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Generation One: The Search for Black Wealth (2015)

72 min | Documentary

Generation One: The Search for Black Wealth brings together top financial minds in the African American community to map out a blueprint for wealth creation among blacks. The film has been ... See full summary »

Directors: Lamar Tyler, Ronnie Tyler | Stars: David Anderson, Julianne Malveaux, Deborah Owens, Patrice C. Washington

.TV (2017)

23 min | Documentary, Short, Sci-Fi

.TV is a found footage essay film: Voicemails left by an anonymous caller from the future guide us to the remote islands of Tuvalu, a place the global media has described as "the first ... See full summary »

Director: G. Anthony Svatek | Star: Tiueli Papau

Votes: 12

ThuleTuvalu (2014)

Not Rated | 96 min | Documentary, News

When the ice melts in Thule, Tuvalu drowns in the ocean. A touching portrait of people whose joint fates are intimately linked though they live at two completely distant corners of the world.

Director: Matthias von Gunten | Stars: Rasmus Avike, Lars Jeremiassen, Patrick Malaki, Takuao Malaki

Votes: 108

The OKC 13 (I) (2016)

23 min | Documentary, Short, History

When the media largely neglects the trial of an Oklahoma City cop accused of sexually assaulting 13 African American women, a local Black female journalist sets out to set the record straight.

Director: Carmen Coffee | Stars: Bill Citty, Carmen Coffee, Robert Muhammad, John Pettis Jr.

Punchline (2014)

25 min | Short, Comedy, Crime

A cop is tracking down a deadly serial killer in a world where everybody is a clown.

Director: Jackson Birnbaum | Stars: Samantha Evans, David Kane, Danielle Lynch, Charlie Makary

Crash (2012)

5 min | Short, Drama, Mystery

A young boy, named Stefan is put to the test as he is applying to colleges. He is foolishly tricked into taking a pill and being left in the woods alone by a rebellious girl, Amrisa. ... See full summary »

Director: Saffia Rahimtoola | Stars: Sydney Mercedes, Cary Riina, Elias Tavarez

The Summit (2014)

30 min | Short, Adventure, Drama | Completed

16 year old, Chris, is saddened by the death of his father caused by a fatal rock climbing accident. Anxious to live up to his father's achievements, he attempts to climb a popular mountain... See full summary »

Directors: Kai Dickson, Gunnar Renjard

World Rights Human Wrongs (2018)

239 min | Documentary | Completed

Stories about the promotion and protection of human rights in an era when internationally recognized human rights have been demoted as a priority by the U.S. and other governments around ... See full summary »

Director: Vincent Gardner

Islet (2015)

12 min | Short, Drama

Caught looking at naughty magazines, a thirteen-year-old boy must now navigate through the torments of his ultra conservative South Pacific island community.

Director: Andrew John Fakaua Ponton | Stars: Faatupu Finikaso, Fuaitai Lopati Isala, Faavae Lutelu, Tui Pasuna