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Night of the Kings (2020)
83 metascore

Night of the Kings (2020)

93 min | Drama, Fantasy

A young man is sent to "La Maca", a prison of Ivory Coast in the middle of the forest ruled by its prisoners. With the red moon rising, he is designated by the Boss to be the new "Roman" and must tell a story to the other prisoners.

Director: Philippe Lacôte | Stars: Denis Lavant, Issaka Sawadogo, Steve Tientcheu, Rasmané Ouédraogo

Votes: 229

Black and White in Color (1976)

PG | 90 min | Comedy, Drama, War

During World War I, French colonists lost in African desert decide to attack their German neighbors.

Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud | Stars: Jean Carmet, Jacques Dufilho, Catherine Rouvel, Jacques Spiesser

Votes: 1,384

Black Diamond (2010)

101 min | Documentary, Drama, News

Black Diamond uncovers the mechanisms of the lucrative international trade of hundreds of young African players with their heads full of dreams who are ready for tremendous sacrifices to ... See full summary »

Director: Pascale Lamche

Votes: 71

Run (I) (2014)

100 min | Drama

Run escapes... He just killed the Prime Minister of his country. In order to do so, he had to act as if he was a crazy man, wandering through the city. His life comes back by flashes ; his ... See full summary »

Director: Philippe Lacôte | Stars: Abdoul Karim Konaté, Isaach De Bankolé, Reine Sali Coulibaly, Abdoul Bah

Votes: 116

Ada in the Jungle (1988)

90 min | Comedy

A dying man Lord Gordon asks his niece Ada to find his son in Africa whom he left many years ago.

Director: Gérard Zingg | Stars: Richard Bohringer, Victoria Abril, Isaach De Bankolé, Bernard Blier

Votes: 21

Everything Now (2016)

114 min | Drama, Thriller

This gripping and wrenching thriller tells the story of Ilan Halimi who was kidnapped for ransom in a Paris suburb. His captors, who dub themselves The Gang of Barbarians, operate under the... See full summary »

Director: Richard Berry | Stars: Marc Ruchmann, Steve Achiepo, Romane Rauss, Richard Berry

Votes: 137

Adanggaman (2000)
70 metascore

Adanggaman (2000)

Unrated | 90 min | Drama

In West Africa during the late 17th century, King Adanggaman leads a war against his neighboring tribes, ordering his soldiers to torch enemy villages, kill the elderly and capture the ... See full summary »

Director: Roger Gnoan M'Bala | Stars: Rasmané Ouédraogo, Albertine N'Guessan, Ziable Honoré Goore Bi, Bintou Bakayoko

Votes: 160 | Gross: $0.03M

The Human Pyramid (1961)

Not Rated | 90 min | Drama

The arrival of Nadine, a new student, in the Abidjan Lyceum is the starting point for a discussion about interratial relationships.

Director: Jean Rouch | Stars: Nadine Ballot, Denise, Elola, Jean-Claude

Votes: 292

Yao (1969– )

325 min | Adventure

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Stars: François Boguy, Yao Kouakou, Lajdi Doumia, Dembele Barry

Votes: 13

Soeurs ennemies (2016– )

Comedy, Crime, Drama

The Kalou family get along well and always help one another out. Harmony reigns between the sisters Kyana and Keyla, strongly attached to family values, until the day they both fall for the... See full summary »

El Día del Pez

Drama | Filming

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Director: Pablo César | Stars: Boy Olmi, Horacio Ruiz, Lalo Prette

Faces of Women (1985)

105 min | Comedy, Drama

At a festival, a chorus of women sing and dance as two stories unfold. In a village, a young women with a jealous husband gives him something to be jealous about when his younger brother visits from the city.

Director: Désiré Ecaré | Stars: Sidiki Bakaba, Kouadou Brou, Albertine N'Guessan, Eugénie Cissé-Roland

Votes: 67

Au nom du Christ (1993)

90 min | Comedy

A West African pig farmer has a religious vision, wherein he is told that he'll be Magloire the First, a prophet of Christ. He then sets out to rid his local villagers of superstition and instead save them for Jesus.

Director: Roger Gnoan M'Bala | Stars: Albert Ayatollah, Akissi Delta, Pierre Gondo, Martin Guedeba

Votes: 78

Bienvenue au Gondwana (2016)

100 min | Comedy

An idealistic young Frenchman immersed in controversial presidential elections, a dictator decided to stay in power by cheating, two geopolitical followers, a French deputy determined to ... See full summary »

Director: Mamane | Stars: Antoine Gouy, Antoine Duléry, Michel Gohou, Digbeu Cravate

Votes: 119

Hospital IT (2017– )

26 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

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Stars: Nastia Hunlede, Julio Teko, Dahier S. Oupoh, Florence Kitcha

African Metropolis (2013)

92 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance

The African Metropolis project includes six short films set in six major African metropolitan centers. The African Metropolis Short Film Project is an initiative of the Goethe-Institut ... See full summary »

Directors: Jim Chuchu, Ahmed Elghoneimy, Folasakin Iwajomo, Marie Ka, Philippe Lacôte, Vincent Moloi

Votes: 11

Burn It Up, Djassa (2012)

Not Rated | 70 min | Crime, Drama, Music

After his father died, Tony was pulled out of school by his mother; and when she passed away, he made his way by selling cigarettes on Princess Street, famous in Abidjan for its exciting ... See full summary »

Director: Lonesome Solo | Stars: Abdoul Karim Konaté, Mohamed Bamba, Mamadou Diomandé, Adelaïde Ouattara

Votes: 45

Jusqu'au bout (2019)

109 min | Drama, Romance

That night, when he accidentally meets Commissioner Djama, Patrice GBOKEDE plunges painfully into a past that he thought was buried forever. Carried by love and thirst for justice, he will ... See full summary »

Director: Hyacinthe Hounsou | Stars: Lago Woroka Gilles, Evora N'Ganza, Ange Eric N'Guessan, Bienvenu Neba

Rue princesse (1994)

86 min | Comedy

Emile, his wife Fanta and their four children lead a comfortable existence. Jean, the eldest son, is interested only in music to his father's regret. One day Jean is sent away from home because of it...

Director: Henri Duparc | Stars: Félicité Wouassi, Alexis Bouazo, Gérard Essomba, Georgette Paré

Votes: 21

Le mec idéal (2011)

110 min | Comedy

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Director: Owell A. Brown | Stars: Serge Abessolo, Mike Danon, Emmanuella Lohoues

Bal poussière (1989)

91 min | Comedy

The chief of an African village, who is called 'Demi Dieu' because after God he is the owner of all the things, already has five wives. But as this is not enough he decides to find himself ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Duparc | Stars: Bamba Bakari, Tcheley Hanny, Naky Sy Savane, Thérèse Taba

Votes: 86

Cacao (2020– )

50 min | Drama

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Stars: Stéphane Aly, Sandra Luce, Bienvenu Neba, Serge Abessolo

Le pari de l'amour (2003)

97 min | Comedy

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Director: Didier Aufort | Stars: Isabelle Beke, Djédjé Apali, Virgile M'Fouilou, Thiam Aïssatou

Bouka (1988)

90 min | Drama

Bouka is a gifted young teenager. He lives with his parents in a village and forms with them a solid family. His father gives him a traditional education close to nature. Unfortunately this... See full synopsis »

Director: Roger Gnoan M'Bala | Stars: Akissi Delta, Félix Gazekagnon, Drissa Kone

Votes: 15

To Repel Ghosts (2013)

20 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

During a visit to Abidjan, French artist Jean-Michel Baquiat comes face to face with demons, ghosts, doubt - and his own death

Director: Philippe Lacôte | Stars: Alexandre Desane, Abdoul Karim Konaté, Adelaïde Ouattara, Shiv Singh

Votes: 6

Ma famille (2002–2007)


It is an Ivorian television series. The series "became one of the greatest success stories in the history of Ivorian television production, reaching most Francophone African countries.

Stars: Abibi, Kôrô Abou, Koffi Amoin, Marie-Louise Asseu

Super flics (2008– )


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Stars: Abidine Couldiaty, Adama Dahico, Aminata Diallo, Tiékoumba Dosso

Pokou, princesse ashanti (2013)


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Directors: Abel Kouamé, Herman N'Ganza | Stars: Mike Danon, Bienvenu Neba, Gildas Salomé

The Woman with the Knife (1969)

80 min | Drama, Thriller

A young man returns from Europe obsessed with his sexual inhibition.

Director: Timité Bassori | Stars: Timité Bassori, Mary Vieyra, Danielle Alloh, Tim Sory

Votes: 12

Ablakon (1985)

90 min

A city with its problems. A gang of abandoned children provide for themselves and pose as heroes. The police are on their backs day and night. They are enterprising, energetic, and full of ... See full summary »

Director: Roger Gnoan M'Bala | Stars: Mathieu Attawa, Kodjo Eboucle, Joël Okou

Concerto for an Exile (1968)

42 min | Short

A short film which explores the plight of the Africans in France.

Director: Désiré Ecaré | Stars: Hervé Denis, Claudia Chazel, Henri Duparc, Sokou Camara

Votes: 24

Caramel (2005)

88 min

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Director: Henri Duparc | Stars: Fargass Assandé, Adrienne Koutouan, Prisca Maceléney, Ahmed Souané

Votes: 36

Woubi Cheri (1998)

Not Rated | 62 min | Documentary

This documentary shows a few days in the life of various members of Abdijan, Ivory Coast's gay and transgendered community. We get to meet a variety of woubis, yossis, etc. The hero/heroine... See full summary »

Directors: Laurent Bocahut, Philip Brooks | Stars: Avelido, Barbara, Bibiche, Jean-Jacques

Votes: 18

Esclave et courtisane (2016)


A small group of people meet in a guest house lost in the middle of nowhere. Disconnected from everything, each will try to understand his destiny. Trapped by the past, they each have to ... See full summary »

Director: Christian Lara | Stars: Sidiki Bakaba, Mi Kwan Lock, Anastasia Varda, Xavier Letourneur

Vivre riche (2017 TV Movie)

54 min | Documentary

In Abidjan, in full social mutation, we discover an Ivorian youth lacking benchmarks after the political and economic crises of recent years. We follow Rolex the Portuguese and his ... See full summary »

Director: Joël Akafou

Votes: 11

Djeli, conte d'aujourd'hui (1981)

90 min | Drama

Kramoko Kouyate, son of a griot, cannot marry Fanta who is of noble blood. In flashback, the film explains the origin of the problem and shows their attempts to get around it.

Director: Fadika Kramo-Lanciné | Stars: Fatou Ouatara, Joachim Ouatara, El Hadj Sindou Dembélé

Votes: 31

Nadro (1998)

Biography, Drama

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Director: Ivana Massetti | Stars: Agnès B., Gilbert Beceaud, Giordano Boetti, Mamadou Bomou

Votes: 8

À nous deux France (1970)

59 min

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Director: Désiré Ecaré | Stars: Frédérique Andrew, Guy d'Avout, Fabienne Fabre, Pierre Garnier

Votes: 5

Korogo (1964)

120 min

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Director: Georges Keita

Le sixième doigt (1990)

90 min

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Director: Henri Duparc | Stars: Bamba Bakari, Naky Sy Savane, Jean Carmet, Patrick Chesnais

Votes: 17

Voyage De Rêve (2019– )

26 min | Comedy

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Stars: Roger Simonsz, Gbess Adjaille, Amoyan Baudelaire, Mariam Bemba

Wariko, le gros lot (1994)

100 min

In the Ivory Coast, Ali (Toure) is a poor policeman who struggles to make ends meet for his wife, Awa (Kabore) and three children. Ali is excited and giddy When he learns that the lottery ... See full summary »

Director: Fadika Kramo-Lanciné | Stars: Rachel Tehi, Assiatou Traore, Adama Diarra, Losseni Traoré

Votes: 12

Roues libres (2002)

85 min | Crime, Drama

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Director: Sidiki Bakaba | Stars: Adama Dahico, Placide Bayoro, Daouda Traoré, Sidiki Bakaba

Votes: 7

Abusuan (1972)

95 min | Drama

After 15 years of studies in France, a young man returns home and is named Director of Architecture. Accompanied by his wife, he sets out to pay a visit to his family in his native village ... See full summary »

Director: Henri Duparc | Stars: Léonard Groguhet, Natou Koly, Jean-Baptiste Tiemele

The Bouake Hustle (2013)

14 min | Documentary, Short, Biography

'The Bouake Hustle' is a glimpse of everyday life in a war torn African country as seen through the eyes of a local hustler. The documentary is set in Bouake, a bustling west African city ... See full summary »

Director: Misha Kleider | Stars: Magara Fortunate, Misha Kleider, Yvonne Kushe, Jonah Mark

The HANNA Project (2006 Video)

7 min | Documentary

Watch as a team of 22 travels deep into the country of Cote d'Ivoire, West Africa to vaccinate over 12,000 Africans of meningitis, and the impact they make.

Director: Jake Viramontez

Adja Tio: À cause de l'héritage (1981)

90 min | Drama

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Director: Jean-Louis Koula | Stars: Danièle Adje, Victor Couzyn, Anne Kakou, Albertine N'Guessan

The Hat (1975)

70 min

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Director: Roger Gnoan M'Bala | Stars: Mamadou Camara, Valérie Ekoue, Tano Kouaho

Invisibles (2018– )


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Stars: Ali Cissé, Marie-Josée Néné, Lanciné Diaby, Alexis Kouamé


Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller | Post-production

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Director: Yann Kieffoloh Jr. | Stars: Laika Lalonde, Christine Trinh, Alexander De la Cruz, Nikol Shostko-Datch

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