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I Am Not a Witch (2017)
80 metascore

I Am Not a Witch (2017)

93 min | Drama

Following a banal incident in her local village, 8-year old girl Shula is accused of witchcraft. After a short trial she is found guilty, taken into state custody and exiled to a witch camp... See full summary »

Director: Rungano Nyoni | Stars: Benfors 'Wee Do, Boyd Banda, Kalundu Banda, Boniventure

Votes: 2,179 | Gross: $0.05M

Slipstream (2005)

R | 89 min | Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

A scientist goes to a bank to meet a pretty bank-teller. His time-machine allows him to go 10 minutes back in time and correct his approaches to her. He's shadowed by 2 FBI agents and the bank gets robbed.

Director: David van Eyssen | Stars: Sean Astin, Vinnie Jones, Ivana Milicevic, Kevin Otto

Votes: 3,141

Killing Heat (1981)

Not Rated | 105 min | Drama

In the 1940s, a city girl moves from America to her husband's failing farm in Southern Rhodesia in colonial Africa. Unhappy and unhinged, she starts an affair with their black servant which leads to tragedy.

Director: Michael Raeburn | Stars: Karen Black, John Thaw, John Kani, Patrick Mynhardt

Votes: 113

Sex (2016)

12 min | Short, Drama

A priest uses religion to pray his lust. the society is gullible to his quest until the unthinkable happens. A movie aimed to reflect and tell untold stories.

Director: Emmanuel Mwape | Stars: Cynthia Bwembya, Olipah Musukuma, Leo Dauty Simukoko

Choka! (2001)

46 min | Documentary

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Director: Kasper Bisgaard

Doin' My Drugs (2019)

94 min | Documentary, Music

The story of musician Thomas Muchimba Buttenschøn - Born HIV+ in 1985 - and his crusade to use his music to wipe out AIDS in his native Zambia and beyond.

Director: Tyler Q. Rosen | Stars: Chris Aka, Cana Buttenschøn, Jens Buttenschøn, Peter Buttenschøn

The Carrier (I) (2010)

83 min | Documentary, Drama

'The Carrier' is a feature-length documentary that tells the inspiring story of an HIV-positive and pregnant mother trying to protect her baby from being born with HIV/AIDS. The film ... See full summary »

Director: Maggie Betts

Votes: 22

Mwansa the Great (2011)

23 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

Mwansa goes on a journey to finally prove that he is Mwansa the Great.

Director: Rungano Nyoni | Stars: Mwansa Bwalya, Anna Mithi, Samuel Mwale, Owas Ray Mwape

Votes: 66

Faith (V) (2014)

12 min | Short, Drama, Fantasy

Two souls journey to reconcile divine and earthly love.

Directors: Gloria Huwiler, Raif Kurt | Stars: Sara Alena, Gloria Huwiler, Anna Khaja, Louis C. Oberlander

The AC Project: To the Ends of the Earth (2014)

94 min | Documentary, Adventure

Through what began as a group of college guys dissatisfied with the pursuit of the American Dream, The AC Project is simply a one-year journey of experimental living. Growing up as ... See full summary »

Director: Brandon Lied | Stars: Matthew Fons, Ethan Matott, Doug Wekenman, Ryan Wekenman

Votes: 6

A Visit to Remember: Roger Federer Foundation (2014)

26 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

When a couple, very engaged in social problems, join the CEO of Roger Federer Foundation they visit more than a social project, they meet some of the most charismatic and caring people of this world.

Director: Cris Saur

Son of a Railway Man (2012)

26 min | Short, Drama

Casapo, the Son of a Railway Man, is called home following news regarding the death of his father.

Directors: Assaf Tager, Lawrence Thompson | Stars: Isaac Chamba, Nukwase Tembo

Solar Eclipse (2011)

81 min | Documentary, Adventure

In 2006, Milan and Tomas electrified a school campus and a hospital in a detached Zambian village. After four years, they return for the last time to find out about their system's failures, repair it and hand it over at last.

Director: Martin Marecek

Votes: 18

Awaken (IV) (2009)

18 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Patrick Ssenjovu | Stars: Oliver Martin, Gloria Huwiler, Jackie Moore, Thomas Lipinski

Votes: 8

Angst (2013)

13 min | Short, Drama, Romance

Angst tells the story of two lovers deeply connected yet mired in games that test the limits of their affection.

Director: Nunzio Fazio | Stars: Gloria Huwiler, Chad Faust

Votes: 19

Africa Dreaming (1997– )

156 min | Drama

A series of six dramatic shorts, each from a different African country and all on the broad theme of "love in Africa."

Stars: João Manja, Sophia Matros, Tobias Sigauque, Selna Uries

Votes: 16

Passion for Planet (2016)

100 min | Documentary

A journey around the globe together with the world's best wildlife filmmakers. We experience their passion and commitment for the natural beauty of our planet. However, their mission is now... See full summary »

Director: Werner Schuessler | Stars: Rita Banerji, Jan Haft, Michael Schlamberger, Rita Schlamberger

Votes: 14

This Is Normal (Video)

22 min | Documentary, Short, Biography | Post-production

Every morning nearly half of the world's population will wake up and walk 6km round trip on average to fetch water from open and contaminated sources. This drinking water attributes to ... See full summary »

Director: Derek Watson

Untamed (II)

70 min | Documentary, Biography, Mystery | Post-production

Facing his approaching death, Poet Ian McCallum, spends his last days retracing his former lives as wilderness guide, Jungian analyst, psychiatrist, divorcee, international sports star, ... See full summary »

Director: Simon Wood

Colours of the Alphabet (2016)

80 min | Documentary

A beautiful, inspiring and bittersweet documentary film about language and childhood in Africa. Steward, Elizabeth and M'barak are three first time school pupils in rural Zambia who ... See full summary »

Director: Alastair Cole

Votes: 8

Africa First: Volume Two (2012 Video)


Focus World is charged with finding the most exciting new voices in international and independent film. Focus' Africa First program is an initiative designed exclusively for filmmakers of ... See full summary »

Directors: Stephen Abbott, Matthew Bishanga, Daouda Coulibaly, Matthew Jankes, Rungano Nyoni | Stars: Bocar Ba, Tehibou Bagayoko, Brenda Ibarah, Maureen Kulany

Between Rings (2014)

82 min | Documentary

After trading her marriage for a boxing career, seven-time world welterweight champion Esther Phiri is torn between her family obligations and cultural expectations.

Directors: Jessie Chisi, Salla Sorri

Votes: 9

The Cola Road (2013)

35 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

Set in Zambia, THE COLA ROAD follows the launch of the first trial to use Coca-Cola's crates and distribution know-how to deliver life-saving anti-diarrhea kits

Director: Claire Ward | Stars: Jane Berry, Simon Berry, Khwezi Magwaza, Rohit Ramchandani

Votes: 6

Mukuka Nkoloso the Afronaut (2013)

28 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

Mukuka Nkoloso a Zambian patriot in the 1960s had a great ambition. His dream was to take 12 Afronauts, short for African Astronauts to Mars. He founded his own Space Academy in 1964 where ... See full summary »

Ivory. A Crime Story (2016)

87 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

3 years of shooting, 30 countries, over 250 hours of raw material provided the basis for the investigation documentary «IVORY. A CRIME STORY» about the causes and consequences of an ... See full summary »

Director: Sergey Yastrzhembsky | Star: Jeff Koinange

Votes: 8

Victoria Falls (II)


Victoria returns home to Zambia for her sister's wedding and is forced to play referee to her dysfunctional mixed race family.

Director: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese | Star: Gloria Huwiler

I will speak, I will speak! (2018)

54 min | Documentary

'I will speak, I will speak!' Atlas2018 tells the story of 5 HIV-infected men and women from Zambia, Russia, the USA, Cambodia and England; about how they continued to live after the shock of their HIV diagnosis

Director: Willem Aerts

With My Own Two Wheels (2011)

44 min | Documentary, Drama, Family

For many in America, the bicycle commute is a lifestyle choice. For countless others across the globe, each pedal stroke is progress out of poverty, toward an education, and over the ... See full summary »

Directors: Jacob Seigel-Boettner, Isaac Seigel-Boettner

Votes: 7

Among Women (2012)

52 min | Documentary, Romance

To be a good wife in Zambia, girls are initiated: they are locked up in a house for 7 days to learn everything a woman needs to know for the rest of her life. Afterward they become part of ... See full summary »

Director: Kim Brand

Votes: 6

The Hummingbird

Drama | Announced

A woman struggles to overcome herself.

Director: Jessie Chisi | Star: Gloria Huwiler

Njinga (2014)

138 min | Documentary, Adventure | Completed

Explorer/adventurer, Kate Leeming has cycled the equivalent of twice around the world at the Equator. Kate's incredible Expedition - A ten month, 22,040km journey across Africa from Point ... See full summary »

Director: Martin McCann

Family Slavery (2018)

120 min | Drama

somewhere around Africa 2000, the southern part of Zambia, the camera shows the sun, trees rocks different parts of nature. the camera moves to a very vast land full of grass and cows, ... See full summary »

Director: Matildah Muchindu | Stars: Sarah Sweet Akatugba, Estella Edem, Sharon Ifedi, Browny Igbegwu

Imiti ikula (2001)

26 min | Documentary, Short

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Directors: Sampa Kangwa, Simon Wilkie

Votes: 9

E18hteam (2013)

70 min | Documentary, Drama, History

This is the universal story of the underdog, forever underestimated but never discouraged to achieve their best when challenged. This is an epic recounting of the emotional and now ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Rodriguez-Briso

Headwinds of Poverty (2013)

60 min | Documentary, Action, Adventure

Can one bike ride through Southern Africa change lives?

Directors: Nathan Field, Ben Whimpey

Suwi (2010)

78 min | Drama

A young woman who is handicapped after an accident becomes attached to an AIDS orphan.

Directors: Musola Cathrine Kaseketi, Sandie Banda | Stars: Catherine Soko, Chantel Mwabi, Owas Ray Mwape, Jacob Chirwa

Votes: 7

Made in Africa: Our Future (2013)

11 min | Documentary, Short, History

Made In Africa explores the natural richness of a great continent whose children are now seeing through the political and economic fog and are embracing their homeland.

Director: Ozwald Boateng

Fever (2018)


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Stars: Paxina Kafula Mpundu, Owas Ray Mwape, Philip Ngabwe

Memoirs of my Father's Africa (2018)

56 min | Documentary, Adventure, Biography | Completed

Filmmaker Paul Plett takes a trip with his father around Africa, visiting the places of his father's youth & later years.

Directors: Paul Plett, Paul Plett | Stars: Paul Plett, Fred Isabwa, Menno Plett, Tichaona

Eighteam (2014)

70 min | Documentary

The resurrection of Zambia's national football team after losing 18 players in a plane crash in Gabon in 1993. A 18-year road of reconstruction until destiny makes its move: in Gabon, ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Rodriguez-Briso | Star: Kalusha Bwalya

Votes: 7

The Tobacco King (2012 Video)

21 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

White farmer George Botha cultivates a new livelihood in Zambia following a racially charged and violent land reform program that robbed him of his home in Zimbabwe. Wrestling with haunting... See full summary »

Director: Daniel Koehler

The Women Of Nsongwe (2015)

11 min | Documentary, Short | Completed

A group of rural women farmers band together in the hope of gaining economic independence through agriculture.

Director: Jeanpaul Isaacs

Sunday School (2010)

45 min

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Director: Joanna Vasquez Arong

My County (2010)

45 min | Drama

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Stars: Phakeni Makowane, Chadzanso Mwenda, Bob Nkosha, Grace Rumsey

ZedCrew (2010)

42 min | Short, Drama

A Zambian rapper puts it all on the line to get him and his friends to New York City.

Director: Noah Pink | Star: Alvin Fungo

Votes: 5

Seven Days (2007 Video)

Not Rated | 54 min | Documentary, Family, War

Famine. Isolation. Friends dying of AIDS. Broken toaster. Just another week for a mission volunteer in Africa.

Director: Russell Brown | Star: Fiona Dixon-thompson

Ward: B12 (2017)

18 min | Documentary | Completed

Frequent power outages, outdated equipment, and a general lack of resources leaves the women in WARD: B12, the largest labor ward in Zambia, in a disheartening situation. The deck is ... See full summary »

Director: Becky Beamer

Amazing Grace (II) (2013)

5 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

Lloyd has had a tenuous relationship with forests. He lives in Zambia, where most people rely on charcoal for fuel. In order to survive he has been a charcoal burner for many years, cutting... See full summary »

Director: Rowan Pybus

Light Up Ahead (2011)

48 min | Documentary, Drama

Light Up Ahead captures the spirit of 12 teenage students as they face the harsh realities of a Zambian community crippled by poverty. It documents the trials and tribulations of a Western ... See full summary »

Director: Chad Peacock | Stars: Jo Coleman, Ray Hockley

Club Risky Business (2009)


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Stars: Lloyd Kalipinde, Phakeni Makowane, Bob Nkosha

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