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Mr. Pip (2012)

PG-13 | 116 min | Drama, War

As a war rages on in the province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, a young girl becomes transfixed by the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, which is being read at school by the only white man in the village.

Director: Andrew Adamson | Stars: Hugh Laurie, Xzannjah Matsi, Healesville Joel, Eka Darville

Votes: 3,813

Into the Jungle (2018)

90 min | Documentary

Conservationists Jim and Jean Thomas braved the steamy jungles of Papua New Guinea to save a tree kangaroo from extinction and ended up providing water and sanitation to ten thousand people in one of the most remote places on earth.

Director: Mark Hanlin

Votes: 28

Aliko & Ambai (2017)

102 min | Drama

Aliko & Ambai is a feature film about two young women facing the challenges of growing up in the beautiful Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The challenges are significant: tribal ... See full summary »

Directors: Diane Anton, Mark Eby | Stars: Diane Anton, Paul Bebes, Venda Kakaso, Maggie Kondango

Tukana - husat i asua (1984)

120 min | Comedy, Drama

Tells the story of a university drop out who returns to his village in Buka Passage, Bougainville. He drifts into rootlessness among bad companions, becoming progressively alienated from ... See full synopsis »

Directors: Chris Owen, Albert Toro | Stars: Albert Toro, Regina Talsa, Wenceslas Noruke, Timothy Hamanin

Revolution (II) (2012)
53 metascore

Revolution (II) (2012)

PG | 85 min | Documentary, Adventure, Family

Filmmaker Rob Stewart advances the theory that though humans depend on the natural world for subsistence, humans are nature's greatest enemy.

Director: Rob Stewart | Stars: Nnimmo Bassey, Krystyna Bednarska, Adrienne Maree Brown, Lester Brown

Votes: 387

Standing on Sacred Ground (2013)

228 min | Documentary, History, News

Indigenous people resist government mega-projects, consumer culture, competing religions, resource extraction and climate change in this four-part documentary series. In the US and around ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher McLeod | Stars: Luana Busby-Neff, Tantoo Cardinal, Graham Greene, Q'orianka Kilcher

Votes: 6

Sun Come Up (2011)

38 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

Sun Come Up tells the story of some of the world's first environmental refugees, the Carteret Islanders. The film follows relocation leader Ursula Rakova and a group of young families as ... See full summary »

Director: Jennifer Redfearn

Votes: 65

Black Harvest (1992)

Not Rated | 90 min | Documentary

Joe Leahy is the half-caste son of one of the first explorers of the Papua New Guinean interior. His relations with the local Ganiga tribe who work his coffee plantation on their land are ... See full summary »

Directors: Robin Anderson, Bob Connolly | Star: Joe Leahy

Votes: 183

Lukim Yu (2016)

83 min | Drama

Melissa and John are worlds apart and when they meet, John's controversial ideas mean their conversations erupt in a fiery clash of minds.

Director: Christopher Anderson | Stars: Godfreeman Kaptigau, Tinzey Mau, Fabian Hera, Pauline Onsa

Votes: 13

Savage Memory (2011)

80 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

Savage Memory uses the controversies surrounding the legacy of the founding father of British Anthropology to explore powerful questions surrounding history and the ways in which it is ... See full summary »

Directors: Zachary Stuart, Kelly Thomson

Votes: 17

I Am a Girl (2013)

88 min | Documentary, Biography

Six girls coming of age, ready to become something extraordinary.

Director: Rebecca Barry | Star: Habiba

Votes: 102

Minutes to Die: The World's Ignored Health Crisis (2017)

78 min | Documentary | Completed

From a Kenyan hospital to a rice paddy in India, victims of venomous snakebites are the faces of death and disability, caught in a global crisis the world knows little about.

Directors: James Reid, Pip Gilmour

Votes: 7

Where the roads end (TV Movie)

60 min | Documentary | Post-production

This documentary follows young Spaniard Doctor, Oriol Mitjà, who travels from Spain to the other side of the world (Papua New Guinea) where he ends making one of the most important Medical ... See full summary »

Directors: Noemí Cuní, David Fontseca

Tinpis Run (1991)

94 min | Comedy, Drama

"Papa", one of the chiefs of a tribe in the highlands, is taxi driver of a "Tinpis", a collective bush-taxi. Saved from an accident by Naaki, a young man from the city, he offers him his ... See full summary »

Director: Pengau Nengo | Stars: Suzi Buri, Gerard Gabud, Leo Konga, Rhoda Selan

Votes: 53

The Church of the Open Sky (2018)

54 min | Documentary

'The Church of the Open Sky' is the latest feature length release from award winning independent Australian surf filmmaker Nathan Oldfield. 'The Church of the Open Sky' is a luscious visual... See full summary »

Director: Nathan Oldfield | Stars: Johnny Abegg, Belinda Baggs, Lauren Lindsey Hill, Devon Howard

What Lies That Way (2017)

90 min | Documentary, Adventure

WHAT LIES THAT WAY A film by and about magic There are things we believe possible and things we believe impossible, or are we simply blinded by the limits of our belief? What Lies That Way ... See full summary »

Director: Paul Wolffram

2 Degrees (2013)

90 min | Documentary, History

2 Degrees is about nothing less than the fight for the health of the planet we call home. The abstract idea of climate change is explored through the weaving of real and emotional journeys ... See full summary »

Directors: Jeff Canin, Conan Fitzpatrick, Vanessa Gorman, Pele Safra | Star: Mick O'Regan

Standing on Sacred Ground: Profit and Loss (2013)

57 min | Documentary, History, News

'Profit and Loss' tells the stories of two indigenous groups and their resistance to the modern gold rush - our insatiable thirst for mineral resources that threatens their lands. In Papua ... See full summary »

Director: Christopher McLeod | Star: Graham Greene

Votes: 5

Man Without Pigs (1991)

62 min | Documentary

A documentary about the struggle of John Walko's return from University and his attempt to reintegrate into his Papua New Guinea tribe.

Director: Chris Owen

Votes: 14

Ileksen (1979)

56 min | Documentary

A documentary covering the first elections in the young history of Papua New Guinea.

Director: Dennis O'Rourke

Votes: 14

Marabe (1978)

105 min | Drama

Two sons of Marabe, a village councilor, borrow money to finance an ill-fated trip to Port Moresby to seek their fortunes. One son is killed and the other corrupted by the demoralizing ... See full summary »

Director: Alan Harkness | Stars: Gundu Kagl, Anton Sil, Anita Toro

The Tale of the Coconut (2015)

16 min | Short, Adventure, Family

The kids of the small island Karawara will tell you an old fairy tale from their home: the South Pacific.

Director: Marc Thümmler | Stars: Ron Aldan, Wesley Aldan, Cecilia Benson

Ngat is Dead: Studying Mortuary Traditions (2007 Video)

59 min | Drama

What does it mean when anthropologists claim to study the cultural traditions of others by participating in them? This film follows the Dutch anthropologist Ton Otto, who has been adopted ... See full summary »

Directors: Ton Otto, Christian Suhr, Steffen Dalsgaard | Star: Ton Otto

Votes: 5

Sinmia (1988)

45 min | Documentary

The first film by a Papua New Guinean working in his own language. A Baruya perspective on male initiation.

Director: Kumain Nungya

Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera (2017)

77 min | Documentary, Adventure, History | Completed

The documentary, Headhunt Revisited, follows Caroline Mytinger's unprecedented journey in 1926 to the 'Land of Headhunters' in the South Pacific to paint the rich cultural diversity of ... See full summary »

Director: Michele Westmorland | Stars: Lauren Hutton, Michele Westmorland

Bridewealth for a Goddess (2000)

72 min | Documentary

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Director: Chris Owen

Scarcity (2011 Video)

10 min | Short, Drama, News

Scarcity is an experimental video performance piece dedicated to the people of third world countries. Its aim is to raise awareness for the inhumane living conditions of the women and ... See full summary »

Directors: Tasoula Kallenou, Petros Petrou | Star: Tasoula Kallenou

Following the Way (2010)

41 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

A documentary made by Papua New Guinean-born filmmaker Steve Ramsden about the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea. A story from each of the country's five dioceses reveals Anglican life in... See full summary »

Director: Steve Ramsden | Star: Steve Ramsden

Votes: 6

The Road to Home (2015)

Not Rated | 54 min | Documentary, Biography, News

The Road to Home (2015), tells the story of Benny Wenda, the Nobel Peace Prize nominated West Papuan independence leader, in his ongoing struggle to free his people from Indonesian colonial... See full summary »

Director: Dominic Brown | Star: Benny Wenda

Votes: 5

Wokabaut Bilong Tonten (1974)

87 min | Documentary, Adventure, Drama

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Director: Oliver Howes

Music From Manus: 5 days not 5 years (2018)

40 min | Documentary, Short

A musician travels from a small town in Western Australia to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea to visit refugee friends, where the simple joy of music provides brief respite from their harrowing plight.

Director: Tim Maisey

Wantok Meri (2018)

50 min | Documentary | Completed

A male dominated tribal culture is troubled by the impacts of modernity. The women of Papua New Guinea speak out, but will they be heard?

Director: Peter Warren


14 min | Documentary, Short

An award-winning short documentary on the refugee claimants whom the Australian government placed offshore, in the island of Manus. The refugees stayed in the island for four years under terrible conditions.

Director: Angus McDonald

Safe Cities: Free of Violence Against Women and Girls (2011)

Documentary, Short

Papua New Guinea is a country with high rates of violence specially against women and girls. This documentary features the stories of victims, perpetrators and organizations like UN Women ... See full summary »

TARA in the heart of coral reefs (2018)

9 min | Documentary, Short | Completed

TARA a schooner for the planet, a coral study around Pacific Ocean.

Directors: Jean-Marc Moro, Pascal Tirilly | Stars: Gaël Zaks, Fabrice Guinard, Chen Yi-Rhe

Unity Through Culture (2011)

59 min | Documentary, Drama, History

Soanin Kilangit is determined to unite the people and attract international tourism through the revival of culture on Baluan Island in the South Pacific. He organizes the largest cultural ... See full summary »

Directors: Ton Otto, Christian Suhr

Skin has Eyes and Ears, Audio-visual Ethnography in a Sepik Society (2014)

84 min | Documentary, Adventure

The film is an audio-visual part of my PhD thesis bearing the same title. Skin has Eyes and Ears is a saying of the Ambonwari people living in the Karawari region of East Sepik Province, ... See full summary »

Director: Daniela Vavrova

Papua New Guinea: Land of the Unexpected (2017)

7 min | Documentary, Short

The Pacific's best-kept secret

Director: Steve Ramsden

Senisim Pasin


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Director: Josiah Thiesen

Salima (1997)

Short, Music

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Director: Mari Ellingson | Star: Mari Ellingson

Votes: 6

Central Giants

Drama | Announced

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Skull Art in Papua New Guinea (1999)

28 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Sabine Jell-Bahlsen | Stars: Calvin Burke, Adam Kone

Known Unto God (2015 TV Movie)

65 min | Documentary, History, War

In the closing stages of the Pacific War a 20 year old Australian special operative makes a courageous decision under fire that will change the lives of many. The fate of this unsung hero will remain a mystery for over 67 years.

Directors: Garrett Russell, John Schindler, Dion Wilton | Stars: Phillip Hua, Paul Malgapo, Christopher McRae, John Schindler

The Red Bowmen (1978)

58 min | Documentary

Every year, a ritual known as ida is performed by the Umeda people, who inhabit the dense primary forest of the Waina-Sawanda district of West Sepik, Papua New Guinea. Ida, the central ... See full summary »

Director: Chris Owen

Votes: 10

The REDD Project (2010)

24 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

Papua New Guinea has one of the world's fastest disappearing rain forests. An Australian team of scientists and environmental activists travel to Oro Province, Papua New Guinea to begin ... See full summary »

Directors: Angus Mullane, Jackson Mullane

Mysteries of the South Pacific (2015 Video)

42 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure | Completed

Mysteries of the South Pacific will take you right off the edge of the map and into an unknown realm of mystery and adventure! Our pilot episode will go to the most mysterious of the ... See full summary »

Director: Jonathan Nolan | Star: Bernard Kaleb

Mediation and Restorative Justice (2009 Video)

73 min | Documentary

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Directors: Pat Howley, Dete Siegert | Stars: Rex Baras, Aron Dakoi, Kevin Deioka, Matilda Domaina

Adam (VI) (2015)

13 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

After an emotionally troubled young-adult life, Adam begins a long change process. His personal journey brings him to walk the Kokoda Track - the gruelling last line of defence for ... See full summary »

Director: Fraser Green

Acid Ocean (2014 TV Movie)


A team of scientists dive into the unknown world of an acid reef - what will they find?

Director: Sally Ingleton

Votes: 7

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