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Let Joy Reign Supreme (1975)

Not Rated | 114 min | Drama, History, War

France, 1719. Four years after Louix XIV's death, Philippe d'Orleans is the regent for the nine-year-old Louis XIV. Philippe is a liberal and a libertine. His right-hand man, Dubois, an ... See full summary »

Director: Bertrand Tavernier | Stars: Philippe Noiret, Jean Rochefort, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Christine Pascal

Votes: 1,271

Fin Ar Bed (2017– )

10 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller

Marie, a middle aged business woman, Fanch, a retired man, and Klet, a young criminal, share nothing in their lives. Eventually they end up together and start a voyage on the road all along Brittany that will change their lives forever.

Stars: Stéphane Roger, Nolwenn Korbell, Kaou Langoët, Roger Stéphane

Votes: 7

Gortoz A Ran (I'm Waiting) (2002)

4 min | Short, Music

An evocative music clip sung by French artist Denez Prigent, from Brittany, with haunting Australian singer Lisa Gerrard; this clip was made to promote Ridley Scott's feature film, Black ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Marc Gosse | Stars: Lisa Gerrard, Denez Prigent

Mal caduc (2019)

29 min | Short, Drama

1814. The encounter between Mathurin Thouars, a lieutenant in Napoleon's army, and a young conscript suspected of simulating epilepsy in order to avoid military service. The two men are ... See full summary »

Director: Jules Follet | Stars: Julien Bouanich, Louis Duneton, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, Julie Sokolowski

Do Elephants Pray? (2010)

105 min | Drama

Frustrated by the soulless routine world he is shackled to and dogged by a need to find meaning in everything, the life of advertising executive Callum Cutter is thrown into poetic chaos ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Hills | Stars: Jonnie Hurn, Julie Dray, Marc Warren, Rosie Fellner

Votes: 147

La bête (2018)

21 min | Short, Drama

A village far away in time and land. Nearby, in a forest thought to be haunted, a child falls into a pit. His grandfather, an old and nearly blind shepherd, tries to convince the villagers ... See full summary »

Director: Filippo Meneghetti | Stars: Jakez André, Tenenan Bleunven, Hermance Chaine, Stéphanie Coquillon

Votes: 7

The Eurovision Song Contest (1996 TV Special)


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Director: Pål Veiglum | Stars: Ingvild Bryn, Morten Harket, Paul Abela, Olli Ahvenlahti

Votes: 86

Chanson d'Armor (1934)

42 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Ballad-type drama-documentary spoken in the Breton language and set in a Breton fishing community, telling of the impossible love between a fisherman and the lady of the manor.

Director: Jean Epstein | Stars: Yvon Le Mar'hadour, Francis Gourvil, François Viguier, Georges Prieur

Votes: 111

Fool Moon (2008)

84 min | Comedy

A weekend gathering for old friends gets derailed when they are cursed by the neighbors.

Director: Jérôme L'hotsky | Stars: Christophe Alévêque, François Morel, Christine Citti, Elise Larnicol

Votes: 55

Mon frère Yves (2012 TV Movie)


À travers le récit dune fraternité presque amoureuse, ou dun amour fraternel, orageux et passionnés, Julien VIAUD (alias Pierre LOTI), officier de marine, se donne un frère de substitution ... See full synopsis »

Director: Patrick Poivre d'Arvor | Stars: Thierry Frémont, Jérôme Kircher, Jacques Spiesser, Agnès Delachair

Votes: 7

Père inconnu (2000)

18 min | Short, Drama

The end of 19th century. Two old friends are taking a walk in a flower garden, discussing children with unknown fathers. One of them brings up his encounter with a maid. The youthful ... See full summary »

Director: Vladislav Naoumov | Stars: Jean-Claude Auzerais, Yves Belluardo, Laurence Colin, Eric Debray

Noz, un feu dans la nuit (2020 TV Movie)


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Director: Soazig Daniellou | Stars: Judikael Andro, Yann-Edern Jourdan, Clarisse Lavanant, Lula Guiriec

Donner la parole (2008)

33 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Raymond Depardon | Star: Raymond Privat

Votes: 11

Voyage en Bretagne intérieure (1978)

97 min | Documentary, Music

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Director: Richard Lavoie

Fog (II) (2019)

Short, Family

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Director: Mads Yt-Schniberg | Stars: Thierry Machard, Anaïs Levasseur, Tsewang Gembo, Celine Jeloux

Les Temps Suspendus (2019)

18 min | Short, Sci-Fi

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Directors: Aziliz Klapper, Tilhenn Klapper | Stars: Hinda Abdelaoui, Dominique Fourmont

Ware C'Holoj (1987)

32 min | Documentary, Short

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Directors: Nicole Le Garrec, Paul Turner

La vieille dame et l'ankou (1999)

28 min | Short

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Director: Stefan Le Lay | Stars: Colette Charbonneau, Guillaume Ledoux

Progress Chapter Nine: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kick Me, Kill Me (2013 Video)

Short, Action, Drama

Mastiff vs End was good and featured some nice hard strikes. Paul Robinsons vs Eddie Dennis wasn't that great, but was ok. Haskins vs Ricochet vs ZSJ was a pretty good 3 way. Stixx vs Cruz

Directors: Jon Briley, Jim Smallman, Glen Joseph | Stars: Douglas Durdle, Rampage Brown, Rg Singh, Darrell Allen

La chienne du monde (2001)

15 min | Short

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Director: Loïc Jourdain | Stars: Vincent Minne, Nicolas Quilliard

Traces de futurs (2003)

58 min

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Director: Marie Hélia | Star: Nolwenn Corbel

Diwan (1977)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Nicole Le Garrec

Ur fubudenn war an hent (2019)

Documentary, Short

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Directors: Simon Feray, Manon Renault

An enez du (1993)

17 min | Short, Drama

This slice of life unfurls on the Southern coast of Brittany. Off the coast, the Ile Noire is set against ever-changing skies. Fred has been a fisherman for years and years and he is happy ... See full summary »

Director: Marie Hélia | Stars: Arnaud Churin, Lucien Coaténa, Nolwenn Corbel, Bernard Freyd

May I Speak Breton? (2014)

4 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Dimitar Anakiev | Stars: Gwenole Jaouen, Marie Lebarbier

Breiz o veva (1971–1981)


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Stars: Chanig Ar Gall, Charlez Ar Gall, Jacques Chirac, Louis Cariou

An dianav a rog ac'hanon (L'inconnu me dévore) (2014)

20 min | Short

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Director: Avel Corre | Stars: Yann-Edern Jourdan, Nolwenn Korbell

Deadwood (2004–2006)

TV-MA | 51 min | Crime, Drama, History

A dandy arrives by stage coach and immediately begins exploring how to bring culture to the camp, Alma and Hearst negotiate business, and Hearst's Aunt Lou comes to camp.

Director: Gregg Fienberg | Stars: Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Molly Parker, Jim Beaver

Votes: 968

Répondez, Monsieur X... (1957–1958)

15 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Yves Lemenager | Stars: Pierre Tchernia, Pierre Tanneau

Domino (2011– )

Short, Comedy

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Director: Sébastien Chambard | Stars: Laurence Joseph, Laurent Tanguy

Breiz o veva (1971–1981)

14 min | Documentary

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Stars: Chanig Ar Gall, Charlez Ar Gall, Jacques Chirac

Breiz o veva (1971–1981)

19 min | Documentary

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Director: Fañch Broudig | Stars: Chanig Ar Gall, Louis Cariou

Ma Langue dans Ta Poche (2015– )


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Director: Romain Filstroff | Stars: Romain Filstroff, Charles Boidin, Morgane Ferniak, Grégoire Jacob

Des Racines & des Langues (2015– )


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Director: Romain Filstroff | Star: Romain Filstroff