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Cobra Verde (1987)
55 metascore

Cobra Verde (1987)

Not Rated | 111 min | Adventure, Drama

During the 1800s, paroled Brazilian bandit Cobra Verde is sent to West Africa with a few troops to man an old Portuguese fort and to convince the local African ruler to resume the slave trade with Brazil.

Director: Werner Herzog | Stars: Klaus Kinski, King Ampaw, José Lewgoy, Salvatore Basile

Votes: 6,544

The Human Experience (2008)

PG-13 | 90 min | Documentary

The story of a band of brothers who travel the world in search of the answers to the burning questions: Who am I? Who is Man? Why do we search for meaning? Their journey brings them into ... See full summary »

Director: Charles Francis Kinnane | Stars: Jeffrey Azize, Clifford Azize, Michael Campo, Matthew Sanchez

Votes: 905

The Rescue List (2017)

81 min | Documentary | Completed

Two boys escape from slavery, spend a year in a rehabilitation shelter, and eventually reunite with their families. Meanwhile, the man who rescued them launches another mission to liberate more children. For him, the work is personal.

Directors: Alyssa Fedele, Zachary Fink

Votes: 16

Sold: Fighting the New Global Slave Trade (2010)

52 min | Documentary, News

SOLD: Fighting the New Global Slave Trade uses parallel story telling to step into the lives of three contemporary abolitionists in different countries. Symphorienne Kessouagni lives in ... See full summary »

Director: Jody Hassett Sanchez | Star: Mira Nair

Samual (2005)

10 min | Short, Drama

In A black and white reality, all that matters is the color of memory.

Director: Tami Ravid | Stars: Moesha van der Berg, Michael Maarssen, Daniel Haages, Thijs ter Avest

Votes: 5

Contradict (2019)


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Directors: Thomas Burkhalter, Peter Guyer

Ruptures (2008)

16 min | Documentary, Short

What explains the lack of ARV drugs and the cut-off of the Global Fund in Togo?

Director: Guillaume Roussel-Garneau | Stars: Augustin Doklan, Eugène Novon, Marie Tounsi

Kukunja Carton (2013)

66 min | Drama

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Director: Guillaume Roussel-Garneau | Stars: Raissa Musanintore, Evode Nduwimana, Marguerite Pitcholo, Marie-Michel Pitcholo

Les femmes d'Amouzou Copé (2009)

12 min | Short

Near of an Orphanage of Amouzou cope, a group of feminists jurists inform women of the village about their rights and duty considering their children.

Director: Guillaume Roussel-Garneau

Menschen im Busch (1931)

64 min | Documentary

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Directors: Friedrich Dalsheim, Gulla Pfeffer | Stars: Herzog Adolf Friedrich von Mecklenburg, Gulla Pfeffer, Friedrich Dalsheim

The Silent Good (2018 Video)

21 min | Documentary

My objective with this documentary is to show the difficulties that the inhabitants of these towns (sections of all civilization) have to obtain drinking water. The water well is approved ... See full summary »

Director: Patricia Gonzalez Osorio