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White Dragon (2018– )

Not Rated | 60 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller

Jonah Mulray is a professor whose world comes crashing down when his wife is killed in a car crash in Hong Kong.

Stars: John Simm, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Katie Leung, Rosalind Halstead

Votes: 1,602

The Audition (III) (2015)

Not Rated | 16 min | Short, Comedy

Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio must compete for the lead role in Martin Scorsese's next film.

Director: Martin Scorsese | Stars: Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Martin Scorsese

Votes: 2,149

SPL: Kill Zone (2005)

Not Rated | 93 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

A near retired inspector and his unit are willing to put down a crime boss at all costs while dealing with his replacement, who is getting in their way. Meanwhile, the crime boss sends his top henchmen to put an end to their dirty schemes.

Director: Wilson Yip | Stars: Donnie Yen, Simon Yam, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Jing Wu

Votes: 10,586

Into the Void (2013)

55 min | Documentary

In the mist of incense smoke and firecrackers lay rituals that have been forgotten in modern Macao. These are people who have learned the arts of the occult and are only sought out when ... See full summary »

Directors: Ruka Borges, António Caetano Faria | Star: Emily Siu

Empire Hotel (2018)

82 min | Drama

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Director: Ivo Ferreira | Stars: Margarida Vila-Nova, Rhydian Vaughan, Kwok-Leung Gan, Cândido Ferreira

Votes: 44

A City Called Macau (2019)

120 min | Drama

Macau's return to Chinese sovereignty in 1999 ushered in that city's "golden age." By 2012, the value of Macau's gaming industry was nine times that of Las Vegas, and Macao had become the ... See full summary »

Director: Shaohong Li | Stars: Baihe Bai, Darren Grosvenor, Jue Huang, Gang Wu

Votes: 6

Sisterhood (2016)

97 min | Drama

Love intertwines at the wrong time. Sei and Ling, former masseuses in Macau, in retrospect, had the best time together. Decades after, Sei learns that her late best friend has kept a secret she never knew...

Director: Tracy Choi | Stars: Gigi Leung, Fish Liew, Jennifer Yu, Lee-zen Lee

Votes: 121

The Last Time I Saw Macao (2012)
69 metascore

The Last Time I Saw Macao (2012)

Unrated | 82 min | Crime, Drama, Musical

Two filmmakers leave to Macao in an adventure of discovery of a city-labyrinth, multicultural and mysterious, where the memories of the childhood - featured memories by the lived reality in... See full summary »

Directors: João Pedro Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata | Stars: Lydie Barbara, João Rui Guerra da Mata, João Pedro Rodrigues, Cindy Scrash

Votes: 414

Sea of Mirrors (2019)


A former famous Japanese actress needs to find her kidnapped daughter before her obsession with the limelight and thrills in Macau pushes her to the brink of madness.

Director: Thomas Lim | Stars: Toru Uchikado, Sally Victoria Benson, Kieko Suzuki, Jay Lim

AXN Xtreme Macau (2006– )


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Stars: Fish Chaar, Michele Padua, Marianne Poon, Li Ran

Votes: 9

Good Take! (2016)

94 min | Drama, Horror, Thriller

Five stories of different styles.

Directors: Derek Tsang, Ching-Po Wong, Chun Wong, Henri Wong, Lung-Ching Yeung | Stars: Chung-Ho Chan, Yuk-Fai Chan, Pak-ho Chau, Hei-Yi Cheng

Votes: 57

Tian ma (2016)

95 min | Drama

Ocean City, a sleepless financial metropolis where many speculators dream of gaining fame and fortune overnight but end up empty-handed. Among them is Ma Liang, an Olympic boxing champion ... See full summary »

Directors: Roy Chin, Yu Yu | Stars: Dennis Oh, Aaron Ly, Jack Kao, Yongliang Sui

Votes: 54

Pegasus: On The Brink (2018)

119 min | Comedy, Drama | Completed

The President of the United States of Oceania decides to launch a nuclear strike to destroy the Obedience Federation in ten days. This top-secret memo is captured by Dr. Young. To avoid a ... See full summary »

Director: Yu Yu | Star: Treg Monty

Time Travel (2011)

57 min | Documentary

Wong Kei is a 25 year old boy who quited his job and spends his days wandering around the streets taking pictures of people. One day he takes a photo that will change his monotonous life ... See full summary »

Directors: António Caetano Faria, Carolina Rodrigues | Star: Wong Kei Cheong

A construção de um símbolo (2015)

47 min | Documentary

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Director: Edgar Medina | Star: Margarida Vila-Nova

A Trança Feiticeira (1996)

105 min | History, Romance

Romantic story set in Macau during the 1930s. Rich, Portuguese man falls in love with poor, Chinese girl. Both families disown them and they begin a life together. Rich man now has to work ... See full summary »

Director: Yuanyuan Cai | Stars: Roberto Candeias, Ricardo Carriço, Manuel Cavaco, Filomena Gonçalves

Votes: 13

À Espera (2014)

27 min | Short

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Director: Clement Sze-Kit Cheng | Stars: Edison Chen, Maria Cordero, Germano Guilherme, Man-yik Wong

Prostitute Killer (2015)

100 min | Crime

The worst thing to be a prostitute is not be able to say no.

Director: Yizhi Yang | Stars: Zhexi Chen, Yilin Huang, Xiuxiu Li, Lu Sun

Pe San Ie - O Poeta de Macau (2018)


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Director: Rosa Coutinho Cabral

IEC Long (2015)

32 min | Documentary, Short, Drama

The word panchão was first heard in Macao. From the Chinese pan-tcheong or pau-tcheong, dictionaries define it as a Macanese regionalism also known as China cracker. Who inhabits the ancient IEC Long firecracker factory?

Directors: João Rui Guerra da Mata, João Pedro Rodrigues | Stars: Casper, Daniel, Uncle Kan, Nicolino

Votes: 19

Sunday Beauty Queen (2016)

95 min | Documentary

Sunday Beauty Queen is a real-life Cinderella tale of a Filipina house helper who dreams to be a Beauty Queen in Hong Kong.

Director: Baby Ruth Villarama | Stars: Rudelie Acosta, Cherrie Bretana, Chuck Gutierrez, Mylyn Jacobo

Votes: 112

Beautyworld (2009)

79 min | Action, Romance

A young school teacher gets drawn into underground fighting and loses everything until he stumbles into someone special.

Director: Stephen Koh | Stars: Chrissie Chau, Joe Cheng, Oh Jae Hyung, Peter Jae

Him gok (2001)

86 min | Action

In order to rescue his friend's daughter, a man must hire a sharpshooter and a martial artist to assist him.

Director: Hin Sing 'Billy' Tang | Stars: Alex Fong, Ken Chang, Anya, Tin-chiu Wan

Votes: 73

The Night Robbery (1989)

167 min | Adventure

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Director: Yuanyuan Cai | Stars: Baoguo Chen, Ruixin Jia, Kesheng Lei, Zichun Yang

Frozen World (2011)

Not Rated | 18 min | Short, Drama, Family

On a hot summer day, a lonely boy has made an appointment with a girl to ride a boat to a mysterious island. But he is locked up at home before the journey... Facing the reality, the boy ... See full summary »

Director: Teng Teng Wong | Stars: Moon Moon Chan, Tsz Ho Leung

Crash (I) (2016)

15 min | Short, Drama

After a long day at work, Cai returns home as usual, only to find out that his mother who suffer from Alzheimer's, has disappeared. In vain, he looks for her everywhere. Worried and not ... See full summary »

Director: Heng Fai Hong | Stars: Pak Hou Wong, Hang-i Chu

San Va Hotel - Bastidores (2017)

38 min | Documentary, Short, History

A making-off about feature film Hotel Império (2019), but also a documentary about San Va Hotel, a very old boarding house in Macao, were the film was shot.

Directors: Vanessa Pimentel, Yves Étienne Sonolet | Stars: Siun Chong, Lei Kit Fan, Cândido Ferreira, Ivo Ferreira

Passing Rain (II) (2017)

92 min | Drama

The lives of a hustler in casino, two prostitutes, a good husband, a young girl, a three year-old kid and a clown intertwine in their tales of love and greed.

Director: Ka Keong Chan | Stars: Kin Tak Chan, Candice Lam, Dickey Tsang

Dragon's Treasure (2010)

10 min | Animation, Short

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Director: Cecil D. Magpuri

Roulette City (2012)

Not Rated | 76 min | Drama, Thriller

In the casino capital of the East, every move is a deadly gamble.

Director: Thomas Lim | Stars: Thomas Lim, Josephine Chi Yan Chai, Po-Chung Kiu, Corinna Lee

Votes: 61

B420 (2005)

85 min | Comedy, Drama

Koey believes happiness is like a bottle of coke, it'll soon become tasteless if you don't enjoy it right away. Simon believes happiness is similar to planting trees. You need to water them... See full summary »

Director: Mathew Tang | Stars: Ben Hung, Sam Lee, Miki Yeung, Guthrie Yip

Votes: 70

Fig (2014)

97 min | Drama, Romance

Ka, a common housewife, leaves her husband after big change in the family. Then she encounters Man, who has for years blamed her father Chow for bringing to light his relationship with his ... See full summary »

Director: Vincent Chui | Stars: Doug Chan, Carson Chung, Eliz Lao, Jenny Li

RUTZ: Global Generation Travel (2013)

75 min | Documentary, Adventure, Family

A two and half month journey from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Medellin (Colombia), through some of the most amazing places in South America, immersed in the Backpacker's culture.

Director: António Caetano Faria | Stars: Samuel Alves, José Castro Caldas

Votes: 21

Gin, Sake and Margarita (2017)

21 min | Short, Drama | Completed

"Love will tear us apart, but Art will keep us alive" 3 artists meet in Che Che Bar in one night, they both ask for the answer: why do we make art? They are looking for the answer and know ... See full summary »

Director: Peeko Wong

Remember (II) (2016 Video)

20 min | Short, Sci-Fi

The Remember Series explores our relationship and reliance on technology as well as its influence on our own identity.

Directors: George Kacevski, Frederic Simard | Stars: Paige Walker, Cam Ralph, Sandra Boo, Carole Sharkey-Waters

Cement (2013)

22 min | Short, Horror

Police Constable 9413 & 9096 were on lunch break when a radio call asked them to go and settle a family conflict. PC 9413 finished his meal early so he offered to go there first, and PC ... See full summary »

Director: Derek Tsang | Stars: Pak Ho Chou, Alex Fong, Tung Yip

Opéra de Monte-Carlo (2014– )


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Stars: Erwin Schrott, Giacomo Prestia, Patrizia Ciofi, Maxim Mironov

Alvorada Vermelha (II) (2011)

27 min | Documentary, Short, Drama

Red Market, Macao s famous food market.

Director: João Rui Guerra da Mata

Na Escama do Dragão (2012)

23 min | Short, Adventure, Drama

A reporter and a camera operator from a Macau TV channel embark on a journey to south of China.

Director: Ivo Ferreira | Stars: Margarida Vila-Nova, Siun Chong, Marta Ferreira, Rodrigo Guimarães

Votes: 12

Macau Stories III: City Maze (2015)

90 min | Thriller

Macau Stories 3 - City Maze is composed of three individual stories (total 107 mins): The Roar of a Mother Bear (directed by Doug CHAN), INA (directed by António Faria) and Come, the Light ... See full summary »

Directors: António Caetano Faria, Doug Chan, Chao Wang | Stars: Doug Chan, Eliz Lao, Kate Leong, Ieong Pan

CaCa: Tell You Jokes! (2016)

30 min | Animation, Short, Comedy

Angel lives in a small city, Macau. Catcat is her motivation to study, work and dreams. They meet different people with funny stories. Love and sorrow are linking everyone in this century ... See full summary »

Director: Angela En-Yu Lao | Stars: Angela En-Yu Lao, Catherina Lei, Lucy Iao, Jose Branco

Hero or Rebel

88 min | Documentary | Post-production

Character-driven chronicle of unreported demonstrations in Macau, witness that activism against all odds is well alive in China.

Director: Larry Chan

The Identity of the Portuguese Egg Tart (2015)

7 min | Short, History

How did a tiny island in Asia bring fame and popularity to an iconic Portuguese national food?

Director: Kenny Leong

Votes: 32

Blue Card (2009)

9 min | Short, Drama

A Singaporean journalist is forced to leave Macao because her Blue Card expired.

Director: Thomas Lim | Stars: Jacky LI, Thomas Lim, Faith Yang

Illegalist (2017)

26 min | Short, Thriller

Two mainland Chinese come to Macao to work illegally, one at a construction site and the other as a sex-worker. The changes on the policy towards illegal workers and the increment on ... See full summary »

Director: Kin Kuan Lam

Street Scene Macau (2019)

Documentary, Short

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Director: Scott Shaw

Love Is Not a Sin (2003)

83 min

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Director: Kin Tak Chan | Stars: Manman Lam, Moon Man

Votes: 24

We Are Ghosts (2013)

26 min | Short, Drama

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Director: Ching-Po Wong | Stars: Charlene Choi, Terence Chui, King Kong LI, Kiu Wai Miu

The Beautiful Game (IV)

Drama | Pre-production

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Director: António Caetano Faria

Waiting (VII) (2013)

28 min | Short, Drama

This episode was adopted from a local Macao short novel 'Waiting'. The story was about a rehabilitated inmate who spent his time everyday at a restaurant. He met a old lady who was waiting ... See full summary »

Director: Clement Cheng | Stars: Edison Chen, Maria Cordero, Venus Wong

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