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For a Lost Soldier (1992)

Unrated | 92 min | Drama, Romance, War

Set in The Netherlands at the end of WW II, this touching story, told in flashbacks, explores the complex and romantic relationship between an adult soldier and a displaced, lonely adolescent boy.

Director: Roeland Kerbosch | Stars: Maarten Smit, Andrew Kelley, Jeroen Krabbé, Freark Smink

Votes: 4,307 | Gross: $0.39M

The Case of the Grinning Cat (2004 TV Movie)
79 metascore

The Case of the Grinning Cat (2004 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 59 min | Documentary

Paris 2002. Yellow cats appears on the walls. Chris Marker is looking for these mysterious cats and captures with his camera the political and international events of these last two years (war in Iraq...).

Director: Chris Marker | Stars: Bertrand Cantat, Dieudonné, Léon Schwartzenberg, Marina Vlady

Votes: 496

Escaped from Destruction (2020)

52 min | Documentary

How do you survive a war wound? Jewish orphans Betty and Rob were adopted by two sisters in 1946. Until this very day they are still baffled that they survived the Holocaust, a subject they have avoided for over half a century.

Director: Jedrek Nadobnik | Stars: Frénk van der Linden, Betty Mock, Rob Moscou, Harry Mock

Masterclass (2018)

Short, Drama

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Director: Jörgen Scholtens | Stars: Michael de Roos, Marcel Faber, Joke Tjalsma, Wybo Smids

Baas Boppe Baas (2005– )


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Stars: Rense Westra, Hilly Harms, Thijs Feenstra, Meriyem Manders

Votes: 22

De Keet (2014)

25 min | Drama

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Stars: Araliya Bosma, Ingrid Leystra, Lourens van den Akker, Jörgen Scholtens

Dankert&Dankert (2006– )

30 min | Crime, Drama

Episode 15-17 "Botte Bile" Koos Zwiers is being thought to be the killer of his wife who was murdered with an ax. He lost his memory and doesn't know what happened. He asks the Dankert for ... See full summary »

Stars: Julia van de Graaff, Rense Westra, Peter Tuinman, Rients Gratama

Votes: 17

The Golden Swipe (1996 TV Movie)

85 min | Drama

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Directors: Alex Bordewijk, Steven de Jong | Stars: Aly Bruinsma, Steven de Jong, Fokke de Vries, Pieter de Vries

Votes: 41

De wereld van Froukje (2020)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Tim Jung | Stars: Albert Faber, Froukje Faber, Wieger Faber, Jolanda Faber-Keurnig

Roswell V Seraphim

Fantasy, Musical | Pre-production

Musical movie based on ''The Daimons Show On The Snow'' that is the multi technology hologram play based on ''The Daimons'' movie. An almost five hour film with high technology , multi ... See full summary »

Director: Gabriel Caelum

Tsjêbbe Hettinga: Yn Dat Sykjen sûnder Finden (2006)

50 min | Documentary

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Director: Pieter Verhoeff

Nei de dûns (2019)

12 min | Short, Drama

Fully dedicated Gjalt (68) takes care of his wife Anke (67) who suffers from an aggressive form of dementia that is accompanied by delusions, fear visions and personality change. Gjalt ... See full summary »

Director: Rutger Veenstra | Stars: Jan Arendsz, Marijke Geertsma, Tamara Schoppert

BAK (2015)


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Stars: Wybe Koldijk, Hyltsje Smedes, Wybo Smids, Joke Tjalsma

De Koers (2015– )


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Stars: Romke Gabe Draaijer, Jörgen Scholtens, Sophie Bakker, Marcel Faber

Nei Boppe (2002)

30 min | Fantasy, Short

Boppe a window-cleaner is panic-struck by fear of heights. He is in big trouble.

Director: Henk Penninga | Stars: Joop Wittermans, Astrid Reitsema

Salang't de wyn fan de wolken waait (2008)

20 min | Documentary, Short

In three different situations in Friesland people try to resist globalization.

Director: Hark'oh Wubs | Stars: Anne Bisschop, Mattie Bruining, Jasper de Groot, Wietze de Vries

Big Blast: Get's Merry (2013)

Short, Action

J. and J.H. are having a little trouble, but it's nothing they didn't get themselves into.

Director: Joop Agema | Stars: Joop Agema, Jan-Hessel de Haan

De ein fan 'e wrald (2007)

23 min | Short, Drama

Jeffrey's father leaves him a terrible campsite in the middle of nowhere in Fryslan.

Director: Mirjam de With | Stars: Hilbert Dijkstra, Hilly Harms, Sander Kalsbeek, Lars Nestelaar

The Spectacle (2006)

3 min | Documentary, Short

In 1963 in Teheran a young student saw Stanley Kubrick's film Spartacus.

Director: Jan Ijäs | Star: Mansour Khosnami

Votes: 5

Yn syn hânnen (2006)


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Director: Murk-Jaep van der Schaaf

De del van '63 (2010 Video)

55 min | Adult

An old man is drinking at the bar as he thinks back to the year 1963. Instead of in the original movie he does not remember the cold days but the hot days he and friends spent with the women.

Director: Erik Zijlstra | Star: Milena Star

Ik, kening Lear (2003)

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Director: Pieter Verhoeff

Doarp (1995)

75 min | Documentary

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Director: Henk Penninga

Votes: 6

Born Dead: A Zombie Parable (2014)

5 min | Short, Family, Fantasy

We are spiritual zombies until we accept Christ's gift of new life

Director: Mark Baird | Stars: Danielle Emma Baird, Lauren Becerra, Finley Bell, Gareth Bell

Ald dyk (2007 TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary

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Director: Henk Penninga

Bedoneh Gharare Ghabli (2021)


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Stars: Pegah Ahangarani, Mohammad Yaromtaghloo, Mostafa Zamani