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Eternity (2017)

86 min | Drama

A couple of elderlies try to survive in Los Andes of Peru while they wait for their son.

Director: Óscar Catacora | Stars: Vicente Catacora, Rosa Nina

Votes: 347

Chaco (2020)

80 min | Drama, War

In 1934, Bolivia is at war with Paraguay. Liborio and Ticona and other Bolivian indigenous soldiers are lost in the hell of the Chaco, under the commandment of German Captain Kundt. They're... See full summary »

Director: Diego Mondaca | Stars: Fabián Arenillas, Omar Calisaya, Fausto Castellón, Raimundo Ramos

Votes: 22

Southern District (2009)

TV-PG | 108 min | Drama

For a rich upper-class family locked into their own little world, Bolivia's social changes threaten to burst their bubble.

Director: Juan Carlos Valdivia | Stars: Ninón del Castillo, Pascual Loayza, Nicolás Fernández, Juan Pablo Koria

Votes: 322

Cholitas (2019)

80 min | Documentary

This is the chronicle of a unique expedition in the world: its objective is to climb the highest mountain in America, Mount Aconcagua. The surprising thing is that the expedition is made up of six Bolivian indigenous women.

Directors: Jaime Murciego, Pablo Iraburu | Stars: Ana Lía Gonzales, Lidia Huayllas, Cecilia Llusco, Dora Magueño

Votes: 26

The Secret Nation (1989)

128 min | Drama

Sebastian Mamani returns to his Aymara community from which he was expelled long ago. He is carrying the great mask of death, he must dance until he died, in a kind of atonement for the ... See full summary »

Director: Jorge Sanjinés | Stars: Julio Baltazar, Percy Brun, Zulema Bustamante, Juan Carlos Calcina

Votes: 152

And So It Is (1966)

75 min | Drama

While her husband is on his way to the market, a peasant woman is raped and murdered. Her widower carefully plans his revenge.

Director: Jorge Sanjinés | Stars: Elsa Antequera, Néstor Cárdenas, Benedicta Huanca, Benedicta Mendoza

Votes: 181

Insurgents (2012)

83 min | Documentary, Drama, History

Through recreation of historical events, this is the story of Bolivia's indigenous people's struggle for their sovereignty, lost due to Spanish colonization and oppression. Bolivian heroes,... See full summary »

Director: Jorge Sanjinés | Stars: Lucas Achirico, Luis Aduviri, Carlos Araújo, Alejandro Zárate Bladés

Votes: 28

The Gift of Pachamama (2008)

102 min

Kunturi is a 13-year old boy living a traditional life with his family near Uyuni, a salt lake. They cut bricks of salt by hand, which they use to exchange for other products of the the ... See full summary »

Director: Toshifumi Matsushita | Stars: Christian Huaygua, Luis Mamaní, Faniy Mosques, Francisco Gutierrez

Votes: 49

Lo peor de los deseos (2018)

93 min | Thriller

Carlos Borjas plots to gain control of The Federation of Drivers of Bolivia, this meaning he is willing to go against Roberto, his close friend and the leader of the Federation. Meanwhile, ... See full summary »

Director: Claudio Araya Silva | Stars: Luigi Antezana, Jorge Jamarlli, Esmeralda Pinzón, Ines Quispe

Votes: 12

Juana Azurduy, Guerrillera de la Patria Grande (2016)

100 min | Biography, Drama

In November 1825, in the Bolivian city of Chuquisaca, doña Juana Azurduy Bermúdez de Padilla, heroine of the independence war against the Spanish army, receives the visit of the liberators ... See full summary »

Director: Jorge Sanjinés | Stars: Piti Campos, Jorge Hidalgo, Luis Aduviri, Fernando Arze Echalar

Votes: 21

El Cantar de los Grillos (2015)

90 min | Drama

A film that moves with sensitivity through the pilgrimage a young boy must take after his father's death.

Director: Paulo Paulista | Stars: Flora Aguirre, Luis Carvajal, José Luis García, William García

Votes: 10

Chuquiago (1977)

86 min | Drama

Racial, social and cultural aspects of La Paz (called Chuquiago by the Aymaras) seen through four stories.

Director: Antonio Eguino | Stars: Néstor Yujiri, Edmundo Villarroel, David Sàntalla, Tatiana Aponte

Votes: 114

Boquerón (I) (2015)

Action, Drama, History

Bolivia vs Paraguay, chaco war,

Director: Tonchy Antezana | Stars: Alejandro Loayza, Mamani Elmer, Elmer Mamani, Sergio Grajeda

Votes: 22

Mermaid (2019)


drowning of . A commission is put together to recover the remains of a well-known engineer who disappeared from his small boat in Lake Titicaca in 1984.

Director: Carlos Piñeiro

Amigomío (1994)

115 min | Drama

A young father takes his son on a journey away from Buenos Aires and through the strange and wondrous world of rural South America. The man is unemployed and separated from the boy's mother... See full summary »

Directors: Alcides Chiesa, Jeanine Meerapfel | Stars: Mario Adorf, Daniel Kuzniecka, Diego Mesaglío, Debora Brandwajnman

Votes: 31

Los Viejos Soldados

Drama | Post-production

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Director: Jorge Sanjinés | Stars: Cristian Mercado, Roberto Choquehuanca

Eldorado XXI (2016)

Not Rated | 125 min | Documentary

This 21st century El Dorado is an inhospitable place, where untold numbers of people live and work in the most precarious of conditions, hoping both for gold and a better life.

Director: Salomé Lamas

Votes: 108

Crónicas de las Gran Serpiente (2011)


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Director: Darío Arcella

Footprints in the Andes

Drama | Announced

A child accidentally gets lost in the Andean high plains and his mother is trialed by the legal system, the press and the general public for the child's disappearance.

Director: Alejandra Andino

Alma (Ajayu) (1996)

26 min | Short

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Director: Francisco Ormachea | Stars: Celia López, Reynaldo Yujra

Votes: 9

Explore Exploit (2018)

49 min | Documentary

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Director: Sakari Rinta-Valkama

Les deux côtés de la médaille (1974)

166 min | Documentary

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Director: Guy L. Coté

El Alto de Extremo a Extremo (2018)

20 min | Documentary, Short | Completed

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Director: Eduardo A. Chavez

La Isla del Sol (2014)

5 min | Documentary, Short

Set on a small island in the Bolivian Andes, this short documentary illuminates the centrality of Pachamama, Mother Nature, to the physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual well-being of... See full summary »

Director: Courtney Blackmer | Stars: Esteban Quelima, Eusebio Mendoza