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Babel (I) (2006)
69 metascore

Babel (I) (2006)

R | 143 min | Drama

Tragedy strikes a married couple on vacation in the Moroccan desert, touching off an interlocking story involving four different families.

Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu | Stars: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Gael García Bernal, Mohamed Akhzam

Votes: 277,309 | Gross: $34.30M

The Black Stallion Returns (1983)
34 metascore

The Black Stallion Returns (1983)

PG | 103 min | Adventure, Family

A teenager loses his horse in Morocco and gets him back after various daredevil adventures.

Director: Robert Dalva | Stars: Kelly Reno, Vincent Spano, Allen Garfield, Woody Strode

Votes: 1,878 | Gross: $9.80M

Razzia (2017)

Not Rated | 119 min | Drama

The streets of Casablanca provide the centerpiece for five separate narratives that all collide into one.

Director: Nabil Ayouch | Stars: Maryam Touzani, Arieh Worthalter, Amine Ennaji, Abdelilah Rachid

Votes: 528

You go to my head (2017)

116 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Following a mysterious car accident in the desert, Dafne suffers from post-traumatic amnesia. Jake, the first person she sees when she regains consciousness, tells her he's her husband.

Director: Dimitri de Clercq | Stars: Delfine Bafort, Svetozar Cvetkovic, Arend Pinoy, Omar Sarnane

Votes: 190

Age of Empires III (2005 Video Game)

Action, Adventure, War

Age of Empires III portrays the European colonization of the Americas, between approximately 1492 and 1876 AD. Command one of eight mighty European powers and colonize vast, uncharted territory.

Director: Kris Zimmerman | Stars: Rosalind Ayres, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger, Bettina Bush

Votes: 2,205

Amussu (2019)

100 min | Documentary, Musical

In 2011, the villagers of Imider shut down a water pipeline to Africa's biggest silver mine to save their oasis. Eight years later, they sing while harvesting the fruits of their militancy.

Director: Nadir Bouhmouch

Fadhma N'Soumer (2014)

110 min | Drama, History, War

This film, is about the courage and the determination of a young woman in djurdjur''as mountain in Algeria, fighting for her ancestor land during the earlier years of french occupation.

Director: Belkacem Hadjadj | Stars: Laëtitia Eïdo, Assaad Bouab, Melha Bossard, Melha Maameri

Votes: 12

Real Premonition (2007)

135 min | Action, Drama

A young Moroccan man fulfills his dream of going to America only to find himself caught in a triangle of two warring mafia families and the FBI.

Director: Ziad Ahmed | Stars: Ben Affan, Ziad Ahmed, Tony Lewis Centore, Sheri Lawrence

Votes: 104

Cinemawala (2016)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama, Family

Digital cinema threatens the survival of a small town movie theatre in West Bengal, leading to a tussle between the owner and his son.

Director: Kaushik Ganguly | Stars: Paran Banerjee, Parambrata Chattopadhyay, Arun Guhatharkurta, Sohini Sarkar

Votes: 503

Return to Hansala (2008)

95 min | Drama

A woman loses her brother in an illegal immigration attempt and must return his body to their homeland.

Director: Chus Gutiérrez | Stars: Farah Hamed, José Luis García Pérez, Adam Bounnouacha, Antonio de la Torre

Votes: 174

Freedom (2000)

96 min | Drama

Two men and a woman are stranded in the Moroccan desert after a failed smuggling trip.

Director: Sharunas Bartas | Stars: Valentinas Masalskis, Fatima Ennaflaoui, Axel Neumann, Corey Large

Votes: 283

Adios Carmen (2013)

Not Rated | 104 min | Drama

In 1975, 10-year-old Amar lives in a village in northern Morocco with his violent uncle, waiting for the unlikely return of his mother, who has left for Belgium. He finds a friend in Carmen... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed Amin Benamraoui | Stars: Benjalil Amanallah, Paulina Gálvez, Ufrin Mustapha Azzarouali, Juan Estelrich Jr.

Votes: 62

Return to Algiers (2000)

114 min | Drama

Famous TV news anchorman Pierre Nivel left Algiers for France in 1962. That's been a secret; his Paris co-workers have never known that he was formerly an Algerian pied noir. An Algerian ... See full summary »

Director: Alexandre Arcady | Stars: Antoine de Caunes, Nozha Khouadra, Samy Naceri, Saïd Amadis

Votes: 101

Addour (2017)

90 min | History

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Director: Ahmed Baidou | Stars: Hassan Ben Badida, Latifa Ahrar, Hocien Bardaouz, Hassan Alioui

L'enfant endormi (2004)

95 min | Drama

In the northeast of contemporary Morocco, Zeinab, a young wife watches her husband leave the country to go underground the day after their wedding. Zeinab is expecting a child. While she is... See full summary »

Director: Yasmine Kassari | Stars: Mounia Osfour, Rachida Brakni, Nermine Elhaggar, Fatna Abdessamie

Votes: 127

Nass Mlah City (2002–2006)

20 min | Comedy

Nass Mlah City (Nice People City) consists of several Algerian actors considered among the best in the country whose personages change according to roles in each episode. It is considered ... See full summary »

Stars: Biyouna, Rachid Zighmi, Bachir Benmohamed, Hacène Benzerari

Votes: 8

Zabana! (2012)

107 min | Drama, History, War

Algeria's entry for a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar, "Zabana" chronicles the life of Ahmed Zabana, a man who fought for Algerian freedom in the Battle of Algiers. This film chronicles ... See full summary »

Director: Saïd Ould Khelifa | Stars: Imad Benchenni, Khaled Benaïssa, Abdelkader Djeriou, Nicolas Pignon

Votes: 37

Slimane (2013)

70 min | Biography, Drama

Away from home, a group of young people survive without job and stable residence. The passage of time is transforming them. Immersed in constant scape and full of energy, they suddenly will face a fact that will test them.

Directors: José Ángel Alayón, Mauro Herce | Stars: Moha Kezza, Slimane Larhroti

Votes: 16

Normal! (2011)

111 min | Drama

After the December riots and the first peaceful marches in Algeria, while the Arab Spring begins in Tunisia and Egypt, Fouzi wants to gather his actors to show them the unfinished editing ... See full summary »

Director: Merzak Allouache | Stars: Nadjib Oulebsir, Adila Bendimerad, Nabil Asli, Mina Lachter

Votes: 15

The Sea Is Behind (2014)

88 min | Drama

Tarik, a cross-dressing troubadour who performs traditional dances and shunned by those around him. Crippled by inertia, he is unable to feel emotion even when faced with the man who killed... See full summary »

Director: Hicham Lasri | Stars: Malek Akhmiss, Fairouz Amiri, Mohamed Aouragh, Hassan Ben Badida

Votes: 29

Cry No More (2003)

116 min | Drama

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Director: Narjiss Nejjar | Stars: Siham Assif, Khalid Benchagra, Raouia, Rafika Belhaj

Votes: 52

House in the Fields (2017)

85 min | Documentary

In a village in the High Atlas Mountains, at the crossroad between tradition and change, two sisters experience the last seasons of childhood.

Director: Tala Hadid | Stars: Fatima Elgounad, Khadija Elgounad

Votes: 22

Mimoun (2013 TV Short)

26 min | Short, Crime, Drama

When the young boy Mimoun needs to get his hands on some money to buy his big love Soraya a gift, he seems to get dragged into the criminal wake of his older brother Ab. Mimoun has to make a choice which will determine his future.

Director: Tallulah Hazekamp Schwab | Stars: Hicham Outalab, Nouhaila Morjani, Mohammed Aanquich, Khairi Marhaben

Votes: 22

Krim Belkacem (2014)

180 min | Action, Biography, Drama

the story of the heroic path of Krim Belkacem, one of the leading figures of the Algerian revolution.

Director: Ahmed Rachedi | Stars: Sami Allem, Mustafa Laribi, Ahmed Rezzak, Bahia Rachedi

Family Albums (2012)

80 min | Documentary

A contemporary and sensitive portray of the Arab world, through a single feature-length documentary made of 4 chapters, directed by 4 young talented filmmakers.

Directors: Nassim Amaouche, Mais Darwazah, Erige Sehiri, Sameh Zoabi

Family in Exile (2018)

15 min | Documentary, Short

Family in Exile is an intimate documentary, set in Morocco, about the conflicts within the filmmaker's family. It is a daughter's quest to understand her father's refusal, over many years, ... See full summary »

Director: Fatima Matousse

Tomar Jonyo (2008)

150 min | Romance

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Director: Nilanjan Banerjee | Stars: Locket Chatterjee, Soumitra Chatterjee, Subrat Dutta, Supriyo Dutta

Votes: 7

The Green Path (2019)

35 min | Documentary

Mustafa and his association decide to establish a project that changes entirely the social and economic situation of the mental disabled people in his city.

Director: Osama Rai

Tuda (2018)

Short, Drama

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Directors: Rachid Abounouar, Yassine Ben Lahcen | Stars: Yassin Belmadani, Khalid Hdach, Achraf Hidar, Meryem Ouacha

In Casablanca, Angels Don't Fly (2004)

94 min | Comedy, Drama

The life and times of a Casablanca cafe waiter.

Director: Mohamed Asli | Stars: Abdessamed Miftah El Kheir, Abderrazak El Badaoui, Rachid El Hazmir, Leila El Hayani

Votes: 48

Azaouak (2018 TV Movie)

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Director: Hassan Benjelloun | Stars: Abdellatif Atif, Lahoucine Bardaouz, Fatima Bouchain, Mustapha Esseghir

When The Desert Was Home

Drama, Fantasy, War | Announced

An Arab soldier traverses the North African Sahara during the second Libyan Civil War to return a young orphan to her family after she is taken as a servant by a rival militia.

Director: Corey Deshon

La montagne de Baya (1997)

116 min

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Director: Azzeddine Meddour | Stars: Djamila Amzal, Abderrhamane Debiane, Ali Ighil Ali, Ouardia Kessi

Votes: 19

In My Father's House (1997)

68 min | Documentary

Moroccan filmmaker Fatima Jebli Ouazzani investigates the status accorded women in Islamic marriage customs and the continuing importance of virginity. Having left her father's house in ... See full summary »

Director: Fatima Jebli Ouazzani | Stars: Hanane El Mhidi, Najia Elknii, Loubna Ait Bella Ouali, Helia Savalooni

Votes: 27

Touche pas à mon enfant: La cour de récréation (2015)

1 min | Short, Crime, Drama

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Director: Farid Dms Debah | Stars: Nizar Aarab, Medina Hmed Yousfi, Cyril Zurbach, Abdellatif Atif

Chfawat Ghef Tagrawla: Semmache - Bouira (2017)

Documentary, History

About the Algerian revolution of liberation from France, that lasted from 1954 until 1962, the testimony of a group of Mujahideen from the region of Smash (the third historical region) in the state of Bouira.

Director: Mohamed Baouch

Romance (2018 TV Movie)

88 min | Romance

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Director: Mohamed Chrif Tribak | Stars: Kamal Bouzian, Alae El Bachiri, Sabrine Zeibal

The Forgotten Hill (1997)

90 min

At the outbreak of the Second World War, two friends, Mokrane and Menach, abruptly interrupt their studies and return to their remote native Kabylian village of Tagsa. While waiting to be ... See full summary »

Director: Abderrahmane Bouguermouh | Stars: Mohammed Abbes, Kamal Abderrahmane, Samira Abtout, Said Amrane

Votes: 13

Heart Edges (2006)

87 min | Drama

Tafdnar, a small fishing village near Agadir; one day seven years ago most of the men died at sea. And ever the place has been in a kind of trance. The women who lost their husbands, ... See full summary »

Director: Hicham Ayouch | Stars: Saadia Abaakil, Aourik Abdellah, Mahjouba Adjour, Hassan Alioui

Raï ! Raï ! Raï ! Cheikha Rabia & Bellemou (2003)

50 min | Documentary, Music

Cheikha Rabia, great priestess of traditional raï, and Bellemou, creator of modern raï, share the stage during an Algerian night at Banlieues Bleues Jazz Festival. Shot on a black backdrop ... See full summary »

Director: Claude Santiago | Stars: Cheikha Rabia, Belemou Messaoud, Nicolas Baby, Dinah Douieb

Le Ciel, la Terre et l'Homme (2018)

70 min | Documentary

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Director: Caroline Reucker

Tawnza (2014)

90 min | Drama

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Director: Malika El Manoug | Stars: Zahra El Mahboul, Brahim Asli, Nezha Ameddouze, Lahcen Srhan

Solei-Man (2012)

92 min | Drama

Soleiman is a fisherman in an isolated island in northern Morocco (Al Hoceima). He lives with his wife, Aisha, and his son, Ismael who is sick with cancer. Soleiman and Aicha are in love ... See full summary »

Director: Mohamed El Badaoui | Stars: Anisa Ikarri, Omar Bouamar, Mohamed El Badaoui, Nina Ikonen

Votes: 8

Graines de grenades (2014)

110 min

Chirine, a Moroccan prostitute in her 30s, falls in love with a young painter from a high-ranking family. In order to try and lead a normal life like other respectable women, she tries to ... See full summary »

Director: Abdellah Toukouna | Stars: Zahia Zahiri, Abdellatif Chaouqi, Abderrazak Zitouny, Abdellah Ferkous

Länder - Menschen - Abenteuer, Das Paradies der Mozabiten, Die Gläubigen sind unsere Brüder (1988 TV Movie)

45 min | Documentary

The Mzab pentapolis in the Algerian desert, is home of a religious sect.

Director: Waltraud Ehrhardt

Namika: Que Walou (2018 Video)

3 min | Short, Music

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Director: Markus Pajtler | Stars: Ait Ahmed Jinane, Jamila Lahnassi, Namika

Tiwarga (2006 TV Movie)


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Director: Brahim Chkiri | Stars: Fatima Abatmir, Hassan Alioui, Kelthoum Bakrimi, Brahim Batta

Aghrrabou (2013)

80 min

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Director: Ahmed Baidou | Stars: Lahoucine Bardaouz, Abdellatif Atif, Fatima Achhbar, Hassan Alloui

Ciudad de la espera (2004)

56 min | Documentary

Alhoceima, Northern Morocco, has become the last reduct for thousands of Berbers in their last attempt to reach the European costline.

Director: Juan Luis de No

Remember Your Name, Babylon (2015)

77 min | Documentary

Waiting, waiting, waiting. This is the main feature of the lives of a group of men and women, brought together by fate, who crossed the sea in search of a better life. They live in a no ... See full summary »

Directors: Marie Brumagne, Bram Van Cauwenberghe

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