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Tall as the Baobab Tree (2012)

Not Rated | 82 min | Adventure, Drama

In a rural African village poised at the outer edge of the modern world, a teenage girl hatches a secret plan to rescue her 11-year-old sister from an arranged marriage.

Director: Jeremy Teicher | Stars: Alpha Dia, Cheikh Dia, Mboural Dia, Mouhamed Diallo

Votes: 127

Death of Two Sons (2006)

64 min | Documentary

An African's death in America and an American's death in Africa highlight disparities in the way that human life is valued.

Director: Micah Schaffer | Stars: Michelle Lynar Ashley, Raz Chowdhury, Abdoul Salaam Diallo, Abdourahamane Diallo

Votes: 22

These Girls Are Missing (1995)

60 min | Documentary

In many African countries, fewer than 20% of girls ever enter a classroom, and across the continent, only one woman in three learns to read. "These Girls Are Missing" offers small sets of ... See full summary »

Directors: Michael Camerini, Shari Robertson | Star: Kagendo Murungi

Senegal/Sicily - a documentary series about migration (Video)

25 min | Documentary, Short | Post-production

Senegal/Sicily is a series of six short documentaries about migration between Senegal and Sicily that reports the experiences of: those who left, those who arrived, those who wish to stay, ... See full summary »

Director: Alberto Amoretti

I.T. - Immatriculation temporaire (2001)

73 min | Drama

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Director: Gahité Fofana | Stars: Fatoumata Kanté, Gahité Fofana, Yves Guichard Traoré, Ibrahima Sanogo

Votes: 10

La lune est tombée (2015)

76 min | Comedy, Drama

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Director: Gahité Fofana | Stars: El Hadj Ibrahima Bah, Momo Dione, Fatoumata Kanté, Mohamed Dinah Sampil

A Rua do Catete (1900)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Afonso Segreto

Herr Andrzej (2006)

Short, Fantasy

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Director: Emil Graffman | Star: Andrzej Sielski

Okike (2018)

Short, Comedy, Drama

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Director: Edoardo Ferraro

Grands travaux (2016)

100 min | Documentary

Grands Travaux documents and stages different aspects of the lives of fourth graders in the section 'electrical installations' in a school in Brussels: courses and school exercises, ... See full summary »

Directors: Gerard-Jan Claes, Olivia Rochette | Stars: Mohamud Mohamed Abdi, Ahmadou Oury Barry, Mamadou Diallo, Achmed Xussein

Votes: 17