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Pirates of Somalia (2017)
54 metascore

Pirates of Somalia (2017)

R | 116 min | Biography, Drama

In 2008, rookie journalist Jay Bahadur forms a half-baked plan to embed himself with the pirates of Somalia. He ultimately succeeds in providing the first close-up look into who these men are, how they live, and the forces that drive them.

Director: Bryan Buckley | Stars: Al Pacino, Evan Peters, Melanie Griffith, Barkhad Abdi

Votes: 7,382

You Will Die at 20 (2019)

103 min | Drama | Post-production

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Director: Amjad Abu Alala | Stars: Mahmoud Alsarraj, Hassan Ali, Talal Afifi, Islam Mubarak

Train Station (I) (2015)

97 min | Crime, Drama, Mystery

When a mysterious train accident forces a man to change his plans, he is confronted with a series of choices. Each decision he makes leads to a different scenario, each one filmed by a different director with a different cast.

Directors: Xavier Agudo, Tony Pietra Arjuna, Ryan Bajornas, Surya Balakrishnan, Nicola Barnaba, Petras Baronas, Juliane Block, Ian Bonner, Julia Caiuby, Gregory Cattell, Diane Cheklich, Vicky Choromidou, Hesam Dehghani, Todd Felderstein, Ingrid Franchi, Yango Gonzalez, Vania Ivanova, Yosef Khouwes, George Korgianitis, Joycelyn Lee, Craig Lines, Athanasia Michopoulou, Isazaly Mohd Isa, Daniel Montoya, Omer Moutasim, Marc Oberdorfer, Tiago P. de Carvalho, Aditya Pawar, Kevin Rumley, Andrés Sandoval, Guillem Serrano, Marty Shea, Nitye Sood, Amirah M. Tajdin, Dzenan Tarakcija, Adrian Tudor, John Versical, Kresna D. Wicaksana, Rafael Yoshida | Stars: Patrick Gorman, Judith Hoersch, Yoann Sover, Daymon Britton

Votes: 141

Talking About Trees (2019)

90 min | Documentary

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Director: Suhaib Gasmelbari | Stars: Suleiman Ibrahim, Ibrahim Shaddad

Votes: 51

aKasha (2018)

78 min | Comedy, Romance

A Kasha is a universal offbeat love story set in a time of civil war - but the war is in Sudan and it is happening right now. We follow Adnan, an AK47-loving rebel, his long-suffering love ... See full summary »

Director: Hajooj Kuka | Stars: Abdallah Alnur, Ganja Chakado, Ekram Marcus, Kamal Ramadan

Votes: 35

Khartoum Offside (2019)

75 min | Documentary, Sport

A group of exceptional young ladies in Khartoum are determined to play football professionally. They are prepared to defy the ban imposed by Sudan's Islamic Military government and they ... See full summary »

Director: Marwa Zein | Stars: Elham Balatone, Nedal Fadlallah, Fatma Gaddal, Sara Jubara

Votes: 9

Coming Home (III) (2019)

88 min | Documentary

The story of the sinking of the Italian WWII submarine 'Macalle' off an island in the Red Sea, the survival of all but one of its crew, and the 78 year-effort to bring back to Italy the remains of the only sailor to die in the sinking.

Director: Ricardo Preve

Janapar (2012)

Not Rated | 79 min | Documentary, Adventure, Romance

It was the start of a brand new life, but Tom Allen's dream journey takes an unlikely detour when he falls in love with an Iranian-Armenian girl.

Directors: James W. Newton, Tom Allen | Stars: Tom Allen, Andrew Welch

Votes: 169

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas (2017)

80 min | Documentary

Farmland - the new green gold. Hoping for export revenues, Ethiopia's government leases millions of hectares of farmland to foreign investors. But the dream of prosperity has a dark side ... See full summary »

Director: Joakim Demmer

Votes: 66

Sudan's Forgotten Films (2017)

25 min | Documentary

Benjamin and Awad run Sudan's national film archive. The two men, who have worked together for more than 40 years, are devoted to protecting their country's visual memories. Home to some ... See full summary »

Budapest inferno: The Secret of the Molnar Janos Cave (2017 TV Movie)

51 min | Documentary

Following decided explorers BUDAPEST INFERNO reveals the never before seen underground wonders of the Hungarian capital and the deepest secrets of evolution.

Directors: Gergely Balázs, Balázs Lerner

Votes: 6

One week, Two days! (2016)

Short, Drama

A delicate exploration of the highs and lows of intimacy between Leila and Ibrahim, a loving couple, as they deliberate the difficult decisions surrounding conception and parenthood.

Director: Marwa Zein | Stars: Yasmin Raeis, Amro Saleh

Beats of the Antonov (2014)

68 min | Documentary, War

The story of the people of the Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains in Sudan, showing how they deal with civil war. Traditionally music has always been part of daily life in these areas, but now, it has a new role in a society challenge by war.

Director: Hajooj Kuka

Votes: 111

Qamar Bani Hashem (2008)

1,290 min | Biography, History, War

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Stars: Rasheed Assaf, Basem Yakhoor, Asaad Fedda, Najah Safkouni

The Aviatrix (2015)

80 min | Documentary, Adventure, History

In 1928, Lady Heath became the first person to fly solo from Cape Town to London. Eighty-five years later, Tracey Curtis-Taylor sets out in a vintage biplane to retrace her flight. Her ... See full summary »

Director: Annette Porter | Stars: James Bevan, Tracey Curtis-Taylor, Kate Silverton, Bill Sykes

Votes: 16

Human Being (1994)

27 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Ibrahim Shaddad | Stars: Mohamed M. Ali, Nasir El Tayeb, Fatin A. Magid, El Rashid Ahmed Issa Umayma

Votes: 12

Madina's Dream (2015)

Not Rated | 82 min | Documentary, War

An unflinching and poetic glimpse into a forgotten war, MADINA'S DREAM tells the story of rebels and refugees fighting to survive in Sudan's Nuba Mountains. After decades of civil war, ... See full summary »

Director: Andrew Berends

Votes: 8

Veganize it! (2015)

7 min | Short, Comedy

Bakr has made a life-changing decision that will soon turn his world upside down - he has decided to become vegan. Little does he know that his newly founded decision is going to shake the ... See full summary »

Director: Khalid Salim | Star: Mohanad Masoud

Faisal Goes West (2012)

34 min | Short, Drama

When he makes a mistake that sends his family into a financial crunch, Faisal abandons his dreams of American university to work on a chicken farm.

Director: Bentley Brown | Stars: Ramey Dawoud, Yassir Dirar, Azmi Abusam, Troy Smith

Votes: 36

Number 12 (2013)

9 min | Short

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Director: Mosaab Fadul

Dowry of Life (2013)

9 min | Short

Mary loves John, but she was forced to marry a wealthy man instead. A meeting with her lover has fatal consequences.

Director: Simon Bingo | Stars: Simon Bingo, Mary Yangi Philip, Stephen Doker, Sarah Kindu

We Who Remain (2017)

15 min | Documentary

We Who Remain is a immersive live action documentary that shows life during the fighting season of one of the longest ongoing wars in the world.

Directors: Trevor Snapp, Sam Wolson

Mama Shekinah (2010)

60 min | Documentary, Biography, Romance

Colin, born in Bermuda, is feral. Hell deep in a life of drugs, jail, and sexual perversion, Colin falls in love with Hedi, who is hell deep in spiritual perfectionism, legalism and ... See full summary »

Directors: Fawn Parish, Joey Parish

The Art of Flight (2005)

Not Rated | 68 min | Documentary

The Art Of Flight is a guerrilla documentary that was shot illegally in Egypt on camcorders and a laptop. This feature-length film tells the story of three people - a refugee from southern ... See full summary »

Director: Davin Anders Hutchins | Stars: Mr. Cool, The Cowboy, Davin Anders Hutchins, Jere Maluk

Votes: 21

In Pursuit of Peace (2015)

87 min | Documentary

In Pursuit of Peace follows four Canadians on the front lines of international peace initiatives - in South Sudan, Turkey, Congo and Iraq. We experience the challenges of their work, ... See full summary »

Director: Garry Beitel

Votes: 5

Native Land

Drama | Announced

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Stars: Jeff Kober, Antonio David Lyons

Cinema in Sudan: Conversations with Gadalla Gubara (2008 Video)

52 min | Documentary

The film builds up a portrait of a great Sudanese film-maker, Gadalla Gubara. At eighty-seven, he is one of the pioneers of cinema in Africa. He has recently lost his sight but still ... See full summary »

Director: Frederique Cifuentes | Star: Gadalla Gubara

Project Daniel (2014)

76 min | Documentary, Adventure, War

Mick Ebeling, a father of three, is incited when he reads an article of a Sudanese boy whose arms were blown off during a bombing of a civilian village. Ebeling hosts a 'Maker Weekend' at ... See full summary »

Directors: Mick Ebeling, Caskey Ebeling | Star: Mick Ebeling

The Dislocation of Amber (1975)

32 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Hussein Shariffe

Nyerkuk (2016)

19 min | Short, Crime, Drama

A displaced child gets involved in crime with an older thief. Will this be his last burglary?

Director: Mohamed Kordofani | Stars: Khaled Abu Ashara, Tariq Fakhreldin, Ahmed Sid Ahmed

Votes: 9

Ten Minutes Is Two Hours (2013)

10 min | Documentary, Short, Drama

This documentary video shot in South Sudan is both a work of and commentary upon cultural exploitation. It is a self-consciously 'cinematic' recreation of a journey through a land plagued ... See full summary »

Director: Patrick Kennelly

Votes: 6

Orange Tint (2010)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Areej Zarrouq

We Are the Ones (2015)

62 min | Documentary, Drama, War

When tribal feuds ignite a firestorm of violence, three surgeons unite for peace. Francis grew up with little schooling during the Sudanese Civil War. Ajak is a Lost Boy who has returned to... See full summary »

Directors: Jon Michael Shink, Michael Skinner | Stars: Ajak Abraham, Francis Gai, Glenn Geelhoed

Votes: 6

Forced Marriage (2018)

52 min | Comedy, Drama

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Director: Bebe Pix | Stars: Safe Bashir, Alex Bidal Charles, West Patawa Charles, Oliver Michael Clement

The Dawn Will Break (2018)

40 min | Documentary | Completed

The Dawn Will Break is the never-been-told story of the 'Lost Girls of Sudan' and the extraordinary women who saved them from genocide and hopelessness.

Director: David Alexander

All About Darfur (2005)

82 min | Documentary

A Sudanese immigrant to the UK returns to her homeland to understand why the seemingly racially harmonious country of her memories has become the scene of one of the worst instances of ethnic cleansing in recent history.

Director: Taghreed Elsanhouri

Votes: 20

Duk County (2013)

37 min | Documentary, Adventure, History

Peace is in sight in the New South Sudan.

Director: Jordan Campbell | Stars: Michelle Bar-Evan, Jordan Campbell, Alan Crandall, Julie Crandall

Cinema Behind Bars (2013)

30 min | Short

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Director: Bahaeldin Ibrahim | Star: Lossy Indrawss

Finding Freedom (2017)

80 min | Documentary | Completed

Tormented by a tortured past and isolated from his family for more than twenty years, William Akoi Mawwin returns to his homeland in an attempt to reclaim his life and expose the brutal system that enslaved him.

Director: Edward Ashhurst | Stars: Edward Ashhurst, William Akoi Mawwin

Welcome Back (I) (2011)

49 min | Documentary, Drama, Family

An ordinary man from Canada returns to Sudan after twenty-one years of exile. Everything changed.

Director: Mazin Elsadig

Votes: 6

Khartoum (1960)

24 min | Documentary, Short

Although perhaps without foresight, Gubara seemingly set out to capture a historic picture of a city that today has completely vanished. He reveals to us the livelier place that Khartoum ... See full summary »

Director: Gadalla Gubara

Les misérables (2007)

112 min | Drama

For his first feature film in many years, the legendary filmmaker from Sudan has chosen to adapt Victor Hugo's classic novel Les Miserables for an African audience in the Arab language. The... See full summary »

Director: Gadalla Gubara | Star: Gamal Hassan

Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives; The Environmental Footprint of War (2008)

68 min | Documentary, History, News

A documentary on the ecological consequences of warfare in Bosnia, Sudan and Iraq.

Directors: Alice And Lincoln Day, Lincoln Day, Alice T. Days, Lincoln H. Days | Star: Robert K. Musil

Votes: 15

Darfur's Skeleton (2009)

Not Rated | 52 min | Documentary

The rarely discussed topic of the affects of the Darfur conflict (2003-present) on the environment is the axis around which the 3 main stories of this documentary revolve. A story of the ... See full summary »

Director: Hisham Haj Omar

Road to Hope (2015)

71 min | Documentary

No Parents. No Food. No Future. Stranded in Sub-Saharan Africa, orphaned by an AIDS epidemic, thousands of children are left on their own, in need of a shepherd to save them.

Director: Mike Wargo | Stars: Tonny Agondeze, Jacinto Amandua, Crispus Asasira, George Bazaire

Votes: 6

A Force of Nature (2011)

47 min | Documentary, Biography, News

Ellen Ratner, the award-winning journalist and philanthropist, defies easy description but never shies away from lending a strong opinion as a fierce advocate of free speech and social justice.

Director: Barbara Kopple

Sudanna al Habib (2012)

92 min | Documentary

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Director: Taghreed Elsanhouri | Stars: Sadiq Al-Mahdi, Hassan Al-Turabi, Amira Alteraify, Pagan Amum

Savina (2018)

Short, Drama

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Director: Abdalla Al-Lili | Stars: Lucrezia Di Cocco, Wayne Hodges, Liubov Kapustina, Kristina Khabarova

The Rope (1984)

32 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Ibrahim Shaddad | Stars: Khatab H. Ahmed, A. Gadir Daoud, Mariam M. Eltayeb, Mohd A. Gorani

Eyes Journey (1983)

90 min | Drama, Music, Musical

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Director: Anwar Hashim | Stars: Salah Bin Albadia, Somaya El Alfy, Alfadel Sae'ed, Omar Abdulaziz

1 - 50 / 102