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Pulgasari (1985)

95 min | Action, Drama, Fantasy

In feudal Korea, the evil King becomes aware that there is a peasant rebellion being planned in the country. He steals all the iron farming tools and cooking pots from the people so that he... See full summary »

Director: Sang-ok Shin | Stars: Son Hui Chang, Ham Gi Sop, Jong-uk Ri, Gwon Ri

Votes: 1,141

Not One Less (1999)
73 metascore

Not One Less (1999)

G | 106 min | Drama

In a remote mountain village, the teacher must leave for a month, and the mayor can find only a 13-year old girl, Wei Minzhi, to substitute. The teacher leaves one stick of chalk for each ... See full summary »

Director: Yimou Zhang | Stars: Minzhi Wei, Huike Zhang, Zhenda Tian, Enman Gao

Votes: 8,792 | Gross: $0.59M

Dalam-iwa Goseumdochi (1977–2012)

TV-14 | Animation, War

Two teenagers (Geumsaegi and Juldarami) fight against an evil army.

Stars: Jun Kim, ShockingRotom, Lim Bok Hee, Kim Dae Hong

Votes: 147

The Flower Girl (1972)

TV-PG | 127 min | Drama, Musical

The country is occupied by the Japanese imperialists. Koppun is selling flowers at the market to get some money to buy medicine for her sick mother. Her brother is imprisoned, her father ... See full summary »

Directors: Ik-gyu Choe, Hak Pak | Stars: Chon Sob Han, Yong Hui Hong, Ren Rin Kim, Seung-oh Kim

Votes: 218

Hong Kil-dong (1986)

108 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The illegitimate son of a nobleman defends peasants from greedy rulers, confounds local bandits, and struggles for permission to marry his tasty upper-crust sweetheart despite their vast societal differences. Then ninjas arrive.

Directors: Kil-in Kim, Sang-ok Shin | Stars: Kye-Sung Chan, Son Hui Chang, Sun-bu Choe, Yong Il Hwan

Votes: 491

Project 200

Action, Drama, Family | Pre-production

Mongolian government bring 200 North Korean orphans in 1950-1953.

Directors: Ganzorig Chimedtseren, Jae-young Kwak

Comrade Kim Goes Flying (2012)

81 min | Comedy, Romance

A female coal miner in communist Korea aspires to be an acrobat in a circus.

Directors: Nicholas Bonner, Anja Daelemans, Gwang Hun Kim | Stars: Jong-sim Han, Chung-guk Pak, Yong Ho Ri, Son-nam Kim

Votes: 292

Bamboo Bears (1995–1996)

Not Rated | Animation, Comedy

Bamboo-Lee, Dah-Lee and Slo-Lee are three bears with a goal: to save the world before more species become extinct. But can the bears stand up to the spineless villains behind Ratco Corporation?

Votes: 39

Sea of Blood (1969)

260 min | War

A revolutionary novel, film, and opera created in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) about the mass killings during the long period of the Japanese occupation of Korea.

Director: Ik-gyu Choe

Votes: 31

Repatriation (2003)

149 min | Documentary

North Korean spies return to their homeland.

Director: Dong-won Kim

Votes: 157

Unsung Heroes (1978)

60 min | Action, Drama

The film follows Yu Rim, a Korean expatriate in the United Kingdom working as a journalist, who is ordered by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea to proceed to Seoul and gather intelligence on the United States Forces Korea.

Directors: Ko Hak-lim, Ryu Ho-son | Stars: Kim Ryong-lin, Jung-hwa Kim, Woon-mo Jung, Son Dae-won

Votes: 29

The Great Book of Nature (1999– )


Each episode begins with a picture of the bear telling the story and the rabbit will open a new page of the book of nature. The story of rabbits, foxes, tigers, bears, dogs, frogs, birds.

Votes: 50

The Other Side of the Mountain (2012)

Not Rated | 103 min | Drama, Romance, War

A North Korean nurse and a South Korean soldier fall in love during a tumultuous time of the Korean War, and experience lifetimes of consequences, separation and pain, with the hope of reuniting one day.

Director: In Hak Jang | Stars: Hyang Suk Kim, Ryung Min Kim, Jung Taik Park

Votes: 21

The Enchanted Mountain (2008)

G | 101 min | Animation, Fantasy, Romance

On Mount Kungang, both men and animals live in peace. Until one day when a fawn is wounded. When the animal is well again, he helps a lonely hunter obtain peace and fall in love with a beautiful fairy.

Director: Kim J. Ok

Votes: 51

Empress Chung (2005)

93 min | Animation, Drama, Fantasy

A young princess makes a drastic decision in order to save her father's eyesight.

Director: Nelson Shin

Votes: 28

Sogum (1985)


Set in Gando in the 1930s, a family hides a wealthy Chinese-Korean merchant while the father is killed in a fight between the Japanese police and Chinese bandits. The wife believes the communists are the cause of her husband's death.

Director: Sang-ok Shin | Star: Un Hui Choe

Votes: 12

Sarang sarang nae sarang (1985)

133 min | Drama, Musical, Romance

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Director: Sang-ok Shin | Star: Eun-hie Choi

Votes: 8

The Schoolgirl's Diary (2007)

94 min | Comedy, Drama

A student experiences different conflicts as she works toward being a scientist.

Director: In Hak Jang | Stars: Mi-hyang Pak, Jin-mi Kim, Cheol Kim, Jeong-mi Kim

Votes: 184

A Traffic Controller on Crossroads (1986)

59 min | Drama

A driver learns the importance of obeying traffic regulations.

Director: Che Phun Ki | Stars: Ri Sol Hee, Ko Sam He, Ri Song Il, Ri Yong Nam

Votes: 81

The Story of Our Home (2016)

Approved | 100 min | Drama

Ri Jong A, the heroine, is a girl in her late teens who has just finished a senior middle school. Going on an errand for her mother who was a colleague of Un Jong's parents before their ... See full summary »

Directors: Ri Yun-Ho Ki, Ha Yong

Votes: 6

Order No. 027 (1986)

77 min | Drama, War

A group of elite soldiers is sent across the border to South Korea to destroy a military base. The soldiers are well aware of the inherent suicide nature of their mission, but are happy to ... See full summary »

Directors: Ki Mo Jung, Eung Suk Kim | Stars: Sung Chol Cha, Yong Chol Choe, Pong Ho Han, Kwang Jo

Votes: 155

The Queen of the Swallows (2008)

81 min | Animation

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Director: Kim J. Ok

Votes: 17

The Little Bear (1988– )

13 min | Animation

A raccoon dog is so smart that he can solve any problem he encounters, depending on adventures or incidents. He is often together with a male bear and a female cat.

Votes: 11

Souls Protest (2001)


Billed as a North Korean "Titanic". On August 15, 1945, Japanese Imperialists were defeated and there echoed in Japan, too, shouts of victory of thousands of Korean people who had been ... See full summary »

Director: Chun-Song Kim | Stars: Kim Duk-sam, Woon-mo Jung, Chul Kim, Ryon Hwa Kim

Votes: 12

Oh, Youth! (1995)

92 min | Comedy, Drama, Reality-TV

A North Korean romantic comedy that involves martial arts.

Director: Jong-pal Jon | Stars: Ryon Hwa Kim, Yong Suk Kim, Ryon-gu Nam, Hwang Song Ok

Votes: 40

Wolmi Island (1982)

92 min | Action, Drama, War

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Director: Gyong-sun Cho | Stars: Hyun Chang-Gyeol, Gyong-sun Cho, Chang-su Choe, Jung Eui-Gyeom

Votes: 34

Runaway (II) (1984)

100 min | Drama

Considered by Shin to be his best North Korean film.

Director: Sang-ok Shin | Star: Jong-Il Kim

Boidchi annun dchonson (1965)

75 min | Crime, Thriller

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Director: Den Sik Min | Stars: Ge Rjon Cha, En Sim, Mun Gap Chan, E Sen Zoy

Votes: 6

The Tale of Chun Hyang (1980)

146 min | Drama, Music, Romance

A tender hearted young noble man, Mong Ryong, falls in love with the famous Chun Hyang, the most beautiful girl of a Korean village, who is also a pure hearted artist but unfortunately from... See full summary »

Directors: Yong-Gyu Yoon, Won Jun Yu | Stars: Sun Gyu Choe, Yong Suk Kim, Jong Hwan Ko, Son Yong Kim

Votes: 26

Urban Girl Comes to Get Married (1993)

72 min | Comedy, Romance

A romantic comedy that tells the story of a fashion designer from Pyongyang who comes to a small village to show her latest designs. Since the fashion designer is young and attractive, the ... See full summary »

Director: Yun Jong | Stars: Yong-sin Han, Jun-nam Kim, Kun-ho Ri, Kyong-hui Ri

Votes: 16

Playing Frisbee in North Korea (2018)

86 min | Documentary

A look at ordinary people in North Korea. Are they puppets of their totalitarian government or just everyday people trying to live their lives? Maybe, a little bit of both.

Director: Savanna Washington | Stars: Savanna Washington, Colin Powell, Jerome Sauvage, So Jung Il

Votes: 12

Mt. Paekdu (1980)

Biography, Drama, History

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Director: Kil-son Om | Stars: Kim Cheol-Hyeon, Yong Chol Choe, Gwang-Yeol Kim, Young-Keun Kim

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Il Is a Great Thinker and Theoretician (2000)

53 min | Documentary

Documentary film praising the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il for his political and social values, and beliefs to build a strong communist nation.

Star: Jong-Il Kim

Votes: 11

The Miss of Guerrillas (1954)

110 min | Drama, War

Against the backdrop of the time when North Korea was fighting the war for the liberation of the Korean peninsula (1950-1953), the main character, Ok-khi Cho, participates in a guerrilla war in a village occupied by the American military.

Director: Yong-Gyu Yoon | Stars: Ye-bong Mun, Woon-bong Choi, Dong-gyu Kim, Moon Jung-bu

The Blood Stained Route Map (2004)

140 min | Drama

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Director: Phyo Kwang | Stars: Chang-su Choe, Ryon Hwa Kim, Ryeong-hun Ri, Yong Ho Ri

Votes: 9

Gojumong (2016– )

40 min | Animation, Action, Drama

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From 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. (1990)

82 min | War

Set during the Korean War, a squadron of North Korean soldiers must scramble across dangerous terrain to cut off an American attack with only 12 hours in which to do so.

Director: Kim Yu-Sam | Stars: Hyun Chang-Gyeol, James Joseph Dresnok, Jung Eui-Gyeom, Jeong Woon Kim

Votes: 15

My Village at Sunset (1994)

63 min | Drama

NEARI is a young nurse at Siem Reap-Angkor provincial hospital. She recalls a recent memory: She remembers the arrival of SEIHA, a young doctor came back from France. The team of the ... See full summary »

Director: Norodom Sihanouk | Stars: Norodom Sihamoni, San Chariya, Mam Kanika, Ros Sarocun

Votes: 12

Inmin ul wihan kil e onjena hamkke kyesyotssumnida (2003)

60 min | Documentary

A documentary highlighting how both Kim il-Sung and Kim Jong-il work for the prosperity of the juche system and North Korean people.

Stars: Il-Sung Kim, Jong-Il Kim

I sesang kkut kkaji ttaruryomnida (2007)

52 min | Documentary

A North Korean made documentary about the people's devotion to leader KimJong-il and his devotion to Korea.

Star: Jong-Il Kim

A Broad Bellflower (1987)

92 min | Drama

In a humble rural village, a man aspires of leaving his home behind and moving to the prosperous city, while his lover wishes to stay and transform the town into an ideal and harmonious community.

Directors: Eun-hie Choi, Kyun Soon Jo, Sang-ok Shin | Stars: Ryung Jo Kim, Mi Ran Oh, Yeon Ock Song

Votes: 79

The Big Game Hunter (2011)

83 min | Action, Drama

After their occupation of Korea, Japanese imperialists forcibly disband Korean army and engage in all sorts of schemes to suppress the daily growing anti-Japanese sentiments of the Korean ... See full summary »

Director: Phyo Kwang | Stars: Kim Myong Il, Pan Hyon Il, Chol Kim, Jong Kwang Nam

Adieu mon amour (1989)

Drama, Romance

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Director: Norodom Sihanouk | Star: Vantha Talisman

My Look in the Distant Future (1997)

107 min

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Director: In Hak Jang | Stars: Hye Gyong Kim, Myong Mun Kim

Votes: 18

The Tale of Shim Chong (1985)

100 min | Drama

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Director: Sang-ok Shin

Sekunda na podvig (1985)

135 min | Adventure, War

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Directors: Kil-son Om, Eldor Urazbaev, Sang-ok Shin | Stars: Andrey Martynov, Chhan-su Chve, Oleg Anofriev, Yon-hi Chon

Votes: 22

Bereg spaseniya (1991)

134 min | Drama, War

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Director: Arya Dashiyev | Stars: Dmitri Matveyev, Viktor Stepanov, Boris Nevzorov, Aleksandr Slastin

Votes: 16

An Unattached Unit (1993)

87 min | Drama, War

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Director: Jung-mo Kang

Votes: 10

Widaehan changgunnim ui yongdo ttara touk arumdapke pyonmo toenun choguk kangsan (2003)

49 min | Documentary

A government made documentary highlighting how the natural beauty of North Korea was enhanced by Kim il-Jong for the enjoyment of the North Korean people.

Star: Il-Sung Kim

Votes: 5

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