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Where the Road Runs Out (2014)

91 min | Drama, Family, Romance

George, a scientist living in Rotterdam is growing wary of the world of academia. The sudden death of an old friend is the incentive he needs to return to his African roots where he takes ... See full summary »

Director: Rudolf Buitendach | Stars: Isaach De Bankolé, Juliet Landau, Stelio Savante, Sizo Motsoko

Votes: 99

Teresa (2010)

40 min | Short, Drama

Teresa, Rocío and Yolanda, which are the names that Elena Iyanga, Dina Anguesomo and Isabel Kote personify, are three adolescent students with totally different lives, but united by ... See full summary »

Director: Juan Pablo Ebang Esono | Stars: Dina Anguesomo, Elena Iyanga, Betty K.B.

Votes: 5

Raise Up: The World Is Our Gym (2017)

80 min | Documentary, History, Sport

An underground urban fitness movement risks losing its identity as a social tool, as it rapidly becomes an international sport. A group of individuals started a community building program ... See full summary »

Director: B. Rain Bennett

Votes: 14

Die Spaßmacher (2019)

Documentary, Comedy

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Director: Klaus Peter Karger

Ana and I (2013)

Not Rated | 83 min | Documentary, Family

Primavera confronts her mother about the mystery that surrounds the deaths of her sister and father. The reasons behind the adoption of her two sisters, and why her family became the first Spanish equestrian vaulting team.

Director: Primavera Ruiz

El secreto del bosque (2016)


The tropical forest of Equatorial Guinea is one of the few virgin forest areas that we still have left in the world. Unknown, uncharted, it holds many secrets under its thick blanket of life.

Director: Antonio Grunfeld

The Drill Project (2014)

120 min | Documentary, Adventure, History

The Drill Project is a conservation initiative focused primarily on producing a wildlife documentary on an endangered species of primate, The Drill. These animals are in critical danger of ... See full summary »

Stars: Justin Jay, Adam Spencer

Marfil (2011)

30 min | Documentary, Short

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Director: Rubén Monsuy Ndong Andeme

Not Naked (2007)

14 min | Short, Comedy

Not Naked explores cultural differences and their power to draw people together. This short celebrates the diversity of the rich global cultural canvas.

Director: Juan Pablo Ebang Esono | Stars: Olga Alamán, Sabina Avomo, Sonia Mbegono Ncogo, Ivan L. Owen Wilims

El Proyecto del Mono Dril (2012)

39 min | Documentary, Short, Family

Threatened with extinction by the illegal bushmeat trade, the Bioko Island drill remains one of the largest and least studied species of monkeys in the world. Belonging to one of Africa's ... See full summary »

Director: Justin Jay | Star: Demetrio Meñe

Votes: 6

Arboles (2013)

62 min | Documentary, History | Completed

As they travel through the Isle of Bioko, Antonia tells Pilar stories related to the Spanish colonial past / Carlos spends a hot summer afternoon in 2011 with his family / Jose and Diana talk about the future.

Director: Los Hijos | Stars: Pilar Loheto, Antonia Silebo

Anomalías eléctricas (2010)

2 min | Animation, Short

The main character is studying in his house in Malabo when, suddenly, the power is cut. He tries to look for a candle, but he falls down because of the darkness. The light comes back and he... See full summary »

Director: Coke Riobóo | Stars: Salustiana Ayecaba, Exuperancia Bibang, Rosa Cardus, Ramón Esono Ebalé