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Sarraounia (1986)

120 min | Drama, History, War

On January 2 1899, starting from the French Soudan, a french column under the commandment of the captains Voulet and Chanoine is send against the black Sultan Rabah in what is now the ... See full summary »

Director: Med Hondo | Stars: Aï Keïta, Jean-Roger Milo, Féodor Atkine, Didier Sauvegrain

Votes: 125

Emitaï (1971)

103 min | Drama

As World War II is going on in Europe, a conflict arises between the French and the Diola-speaking tribe of Africa, prompting the village women to organize their men to sit beneath a tree to pray.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Andongo Diabon, Robert Fontaine, Michel Renaudeau, Ousmane Camara

Votes: 307

Johnny Cash: Live at Montreux 1994 (2005 Video)

Not Rated | 55 min | Music

The late Johnny Cash was one of the most influential figures in American music in the post war period. He managed to combine elements of folk, rock 'n' roll and country, which together with... See full summary »

Director: Emmanuel Getaz | Stars: Johnny Cash, Bob Wootton, Dave Rowe, John Carter Cash

Votes: 25

Wallay (2017)

G | 84 min | Drama

A 13-year-old boy is sent from his home in France to live with external family in rural Burkina Faso.

Director: Berni Goldblat | Stars: Makan Nathan Diarra, Ibrahim Koma, Hamadoun Kassogué, Mounira Kankolé

Votes: 117

The Night of Truth (2004)

100 min | Drama

La Nuit de la Vérité is situated in an imaginary West African country. After ten years of civil war between the government army of the Nayak, led by 'Le président', and the Bonande rebels ... See full summary »

Director: Fanta Régina Nacro | Stars: Moussa Cissé, Georgette Paré, Adama Ouédraogo, Naky Sy Savane

Votes: 274

Tasuma (2004)

90 min | Drama

A village elder veteran expecting his pension buys a mill on credit for the community, but the repeated requests ignored by the government bring back his fighting spirit.

Director: Kollo Sanou | Stars: Serge Henri, Aï Keïta, Besani Raoul Khalil, Noufou Ouédraogo

Votes: 54 | Gross: $0.00M

Sarabah (2011)

60 min | Documentary

Sister Fa is a trailblazing Senegalese singer and activist on the rise The first successful female rapper in Dakar's fiercely competitive hip hop scene, she's now courageously speaking out ... See full summary »

Directors: Gloria Bremer, Maria Luisa Gambale | Star: Fatou Mandiang Diatta

Votes: 30

Kadiamor, l'entente (2012)

75 min | Documentary

In Senegal, a group of musicians and dancers come together to form a troupe. A musical journey through the heart of Africa's breathtaking landscapes, an immersion into the tradition of a ... See full summary »

Director: Renata Azambuja | Stars: Abdou Nianky Diatta, Bernabe Diedhiou, Aly Fall, Abdoulaye Mane

Drexciya (2012)

27 min | Short

Thomas is a smuggler, shipping European refugees who hope to find a better life in Africa. One day his boat sinks and he is washed up on the African coast as the only survivor. He then ... See full summary »

Director: Simon Rittmeier | Stars: Alexander Beyer, Rodrigue Ouattara, Adama Venegda, Josiane Hien Yeri

Votes: 5

Djeli, conte d'aujourd'hui (1981)

90 min | Drama

Kramoko Kouyate, son of a griot, cannot marry Fanta who is of noble blood. In flashback, the film explains the origin of the problem and shows their attempts to get around it.

Director: Fadika Kramo-Lanciné | Stars: Fatou Ouatara, Joachim Ouatara, El Hadj Sindou Dembélé

Votes: 30

The Place in Between (2010)

82 min | Drama

A biracial woman travels from France to Burkina Faso in search of her mother. In France, a white woman seeks to learn an African language for reasons unknown.

Director: Sarah Bouyain | Stars: Dorylia Calmel, Assita Ouedraogo, Blandine Yaméogo, Nathalie Richard

Votes: 29

Kabadio - Time Goes Slowly, Barefoot (2017)

95 min | Documentary

Kabadio, Where time goes slowly, walks barefoot. A portrait of a Muslim village situated in Casamance, south Senegal.

Director: Daniel Leite

Vivre riche (2017 TV Movie)

54 min | Documentary

In Abidjan, in full social mutation, we discover an Ivorian youth lacking benchmarks after the political and economic crises of recent years. We follow Rolex the Portuguese and his ... See full summary »

Director: Joël Akafou

Votes: 11

Kounandi (2004)

49 min | Drama

A dwarf born into an intolerant village meets a farmer who teaches her about love, friendship and sacrifice.

Director: Apolline Traoré | Stars: Deborah Coty, Aminata Dao, Adama Koné, Noufou Ouédraogo

Votes: 11

Sur le chemin de la réconciliation (1976)

75 min

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Director: Rene Bernard Yonli | Stars: Justine Sanon, Seydou Richard Traoré

Kalanda: The Knowledge of the Bush (2014)

62 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A documentary about donsoya, the knowledge of initiated hunters in Burkina Faso.

Director: Lorenzo Ferrarini

Jours de tourmentes (1985)

120 min

Young people call into question their village's customs and create an agricultural co-operative.

Director: Paul Zoumbara | Stars: Sotigui Kouyaté, Yacine Tall

The End (Again) (1992)

7 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Bruno Wouters

Messages Musicaux - Le Sénégal en transformation (2013)

76 min | Documentary, Music

Rapper/Pan-Africanist Awadi and R&B-singer Facoly are juxtaposed with three griots. This provides an insight into contemporary Senegalese culture oscillating between tradition and modernity.

Director: Cornelia Strasser | Stars: Awadi, Didier Awadi, Fatou Coudiaby, Facoly

Tigernut: Homeland of the wholehearted women (2018)

50 min | Documentary, Adventure, Drama

Investigation that uncovers a plot of international abuses around the production of the new Superfood, tiger nuts, by European and American companies exploiting African resources, while ... See full summary »

Directors: Andoni Monforte, Eva Fernández | Stars: Soulama Koudja Anamatou, Babalaye Daou, Soulama Djouma, Suleiman Gouindougouba

Histoire d'Orokia (1987)

78 min

In the early post-Independence years, a young village girl, who is in love with a young villager, is forced to marry a rich, old man. She tries to poison him and is sent to jail.

Directors: Sou Jacob, Jacques Oppenheim | Stars: Marguerite Sou, Nouhoum Outtara, Joseph Traoré, Moussa Koné

Dondoli Studio (1997)

28 min | Documentary, Short

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Directors: Philippe Ciompi, Christophe Cupelin

Knowledge Is Light (2013)

62 min | Documentary

In 1917, in West Africa, an expert made the following observation: colonial schools are the best way to assimilate populations. Schools were then built, children forced to attend. Children ... See full summary »

Director: Noémie De Pas

Ceux de la colline (2009)

72 min | Documentary

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Director: Berni Goldblat

Votes: 6

In good company, at Boromo's Grandes Personnes place (2020)

80 min | Documentary | Completed

Telling the story of the giant puppets of Africa, is telling the story of an entire community. Artists and above all men and women who, are inhabitants of this multi-ethnic land that unites them, the Burkina Faso.

Directors: Elodie Dondaine, Mathieu Villard | Stars: Boniface Kagambega, Gaston Doulkon, Ousséni Zongo, Lamoussa Yao

Le poids du serment (2010)

87 min | Drama

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Director: Kollo Sanou | Stars: André Bougouma, Fousseni Cissoko, Serge Henri, Bintou Sombie