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Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom (2019)

110 min | Drama, Family

An aspiring singer living with his grandmother in the capital of Bhutan dreams of getting a visa to move to Australia.

Director: Pawo Choyning Dorji | Stars: Sherab Dorji, Oriana Chen, Tshering Dorji, Kelden Lhamo Gurung

Votes: 210

Sing Me a Song (2019)
63 metascore

Sing Me a Song (2019)

100 min | Documentary

As the Internet finally arrives in tiny Bhutan, documentarian Thomas Balmès is there to witness its transformative impact on a young Buddhist monk whose initial trepidation gives way to profound engagement with the technology.

Director: Thomas Balmès | Stars: Peyangki, Ugyen

Votes: 133

The Happy Housewife (2010)

100 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

After giving birth to her first child, a happily married woman sees her picture-perfect life spiral out of control.

Director: Antoinette Beumer | Stars: Carice van Houten, Isis Cabolet, Marcel Hensema, Waldemar Torenstra

Votes: 2,786

Hema Hema: Sing Me a Song While I Wait (2016)

96 min | Drama, Mystery

Somewhere deep in a forest of Bhutan, there is a gathering every twelve years of men and women chosen by the Old Man to enjoy a few days of anonymity. Masked silhouettes participate in ... See full summary »

Director: Khyentse Norbu | Stars: Tshering Dorji, Sadon Lhamo, Thinley Dorji, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung

Votes: 205

Travelers and Magicians (2003)
71 metascore

Travelers and Magicians (2003)

Not Rated | 108 min | Adventure, Drama

The two men embark on parallel, if separate, journeys. Their yearning is a common one--for a better and different life. Dondup, delayed by the timeless pace of his village, is forced to ... See full summary »

Director: Khyentse Norbu | Stars: Tshewang Dendup, Gup Kado Duba, Dasho Kado, Sonam Lhamo

Votes: 2,103 | Gross: $0.51M

Happiness (II) (2013)

80 min | Documentary, Drama, Family

In 1999, King Jigme Wangchuck approved the use of television and Internet throughout the largely undeveloped nation of Bhutan, assuring the masses that rapid development was synonymous with... See full summary »

Director: Thomas Balmès | Stars: Peyangki, Kinley Om, Ap Kinley Dorji, Aum Thinley Dolma

Votes: 284

The Red Phallus (2018)

Not Rated | 85 min | Drama

We all live in one story but different realities. Or perhaps, we all live in one reality but different stories. And in between, there is just a mask.

Director: Tashi Gyeltshen | Stars: Tshering Euden, Dorji Gyeltshen, Singye

Votes: 231

The Next Guardian (2017)

75 min | Documentary

The contrasting dreams of two generations clash within the microcosm of an ancient Buddhist monastery in Bhutan, when Gyembo an ordinary teenager is chosen as the next guardian of their family monastery by his father.

Directors: Arun Bhattarai, Dorottya Zurbó

Votes: 78

Arrows of the Thunder Dragon - Director's Cut (2013)

89 min | Drama, Family, History

Set in the 1970s in the ancient Himalayan Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, the story follows the drama of a remote village brother and sister passionate about the National sport of archery.

Director: Greg Sneddon | Stars: Tshering Zangmo, Kandu, Tandin Phub, Shacha

Votes: 27

Honeygiver Among the Dogs (2016)

PG | 132 min | Mystery

In remote Bhutan, an undercover detective investigates the case of a missing Buddhist nun and falls into a risky alliance with his only suspect- an alluring young woman known as the village "demoness."

Director: Dechen Roder | Stars: Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk, Sonam Tashi Choden, Chencho Dorji, Kunga Dorji

Votes: 172

Baeyul, the Hidden Paradise (2014)

160 min | Action

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Director: Tshering Gyeltshen | Stars: Tshering Choden, Sonam Penjore, Kencho Wangdi

Kushuthara: Pattern of Love (2017)

92 min | Drama, Romance

One single thread weaves the story of the past and present lives of two people. Two people born on the opposite sides of the world, destined to meet, and realize karmic conditions and their... See full summary »

Director: Karma Deki | Stars: Karma Chedon, Emrhys Cooper, Bumpa Dorji, Gyem Dorji

Votes: 20

The Container (II) (2011)

13 min | Short, Drama, Family

This movie is based on a true story that took place in Bhutan about 30 years ago. It is about a mother who is trying to help her sick baby. When the mother wants to collect her baby's ... See full summary »

Director: Jamyang Jamyang

49th Day (2006)

135 min | Drama, Fantasy

A woman learns that her daughter, who lives in the capital city with her ex-husband and his new wife, is missing she rushes off to Thimphu. On the way, she meets with a terrible accident ... See full summary »

Director: Namgay Retty | Stars: Karma Chedon, Gyem Dorji, Ngwang Tshomo

The Container (I) (2011)

13 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Jamyang Dorji | Stars: Deki Yangzom, Sachiko Jamyang, Karma Tshering, Rinchen

Bardo: The Intermediate State (2010)

150 min | Drama, Fantasy, Thriller

Tenzin is a pious and an enterprising businessman loved and adored by his wife Peydey. The couple is doing extremely well when Tenzin is murdered by his elder brother Wangdue under the ... See full summary »

Director: Chencho Dorji | Stars: Tshering Phuntsho, Lhaki Dolma, Sonam Choki, Karma Chhechong

Gasa lamai singye (1989)


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Director: Ugyen Wangdi

3 Year 3 Month Retreat (2015)

20 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

Can Lhamo, a young, wounded girl facing the harsh gaze of the world, find her own form of retreat and redemption?

Director: Dechen Roder | Star: Dechen Zangmo

Votes: 12

What Happiness Is (2012)

87 min | Documentary

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Director: Harald Friedl | Stars: Karma Wangdi, Tshoki Zangmo

Votes: 26

Thank You, Sir! I Am A Teacher (2012)

190 min | Drama

A passionate teacher believes that a teacher dedicated to his/her calling can change the world.

Director: Tshering Gyeltshen | Stars: Tshering Gyeltshen, Namgyel Lhamo, Tshering Zangmo

Druk - When the Dragon Roars

Drama | Post-production

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Director: Sonam Dorji Casper | Stars: Tshering Gyeltshen, Sherab Lhamo, Chencho Dorji

School Among Glaciers (2003)

72 min | Documentary

School Among Glaciers is a compelling documentary about a schoolteacher who sets out on a 14-day journey on foot to Lunana. He survives a number of narrow trails and high passes including ... See full summary »

Director: Dorji Wangchuk

Norbu, My Beloved Yak (2006)

90 min | Drama

"There are more mountains beyond those mountains."

Director: Pelden Dorji | Stars: Sonam Choki, Choeku Dorji, Kezang Tobden

Votes: 7

Muti thrishing (2005)

165 min | Drama

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Directors: Pelden Dorji, Tshering Gyeltshen | Stars: Sonam Choki, Tshering Gyeltshen

Votes: 6

Kingdom of Archers (2020)

77 min | Completed

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Director: Robert Hixon Hanson | Stars: Sherab Zam, Jigme Pelden, Singye Wangchuck, Tshering Tashi

Prophecy (2015)

92 min | Drama

When an ancient Buddhist scripture is discovered, a senior Buddhist monk embarks on a long journey in search of a young boy who is prophesied to be a reincarnate Lama destined to propagate ... See full summary »

Directors: Zuri Rinpoche, Zuri Rinpoche | Stars: Lekzin Choden, Lekzin Choden, Loday Chophel, Loday Chophel

Votes: 10

Lekzin (2016)

120 min | Drama

Seven year old Lekzin is brought to a bridge leading to a temple by her mother Bidha, and asked to wait for her to come back. Night falls and thunders roar, but Bidha is no where to be seen... See full summary »

Director: Druksel Dorji | Stars: Tshering Chophel, Lhaki Dolma, Chencho Dorji, Chencho Dorji

Lengo (2005)


A sad story, which revolves around a village 'Lengo' (literally: a dumb guy) who foolishly believes one of prettiest girls in the village is in love with him.

Director: Chencho Dorji | Stars: Gyem Dorji, Rinchhen Namgay, Karma Chedon, Damcho Zam

Nge Tsawai Lama (2017)


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Director: Wangchuk Talop | Stars: Gyem Dorji, Tashi Penjor Dorji, Sonam R. Kuensel, Sherab Lhamo

Ap Bokto (2014)

53 min | Animation

Ap Bokto travels through a thick forest where he meets various wild animals which includes a bear, leopard and a tiger who are willing to make him as their meal. The story revolves around ... See full summary »

Director: Karma Dhendup

Votes: 9

Das Tal der Frauen: Erlebnisse einer Schweizer Bäuerin in Bhutan (1994 TV Movie)

58 min | Documentary

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Director: Marianne Pletscher | Stars: Dorje Dölma, Tina Joos

DHARMA: finding the right path (2016)

95 min | Drama | Completed

Alcoholism is a disease. And many have succumbed to it. Dharma is a young, vivacious man, whose life turns topsy-turvy, when his personal relationship with his wife fails. He resorts to ... See full summary »

Director: Chencho Dorji

Het begon in het paradijs (1960 TV Movie)

75 min | Drama

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Stars: Gella Allaert, Jan Gorissen, Yvonne Lex, Anton Peters

An Original Photocopy of Happiness (2011)

23 min | Short, Drama, Family

A 16 year old girl goes looking for her father, who she has never met, and whose identity her mother will never reveal. A touching first person narrative, following a day in the life of ... See full summary »

Director: Dechen Roder | Star: Dechen Tsomo

548 km: Bhutan's Longest Journey (2005)

26 min | Short

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Directors: Matthias Boeckmann, Tobgye

The Vested Astrologer (2019)

Drama, Musical

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Director: Kinga Kinley Tshering | Stars: Nidup Dorji, Tandin Bidha, Tashi Penjor Dorji, Kinley Dorji

She Sings (2011)


The 19 year old Dechen is living with her mother and little brother in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan. Dechen dreams of becoming a successful singer and is selected to be a contestant in ... See full summary »

Directors: Caroline Sascha Cogez, Dechen Roder

Votes: 6

An Incurable Gift

16 min | Short | Completed

A young man, who is 25 years old, from a wealthy family, visits bar everyday for fun. He is more of a womanizer and the main reason for going to bar is to woe different women. He meets a ... See full summary »


5 min | Short, Mystery | Completed

its about the social of daily life at present

Director: Jamyang Dorji

Birds in Cages (2011)

Short, Drama

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Director: Karma Deki | Stars: Phajo K. Jimba, Seday, Karma Tshering, Dechen Zangmo

The Undying Love of Pemai Tshewang Tashi (2015)

Drama, Musical

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Director: Wangchuk Talop | Stars: Ugyen Choden, Sherab Lhamo, Karma Phuntsho, Sonam Bumthap Tenzin

Nazhoen Chharo (2008)


Urban youth issues such as drugs, petty crime and violence are ingredients for a story in which Bhutan find its own way to deal with the side effects of modernity. Bhutan's fast ... See full summary »

Little Night Hunter (2012)

20 min | Short, Drama

12 year-old Sonam lives together with his mum in the small village Rangjung in East Bhutan. He spends his days, looking for a father. One day he meets the 22 year-old Paljor, who takes Sonam to where he really comes from.

Director: Katja Adomeit | Stars: Bumpa Dorji, Dhendup Gyaltshen

Girl with a Red Sky (2011)

Short, Drama

The Girl with a Red Sky is the first film in Tashi Gyeltshen's RED trilogy. It shows the last few days of a young girl suffering from Aids, infected by her father. She visualises a man in ... See full summary »

Director: Tashi Gyeltshen

Hum Chewai Zamling (2017)

100 min | Drama

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Director: Wangchuk Talop | Stars: Lhaki Dolma, Gyem Dorji, Sherab Lhamo, Tshering Phuntsho

Votes: 6

Cooper's Mountain (2018 TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary

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Director: John Mawson | Stars: Karma Chedon, Emrhys Cooper, Karma Deki, Bumpa Dorji

Nyen dang dra (2003)


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Serga Mathang (2016)


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Director: Kezang P. Jigmee | Stars: Tshering Phuntsho, Dechen Wangmo, Sonam Choden Tenzin, Ugyen Dorji

Het prinsesje op de erwt (1962 TV Movie)

120 min | Fantasy

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Stars: Ward Bogaert, Raymond Bossaerts, Werner Kopers, Greta Lens

Heart in the Mandala (2015)

Short, Drama

When an orphaned cabaret bar dancer enters a romance with an older businessman, she starts imagining a happier future for herself and her handicapped brother, only to be suddenly confronted by a dark past.

Director: Dechen Roder | Star: Tshering Dorji

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