Svalbard And Jan Mayen (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

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When the Light Comes (1998)

115 min | Adventure, Drama, Romance

A young woman spends an adventurous winter with a trapper on Spitsbergen.

Director: Stijn Coninx | Stars: Francesca Vanthielen, Joachim Król, Rick Engelkes, Reidar Sørensen

Votes: 433

This Cold Life (2017)

88 min | Documentary

THIS COLD LIFE takes a look at the colorful characters who choose to live in the isolation of the world's northernmost town, where polar bears outnumber humans.

Director: Darren Mann

Votes: 25

The Chronicles of Polyaris (2014)

60 min | Documentary, Drama, Sci-Fi

"The Chronicles of Polyaris" is a surreal portray of the abandoned Russian settlement Pyramiden on Spitsbergen from the point of view of a traveller lost in space and time.

Director: Christine Reeh | Star: Dmitry Bogomolov

Votes: 8

Chasing Shadows (I) (2017)

60 min | Documentary

Once you experience a total solar eclipse, it changes you.

Director: Nelson Quan | Stars: Eric Brown, Terry Cuttle, Fred Espenak, Shadia Habbal

Votes: 6

Rite of Passage (I) (2015)

12 min | Documentary, Short

The research of a woman in the cold arctic lands. The discovery of a hanging space, the white desert lowered into the darkness, a dive between snowstorms and unusual travelers.

Director: Alessia Zampieri | Star: Hanae Marie Aoki

Svalbard i plast (2020 TV Short)

40 min | Documentary, Short

There have never been so much plastic on Svalbard like it is now. As a result, animals and birds are seriously endangered. Polar scientist Børge Ousland is on the place to document the situation.

Director: Ivonne Salo | Star: Børge Ousland

It's Not Silence (2018)

25 min | Documentary, Short

Far north, in the isles of Svalbard, is a small town called Pyramiden that was once the finest model of communism. Now the former home of Soviet workers is almost empty - but not completely... See full summary »

Director: Joonas Salo

Votes: 7

Bardo: (2015)

13 min | Documentary, Short

I initially visited Pyramiden in 2012 for four hours while on The Artcic Circle residency. I returned on my own, in July 2014, to continue ongoing research and begin development on a new ... See full summary »

Director: Derek Coté

Votes: 5

Race Against Time (2015 TV Short)

28 min | Documentary, Short

A documentary on the global impacts of climate change and on the science behind the phenomena.

Ice Alive (2018 Video)

20 min | Documentary | Completed

For many, the arctic is a lifeless, sterile place, but Joseph Cook is investigating how a rich ecosystem of microbial life is thriving in one of Earth's harshest environments. Not only that... See full summary »

Director: Eddie Frost