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Edge of the Knife (2018)

101 min | Drama, History

When a man accidentally causes the death of the son of his best friend, the man is wracked by grief and runs off into the woods.

Directors: Gwaai Edenshaw, Helen Haig-Brown | Stars: Curtis Brown, Diane Brown, Greg Brown, Toddi Lauren Brown

Votes: 207

Kwiaahwah Jones Singing a Haida Love Song at the Bill Reid Gallery (2011)

2 min | Short, Music

Haida artist and exhibition coordinator at Vancouver's Bill Reid Gallery, Kwiaahwah Jones sings a Haida love song at the gallery in Vancouver, BC, Canada, on July 20, 2011. Filmed by Chief Bob Chamberlin.

Director: Bob Chamberlin | Star: Kwiaahwah Jones

Codename 3838 (2018)

13 min | Short, Drama, Sci-Fi

In the near future, a young worker whose daily work is to take his part as a software writer in a hi-tech company, unable to keep on his daily routine and fall a victim to his heart's feelings.

Director: Rea Burla | Star: Amir Levy

Kwiaahwah Jones Sings a Haida Love Song (2010)

2 min | Short, Music

A Haida love song performed at the end of Kwiaahwah Jones' presentation at the Nesika Society's inaugural Fundraising dinner at the Vancouver Museum, June 18th, 2010, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Filmed by Chief Bob Chamberlin.

Director: Bob Chamberlin | Star: Kwiaahwah Jones

Sding K'awXangs - Haïda (2019)

2 min | Short

On their lush islands off the northwest coast of Canada, the Haida created a world of exceptional artistic expression - a world that enabled them to leave their mark on history, despite their virtual disappearance in the late 19th century.

Director: Tomi Grgicevic

The Girl Who Talks to the Moon (2018)

Short, Family

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Director: Neil Grahn | Star: Merika Gladstone