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Night of the Kings (2020)
82 metascore

Night of the Kings (2020)

R | 93 min | Drama, Fantasy

A young man is sent to "La Maca", a prison of Ivory Coast in the middle of the forest ruled by its prisoners. With the red moon rising, he is designated by the Boss to be the new "Roman" and must tell a story to the other prisoners.

Director: Philippe Lacôte | Stars: Bakary Koné, Steve Tientcheu, Jean Cyrille Digbeu, Rasmané Ouédraogo

Votes: 1,902

Atlantics (2019)
85 metascore

Atlantics (2019)

TV-14 | 106 min | Drama, Mystery, Romance

In a popular suburb of Dakar, workers on the construction site of a futuristic tower, without pay for months, decide to leave the country by the ocean for a better future. Among them is Souleiman, the lover of Ada, promised to another.

Director: Mati Diop | Stars: Mame Bineta Sane, Amadou Mbow, Traore, Nicole Sougou

Votes: 8,869

Saloum (2021)
79 metascore

Saloum (2021)

84 min | Horror, Thriller

2003, three mercenaries extracting a druglord out of Guinea-Bissau are forced to hide in the mystical region of Saloum, Senegal.

Director: Jean Luc Herbulot | Stars: Yann Gael, Evelyne Ily Juhen, Roger Sallah, Mentor Ba

Votes: 64

TGV (1998)

88 min | Comedy, Drama

The TGV? No, it is not the famous French high-speed train, but instead the rickety and colourful bus operated, driven, repaired and, if need be, pushed by the intrepid "Rambo". This time, ... See full summary »

Director: Moussa Touré | Stars: Makena Diop, Bernard Giraudeau, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Al Hamdou Traore

Votes: 177

Toubab (2021)

96 min | Comedy

To prevent imminent deportation two small-time gangsters are willing to do anything.

Director: Florian Dietrich | Stars: Farba Dieng, Julius Nitschkoff, Seyneb Saleh, Michael Maertens

Votes: 37

Journey of the Hyena (1973)

Not Rated | 85 min | Drama

Mory, a cowherd, and Anta, a university student, try to make money in order to go to Paris and leave their boring past behind.

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty | Stars: Magaye Niang, Myriam Niang, Christoph Colomb, Mustapha Ture

Votes: 2,958

Mandabi (1968)

Not Rated | 92 min | Drama

A money order from a relative in Paris throws the life of a Senegalese family man out of order. He deals with corruption, greed, problematic family members, the locals and the changing from... See full summary »

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Makhouredia Gueye, Ynousse N'Diaye, Isseu Niang, Mustapha Ture

Votes: 842

Black Girl (1966)
72 metascore

Black Girl (1966)

Not Rated | 65 min | Drama

A black girl from Senegal becomes a servant in France.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Mbissine Thérèse Diop, Anne-Marie Jelinek, Robert Fontaine, Momar Nar Sene

Votes: 4,012

Yao (2018)

103 min | Comedy, Drama

A young boy from a rural Senegalese village goes to the capital Dakar to see his idol, French actor Seydou Tall.

Director: Philippe Godeau | Stars: Omar Sy, Lionel Louis Basse, Fatoumata Diawara, Germaine Acogny

Votes: 895

Moolaadé (2004)
91 metascore

Moolaadé (2004)

Unrated | 124 min | Drama

When a woman shelters a group of girls from suffering female genital mutilation, she starts a conflict that tears her village apart.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Fatoumata Coulibaly, Maimouna Hélène Diarra, Salimata Traoré, Dominique Zeïda

Votes: 3,759 | Gross: $0.21M

Given (2016)

72 min | Documentary, Adventure, Family

Experience the world through a child's eyes as a family explores different cultures around the globe while surfing along the way.

Director: Jess Bianchi | Stars: Aamion Goodwin, Daize Goodwin, Given Goodwin, True Goodwin

Votes: 1,652

Sakho & Mangane (2019– )

TV-MA | 52 min | Action, Mystery

Two cops with very different methods, solving mysterious murder cases surrounded by black magic.

Stars: Issaka Sawadogo, Yann Gael, Christiane Dumont, Christophe Guybet

Votes: 122

Wara (2020– )


A Senegalese drama about a law professor drawn into a battle against corruption. A political thriller.

Stars: Issaka Sawadogo, France Nancy Goulian, Maimouna N'Diaye, Souleymane Seye Ndiaye

Votes: 7

Africa Sex (2000 Video)

106 min | Adult

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Director: Jean-Noel Rene Clair | Stars: Cornelius, Mugumbo

Votes: 9


War | Pre-production

A battalion of Senegalese riflemen is sent to the front line during the First World War.

Director: Mathieu Vadepied | Star: Omar Sy

Hyenas (1992)

Not Rated | 110 min | Comedy, Drama

Dramaan is the most popular man in Colobane, but when a woman from his past, now exorbitantly wealthy, returns to the town, things begin to change.

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty | Stars: Mansour Diouf, Ami Diakhate, Mamadou Mahourédia Gueye, Djibril Diop Mambéty

Votes: 1,066 | Gross: $0.02M

Angel (2018)

105 min | Drama, Romance

Un Ange follows the encounter of a prostitute, Fae, and a world-famous athlete, Thierry.

Director: Koen Mortier | Stars: Fatou N'Diaye, Vincent Rottiers, Paul Bartel, Aïcha Cissé

Votes: 377

Borom sarret (1963)

20 min | Short, Drama

Boron Sarret is arguably the first film made by a black African. It illustrates poverty in Senegal, particularly for the working man

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Ly Abdoulay, Albourah

Votes: 1,079

Félicité (2017)
75 metascore

Félicité (2017)

Not Rated | 129 min | Drama, Music

Félicité sings in a bar in Kinshasa. When her 14-year-old son has a motorcycle accident, she goes on a frantic search through the streets of Kinshasa, a world of music and dreams. And her path crosses that of Tabu.

Director: Alain Gomis | Stars: Véro Tshanda Beya Mputu, Gaetan Claudia, Papi Mpaka, Nadine Ndebo

Votes: 1,038 | Gross: $0.01M

Xala (1975)

123 min | Comedy, Drama

A corrupt politician is cursed with impotence on the night of his third wedding after embezzling 100 tons of rice.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Thierno Leye, Myriam Niang, Seune Samb, Fatim Diagne

Votes: 1,733

Ceddo (1977)

120 min | Drama

In protest of forced conversion to Islam, the Ceddo (outsiders) kidnap King Demba War's daughter Princess Dior Yacine and hold her hostage.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Tabata Ndiaye, Alioune Fall, Moustapha Yade, Matoura Dia

Votes: 880

Mali Twist (2021)

129 min | Drama, History

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Director: Robert Guédiguian | Stars: Stéphane Bak, Saabo Balde, Bakary Diombera, Ahmed Dramé

Camp de Thiaroye (1988)

157 min | Drama, War

In this semi-autobiographical film, black soldiers help to defend France, but are detained in prison camp before being repatriated home.

Directors: Ousmane Sembene, Thierno Faty Sow | Stars: Sidiki Bakaba, Hamed Camara, Ismaila Cissé, Ababacar Sy Cissé

Votes: 529

Nafi's Father (2019)

107 min | Drama

A fight between an Imam and his powerful brother over their children's marriage. At stake: how a small community slowly drifts towards extremism.

Director: Mamadou Dia | Stars: Alassane Sy, Aicha Talla, Saikou Lo, Penda Daly Sy

Votes: 98

The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (1999)

Not Rated | 45 min | Drama, Family

A girl sells copies of Soleil, the government paper.

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty | Stars: Moussa Baldé, Lissa Balera, Aminata Fall, Dieynaba Laam

Votes: 738

Emitaï (1971)

103 min | Drama

As World War II is going on in Europe, a conflict arises between the French and the Diola-speaking tribe of Africa, prompting the village women to organize their men to sit beneath a tree to pray.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Andongo Diabon, Robert Fontaine, Michel Renaudeau, Ousmane Camara

Votes: 361

Incorruptible (2015)

94 min | Documentary, Action, History

In the Spring of 2011, Senegal was pitched into crisis when President Abdoulaye Wade decided to change the constitution to allow for a third term. An artist-led youth movement erupted to ... See full summary »

Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi

Votes: 107

The Pirogue (2012)
74 metascore

The Pirogue (2012)

87 min | Drama

A group of African men leave Senegal in a pirogue captained by a local fisherman to undertake the treacherous crossing of the Atlantic to Spain where they believe better lives and prospects are waiting for them.

Director: Moussa Touré | Stars: Souleymane Seye Ndiaye, Laïty Fall, Malaminé 'Yalenguen' Dramé, Balla Diarra

Votes: 410

Guelwaar (1992)

115 min | Drama

Burial of a Christian political activist in a Muslim cemetary forces a conflict imbued with religious fervor. A satiric portrayal of religion and politics, sometimes humorous, sometimes ... See full summary »

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Abou Camara, Marie Augustine Diatta, Mame Ndoumbé Diop, Moustapha Diop

Votes: 336 | Gross: $0.06M

Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love (2008)
59 metascore

Youssou Ndour: I Bring What I Love (2008)

PG | 102 min | Documentary, Music, Musical

Senegalese pop sensation Youssou Ndour has spent the last 20 years in the spotlight as a world-renowned musician and the iconic representative "voice of Africa." At the height of his career... See full summary »

Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi | Stars: Youssou N'Dour, Peter Gabriel, Moustapha Mbaye, Kabou Guèye

Votes: 165 | Gross: $0.17M

Le franc (I) (1994)

Not Rated | 46 min | Comedy

A penniless, fast-thinking musician buys a lottery ticket which he glues to his back door, in hopes of eventually retrieving his instrument from his exasperating landlady. The ticket wins, ... See full summary »

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty | Stars: Dieye Ma, Aminata Fall, Demba Bâ

Votes: 271

Sembene! (2015)
68 metascore

Sembene! (2015)

Not Rated | 89 min | Documentary, Biography, History

Meet Ousmane Sembene, the African freedom fighter who used stories as his weapon.

Directors: Samba Gadjigo, Jason Silverman | Stars: Mbissine Thérèse Diop, Ousmane Sembene

Votes: 146 | Gross: $0.03M

Gurumbé. Afro-Andalusian Memories (2016)

72 min | Documentary, History, Music

With the commercial exploitation of the American colonies, thousands of Africans are brought to Seville to be sold as slaves. Some are exported to the colonies and others stay in the city. ... See full summary »

Director: Miguel Angel Rosales

Votes: 24

Badou Boy (1970)

56 min | Comedy

Sarcastic look at Senegal's capital following the adventures of a somewhat immoral street urchin.

Director: Djibril Diop Mambéty | Stars: Laminé Ba, Al Demba Ciss, Christoph Colomb, Aziz Diop Mambéty

Votes: 155

As a Man (2001)

90 min | Drama, Romance

El Hadj is studying in Paris. He is one of the young Senegalese men who have come to Paris since the French colony became independent to get a good education so that he can serve his ... See full summary »

Director: Alain Gomis | Stars: Djolof Mbengue, Delphine Zingg, Samir Guesmi, Théophile Sowié

Votes: 144

419 (2020)

111 min | Drama, Romance, Thriller

The motion picture « 419 » deliberately develop a story between two characters world apart, from two different nations. Mino, A white musician from the suburbs of a french city, Paris, and ... See full summary »

Director: Eric Bartonio | Stars: Arben Bajraktaraj, Amir Barhoumi, Adel Bencherif, Olivia Biffot

Faat Kiné (2001)
81 metascore

Faat Kiné (2001)

Not Rated | 120 min | Comedy, Drama

A forty-year-old woman refuses to give into the stigma of unwed motherhood and climbs the ladder of success in a male dominated field.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Venus Seye, Mame Ndoumbé, Awa Sene Sarr, Tabata Ndiaye

Votes: 319 | Gross: $0.02M

Aujourd'hui (I) (2012)

86 min | Drama

Satché is about to die. He decides to make his last day on this world the day of his life.

Director: Alain Gomis | Stars: Saul Williams, Djolof Mbengue, Anisia Uzeyman, Aïssa Maïga

Votes: 232

White Colour Black (2016)

87 min | Drama

Leke a young successful photographer lives a hedonistic lifestyle in London, but things change when he learns his estranged father has died in Senegal.

Director: Joseph A. Adesunloye | Stars: Dudley O'Shaughnessy, Wale Ojo, Alassane Sy, Damola Adelaja

Votes: 27

Touba (2013)

Not Rated | 82 min | Documentary, History

'Touba' reveals a different face of Islam by chronicling Sufi Muslims' annual pilgrimage to the Senegalese city of Touba. With unprecedented access and dynamic 16mm cinematography, this ... See full summary »

Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi | Stars: Sahr Ngaujah, M.C. Solaar

Votes: 17

Astel (2021)

24 min | Short

While helping tend her family’s herd of cows in a northern region of Senegal, a 13-year-old girl faces changes that threaten her tight bond with her father.

Director: Ramata-Toulaye Sy | Stars: Hawa Mamadou Dia, Amadou Diallo, Cherif Amadou Diallo, Khady Diallo

African Metropolis (2013)

92 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

The African Metropolis project includes six short films set in six major African metropolitan centers. The African Metropolis Short Film Project is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut ... See full summary »

Directors: Jim Chuchu, Ahmed El Ghoneimy, Folasakin Iwajomo, Marie Ka, Philippe Lacôte, Vincent Moloi

Votes: 14

Sër Bi (Les Tissus Blancs) (2020)

20 min | Short, Drama

A young woman prepares for her marriage while desperately and courageously trying to erase her past.

Director: Moly Kane | Stars: Awa Ba, Mentor Ba, Khady Ndiaye Bijou, Maguette Ndiaye

Votes: 11

Tall as the Baobab Tree (2012)

Not Rated | 82 min | Adventure, Drama

In a rural African village poised at the outer edge of the modern world, a teenage girl hatches a secret plan to rescue her 11-year-old sister from an arranged marriage.

Director: Jeremy Teicher | Stars: Alpha Dia, Cheikh Dia, Mboural Dia, Mouhamed Diallo

Votes: 137

Bako, the Other Shore (1978)

109 min | Drama

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Director: Jacques Champreux | Stars: Sidiki Bakaba, Cheik Doukouré, Doura Mané, Guillaume Corea

Votes: 19

Liberté I (1962)

89 min | Drama

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Director: Yves Ciampi | Stars: Hassane Fall, Corinne Marchand, Maurice Ronet, Nanette Senghor

Beyond: An African Surf Documentary (2017)

111 min | Documentary, Adventure, Sport

Africa, Europe - Europe and Africa: Surfers live differently on each continent and Africa marks a special place - as surfing is in many places at its very beginnings. 'Beyond - An African ... See full summary »

Director: Mario Hainzl

Votes: 35

Letter from My Village (1976)

90 min | Drama

Ngor is a young man living in a Senegalese village who wishes to marry Columba. Ongoing drought in the village has affected its crop of groundnuts and as a result, Ngor cannot afford the bride price for Columba.

Director: Safi Faye | Stars: Assane Faye, Maguette Gueye, Safi Faye

Votes: 38

Fad'jal (1979)

108 min | Documentary

In Fad'jal, Safi Faye tells the story of a Serer village in the groundnut basin of Senegal. Using the words of their ancestors passed on by oral folklore, the villagers trace the history of... See full summary »

Director: Safi Faye | Star: Ibou N'Dong

Votes: 12

30 (+) films pour la 30ème (2019)

75 min | Documentary

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Directors: Elvin Adigozel, Véronique Aubouy, Pascale Bodet, Dominique Cabrera, Clément Cogitore, Pierre Creton, Manon de Boer, Lav Diaz, Mati Diop, Sepideh Farsi, Élise Florenty, Paula Gaitán, Dora García, Chris Gude, Clarisse Hahn, Aleksandre Koberidze, Evangelia Kranioti, Fabrice Lauterjung, Mariano Llinás, Gaël Lépingle, Valérie Massadian, Noëlle Pujol, Antonia Rossi, Ghassan Salhab, Claude Schmitz, Yulia Shatun, Gastón Solnicki, Rania Stephan, Nobuhiro Suwa, Marie Voignier, Eduardo Williams, Helena Wittmann

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