from childhood. Each weekend he escapes his everyday haute bourgeois life by travelling the ... See full summary »

Director: Angela Christlieb | Stars: Marc Rollinger, Jordan Fox, Christian Alfred Kahrer, Nilton Martins

Votes: 75

A Wopbobaloobop a Lopbamboom (1989)

85 min | Drama

Luxembourg in the 60s. Youngsters from France come over to a small south Luxembourg village Dudelange to party there. And looking for girls. And then starts the fighting. Teenager love and rock 'n roll.

Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Désirée Nosbusch, Thierry van Werveke, Jochen Senf, Lena Sabine Berg

Votes: 45

Warum Siegfried Teitelbaum sterben musste (2016)

99 min | Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Hitman Stefán uncovers a twisty story about the mysterious death of super-gangster Teitelbaum to the officials, but is he really telling the truth?

Director: Axel Steinmüller | Stars: Gerhard Acktun, Ralf Ahlborn, Stefan Evertz, Andreas Goebel

Votes: 40

The Eurovision Song Contest (1992 TV Special)


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Director: Kåge Gimtell | Stars: Harald Treutiger, Lydia Cappoicchio, Korhan Abay, Paul Abela

Votes: 41

Back in Trouble (1997)

PG | 95 min | Comedy, Action, Crime

Unsuccessful Luxembourg bank robber Johnny Chicago is released from prison and immediately and incompetently attempts to resume his life of crime. In a few days he manages to get his old ... See full summary »

Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Thierry van Werveke, Ender Frings, Oscar Ortega Sánchez, Nicole Max

Votes: 67

Comeback (2012–2013)


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Stars: Al Ginter, Julie Kieffer, Konstantin Rommelfangen, Tommy Schlesser

Votes: 52

Conge fir e mord (1983)

111 min | Crime

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Director: Paul Scheuer | Stars: Dolly Arend, Raymond Bauler, Marianne Bausch, Nicole Bleser

routwäissgro (2015– )

26 min | Documentary

Each 26 min. episode follows a different protagonist, and is directed by a different director. In the tradition of pure observational cinema, the viewer is allowed to immerse into the life ... See full summary »

Stars: Catriona Gillham, Olivier Biwer

Eng nei Zäit (2015)

107 min | Crime, Drama, History

The future is a thing of the past.

Director: Christophe Wagner | Stars: Luc Schiltz, André Jung, Jules Werner, Fabienne Elaine Hollwege

Votes: 54

Three Shake-a-Leg Steps to Heaven (1993)

90 min

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Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Udo Kier, Désirée Nosbusch, Richy Müller, Thierry van Werveke

Votes: 26

Déi zwéi vum Bierg (1985 TV Movie)

160 min | Drama

Drama about the friendship of 2 young guys in a small village in Luxembourg, under Nazi occupation during World war 2

Directors: Menn Bodson, Marc Olinger, Gast Rollinger | Stars: Norbert Anthony, Pit Bertemes, Ali Bintz, Jean-Paul Boden

Votes: 23

Mammejong (2015)

85 min | Drama

Man-child Flëpp needs to sever the unhealthy ties that bind him to his mother in order to win the heart of young runaway Leena.

Director: Jacques Molitor | Stars: Max Thommes, Myriam Muller, Maja Juric, Joe Blitgen

Votes: 20

F91 the European Dream 2.0 (2020)

75 min | Documentary

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Director: Jerome Weber | Stars: Daniel Agus, Dan Biancalana, Romain Brenner, Théo Fellerich

Kropemann (2016)

93 min | Thriller

The 93-minute thriller/slasher movie/whodunit offers an alternative take on the "Kropemann", an ancient Luxembourg legend which was originally told to children to stop them from going near bodies of water to keep them safe from drowning.

Director: Patrick Ernzer | Stars: Lionel Becker, Gilles Dechmann, Philippe Flammang, Ronnie Gerber

Votes: 15

D'Belle Epoque (2012)

98 min | Documentary

August 1914, Belle, a young well-bred lady and Betty, her chambermaid, discover a big trunk in the attic. When they manage to open it, thousand of photos and postcards spread all over the ... See full summary »

Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Vicky Krieps, Gintare Parulyte, Marco Lorenzini, Henri Losch

Votes: 6

Charlotte: A Royal at War (2008)

96 min | Documentary, Biography, History

The untold story of a Royal "propagandist in pearls" whose wartime friendship with President Roosevelt became a vital catalyst to win back freedom for her tiny occupied country.

Director: Ray Tostevin | Stars: Grand Duchess of Luxembourg Charlotte, Geraldine James, Joséphine-Charlotte Grandduchess of Luxemburg

Votes: 25

Foreign Affairs (2016)

75 min | Documentary, Biography

Luxembourg's Foreign Minister takes us on a journey through modern politics.

Director: Pasha Rafiy | Star: Jean Asselborn

Votes: 32

Universalove (2008)

83 min | Musical

Love happens. Love takes place. Strange love. True love. Crazy love. Desperate Love. Everywhere. Every moment.

Director: Thomas Woschitz | Stars: Anica Dobra, Dusan Askovic, Stefan Arsenijevic, Gordana Angelovski

Votes: 116

Oleander (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

A wealthy society couple from Luxembourg host a charity event at the Abbey du Neumünster. A woman with a troubled past confronts the husband's hypocrisy, exposing the darkness beneath the shiny veneer of wealth and success.

Director: Giles Foreman | Stars: Leila Lallali, Sabine Rossbach, Elshan Amaan, Christine Rehfeldt

Tom & Greg (w. Special Confinement) (2020 TV Movie)


While trying to kill of time the best they can during the quarantine, Tom and Greg are confronted with a domestic violence situation and try to find ways to help without being able to move.

Director: Frederic Zeimet | Stars: Jerome Burelbach, Larisa Faber, Fränk Grotz, Raoul Schlechter

Trouble No More (2010)

90 min | Comedy, Crime

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Director: Andy Bausch | Stars: Marco Lorenzini, Nilton Martins, Hervé Sogne, Ender Frings

Votes: 22

A Woman Like the Sea (2016)

Short, Drama

Charlotte is a presenter at a local radio station. She lives with her husband, an artist, and their three-year-old child in a bourgeois terraced house in Luxembourg City. Charlotte seems to... See full summary »

Director: Lisa Wagner | Stars: Florian Anderer, Finn Bösenberg, Nickel Bösenberg, Nora König

Ouni Mooss (2015)

10 min | Short, Drama

Fred has to make a choice that will change his life forever but things don't turn out as planned as he gets stuck in his past.

Director: Adolf El Assal | Stars: Samir Lemouis, Hana Sofia Lopes, Armando Medina, Paul Robert

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