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47 Meters Down (2017)
52 metascore

47 Meters Down (2017)

PG-13 | 89 min | Adventure, Drama, Horror

Two sisters vacationing in Mexico are trapped in a shark cage at the bottom of the ocean. With less than an hour of oxygen left and great white sharks circling nearby, they must fight to survive.

Director: Johannes Roberts | Stars: Mandy Moore, Claire Holt, Matthew Modine, Chris Johnson

Votes: 39,125 | Gross: $44.31M

En Altamar (2018)

104 min | Drama, Thriller

A cheating couple ends up stranded on a boat in the open sea.

Director: Alfonso Rodríguez | Stars: Christian Alvarez, Hemky Madera, Mimi Pabon, Jessica Vargas

Votes: 6

Qué León (2018)

PG-13 | 93 min | Comedy, Romance

A love story between a couple with the same last name but very different social statuses.

Director: Frank Perozo | Stars: Christine Marzano, Stephany Liriano, Clarissa Molina, Frank Perozo

Votes: 151 | Gross: $2.59M

Zama (2017)
89 metascore

Zama (2017)

Unrated | 115 min | Drama

Based on the novel by Antonio Di Benedetto written in 1956, on Don Diego de Zama, a Spanish officer of the seventeenth century settled in Asunción, who awaits his transfer to Buenos Aires.

Director: Lucrecia Martel | Stars: Daniel Giménez Cacho, Lola Dueñas, Matheus Nachtergaele, Juan Minujín

Votes: 3,999 | Gross: $0.20M

Sugar (I) (2008)
82 metascore

Sugar (I) (2008)

R | 114 min | Drama, Sport

Dominican baseball star Miguel "Sugar" Santos is recruited to play in the U.S. minor-leagues.

Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck | Stars: Algenis Perez Soto, Jose Rijo, Walki Cuevas, Santo Silvestre

Votes: 4,438 | Gross: $1.08M

Fireflies (2018)

88 min | Drama

Ramin flees from persecution in Iran and ends up living in the limbo of exile, far from everything he knows, in the tropical port town of Vera Cruz, Mexico.

Director: Bani Khoshnoudi | Stars: Arash Marandi, Flor Eduarda Gurrola, Luis Alberti, Eligio Meléndez

Votes: 81

Colao (2017)

TV-14 | 88 min | Comedy, Romance

A coffee grower, single at almost 40, goes to the city in search of the only thing lacking in his life: love.

Director: Frank Perozo | Stars: Manny Perez, Celines Toribio, Anthony Alvarez, Nashla Bogaert

Votes: 257

Casi Fiel (2019)

Not Rated | 99 min | Comedy

The womanizer Alejandro is forced to rethink his life when his longtime girlfriend becomes pregnant.

Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo | Stars: Juan Carlos Pichardo Jr., Dalisa Alegria, Sandra Berrocal, Alfonso Crisóstomo

Votes: 18

7:20 Once a Week (2018)

Drama, Romance

Two strangers have an intense casual encounter but later, both will realize that what has emerged is superior to pure physics, understanding that human relationships are more complex than a simple exchange of caresses.

Director: Matías Bize | Stars: Eva Arias, Josue Guerrero

Votes: 46

Pimp Bullies (2011)

R | 78 min | Action, Crime, Thriller

Five suspects holding a piece of the truth behind an unsolved crime.

Director: Alfonso Rodríguez | Stars: Catalina Rodriguez, Gerardo Celasco, Ving Rhames, Lizbeth Santos

Votes: 206

El Fantasma de mi Novia (2018)

94 min | Comedy, Romance

A petty thief who can see the dead meets the ghost of an actress who has 9 days to find real love and wake up from a coma.

Director: Francis "Indio" Disla Ferreira | Stars: William Levy, Carmen Villalobos, Fausto Mata, Susana Dosamantes

Votes: 135

Trabajo Sucio (2018)

TV-MA | 87 min | Comedy

Employees of a mansion, tired of humiliation and mistreatment, discover a hidden pile of money. Driven by revenge and greed, they decide to take it - then look for more.

Director: David Pagan Mariñez | Stars: Ana Maria Arias, Victor Baujour, Sarodj Bertin, Nashla Bogaert

Votes: 175

Rubirosa (2018)

Drama, History

Story of Porfirio Rubirosa, the Dominican playboy and suspected spy.

Directors: Carlos Moreno, Hugo Rodríguez, Juancho Cardona, Manolo Cardona, Mauricio Lule | Stars: Manolo Cardona, Damián Alcázar, Ana Serradilla, Carolina Guerra

Votes: 48

Embrace (I) (2016)

TV-PG | 90 min | Documentary

Embrace follows body image activist Taryn Brumfitt's crusade as she explores the global issue of body loathing, inspiring us to change the way we feel about ourselves and think about our bodies.

Director: Taryn Brumfitt | Stars: Taryn Brumfitt, Renee Airya, Jade Beall, Amanda De Cadenet

Votes: 697

Locas y Atrapadas (2014)

PG-13 | 96 min | Comedy, Drama

Five women trapped in an elevator confess their bitter life experiences caused by evil men and society.

Director: Alfonso Rodríguez | Stars: Carlos Alfredo, Héctor Aníbal, Eva Arias, Silvana Arias

Votes: 69

Veneno (I) (2018)

TV-14 | 96 min | Action, Drama, Sport

The origin and rise of the most famous Dominican wrestler of all time, Rafael Sánchez aka Jack Veneno, and his arch-nemesis, José Manuel Guzmán aka Relámpago Hernández.

Director: Tabaré Blanchard | Stars: Manny Perez, Pepe Sierra, Richard Douglas, Ovandy Camilo

Votes: 344

Colours (II) (2019)

87 min | Drama

A young artist who never signs her paintings (because she doesn't feel that they are really finished) pursues her art career despite poverty and the opposition of her father.

Director: Luis Cepeda | Stars: Stephany Liriano, Christian Alvarez, Francis Cruz, Olga Consuegra

Votes: 13

The Feast of the Goat (2005)

132 min | Drama

Urania Cabral returns to Santo Domingo, after several years, and remembers her and her family's relationship to Rafael Trujillo, the Dominican dictator, as well as the events surrounding his assassination.

Director: Luis Llosa | Stars: Tomas Milian, Isabella Rossellini, Paul Freeman, Juan Diego Botto

Votes: 768

Cinderelo (2017)

TV-14 | 91 min | Comedy

Marlon, an insecure and not-so-attractive photographer, is hit with a spell that every night transforms him into Brando, a handsome womanizer. Things will get harder when the spell becomes his biggest obstacle to obtain true love.

Director: Beto Gómez | Stars: William Levy, Joaquín Cosio, Miguel Rodarte, Stephany Liriano

Votes: 27

Sambá (2017)

TV-MA | 87 min | Drama, Sport

Sambá is a sports drama about redemption through the metaphor of life and boxing.

Directors: Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán | Stars: Laura Gómez, Algenis Perez Soto, Ettore D'Alessandro, Karina Valdez

Votes: 89

Miriam Lies (2018)

90 min | Drama

As her 15th birthday approaches, Miriam doesn't know how to explain to her family that the boyfriend she met online is black.

Directors: Natalia Cabral, Oriol Estrada | Stars: Frank Perozo, Margaux Da Silva, Pachy Méndez, Roger Wasserman

Votes: 68

The King of Havana (2015)

125 min | Drama

Recently escaped from reformatory, young Reinaldo struggles to get by in the streets of Havana in the late 90s, one of the worst decades for Cuban society. Hopes, disillusionment, rum, good... See full summary »

Director: Agustí Villaronga | Stars: Maikol David, Yordanka Ariosa, Héctor Medina, Ileana Wilson

Votes: 454

Perico ripiao (2003)

Not Rated | 94 min | Comedy

Three convicted criminals escape from prison carrying only a Güira, a Tambora and an Accordion. During their journey they meet with a bunch of interesting characters and are forced to use their musical skills to help them get home.

Director: Ángel Muñiz | Stars: Raymond Pozo, Manolo Ozuna, Phillip Rodríguez, Giovanny Cruz

Votes: 495

Los Leones (2019)

Comedy | Pre-production

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Director: Frank Perozo | Stars: Casper Smart, Sarodj Bertin, Anyelina Sánchez, Clarissa Molina

Cristo Rey (2013)

R | 96 min | Action, Drama, Romance

In a poor shantytown of Santo Domingo, Haitians and Dominicans struggle amidst a complex social and political context. Two half brothers, Janvier and Rudy, will get into a confrontation for... See full summary »

Director: Leticia Tonos | Stars: James Saintil, Akari Endo, Yasser Michelén, Jalsen Santana

Votes: 141

Who's the Boss? (2013)

87 min | Comedy, Romance

A couple of uncommitted partners just looking for fun get into a battle of egos as they fall in love.

Director: Ronni Castillo | Stars: Frank Perozo, Nashla Bogaert, Micky Montilla, Amauris Pérez

Votes: 501

Ladrones (2015)

PG-13 | 97 min | Comedy

Legendary thief Alejandro Toledo return to his roots with a new partner to reclaim land stolen from a hard working community by a ruthless family of crooks.

Director: Joe Menendez | Stars: Fernando Colunga, Eduardo Yáñez, Cristina Rodlo, Jessica Lindsey

Votes: 239 | Gross: $3.06M

Holy Beasts (2019)

90 min | Drama

Fading actress Vera V. gathers with the remnants of her 70's social circle to shoot her last film: an unfinished script left behind by cherished friend J.L. Jorge. The Caribbean production ... See full summary »

Directors: Israel Cárdenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán | Stars: Geraldine Chaplin, Udo Kier, Luis Ospina, Jaime Pina

Votes: 17

La isla rota (2018)


Guy, a Haitian boy escaping from poverty, eyewitness the assassination of his parents while crossing the Dominican border. Years later, he confronts the murderers, entangled in a vortex of revenge, love, racial hate and an uncertain future.

Director: Félix Germán | Stars: Algenis Perez Soto, Dalisa Alegria, Manny Perez, Frank Perozo

Votes: 11

The Projectionist (2019)

94 min | Drama, Thriller

A lonely man who operates a film projector finds his only solace in a woman he sees on a film reel. After the reel is lost in an accident, he sets out to find the woman through the remotest, poorest places of the Dominican Republic.

Director: José María Cabral | Stars: Félix Germán, Cindy Galán, Lia Briones, Francis Cruz

Votes: 9

Orgasmo nero (1980)

90 min | Adult, Drama, Horror

A man is doing research on an island where a strange tribe lives. The man's wife gets into a (sexual) relationship with a woman from the tribe and brings her back to the big city where ... See full summary »

Director: Joe D'Amato | Stars: Nieves Navarro, Richard Harrison, Lucia Ramirez, Mark Shannon

Votes: 310

Hermanos (II) (2018)

98 min | Comedy, Drama

Twins separated at birth have taken very different paths: one is an exemplary Christian family man, the other is a delinquent. When they reunite by chance, a sudden circumstance will make the evil twin disguise himself as the good one.

Director: Archie Lopez | Stars: Raymond Pozo, Miguel Céspedes, Lilly Goodman, Wisleydis Muñoz

Votes: 13

Cómplices (2018)

PG-13 | 88 min | Comedy, Romance

An expert seducer takes his nephew on a beach trip in search of hot women. But an old love, the only woman capable of causing him trouble, shows up there.

Director: Luis Eduardo Reyes | Stars: Arath de la Torre, Jesús Zavala, Marina de Tavira, Héctor Aníbal

Votes: 134

Mi Suegra y Yo (2016)

TV-PG | 97 min | Comedy

Ernesto has to deal with his bossy mother-in-law after she moves to his home with her friends.

Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo | Stars: Charytin, Roberto Angel Salcedo, Hony Estrella, Manolo Ozuna

Votes: 36

El Show de la Comedia (2017– )

60 min | Comedy

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Stars: Mayerlyn Borgen Díaz, Caro Brito, Yerlyn De La Cruz, Juan Carlos Dávila

Pantaleón y las visitadoras (1976)

100 min | Comedy, Drama

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Directors: José María Gutiérrez Santos, Mario Vargas Llosa | Stars: José Sacristán, Pancho Córdova, Katy Jurado, Rosa Carmina

Votes: 49

Woodpeckers (2017)
68 metascore

Woodpeckers (2017)

TV-MA | 106 min | Drama

Julián finds love and a reason for living in the last place imaginable: the Dominican Republic's Najayo Prison. His romance, with fellow prisoner Yanelly, must develop through sign language... See full summary »

Director: José María Cabral | Stars: Orestes Amador, Ramón Emilio Candelario, Carlota Carretero, Jose Cruz

Votes: 441

Poverty, Inc. (2014)

94 min | Documentary, History, News

The West has positioned itself as the protagonist of the development narrative. But the results have been mixed, in some cases even catastrophic, and developing world leaders have become ... See full summary »

Director: Michael Matheson Miller | Star: Robert Sirico

Votes: 547

Como si fuera la primera vez (2019)


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Director: Mauricio Valle | Stars: Loraida Bobadilla, Elias Caamaño Perez, Alejandro Camacho, Luis del Valle

Votes: 8

La Barberia (2018)


Benny, the best North Manhattan barber, inherits a building. He must choose either to sell it (thus ending the history and dreams of an immigrant neighborhood) or keep the Barbershop, center of the community where everything can happen.

Director: Waddys Jaquez | Stars: Rosmery 'Boquita' Almonte, Héctor Aníbal, Freddyn Beras Goico, Miguel Bucarelly

Jugando a Bailar (2018)

102 min | Comedy, Sport

Two debt-ridden friends recruit a little league baseball team to participate in a tournament with a big cash prize.

Director: Roberto Angel Salcedo | Stars: Fausto Mata, Francis Cruz, Carolyn Aquino, Kenny Grullon

Votes: 10

Todas las mujeres son iguales (2017)

R | 86 min | Comedy

After Yoli ends up alone again, she joins three other women in a fun weekend to get a break from their relationships with men. The husband and fiance of two of them join a private investigator to follow them in secret.

Director: David Maler | Stars: Christian Meier, Iris Peynado, Frank Perozo, Pachy Méndez

Votes: 108

La Musiquita por Dentro (2019)

102 min | Comedy, Romance

A shy, nerdy guy gets advice from his street-smart workmate to get the woman of his dreams.

Director: Ernesto Alemany | Stars: Christian Alvarez, María del Mar Bonelly, Lápiz Conciente, Loraida Bobadilla

Votes: 11

Feo de día, lindo de noche (2012)

TV-PG | 95 min | Comedy

A not so good-looking man is enchanted with a spell that turns him handsome from 8 pm to midnight. Problems arise when he falls in love for real.

Director: Alfonso Rodríguez | Stars: Fausto Mata, Frank Perozo, Evelyna Rodriguez, Irvin Alberti

Votes: 106

Loki 7 (2016)

101 min | Action, Comedy, Crime

Alvaro and his friends try to scam a Dominican crime lord in order to pay off a debt to a Russian mobster.

Director: Ernesto Alemany | Stars: Isaac Saviñón, José Guillermo Cortines, David Chocarro, Shalim Ortiz

Votes: 73

Super Bomberos (2019)

Comedy | Filming

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Director: Francis "Indio" Disla Ferreira | Stars: Susana Dosamantes, Eduardo Yáñez, Eugenio Siller, Vanessa Villela

La soga (2009)
51 metascore

La soga (2009)

R | 102 min | Crime, Drama

A cop works against his country's corrupt government in order to find justice on a case.

Director: Josh Crook | Stars: Manny Perez, Denise Quiñones, Juan Fernández, Paul Calderon

Votes: 731 | Gross: $0.21M

Titirimundaty (2001– )

Comedy, Music

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Stars: Fifi Almonte, Horacio Amparo, Rafael Alcides Bobadilla, Miguel Cabrera

Tropico de Sangre (2010)

116 min | Drama, History

A chronicle of the struggle of the Mirabal sisters against Rafael Trujillo's dictatorship and their death at the hands of the regime.

Director: Juan Delancer | Stars: Michelle Rodriguez, Juan Fernández, Sergio Carlo, Claudette Lalí

Votes: 373

Sanky Panky (2007)

110 min | Comedy, Musical

Genaro gets a job at a resort in hopes of marrying an American woman and moving to New York in search of a better life. He meets a tourist called Martha and everything seems going according to plan, until her boyfriend shows up.

Director: José Enrique Pintor | Stars: Fausto Mata, Zdenka Kalina, Tony Pascual, Aquiles Correa

Votes: 461

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