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Given (2016)

72 min | Documentary, Adventure, Family

GIVEN is the story of a legacy that takes one unique family on an adventure from their home in Kauai around the world. Told through the memories of a child, Given is the simple yet ... See full summary »

Director: Jess Bianchi | Stars: Aamion Goodwin, Daize Goodwin, Given Goodwin, True Goodwin

Votes: 1,605

Anal Fitness Club (2017 Video)

79 min | Adult

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Director: Frank Major | Stars: Alexa Tomas, Amirah Adara, Kayla Green, Cindy Loarn

Seksoholiczki (2013– )


Sex addicted girls love to have sex with their boyfriend(s) or girlfriend(s).

Stars: Jessi Gold, Ananta Shakti, Taissia Shanti, Aruna Aghora

Ña noniep (2009)

148 min | Mystery

Ña Noniep (I am the Good fairy) deals with the spiritual battle between a ri-anijnij (an evil Marshallese maker of black magic) and a noniep (a Marshallese fairy-like creature) for the soul... See full summary »

Director: Jack Niedenthal | Stars: Lulani Ritok, Randon Jack, Netha Gideon, Kyle Trevor

Votes: 9

Les dessous de Jessie (2017 Video)

96 min | Adult

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Director: Frank Major | Stars: Jessie Volt, Tiffany Doll, Gina Gerson, Bruce Venture

The Sound of Crickets at Night (2012)

84 min | Drama, Family, Mystery

An elderly nuclear survivor from Bikini Atoll in the Pacific summons a mysterious ancient deity to help reunite his family.

Directors: Suzanne Chutaro, Jack Niedenthal | Stars: Karen Earnshaw, Salome Fakatou, Banjo Joel, Alson Kelen

Votes: 13

Lañinbwil's Gift (2011)

99 min | Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Laninbwil's Gift is the story of Jacob, an old island man with a complicated secret. When Jacob was a teenager, a noniep, a Marshallese fairy known for helping troubled souls, transformed ... See full summary »

Directors: Suzanne Chutaro, Jack Niedenthal | Stars: Iohaan Anjolok, Netha Gideon, Martha Horiuchi, Randon Jack

Jilel: The Calling of the Shell (2014)

78 min | Adventure, Drama, Mystery

A beautiful Marshallese girl's concern for her vanishing, low lying islands causes her to discover a way to change the entire world in order to save her beloved homeland. A global warming fairy tale.

Directors: Suzanne Chutaro, Jack Niedenthal | Stars: Niten Anni, Tolfina Fakatou, Netha Gideon, Randon Jack

Votes: 6

Zori (2013)

9 min | Short, Drama, Family

On an island a flip flop is a terrible thing to lose.

Directors: Suzanne Chutaro, Jack Niedenthal | Stars: Netha Gideon, Jamore Melson, Maxter Tarkwon

Votes: 9

The Undiscovered Country: A Tale of Color and Development (2012)

67 min | Documentary, Animation, History | Completed

When god Lowa created the world, he sent artists Lewoj and Lanij to paint colorful patterns onto the creatures on Earth. According to Marshallese lore, people learned from the artists and ... See full summary »

Directors: Peter Sutoris, Nuith Morales

Yokwe Bartowe (2010)

90 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy

An evil demon bird attempts to destroy a happy island family.

Directors: Jack Niedenthal, Suzanne Chutaro | Stars: Martha Horiuchi, Jefferson Paulis, Abacca Anjain-Maddison, Lucus Niedenthal

The Last Frigate (2015)

81 min | Documentary, Action, Adventure | Completed

This is a two year journey with the all-male enlisted crew of the USS Rodney M. Davis. The crew is as rowdy as they are charming in a deployment halfway around the world. This is the story ... See full summary »

Director: Benny Winslow

Mt. Pleasant (2014)

23 min | Short, Drama

Guilt. Regret. Religion. Life. Death.

Director: Raymond Clayton Thomas | Star: Raymond Clayton Thomas

Operation Rock the Troops (2014)

85 min | Documentary, Biography, Music

One man's ambition takes him on an unexpected journey to create a unique performance and mission that will change his life forever. A group of musicians and models are assembled carefully ... See full summary »

Director: Matthew JC | Stars: Matthew JC, David Abrams, Xoe Blayke, Bishop Booker

Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives; The Environmental Footprint of War (2008)

68 min | Documentary, History, News

A documentary on the ecological consequences of warfare in Bosnia, Sudan and Iraq.

Directors: Alice And Lincoln Day, Lincoln Day, Alice T. Days, Lincoln H. Days | Star: Robert K. Musil

Votes: 15

To Off the Ponder Into (2014)

53 min | Drama

Rage. Lost. Random lantern. A young outcast wonders around desolate trailers and broken houses in search of something.

Director: Diora Callahan

Owaranai Tabi (2014)

97 min | Documentary, History, News

When Fukushima nuclear plant accident happened, I resorted to a book titled 'Please Listen', a compilation of anti-nuclear newsletters by my mother who died 16 years ago. Following her ... See full summary »

Director: Masako Sakata

BATMoN vs MAJURo (2016)

80 min | Comedy

Batmon thought capturing Catwoman in the Marshall Islands would be easy. He was wrong.

Directors: Jack Niedenthal, Ben Debrum Wakefield, Vivian Niedenthal | Stars: Jollie Batlok, Lobie Ben, Yasta Bolkheim, Ben Debrum Wakefield