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Sea Gypsies: The Far Side of the World (2017)

Not Rated | 77 min | Documentary, Action, Adventure

The story of a small group of modern seafaring gypsies, following them as they strike out across the largest expanse of uninhabited geography on earth, in search of adventure, awe and whatever else lies at the far side of the world.

Director: Nico Edwards | Stars: David Bowie, Nico Edwards, Clemens Gabriel, Ayack Wanderer

Votes: 286

Juvenile (2020)

85 min | Drama

Juvenile is about two teenagers lived two different lives in Honiara, Solomon Islands. A film that portrays family, friendship and bad choices that needed a system to help Henry and Jimmy get back on knees.

Director: Joseph Manemaka | Stars: Moses Gabriel, Samuel Gifton, Kevin Ma'aria, Anil Nuia

A Word to the Wise (2017)

27 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Jordi Esgleas Marroi | Star: Douglas Lui Fo'oa

Liborio (2018)

30 min | Documentary, Short

A visually stunning documentary that traces the story of Liborio Maemari, a painter, carpenter, and boat builder from the artificial Islands of Malaita, Solomon Islands. Liborio's artwork ... See full summary »

Director: Elliot J. Spencer | Star: Liborio Maemanri

Votes: 11

Sky Aelans (2021)

7 min | Short

A celebration of the vital bond between the communities of the Solomon Islands' last untouched rainforest, as they claim their rights as the last guardians of these sacred high mountain forests, known locally as the "Sky Aelans".

Directors: Jeremy Gwao, Daniel Kakadi, Georgianna Lepping, Regina Lepping, Manner Levo, Junior Patrick Makau, Edward Manuga, Zahiyd Namo, Neil Nuia

Wantoks: Dance of Resilience in Melanesia (2020)

20 min | Short

In 2018 the Solomon Islands, in the South Pacific, hosted the Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival, celebrating the country's 40th anniversary of independence. On neighboring island states... See full summary »

Director: Iara Lee

School Good (2017)

60 min | Drama

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Director: Robert Taupongi | Stars: Ralph Alezama, Hazel Auna, Luis Erickson, Serah Foeadi

Votes: 6

Aeasi (2018)


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Director: Amie Batalibasi

A Passage to Anuta (2014)

12 min | Documentary, Short, Action

Sailing aboard Genesis Earthling, we voyage from Majuro in the Marshall Islands to Anuta, the eastern most island of the Solomon Islands. 13 days and almost 1500 miles serve to place us in ... See full summary »

Director: Jacob Ells

The War Manuscript (2016)

16 min | Documentary, Short, Action | Completed

A number of years ago I found several yellowed, typewritten pages that look like a poem, written in prose form, about the horrors of battle on Guadalcanal in the South Pacific in a dusty ... See full summary »

Director: Joe Davis

Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera (2017)

77 min | Documentary, Adventure, History

The documentary, Headhunt Revisited, follows Caroline Mytinger's unprecedented journey in 1926 to the 'Land of Headhunters' in the South Pacific to paint the rich cultural diversity of ... See full summary »

Director: Michele Westmorland | Stars: Lauren Hutton, Michele Westmorland

Mysteries of the South Pacific (2015 Video)

42 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure | Completed

Mysteries of the South Pacific will take you right off the edge of the map and into an unknown realm of mystery and adventure! Our pilot episode will go to the most mysterious of the ... See full summary »

Director: Jonathan Nolan | Star: Bernard Kaleb

Broken Wind Chime (2014)

21 min | Short, Drama

Drunk and lost, Dan wakes up in a garden tended to by a young boy who asks him to make a promise. So begins an unlikely friendship between two youths.

Director: Regina Lepping | Stars: Swann Saeni, Hevana Vikea

Fading Sands (2016 TV Movie)

30 min | Documentary | Completed

Surrounded by sea. Swamped by Change.

Director: Stephen Limkin