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White Material (2009)
81 metascore

White Material (2009)

Not Rated | 106 min | Drama, War

Amidst turmoil and racial conflict in a Francophone African state, a white French woman fights for her coffee crop, her family and ultimately for her life.

Director: Claire Denis | Stars: Isabelle Huppert, Christopher Lambert, Isaach De Bankolé, Nicolas Duvauchelle

Votes: 6,659 | Gross: $0.30M

Chocolat (1988)

PG-13 | 105 min | Drama

A French woman returns to her childhood home in Cameroon - formerly a colonial outpost - where she's flooded by memories, particularly of Protée, her servant.

Director: Claire Denis | Stars: Isaach De Bankolé, Giulia Boschi, François Cluzet, Jean-Claude Adelin

Votes: 2,642 | Gross: $2.32M

Moolaadé (2004)
91 metascore

Moolaadé (2004)

Unrated | 124 min | Drama

When a woman shelters a group of girls from suffering female genital mutilation, she starts a conflict that tears her village apart.

Director: Ousmane Sembene | Stars: Fatoumata Coulibaly, Maimouna Hélène Diarra, Salimata Traoré, Dominique Zeïda

Votes: 3,473 | Gross: $0.21M

The Mysterious Island (1973)

PG | 96 min | Adventure, Sci-Fi

A group of escaped prisoners, traveling in a hot air balloon, have to land on a remote islands and must try to survive there. They encounter a castaway, pirates, and captain Nemo with his ... See full summary »

Directors: Juan Antonio Bardem, Henri Colpi | Stars: Omar Sharif, Ambroise Bia, Jess Hahn, Philippe Nicaud

Votes: 531

Ben & Ara (2015)

87 min | Drama

Religious and cultural tensions escalate when an African Islamic woman has an affair with an agnostic man.

Director: Nnegest Likké | Stars: Joseph Baird, Constance Ejuma, Akuyoe Graham, Q'orianka Kilcher

Votes: 62

The Law of Destiny (2021)

Thriller | Announced

A young soldier returns home to find his mother dying of cancer and is forced to make desperate choices with both the police and the underworld only to find himself embattled in a global conspiracy of coercion and murder.

Director: Kely McClung | Stars: Gary Daniels, Silvio Simac, Chloé Domange, Alain Ngalani

Cutlass (2020)

107 min | Drama | Completed

16-year-old Vivian moves to live with her grandmother Ma Granni in the city of Bamenda. On her arrival, she is infatuated by BEN, an Okada boy (commercial bike rider). Ben so Lovely and ... See full summary »

Director: Burri-Taka Bolalima | Stars: Burri-Taka Bolalima, Anjei Berline, Lina Ikechuju, Masandi Blackberry

Les saignantes (2005)

97 min | Sci-Fi

In Jean-Pierre Bekolo's barbed political satire, an infectious hybrid of horror and science fiction, vampiric femmes fatales emasculate high-ranking Cameroonian officials through ancient rituals of Mevoungou.

Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo | Stars: Adèle Ado, Dorylia Calmel, Emile Abossolo M'bo, Josephine Ndagnou

Votes: 87

Coup de Foudre à Yaoundé

95 min | Comedy, Romance | Pre-production

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Directors: Mason Ewing, Patrick Timbe Moussanga | Stars: Patrick Kilpatrick, Arthur Deloffre, Simon Herlin, Hortavie Mpondo

Ota Benga (2015)

60 min | Documentary | Completed

In 1904 a man named Ota Benga was removed from the Congo in Central Africa and placed in the New York City Bronx Zoo, in a cage with primates. He spent his nights at the Monkey house. He ... See full summary »

Director: Niyi Coker Jr.

Africa, I Will Fleece You (1992)

Not Rated | 88 min | Documentary, History

A documentary examining political repression in Cameroon, Central Africa.

Director: Jean-Marie Téno | Stars: Jean-Marie Téno, Narcisse Kouokam, Marie Claire Dati, Essindi Mindja

Votes: 89

Miraculous Weapons (2017)


The story of three women in a state called Free State relates around a man sentenced to death. One woman arrives from Europe to support the condemned; another is the condemned man's wife, ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo | Stars: Emile Abossolo M'bo, Maryne Bertieaux, Andrea Larsdotter, Xolile Tshabalala

Votes: 6

Les 69 positions (1976)

90 min | Adult

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Director: Alphonse Beni | Stars: Alphonse Beni, Nicole Corteggiani, Gilbert Servien, Carole Lydia

Votes: 7

Sisters in Law (2005)
71 metascore

Sisters in Law (2005)

Not Rated | 104 min | Documentary

Set in Kumba in South West Cameroon Sisters in Law follows Adultery, Rape and Abuse cases led by a Female Judge.

Directors: Florence Ayisi, Kim Longinotto | Stars: Vera Ngassa, Beatrice Ntuba

Votes: 371 | Gross: $0.03M

Born This Way (2013)

Not Rated | 82 min | Documentary, Drama

BORN THIS WAY is a portrait of the underground gay and lesbian community in Cameroon. It follows Cedric and Gertrude, two young Cameroonians, as they move between a secret, supportive LGBT ... See full summary »

Directors: Shaun Kadlec, Deb Tullmann

Votes: 60

Muna Moto (1975)

100 min | Drama

Ngando and Ndomé; are in love. Ngando wishes to marry Ndomé; but her family reminds him that the traditional dowry must be settled. Unfortunately, Ngando is poor and unable to fulfill the ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Pierre Dikongue-Pipa | Stars: Philippe Abia, Arlette Din Beli, Gisèle Dikongue-Pipa, David Endene

Votes: 88

Silent Forests (2019)

109 min | Documentary

SILENT FORESTS takes audiences into the heart of Africa's Congo Basin to meet the men and women trying to save the forest elephant from extinction.

Director: Mariah Wilson

Votes: 12

Naked Reality (2016)


Wanita (Weza Da Silva), is on a search for her identity. As it is often the case in Bekolo's work, the personal identity of the character is but the smallest manifestation of an identity ... See full synopsis »

Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo | Stars: Weza Da Silva, Luthuli Dlamini, Akin Omotoso

I Am a Girl (2013)

88 min | Documentary, Biography

Six girls coming of age, ready to become something extraordinary.

Director: Rebecca Barry | Star: Habiba

Votes: 101


Drama, History, Romance | Announced

An illiterate village girl defies the customs of her tribe, discriminatory to women, only to become the spark of a Literary Revolution.

Director: Kevin Natera | Stars: Adriana Barraza, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Leleti Khumalo, Kalu Ikeagwu

Funeral Season (2010)

Not Rated | 84 min | Documentary, Drama, History

The dead are not dead.

Director: Matthew Lancit

Africa, Blood & Beauty (2012)

90 min | Documentary, History

This film speaks of archaic peoples, their customs and mores, in an attempt to make the last snapshots of their traditional lifestyles before they are gone for good.

Director: Sergey Yastrzhembsky | Star: Lambert Wilson

Votes: 15

Cameroon Connection (1985)

90 min | Action, Crime

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Director: Alphonse Beni | Stars: Alphonse Beni, Bruce Le, France Lise, Ariane Kah

Votes: 18

Kiss of Death (2016)

124 min | Comedy, Drama

KISS OF DEATH SYNOPSIS Itelligent, Obedient, Humble Beautiful and Peace loving she is. A bad decision from her father changes her destiny. Now Nayah has to go from dreaming of schooling and... See full summary »

Director: Musing Derick Tenn

Ninah's Dowry (2012)

Not Rated | 95 min | Biography, Drama, Family

Ninah is a runaway wife whose husband finds out she is pregnant and he comes to recover the dowry he paid or take home the woman he owns. By any means necessary.

Director: Victor Viyuoh | Stars: Mbufung Seikeh, Anurin Nwunembom, Norbert Kecha, Kingsley Nkwah

Votes: 60

The Forest (2003)

93 min | Drama

A film about the difficulty for even the most well-intentioned person to know and respect another culture. In this case, the problem is so acute that there is even heated debate over what ... See full summary »

Directors: Bassek Ba Kobhio, Didier Ouenangare | Stars: Eriq Ebouaney, Nadège Beausson-Diagne, Sonia Zembourou, Philippe Mory

Votes: 68

Breach of Trust (2017)

70 min | Drama

The story of two young school girls that are sexually abused by a family member and the ongoing trauma they experience.

Directors: Nkanya Nkwai, Nelson Spy | Stars: Chris Allen, Princess Brun Njua, Gelam Dickson, Mirabelle Ade Enanga's Mum

Le grand blanc de Lambaréné (1995)

Not Rated | 94 min | Drama

Cameroonian filmmaker Bassek ba Kobhio provides a fascinating revisionist perspective on Albert Schweitzer, Noble Peace Prize winner and secular saint of the colonial era. Like FRANTZ FANON... See full summary »

Director: Bassek Ba Kobhio | Stars: André Wilms, Marisa Berenson, Alex Descas, Elizabeth Bourgine

Votes: 48

African Fever (1985)

115 min

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Director: Alphonse Beni | Stars: Suzanne Beni, Pierre Didy Tchakounte, Alphonse Beni, Jimmy Byon

Votes: 5

Bridging the Gap (2008)

85 min | Documentary, Action

Can Daniel Knoop make a difference in a world that is not his? A candid picture of the professional and personal dilemmas with which a young and ambitious development worker is confronted.

Directors: Katja Draaijer, Corinne van Egeraat | Star: Daniel Knoop

Becky (2018)

9 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

A young boy's playground crush forces him to face his greatest fear - to disastrous results.

Director: Victor Viyuoh | Stars: Djamilatou -, Craig-Hope Akongwi Angu, Michael Akumcha, Ateh Frank Ateh Jr.

A living tree means a living planet (2019)

80 min | Documentary

An international environmental anthology documentary film about trees and their different roles (ecological, environmental, personal and spiritual values) in our planet.

Directors: Arcade Assogba, Eduardo Quiroz Barrios, Nicholas Berger, Marco Brama, Marco Carbone, Tafadzwa Chikara, Salvador Delgadillo, Jean Michel Djait, Dick Dreyden, Miguel Ángel Mellado Díaz, Alessandro Fantini, Emily Fraser, Emily Hart, Sade Hiidenkari, Jari Kokko, Julián Lona, Mateo Lona, Mateo Luna, Afra Al Marar, Michael Marotti, Ahsan Minhas, Julie Misaki, Polina Mitryashina, Khalid Mokadmine, Eric Murithi, Kadour Naimi, Jo Nice, Narcisse Orédjé, Kasia Pajzderska, Lucia Pazderkova, Elio Quiroga, Sérgio Rizzo, Johanna Schartau, Katrina Syran, Pachara Tanjariyanon, Pachara Tanjariyanond, Mans Thunberg, Xiong Xu, Liwaa Yazji | Stars: Aamir Ali, Lucia Carbone, Marco Carbone, Paola Carbone

Votes: 5

Eeya (2016)

5 min | Documentary, Short

The indigenous Baka tribes of Cameroon find themselves caught in the middle of Central Africa's forest elephant poaching epidemic. Some are drawn into poaching gangs, while others are ... See full summary »

Director: Mariah Wilson (2008)

90 min | Documentary

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Director: François Ducat

Two Faces of a Bamiléké Woman, The (2018) (2018)

76 min | Documentary

An exploratory documentary by a daughter about her mother in Cameroon. Mama Bamiléké tells daughter Rosine Mbakam about arranged marriage, a second wife in the family, poverty and repression by the French.

Director: Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam | Star: Tchana Cecile

Yahan Ameena Bikti Hai (2016)

78 min | Drama

The movie is about the real life story of a girl named Ameena from Hyderabad, India, who is victim of human trafficking.

Director: Kumar Raj | Stars: Rekha Rana, Chirag Jani, Hirag Jani, Ananth Narayan Mahadevan

La banane (2011)

85 min | Documentary, Drama, History

In the coastal region of Cameroon, in Central Africa, a western conglomerate has set up a lucrative exploitation of dessert banana for over 30 years. This lucrative business should normally... See full summary »

Director: Franck Gilles Brice Hameni Bieleu | Stars: Franck Gilles Brice Hameni Bieleu, Claude Lavallee

Quartier Mozart (1992)

80 min | Comedy

A young girl crosses paths with a witch who has the power to satisfy her curiosity about men by changing her into one.

Director: Jean-Pierre Bekolo | Stars: Pauline Andela, Jimmy Biyona, Essindi Mindja, Sandrine Ola'a

Votes: 72

Ivory. A Crime Story (2016)

87 min | Documentary, Crime, Drama

3 years of shooting, 30 countries, over 250 hours of raw material provided the basis for the investigation documentary «IVORY. A CRIME STORY» about the causes and consequences of an ... See full summary »

Director: Sergey Yastrzhembsky | Star: Jeff Koinange

Votes: 10

Chief! (1999)

61 min | Documentary

During the month of December, 1997, I witnessed several troubling events in Cameroon: In my village a young boy was nearly lynched by a mob people's justice in a lawless state. I went to a ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Marie Téno | Stars: Mongo Beti, Suzanne Kala-Lobe, Pius Njawe, Jeanne Ongbatik Njawé

Votes: 51

5 Idiots (2015)


Five friends find themselves stuck in a job that at first promised to be so simple - After rigorous preparations, they soon realise that instead of carrying out the plan, they have become ... See full summary »

Director: Ceeborg-G. Chivazz | Stars: Steve Bikim, Trezor Lokwa, Deo Gracias Nsambi, Felix Strixx

Game (V) (2017)

28 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

Wit and grit combine to transform a local Pool tournament into a venue for conflict, fun and romance.

Director: Cyril Nambangi | Stars: Pride Achu, Nsang Dilong, Cyril Nambangi, Duplex Sache

Alex's Wedding (2003)

45 min | Documentary

Chronicle of a rather particular afternoon during which the lives of three people change dramatically: Alex, the husband, goes to his in-laws' to bring home his second wife. Elise, Alex's ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Marie Téno | Stars: Alexandre Fotso, Elise Fotso, Josephine Fotso

Votes: 6

Obsession (II) (2011)

Not Rated | 67 min | Crime, Drama, Romance

A returning vet attending college falls in love with a pretty co-ed and becomes obsessive over her.

Director: Achille Brice | Stars: Ruth Nkweti, Nchifor Valery

Votes: 9

Totor (1994)

90 min | Comedy, Drama

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Director: Daniel Kamwa | Stars: Marcel Bokalli, Mapeta Bolitchitchi, Marthe Bouambo, Jean Djamani

Votes: 6

La déchirure 2: Parfait amour (2008)


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Director: Alphonse Beni | Stars: Alphonse Beni, Angela Yong

Clando (1996)

Not Rated | 96 min | Drama

Proud and determined, the hunter set out, leaving behind his village ravaged by a terrible drought. All the villagers came out to wish him well, and everyone gave what he could: an egg, a ... See full summary »

Director: Jean-Marie Téno | Stars: Paulin Fodouop, Henriette Fenda, Caroline Redl, Avs Bodule Moukilo

Votes: 32

Soka Afrika (2011)

Not Rated | 74 min | Documentary, Biography, News

Soka Afrika is a feature length documentary film celebrating African football in the run up to World Cup 2010. Following the different paths of aspiring young African players from South ... See full summary »

Director: S.S. Hassan | Stars: Kermit Erasmus, Jean-Claude Mbvoumin, Kayvan Novak, Ndomo Sabo

Votes: 21

Defying the 6Th (2018)

104 min | Drama, Mystery, Thriller | Completed

"In a world where life and death are slowly becoming the same thing, I have come to realize that while I thought I was learning how to live, I had actually been learning how to die"

Directors: Lawrence Neba, Claudio Oben | Stars: Kelly Schwartz, Daniel Campos, Loretta Burnette, Syndy Emade

Le blanc d'eyenga 2 (2014)


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Director: Thierry Ntamack | Stars: Aicha Wète Kaprisky, Lucie Memba, Thierry Ntamack, Kaline Truong

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