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I Am Nojoom, Age 10 and Divorced (2014)

96 min | Drama

Ten year old Jemenite girl asks a judge in Sana'a to grant her a divorce from a horrible marriage, after she was married away to prevent a public scandal after a rape of her sister.

Director: Khadija Al-Salami | Stars: Sawadi Alkainaie, Adnan Alkhader, Rana Mohammed, Reham Mohammed

Votes: 444

10 Days Before the Wedding (2018)

120 min | Comedy, Drama, Musical

A number of obstacles stands in the way of a young couple as only 10 days are left for their wedding, each obstacle is in one way or another caused by the aftermath of the 2015 war in Yemen.

Director: Amr Gamal | Stars: Sali Hamada, Khaled Hamdan, Moh'd Nagi, Qassem Rashad

Votes: 461

Locked Doors (2016)

Crime, Drama, Mystery

This Yemeni TV Series is based on "Crooked House", a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie.

Stars: Hadeel Abdulhakeem, Abeer Abdulkareem, Nora Abdullah, Salem Alabbab

Votes: 12

Sada AlMadhi (2019)

Short, History

'Sada AlMadhi' A program searches for and talks about Ibb civilization in Yemen, and about its Yemeni cultural role.

Stars: Waleed Alansi, Jason Luv

Janapar (2012)

Not Rated | 79 min | Documentary, Adventure, Romance

It was the start of a brand new life, but Tom Allen's dream journey takes an unlikely detour when he falls in love with an Iranian-Armenian girl.

Directors: James W. Newton, Tom Allen | Stars: Tom Allen, Andrew Welch

Votes: 181

In The Middle (2019)

14 min | Documentary, Short

In 2015, when Houthis attacked the South of Yemen to expand their dominance, many Adenis left their education and work to defend their city. Later, with the collapse of the economy, many ... See full summary »

Director: Mariam Al-Dhubhani | Star: Ali Mustafa

A New Day in Old Sana'a (2005)

Not Rated | 83 min | Drama, Romance

A young photographer, Tariq, must choose between his love and his duty of this aristocratic family. He can either run away with his lover, an orphan from the lower class, or go through with his arranged marriage to the daughter of a judge.

Director: Bader Ben Hirsi | Stars: Nabil Saber, Dania Hammoud, Paolo Romano, Sahar Alasbahi

Votes: 161 | Gross: $0.00M

Karama Has No Walls (2012)

Not Rated | 26 min | Documentary, Short, Drama

'Karama has no walls' is set amidst Yemen's 2011 uprising. The film illustrates the nature of the Yemeni revolution in stark contrast to the gross violations of human rights that took place... See full summary »

Director: Sara Ishaq | Stars: Saleem Al-Harazi, Anwar Al-Muati

Votes: 162

From Gulf to Gulf to Gulf (2013)

83 min | Documentary, History, Music

A boat has many powers: to gather a society in its making, to distribute goods, to carry people and ideas across places that, it seems to us, are more different than ever before. From Gulf ... See full summary »

Directors: Shaina Anand, Ashok Sukumaran

Votes: 10

Unknown Land (2012)

78 min | Drama, Fantasy

The Arab Spring, Yemen 2011. The revolution continues. It's the monsoon season and life goes on smoothly for the inhabitants of Socotra Island. Not far from land, a sailing boat bearing an ... See full summary »

Director: Manuel de Coco | Stars: Manos Kokoromitis, Shaiya Salem, Daniel Plackett, Suhad Nierat

Votes: 151

Film of Socotra a land beyond imagination (2020)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Faisal Al Aqari

The Uprising (2013)

78 min | Documentary, Action, News

The Uprising shows us the Arab revolutions from the inside. It is a multi- camera, first-person account of that fragile, irreplaceable moment when life ceases to be a prison, and everything becomes possible again.

Director: Peter Snowdon

Votes: 37

Mag Mell (2014)

62 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

MAG MELL explores the waning hours of two captive diplomats awaiting execution.

Director: Mekki Leeper | Stars: Liam Castellan, Larry Elwood, Paul Leeper

Yemen: The Silent War (2018)

11 min | Documentary, Short

Yemen: The Silent War is a short documentary that tells the stories of Yemeni refugees living in Markazi Refugee Camp, capturing the emptiness of the camp.

Director: Sufian Abulohom

Votes: 5

Socotra: The Hidden Land (2015)

52 min | Documentary, News

Socotra: The Hidden Land, is the story of an extraordinary lost land, whose ancient beliefs and lifestyles remained unchanged for centuries, hidden from the eyes of the world. Every step ... See full summary »

Director: Carles Cardelús | Stars: Salm Abdullah, Salm Ahmed, Abdulah Ali, Rabat Ali

Votes: 15

Women Unchained (2013)

17 min | Short, Documentary

Kharaz Camp for Somali Refugees in Yemen is the setting of the movie 'Women Unchained'. The movie revolves around the story of a group of women fighting against Female Circumcision in the refugees' community.

Director: Amr Gamal

Yemeniettes (2014)

60 min | Documentary, Drama

Three Yemeni teenage girls enter an entrepreneurship competition but along the way encounter the hardships of a country marked by a broken educational system, joblessness and a threatening Al-Qaeda presence.

Director: Shawn David Thompson

Votes: 12

The Big House (2013)

5 min | Short, Drama

When a young boy finds a key to the empty mansion down the street, he lets himself and his imagination run wild in the big house. His little adventure creates a lyrical allegory for the Yemeni revolution.

Director: Musa Syeed

Votes: 28

Last Chance (2014)

35 min | Drama

Last Chance is a TV series filmed entirely in Aden City and discussed a highly sensitive issue in Yemen through the story of a middle-class family from Aden.

Stars: Shruq, Hashem AlSayyed, Sali Hamada, Khaled Hamdan

The New Barbarianism (2017)

59 min | Documentary, War

Health care and humanitarian workers are increasingly in the cross-hairs as hospitals and aid centers have become part of the battlefield in today's wars.

Directors: Justin Kenny, J Stephen Morrison | Stars: Mohammed Abdulla Ghalib Ali, Samer Attar, Jason Cone, Dr. Esmatullah Esmat

Votes: 14

Rasha (2016)

6 min | Documentary, Short

A short documentary that highlights the relationship between a special needs teacher and her autistic brother.

Director: Sufian Abulohom

Amina (2006)

75 min | Drama

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Director: Khadija Al-Salami

Socotra: He'r wa Imshin (2014)

37 min | Documentary, Short, History

The ancient island of Socotra is filled with natural beauty, much of which is also in the hidden talent of a folk culture seen nowhere else in the world. Introduced by the verses and ... See full summary »

Director: Felisa Jiménez | Stars: Authman Abdullah Authman Beidhobo, Mahdi Khamis Naseeb Said, Mohammed Salem Abdullah

Votes: 5

The Losing Bet (2008)

105 min

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Director: Fahdel Al-Olofi | Stars: Nabeel Hizam, Abdu Al-Kareem Al-Ashmori, Ahmed Abdallah Hossouin, Adel Samnnan

Broken Paths (2015)

8 min | Short, Action, Thriller

Those who want to destroy you will fill your heart with hate and resentment until it causes you to lose what you value most at your own hands.

Director: Fawzi Yahya

The Embrace of Zayed's Crescent (II) (2018)

48 min | Documentary, Biography, Family

The Embrace of Zayed's Crescent, is a documentary Film About how (H.H. Sheikh Zayed) He Holds a nation and how he extended his hands for the love and for helping millions of people, Not Just UAE but the whole world as well.

Director: Mansoor Alyabhouni

The Mulberry House (2013)

75 min | Documentary, Biography

After 10 years in Scotland, Sara Ishaq travels back to her childhood home in Yemen and takes her camera along. She hopes to feel at home in the place that was once so close to her heart, but the complications soon become clear.

Director: Sara Ishaq | Star: Sara Ishaq

Votes: 37

The Rumaway (2017)

78 min | Documentary, Drama

What happens to the mind of a child bride? Disempowered and deprived of health, education, safety. And someone takes courage and reacts. Soraya escapes her husband to reach a village where ... See full summary »

Director: Tommaso Cotronei

Une étrangère dans sa ville (2005)

28 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Khadija Al-Salami

The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014: Documentary (2014)

184 min | Documentary

Collective screening of the Academy Award nominated short films from the Documentary category for 2014.

Votes: 8

Killing Her Is a Ticket to Paradise (2013)

Documentary, Drama

When Boushra writes an article expressing her pain and great disappointment in a broken and confiscated dream of freedom and democracy, it never occurs to her that her writing will become a serious threat to herself and her family.

Director: Khadija Al-Salami

The Gift Maker (2011)

Short, Drama

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Directors: Ziryab Al-Ghabri, Abdurahman Hussain | Stars: Majed Al-Ahmadi, Ameen Al-Ghabri, Ziryab Al-Ghabri, Jumana Al-Shami

Votes: 17

A Girl from the Caves (2020)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Faisal Al Aqari | Star: Lila Rabia

Sounds of Oud (2012)

25 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A young woman and a dancer are glued by the love of the same man, while the obligations of tradition set against the ardent sensuality of love, set them apart.

Director: Ibi Ibrahim | Stars: Sidney Erik Wright, Aizzah Fatima, Al Nazemian, Sidney E. Wright

Yemen, Music from the Heart of Arabia (1999 TV Movie)

52 min | Documentary, Music

The "magyal" is, in Yemen, a daily gathering where friends chew the "kât" together, talking and listening to music or poetry. A musician is showing us his instrument, the ancient lute, ... See full summary »

Director: Layth Abdulamir | Star: Bérangère Nataf

An Educated Woman (2015)

18 min | Documentary, Short

Two young Yemeni women recount the story of their mother's decision to immigrate their family to the United States in order to receive a better education.

Directors: Katebah Al-Olefi, Khawla Al-Olefi, Emilya Fesunoff Piansay

The Old Lady Short Film (2010)

6 min | Documentary, Short

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Directors: Ziryab Al-Ghabri, Abdurahman Hussain

Blood and the Moon (2017)

76 min | Documentary

What happens to the mind of a child bride? Disempowered and deprived of health, education, safety. And someone takes courage and reacts. Soraya escapes her husband to reach a village where ... See full summary »

Director: Tommaso Cotronei

Les femmes et la démocratie au Yémen (2003)

54 min | Documentary

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Director: Khadija Al-Salami

The Scream (2012)

80 min | Documentary

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Director: Khadija Al-Salami

Someone Is Sleeping in My Pain: An East-West Macbeth (2002)

96 min

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Director: Michael Roes | Stars: Andreá Smith, Ahmed Hizam al-Dulaee, Yahya Hamood Mohsin Al-Dhafeeri, Abdullah Nasser Muhammed Al-Hamdani

Votes: 5

Arabian Stars (2005)

38 min | Short

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Director: Jordi Colomer

The Different City (2019)

7 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Mohammed Abdullah Sharaf Ebrahim

The Embrace of Zayed's Crescent (I) (2018)

46 min | Documentary, Biography

A documentary that throws light on the importance and the role of humanitarian organisations across the world today by exploring the path taken by the Emirates Red Crescent. Unfortunately, ... See full summary »

Director: Mansoor Al Dhaheri

Ashab (2010)


The story of 8 colleagues working in "Ashab Media" ads company. Through the world of ads they are always present on shooting locations, in each location they encounter stories and problems and interact with them.

Stars: Adnan Alkhader, Ahmed Abdullah Hussain, Huda Hassan, Noor Abdullah

Telecommunications War - Aden Getaway (2018)

Documentary, Short | Completed

Since early 2015, a hidden war has been waged in Yemen between Houthi militias and the government of President Hadi to control the telecommunications and Internet sector and the tax ... See full summary »

Director: Raidan Ameen

The Other Side (XI) (2015)


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Director: Fateh Alhaddi

The Locked Doors (2012)

22 min | Documentary, Short

A group of Somali women tell their unbelievable stories with the domestic violence and humiliation they have experienced since their escape from Somalia due to the civil war until they settled in Yemen as refugees.

Director: Amr Gamal

Jaw Alyemen (2015)

Short, Musical

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Director: Bakeel Shamakh

Our Marine World Heritage (2010)

4 min | Documentary, Short, Family

What do the Phoenix Islands in the Pacific Ocean, the Wadden Sea in the North Sea and Cocos Island National Park in Costa Rica have in common? These are just three of the 43 exceptional ... See full summary »

Star: Chard Hayward

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