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A Rose Between Thorns (2017)

85 min | Drama

A feature length narrative about two young individuals who goes through different family dilemmas. A young girl by the name of Rose, is physically abused by her father, and her mother knows... See full summary »

Director: Nigel Lewis | Stars: Unoma Allen, Tianna Byron, Judy Dupont, Bernel Huggins

Votes: 6

Around the World in 80 Anthems (2017)

Not Rated | 89 min | Documentary

80 countries. 80 national anthems. One 10 year-old girl and her family. The unprecedented global musical journey that has captivated the world.

Director: Gordon Michael Woolvett | Stars: Capri Everitt, Daymond John

Modern Nature: Can We Feed the World? (2014)

47 min | Documentary, History, News

By 2050 10 billion people may populate Earth. Do we need GMO technology to feed the world? Is organic agriculture the answer?

Director: Craig Leon

Separated (2012 Video)

60 min | Documentary, Drama

In Slovakia babies are born in precarious conditions. In Palestine, a civilian populations life passes in the shadow of a concrete wall eleven meters high. Beyond that wall, family, land, ... See full summary »

Director: Natalie Halla

Modern Nature (2015)

48 min | Documentary, History, Music | Completed

By 2050, 10 billion people may inhabit Earth. Do we need GMOs to Feed the World? Is organic production the answer? Modern Nature takes the viewer on a worldwide odyssey to find answers. The... See full summary »

Director: Craig Leon

St Kitts (2009 Video)

4 min | Short

St Kitts is rich in Caribbean history and culture. The Island Hoppers take some time between surf sessions to explore the Fort at Brimstone Hill and learn why St Kitts is known as "Sugar ... See full summary »

Director: Dave Weber

Votes: 8