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Children of the Arctic (2014)

G | 92 min | Documentary, Drama

Children of the Arctic is a portrait of five Native Alaskan teenagers growing up in Barrow - the northernmost community in the United States. As their climate and culture undergo profound ... See full summary »

Director: Nick Brandestini

Votes: 41

On the Ice (2008)

15 min | Short, Drama

An Inuit hunter drives his dog team out on the frozen Arctic Ocean in search of seals, but instead, becomes a witness to murder.

Director: Andrew Okpeaha MacLean | Stars: Tony Bryant, Olemaun Rexford, Brad Weyiouanna

Votes: 207

Games of the North (2011 TV Movie)

26 min | Documentary

For thousands of years, traditional Inuit sports have been vital for survival within the unforgiving Arctic. Acrobatic and explosive, these ancestral games evolved to strengthen mind, body ... See full summary »

Director: Jonathon Stanton | Stars: Elizabeth Rexford, Jesse Frankson, David Thomas, John Miller

Votes: 7

Never Alone (2014 Video Game)

E10+ | Adventure, Fantasy

Nuna and Fox set out on a journey to find the source of a never-ending Alaskan blizzard. Guided by helpful spirits and chased by a persistent polar bear Nuna and fox battle through the Alaskan winter.

Director: Mike Wikan | Star: James Mumigan Nageak

Votes: 301

Koluskap Nekotok Skitkomig: Glooscap (1997 Video)

17 min | Short

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Director: Alain Bublex