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Alexander's Lost World (2013– )

89 min | Documentary, Adventure, History

Did Alexander the Great really build sixteen cities in Afghanistan, or was he the destroyer of a far more ancient civilization? David Adams goes in search of the most alluring of them all -... See full summary »

Star: David Adams

Votes: 67

Karakum (1994)

101 min | Adventure, Family

Robert, a 13-year-old German boy starts a journey to find his father who he thinks lives in Turkmenistan. When he reaches the country, he meets a local boy named Murad, who agrees to help him in his search.

Directors: Arend Agthe, Uzmaan Saparov | Stars: Max Kullmann, Murad Orazov, Pjotr Olev, Neithardt Riedel

Votes: 65

The Great Game (2016)

61 min | Documentary, Adventure

30,000 Miles Across Central Asia

Director: Jon Beardmore

Black Sands (2010)

52 min | Documentary, History

It has been said that no human has ever set foot in the Karakum desert... until Victor Sarianidi discovered that in the black sands of the desert, on the 3rd millennium BC, flourished a ... See full summary »

Director: Anastasis Agathos

Angelochek sdelay radost (1993)

88 min | Drama

A social drama. The period of the Second World War in Turkmenia. In Central Asia the deportation program of the Soviet citizens of German origin begins. All adults are taken to camps in ... See full summary »

Director: Uzmaan Saparov | Stars: Vladimir Frank, Tatyana Shraiber, Aleksandr Shraiber, Agamurad Dzhanmukhamedov

Votes: 39

Yandym (1995)

78 min | Drama

After many years in a Soviet punishment camp Sadik returns home to his village. There he must learn that his brother, who has always been a conformist follower of the Soviet system, lives ... See full summary »

Directors: Bairam Abdullayev, Lora Stepanskaya | Stars: Aman Khandurdiyev, Oguldzhan Niyazberdyyeva, Artyk Dzhallyyev, Chary Ishankuliyev

Votes: 11

Akpamyk (1996)

90 min | Family

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Director: Ilmurad Bekmiyev | Stars: Aman Odayev, Murad Orazov

Votes: 5

Ham hyyal (1996)

71 min | Drama

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Director: Sergei Shchugaryov | Stars: Batyr Atayev, Akkha Yumadurdyyeva, Khudaiberdy Niyazov, Chary Ishankuliyev

Garamanlay hindi gizi (1991)

157 min

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Director: Waleriy Tolasow | Stars: Bayram Mammedow, Kakov Orazsyakhedov, Artyk Zallyyew, Bahar Hodzayewa

Okhlamon (1993)

97 min | Drama

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Director: Eduard Redzhepov | Stars: Igor Rukh, Dzheren Durdyeva, Bairam Durdyev, Semyon Farada

Votes: 19

Ynam (2019 TV Movie)

84 min | Drama

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Director: Öwez Öwezdurdyyew | Stars: Parahat Amandurdyyew, Täcmämmet Amargulyyew, Gülnar Bekdurdyyewa, Durdy Durdyyew

Bagta barýan ýollar (2015)


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Directors: Annamyrat Gurbanow, Wepa Isangulyyew | Stars: Orazgül Abbasowa, Caryyar Annamyradow, Sahriza Asyrowa, Hanmämmet Atayew

Archaly Adam (1995)

68 min | Drama

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Director: Ismail Sagir | Stars: Oraz Amangeldyyev, Aman Gelen, Owez Gelen, Ogultach Hany

Neschastnaya indyanka (1992)

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Director: K. Oranzhakhatov | Stars: Zh. Ishangulyeva, B. Khodzhayeva, A. Zhaldyev, Olga Zhemchuzhnaya

Destan moey yunosti (1992)

70 min | Drama

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Director: Byul-Byul Mamedov | Stars: Baba Annanov, Yusup Kuliyev, Elvira Gusejnova, Ovez Gelenov

Votes: 6

Blackstone Children (2015)

25 min | Documentary, Short, Drama | Completed

No body needs war , we need more love .The movie express that feeling through examining people's feeling during the war.

Director: Waddah Alfahed | Star: Luris Aldura

Silk Road Ghosts (2014)

11 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

Silk Road Ghosts takes the viewer off the beaten path as I ply a circuit, following in the footsteps of the ancient conquerors, passing through some of the more remarkable parts of Central ... See full summary »

Director: Stephen Fenech | Star: Stephen Fenech