South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

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Speechless: The Polar Realm (2015)

44 min | Documentary, Short, Adventure

Beautifully filmed over a decade in the Arctic, Antarctic and sub-polar regions by nature photographer Richard Sidey, The Polar Realm is a visual meditation of light, life, loss and wonder at the ends of the globe.

Director: Richard Sidey

Votes: 18

Test Title (2020)

This is a test.

Soul of the Sea (2014)

52 min | Documentary, Adventure, Biography

SOUL OF THE SEA follows Hayley, a 40-year old New Zealand-born Canadian, pursuing her dream to solo kayak around South Georgia in crashing waves and treacherous seas to bring awareness to an endangered seabird - the albatross.

Director: Ivan Hughes