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Never a Neverland (2014)

Not Rated | 53 min | Documentary, Drama

Imagine a kingdom where an entire populace is being devastated by an invisible plague, leaving only children to reign. Here, hundreds of thousands of children are raising children and are ... See full summary »

Director: Ricky Norris | Stars: Demetrius Grosse, Themba Masuku, HRM King Mswati III, Frans Pienaar

Votes: 8

Poverty, Inc. (2014)

94 min | Documentary, History, News

The West has positioned itself as the protagonist of the development narrative. But the results have been mixed, in some cases even catastrophic, and developing world leaders have become ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Matheson Miller | Star: Robert Sirico

Votes: 611

Liyana (2017)
80 metascore

Liyana (2017)

77 min | Documentary, Animation

Five children in Swaziland dive into their imaginations to create an original African tale about a girl on a dangerous quest.

Directors: Aaron Kopp, Amanda Kopp | Star: Gcina Mhlophe

Votes: 260 | Gross: $0.04M

Ugly Pretty Heart (2016)

12 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Gregory Casares

The Writer (IV) (2015)

107 min | Crime, Mystery


Director: Rajeev Jhaveri | Stars: Gemma Atkinson, Victor Banerjee, Gauahar Khan, Rajeev Khandelwal

Votes: 15

Swiss Made

100 min | Drama | Announced

A cynical New York writer gets more than he bargained for when he returns to his native village in the Alps to claim his inheritance.

Director: Dan Thorens | Stars: Noémie Schmidt, Michael Neuenschwander, Isabelle Caillat, Diana Meierhans

The Eastern (2018)

130 min | Documentary, Biography, History

A portrait documentary film project

Director: Masoud Taheri

Votes: 8

TB: Return of the Plague (2014 TV Movie)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary

TB is the most deadly infectious disease in history - it has killed over a billion people in the last 200 years. Multi-BAFTA winning film-maker, Jezza Neumann travelled to Swaziland to make... See full summary »

Directors: Jezza Neumann, Jeremy Wales | Stars: Hugh Bonneville, Bern-Thomas Nyang'wa

Umshana (2015)

51 min | Drama

Gugu is being thrown out by her husband Themba, who is apparently having an affair with an ex-girlfriend. She crashes at a friend's house, confronts the ex, and eventually calls in her uncle to mediate with Themba.

Director: Bi Phakathi | Stars: Mbali Dlamini, Delani Dlamini, Lisa Mavuso, Temakhosi Nkambule

Votes: 6

The UWC Spirit (2014)

40 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

What characterizes a global community of students who experienced an education based on social justice, diversity and understanding between peoples, nations, and cultures? Visiting six ... See full summary »

Director: Andrés Bronnimann | Stars: Jhader Aguad, Andrés Bronnimann, Benoit Charlebois, Minori Fryer

Votes: 8

Un Casott Da Natal (2019 TV Movie)

72 min | Comedy

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Director: Alberto Meroni | Stars: Matteo Carassini, Margherita Coldesina, Anna Galante, Nicolas Joos

One Plus One Makes a Pharaoh's Chocolate Cake (2017)

37 min | Documentary, Short, Music

Islam Chipsy from Egypt and Aïsha Devi from Switzerland are two musicians whose main strength lies in their live performances, informed by a non-repetitive unique style that YouTube or ... See full summary »

Directors: Marouan Omara, Islam Kamal

Votes: 7

Hell on Wheels (2015)

4 min | Short, Action, Crime | Completed

In a world slightly stranger than the one we inhabit, a calculating assassin pursues her final target with a ruthlessness that could only come from total loss.

Director: Jonathan Smith | Star: Victoria Long

Likhaya (2009)

15 min | Short

A look at the rampant HIV epidemic rate in Swaziland.

Director: Aaron Kopp

Votes: 7

Marisa at Brunch (2016)

5 min | Short, Comedy | Completed

Marisa kills time at a coworker's wedding brunch in this brief comedy.

Director: Jonathan Smith | Stars: Sarah Naco, Marisa London, Sara Rotenberg

From Art Colony Galichnik with Love (2011 Video)

15 min | Short

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Director: Myriam Thyes

The Killing Seasons (2011 Video)

8 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

Can wildlife conservation efforts go too far? Is execution ever a just punishment for poaching animals? Through the inspiring stories of two activists, The Killing Seasons explores the ... See full summary »

Director: John Antonelli

Today The Hawk Takes One Chick (2008)

Not Rated | 2 min | Documentary, Short

Witnessing the highest rate of HIV infection in the world and the lowest life expectancy on the planet, three grandmothers in Swaziland cope in this critical moment in time.

Director: Jane Gillooly

Top 10 Goals - 2018 Fifa World Cup Russia (2018)

5 min | Documentary, Short

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Homophobia (2009)


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Director: Eduardo Blake Carreno | Stars: Baptiste Coustenoble, Stéphane Rentznik

The Musical Dragon (2016)

8 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Camille Müller

Black Mamba Chilli: Tastes Good, Looks Good, Does Good! (2017)

Documentary, Short

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Directors: Jeremy La Zelle, Gregory Taylor

Emkhatsini: Between (2018)

15 min | Short, Drama

A social worker finds herself lost in the deserted Swazi outback when she tries to locate a reclusive community leader.

Director: Toa Stappard | Stars: Mhlaba Dlamini, Zweli Maseko, Ntando Nxumalo, Sindisiwe Nxumalo

Suenia Zurich (2020)


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Director: Damian Riló

The Kingdom of Swaziland: A Royal Experience (2017)

Short, Adventure

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Directors: Jeremy La Zelle, Gregory Taylor

Ingongoni (2015 Video)

70 min | Horror

There's a sick mother, sending her son to the healer. The healer sends the son to the mountain, and there's a birthday girl with her friends going to celebrate the party to the mountain, where they meet and the Ingongoni appear.

Director: Nkosivile Mngometulu | Stars: Dario, Herry, Mcebo, Mondi Ndlovu

Tears & Blood Behind Made In China (2013)

35 min | Documentary, Short, News | Completed

In October 2012, When an American lady Julie Keith opened a Halloween decoration box for her daughter's birthday party,she did not realize what she was going to see would come to be know ... See full summary »

Director: Xiaomu Qiao | Star: Tom Ozimek

Sipho and Joyce (2004 Video)

26 min | Documentary

Sipho, a 12 year-old boy, and his sister Joyce, 15; the only remaining members of their small family farm. AIDS claimed their parents and older brother. The disease may yet separate the children. A sad story but with hope.

Director: James Hall

Global Focus VII: The New Environmentalists (2010)

26 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

Narrated by Robert Redford, Global Focus VII - The New Environmentalists is an Emmy Award winning series, featuring portraits of six passionate and dedicated activists. These are true ... See full summary »

Directors: Tom Dusenbery, Will Parrinello | Stars: Jill Eikenberry, Robert Redford

African Grandmothers Tribunal: Seeking Justice at the Frontlines of the AIDS Crisis (2014)

44 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

This documentary shines a light on the urgent need to provide better protection for the human rights of African grandmothers. Grandmothers are the primary caregivers for a large portion of ... See full summary »

Director: Neal Hicks

Dirty Money (ft. Mackchezzy) (2018 Video)

Short, Music

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Director: D Cider

Seeds of Hope (II) (2013)

42 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama | Completed

This documentary film is about a Buddhist monk from Taiwan who set up orphanages in Africa to rear and educate the orphans whom left by their parents died from poverty, war, and diseases(... See full summary »

Director: Pinyin Wei

One (IV) (2014)

Not Rated | 55 min | Documentary, Drama, Family

'One' explores global humanity specifically our individual impact and significance within it. Five basic questions were asked of twenty-five interviewees about their place within humanity. ... See full summary »

Director: Sue Vicory | Stars: Sariann Monaco, Marco Antonio Regil

The Encounter (2011)

52 min | Documentary, Music

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Directors: Enrique Ros, Norbert Wiedmer | Stars: Anja Lechner, Dino Saluzzi

Fool in a Bubble (2010)

89 min | Documentary, Drama, History

FOOL IN A BUBBLE is a documentary film that explores the conflicts of white South African musician/poet Syd Kitchen.The film weaves Syd's past and present recording album in New York with ... See full summary »

Directors: Josh Sternlicht, Joshua Sternlicht | Star: Sydney Kitchen

Votes: 6

Banderas falsas (2012)

67 min | Documentary, Drama

FALSE FLAGS is a documentary film about today's social movements, like Occupy Spain, and mass manipulation. The movie is contemplative, experimental, poetic and political.

Director: Carlos Serrano Azcona

Epler, gips og kjærlighet (1996)

8 min | Family

Hanne's mother has broken her leg, and can do almost nothing by herself. Later that night, neither Hanne and her mother can sleep, and scary things happen in their garden.

Director: Finn Krogvig | Stars: Vanja Maria Kern Vestenfor, Karin Vestenfor, Aamund Johannesen, Mathias Johannesen

L'esprit de famille (1982– )

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Director: Roland Bernard | Stars: Maurice Biraud, Monique Lejeune, Claire Dupray, Anne Teyssèdre