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Agent (2018– )


'The business end' of soccer as seen through the eyes of a fierce, mercurial football agent, wrestling with a fatal secret he buried six years ago, on the brink of breaking big or losing everything.

Stars: Alexandre Pisani, Khumbulani Kay Sibiya, Sisanda Henna, Anthony Oseyemi

Infinity (II) (2019)

19 min | Short, Mystery | Completed

An extremely abnormal and lonely homeless person's dull life changes completely when he discovers a mysterious notebook.

Director: Alvein Gokhool | Stars: Alvein Gokhool, Jeremy Bibi, Léa Benoit, Jake Maureemootoo

Win Marathon (2018)

94 min | Drama, Sport

Jeet Lo Marathon, is an inspiring love story which deals in discovering one's internal strength and achieving the impossible. One liner - A man runs a distance of 42.195 kms to win back the... See full summary »

Director: Aryan Neeraaj Anand | Stars: Aryan Neeraaj Anand, Ankita Bahuguna, Preena Jhamb, Anjani Kumar Singh

Votes: 7

Gilberte's World (2016)

94 min | Documentary | Completed

A quest for leisure and holidays takes David, a Ghanaian filmmaker, on a journey to the beautiful paradise of Mauritius where he is hosted by Gilberte, his renowned celebrity painter friend... See full summary »

Director: David Asare Masterwille | Star: Gilberte Marimootoo-Natchoo

The Cathedral (2006)

78 min | Drama

Every day, Lina wakes up in the morning, tidies up the house, brings some tea to her hard-working father and to her hypochondriac mother, and runs out as soon as she can. What is she ... See full summary »

Director: Harrikrisna Anenden | Stars: Ingrid Blackburn, Ashwin Anenden, Gaston Valayden, Dharman Mootien

Votes: 15

Le premier rasta (2010)

86 min | Documentary

Going far beyond the standard imagery of Rasta-ganja, reggae, and dreadlocks-this cultural history offers an uncensored vision of a movement with complex roots and the exceptional journey ... See full summary »

Directors: Hélène Lee, Christophe Farnarier | Stars: The Abyssinians, Marcus Garvey, Leonard Percival Lowell, Max Romeo

Votes: 28

Divana-e-Ishq (2013)

147 min | Romance

The story is all about an Iranian singer who had to forcibly quit Iran and migrate to India, where he managed to reach to the peak of his career and save the demanded sum of money as a ... See full synopsis »

Director: Pankaj Prakash | Stars: Ali Akber, Hyder Ali, Tom Alter, Jawad Asgeri

Votes: 7

The Comeback: A Tale of Irrelevance (2019)

104 min | Comedy

Three retired Bollywood actors embark on a journey to launch their career back into the spotlight with the help of a a young woman aspiring to become a film director.

Director: Sharvan Anenden | Stars: Nalini Aubeeluck, Edeen Bhugeloo, Palmesh Cuttaree, Robert Furlong

Bikhre Sapne (1975)

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Director: Brijmohun

The Children of Troumaron (2012)

92 min | Drama

In Troumaron, an impoverished area of Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius island, four youngsters tell us about their fight for their survival: Sadiq, the would-be poet, Eve, who ... See full summary »

Directors: Harrikrisna Anenden, Sharvan Anenden | Stars: Palmesh Cuttaree, Thierry Francoise, Roshan Hassamal, Kristeven Mootien

Votes: 21

Familiar Faces/Unexpected Places: A Global African Diaspora (2018 Video)

30 min | Documentary

The enslavement of millions of Africans led to the development of African Diasporan communities around the world. Their knowledge and skills helped build new societies and they created new ... See full summary »

Director: Sheila S Walker

Lonbraz Kann (2014)

88 min | Drama

The close down of an old sugar mill in Mauritius, calls into question the lives of Marco and his friends, a group of former workmates in their mid fifties. In this country where sugar cane ... See full summary »

Director: David Constantin | Stars: Raj Bumma Put, David Bhowaneedin, Nalini Aubeeluck, Jean-Claude Catheya

Votes: 18

I've Seen the Unicorn (2014)

60 min | Documentary, Biography, Drama

The story of a young fisherman and his dreams of becoming a jockey in Mauritius.

Director: Vincent Toi | Stars: Alvinio Roy, Robbie Burke, Soon Gujadar, Georgy Martial

Votes: 5

Contract Online (2008)

15 min | Short, Crime

Just about anything is for sale online. How long before one can buy an assassin online - or is this already possible?

Director: Hans Buhringer | Stars: Kunal Goswami, Vanessa Modely

Benares (2005)

75 min

Two young men went on a ride with their old friend in his truck across the whole Mauritius, the sole purpose of it being finding and getting two girls to entertain them that very night back home.

Director: Barlen Pyamootoo | Stars: Jérôme Boulle, Danielle Dalbert, Sandra Faro, Davidsen Kamanah

Votes: 17

Project 51 (2015)

3 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Nakul Mohur | Stars: Kushal Awatarsing, Kreshila Poonoosawmy

World School: A Single Journey Can Change the Course of a Life (2013)

Not Rated | 46 min | Documentary, Adventure, Family

An Alaskan mother and her ten year old son sell everything to travel the world for a year.

Director: Mary Katzke

Home, Away (2011)

18 min | Short, Comedy, Family

Alex is a huge Manchester United fan who's preparing for a Manchester versus Liverpool game. He has a satellite dish installed to be able to watch the game on TV. His young neighbour Kenny ... See full summary »

Director: Wassim Sookia

Escape to Mauritius (2009 TV Movie)

50 min | Documentary, Adventure

Mark Twain once wrote, that Mauritius was created as a model of Heaven. And that without having any idea of what was hidden in the depths around the island. A couple of adventurers, Petra ... See full summary »

Directors: Libor Spacek, Petra Dolezalova | Star: Petra Dolezalova

Rod Zegwi Dan Pikan (2015)

4 min | Animation, Short, Biography

A meditation on the memories of a woman. A brief introspection in her state of mind, her battles in life and walking the fine line of addiction.

Director: Azim Moollan | Star: Ornella Francoise

Mystic Mauritius (2017)

85 min | Documentary | Completed

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Directors: Alexis Dittberner, Damien Dittberner | Stars: Chantal Mompoullan, Anouchka Massoudy

Invitation au voyage (1990)


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Director: Ramesh Tekoit

Keeper (III) (2013)

26 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Wassim Sookia | Stars: Dimitri Billy, Frédérick Desroches, Mélodie Desroches

Made in Mauritius (2009)

8 min | Short

A village on the Island of Mauritius. Bissoon, a retired peasant, has a problem. This morning, for the first time in twenty years, the fuse to his old radio has blown. In the village shop, ... See full summary »

Director: David Constantin | Stars: Liang Xi Gui, Raj Bumma Put

Rouzblézonnver (2009)

28 min | Short

Victor makes a Mauritian flag for his seven-year-old son on Independence Day. He goes to pick up his son, who lives with his ex-wife. But on the journey, he loses his flag.

Director: Wassim Sookia | Stars: Sarah Herrmann, Isnard Marcio

Khudgarz (1986)

90 min

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Director: Brijmohun

The Diego's Files

Thriller | Announced

While on an overseas assignment, a workaholic journalist on the verge of a divorce, struggles to publish a controversial human scandal with global repercussion only to find himself set up in a murder case and teen prostitution.

Goodbye My Love (1986)

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Director: Ramesh Tekoit

La rencontre (2012)

18 min | Short, Mystery, Thriller

Dim, a 17 years old teenager, became introverted after the death of his father. One day, influenced by his friend Alex, he runs away from school. Willing to help his friend to find ... See full summary »

Director: Jon Rabaud | Stars: Edeen Bhugeloo, Guillaume Silavant, Vinaya Sungkur

Invasion of the Giant Tortoises (2013)

27 min | Documentary, History

Invasion of the Giant Tortoises explores the controversial introduction of a non-native species to the African island of Mauritius. Once home to the dodo, Mauritius was teeming with giant ... See full summary »

Director: Theo Lipfert | Star: T.L. Murray

Paradise of Poker (2012–2013)


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Star: Karine Lima

A Lucy (1993)

10 min | Short

One night a Masai herdsman hears the distant call of a woman who lived three million years ago, begging him to bring her back to the land of her birth.

Director: Radha Jaganathen

L'eduction (1987)

20 min | Short

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Director: Hiren Ramdoyal

Et le sourire revient (1980)

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Director: Ramesh Tekoit

Elections generales (1982)


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Director: Brijmohun

Ocean Consciousness (2014)

26 min | Documentary, Short, Biography | Completed

The entire Globe and its inhabitants are facing environmental issues and challenges. Every country have their struggle and have to focus on how to get solutions for their respective issues.... See full summary »

Director: Fayolle Jean Francois Cedric | Stars: Fayolle Jean Francois Cedric, Roger Grenouillet, Jean Rodney Edouard, Rambert Geralde

Boutik (2015)

15 min | Short, Comedy

Gaetan has lost his toy soldier. As he tries to work out how to get a new one, he soon realizes that the adults around him will be of no great help, so he decides to jump into the tangled game of their lives.

Director: Damien Dittberner

Île Maurice, perle de l'océan indien (1973)

30 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Ramesh Tekoit

Environmental and Geographical Studies of Mauritius (1986)

80 min | Documentary

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Director: Brijmohun

Hans Nayna: Time Flies (2017)

Short, Music

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Director: Jeremy La Zelle | Star: Hans Nayna

It's Not a Joke (2013)

8 min | Short, Horror

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Director: Jon Rabaud | Stars: Deborah Jubeau, Vincent Pellegrin

The Chain: Mauritius (2016)

12 min | Short, Drama

'' The Chain '' (2016) is a short film for the Mauritius ICAC Short Film Competition produced by the 5 Bros Production team. It is a movie that explores the level of corruption in today's society.

Director: Olivier Victore | Stars: Kushal Awatarsing, Farish Hissaund, Akeelesh Hurnauth, Nitish Sahatooah

Vey nou Lagon (2016 TV Short)

22 min | Documentary, Short

When a Mauritian fisherman discovers that his livelihood is in jeopardy because of his own actions, he decides to lead a movement to protect the ocean.

Directors: Zara Currimjee, Vanina Harel

Objectif energie (1983)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Magalingum Valadyon

On the Road to Rio (2014 TV Movie)

48 min | Sport

32 short film from 32 filmmakers from 32 countries participating in FIFA World Cup 2014.

Directors: Hesam Dehghani, Maikel Hurts, Tara Manandhar, Yves Scagliola, David Schuster, Nana Kofi Asihene, Gilles Collot, Amath Magnan, Soji Ogunnaike, Donie Ordiales Ray | Stars: Mehdi Aroom, Olivia Ih-Prost, Hyunsoo Lee

Votes: 12

Documentary on MGI (1990)

20 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Shree Akamnaidoo Latchayya

Experience University Like Never Before (2018)


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Director: Isaac Oboth | Star: Aaron Appleton


Thriller | Announced

The teenage heir to a family of supernaturally powered assassins questions his destiny and the choices "made for him" by his family after falling in love with a normal girl.

Nomade (1978)

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Director: Brijmohun

PLAN K.O (2016)

Short, Crime

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Director: Nitesh Bhanjan | Stars: Om Anutosh Armoogum, Sooroojlall Bhanjan, Oudhav Busroopun, Achim Moothian

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